Thursday 3 November 2011

Review: Rebecca Ferguson "Nothing Real But Love"

The stand-out singer of last years X-Factor was Liverpudlian born, reminds me a lot of Sade, Rebecca Ferguson. A year after taking second place- that's the same as losing, right?- on the "talent" show she has returned to the delightful world of  music with her own album, Heaven, and the video for her debut single Nothing Real But Love.

Nothing Real But Love is perfectly pitched vocally with Rebecca Ferguson's tone being as soothing and inviting as it ever was. It's lyrics, that were co-written by Ferguson, that love is the only "real" thing in the world- tell that to my credit card bill- are also good, if a little cliché. Problems arise with the song's production.

The acoustic sound it establishes is both a help and a hindrance to the song. It's a style that complements Ferguson's voice well and it hints at how good it would sound in an intimate setting. But, for a single, her first no less, it sounds too barren and demo-esque, as if lacking the finishing layer of production and polish.

Interestingly, Nothing Real But Love hasn't actually increased my interest in Rebecca Ferguson's upcoming album, but neither has it diminished it. It's actually made no real impression at all. Not really a great sign for the first release from a debut album.

Rating: 6.5/10

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