Monday 31 October 2011

Diva Devotee Halloween Playlist:

It's that time of year again when the freaks come out demanding chocolate and pennies, the boundary between spirit world and the real world is at its weakest and Lady Gaga fans put on regular clothes so as to not feel accepted by society. Yes, its HALLOWEEN! So while everyone else out there is having a spooky day getting dressed up and ready to party I'm sitting at my computer compiling  a play list of Diva songs- let me just tell you it isn't an easy feat- that I think would go down quite well at any Halloween party! 

If you have any of your own suggestions please feel free to comment at the bottom!

Florence and the Machine, Bird Song: What could be scarier than a crazy ass woman who becomes so annoyed by a bird that's set up shop outside her window that she catches it in a box and breaks its neck? How bout if that bird's ghost does an exorcist special and possesses said murderess and continues it's birdsong through its new human host! I kid you not, this is actually what the song is about!

Tori Amos, Happy Phantom: A light hearted take on what Ms Amos would do if she were to die today. Her list of things to do include freaking out some nuns, as well as stalking the man who she loved in life to see how he moves on with his life. Pretty much what we'd all do , right?

Lady Gaga, Monster: Perhaps my favourite Gaga track. A warped love song that finds Gaga entangled with a "Monster" on the subway who devours her heart and brain in the fray. Of course its all just one big metaphor for the effects a romance can have on a person, but it's still some grizzly imagery.

Sugababes, Freak Like Me: Their 2001 hit- wow, has it been that long already-  was a mash-up of the backing track from Gary Newman's Are 'Friends' Electric? and Adina Howard's sexy Freak Like Me . So what's so scary about that? Well it's all about context. Whereas Adina Howard's version used the word "freak" as a synonym for a sexual deviant, the Sugababes twisted its meaning to fit in with the more traditional meaning of the word, ie a monster. It was a simple change but it fitted the darker production of the song better and allowed for some fun to be had with the video where the Babes became creatures of the night hunting down their next male victim! Who would have thought Mutya could have become any more scarier!!

Britney Spears, Toxic: Every heard the phrase, "too much of anything is bad for you"? Well it's not entirely clear whether Britney Spears has either, but she sure has experienced it if Toxic is any indication. It seems like her love for her beau has become so intense that it's tipped over into being unhealthy and ultimately toxic! If you think I may be stretching the Halloween relevance with this song, I'd advise you to skip the next

Nicole Scherzinger, Poison: see above for the blurb for this video, it's pretty much the same!

Dev, Dancing In The Dark: Yes you heard right, dancing but in the "dark"! SCARY!!! You never know who's hand was on "your waist" or "in your hair"! Was it Dracula, Frankenstein or even, unluckily for you, Quasi Modo? Turn on the light and find out!!!

Nina Simone, I Put A Spell On You: Nothing like a woman scorned, especially not a witch! Mess with her and she'll put a spell on you to ensure that regardless of your feelings towards her pre-spell, you will love her post it being cast!! NB:If anyone has the recipe for afore mentioned spell please email at the contact address above.

Madonna, Frozen: A love song of sorts, but a damn creepy one with a dark and ominous feel about it that's sure to create the right spooky atmosphere for Halloween. Was this song really created to be used in a Häagen-Dazs ad champaign or was some ghoul pulling my leg when they told me that!

Rihanna, Disturbia: Rihanna demonstrating her caring side by releasing a song to help those going through "the change". By "the change" I mean, those transforming from Human to something else. That includes people bitten by vampires, werewolves experiencing their first full moon, and those newly zombified experiencing their first lust for brains! What a caring bunch our pop stars are.

Ke$ha, Cannibal: We all know Ke$ha is a bit scummy, but even I didn't think she'd stoop to cannibalism! "I am Cannibal! I'll eat you up" she cries proudly throughout the song, but doesn't stop there, becoming more graphic with mentions of human liver, fingers and teeth! Next time I get an invite to dinner at Ke$ha's I think I'll make sure I'm busy. Not quite sure what she'd serve up, or if I'd get out of there alive!

Well that's enough songs for now guys. Like I said above, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below. Once again;

Stop the Presses!! I realise it's a couple of days after Halloween and no one is going to be reading this post until next year but a conversation with a regular Diva Devotee sparked my memory about a song that has always given me the willies, so I had to add!

Annie Lennox, Love Song for A Vampire: Written for the film Bram Stoker's Dracula by Annie Lennox, this song is a haunting ode to an unholy union between a human and a vampire. The lyrics are actually quite beautiful, but Annie's delivery, that has a slight waft of the crazy about it, along with the instrumentation gives the song an undeniably macabre feel. If you are easily scared DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO! It features scary clips from the movie that the song accompanied.


  1. Love the list!! I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Beyonce, am I wrong?

  2.  you  have a good eye there hannah! ;)

  3. Bring me to life by Evanescence? If that's how you spell it, lol

  4. OH YEAH!! Great suggestion! I also should have added Bat For Lashes. Her whole back catalogue is CREEPY!

  5. Dead Can Dance- The Lotus Eaters

  6. Another great choice, very atmospheric.

  7. A bit belated here...but c'mon...

  8. Will you be doing another list for this halloween? :P

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