Saturday 12 November 2011

Beyonce performs "Countdown" Live on Jimmy Fallon

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I had assumed Beyonce had given up on latest album 4 after releasing pretty much half the album and not gaining any traction with the wider music world or its charts. Yes, it was better received by critics than any of her other albums- I liked it- and yes it was a record supposedly "for the fans" but don't be fooled, Beyonce is all about the numbers. Perhaps that's why, like a dog with a bone, Beyonce won't let this album go.

This brings us to her performance of latest, dead in the water, single Countdown on Jimmy Fallon- baby bump conspiracy theorists note, it was recorded in July. Looking carefree and relaxed B gave a low key performance of Countdown, that benefited from the heavier percussion and the attitude that the effortless, live vocals brought to the song. Some of the top notes were shaved off, but it was in keeping with overall simplicity of this performance.

The superstar sales may be missing from the this project but the superstar certainly isn't.

Rating: B


  1. I don't understand what you're trying to say...why shouldn't she continue to promote her album?

  2. It's dead in the water and I think the more she pushes the project the more it damages her reputation. Obviously fans are happy that she's still promoting ,as am I, but most people are seeing all these singles being released as a sign of desperation for a hit. The longer she drags this out the more irrelevant she's going to look in response to the continued commercial "flops" and in comparison to other singers who are doing well. However, she could get lucky and release a single that does connect and relight the fires of the project, but it looks doubtful now. If this album was "for the fans" then she needs to realise they all have a copy now, and take a break to have her baby and let the public at large miss her.

  3. I have literally no idea what order the singles have come out in. Is this her latest single release then?! I thought it was "Love on Top"? I'm so!!

  4. so true i am a bey fan not a stan but a fan
    she keeps releasing videos and songs and none of them are doing that well.... 
    idk about the baby either, if she is preggo then she should take a rest.... seriously shes a hardworking gal blah blah blah but that baby deserves the time and attention shes giving to her music and image

    i think she should stop working until the baby comes out 

  5. i also think that shes very inconsistent with her tv performances i think that she should have focused on performing love on top because that song is way better than countdown especially with that whole plagiarism thing going on with its video
    beyonce better take a break for herself and baby 

  6. I literally have NO idea what order the singles from this album have come out in. I thought the new single was 'Love On Top'?! I am so This album's marketing has been appalling.

  7. Yeah, it has been a little confusing. 

    1. Run the World (Girls)
    2. Best Thing I Never Had
    3. Countdown
    4. Party

  8. Party?! I've never even heard of that song! Piss poor promotion, lol. Thanks for the info though. :O)

  9. She did not sound her best this night (she pre-recorded this performance the same night she did Best Thing I Never Had, where Beyonce sound a little off due to sickness *baby*, then released it another night. Why?), but I live for the energy she gives. She is adorkable, and cute when she is not trying to be Sasha Fierce (who I thank goodness is shot and dead).