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Tuesday 11 December 2012

[Single Review] Rebecca Ferguson "Shoulder To Shoulder"

rebecca ferguson music

It's fifth time lucky for me, as ex-X-Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson finally gets around to releasing Shoulder To Shoulder from her debut, Heaven; and right before she puts the album out to pasture to get to work on her sophomore effort.

From the first spin of the critically acclaimed Heaven, Shoulder To Shoulder is the song that stood out as the strongest cut.With its bittersweet and troubled tale of love, its emotional vocal and its beautiful but understated production, the ballad not only shines a spotlight on Rebecca Ferguson's skill as an astute vocalist, but also her duel strength as a canny songwriter.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Review: Rebecca Ferguson "Nothing Real But Love"

The stand-out singer of last years X-Factor was Liverpudlian born, reminds me a lot of Sade, Rebecca Ferguson. A year after taking second place- that's the same as losing, right?- on the "talent" show she has returned to the delightful world of  music with her own album, Heaven, and the video for her debut single Nothing Real But Love.

Sunday 12 December 2010

Watch Christina Aguilera's X-Factor Finale Performances (2010)

christina Burlesque
Christina Aguilera performing Burlesque on the X-Factor
Despite Christina Aguilera giving a performance of Express that made us reminisce about Britney Spear's car crash performance of Gimme more at the MTV awards, her appearance on the X-Factor seems to have done the album no end of good. Sales have reportedly increased by 400% since the weekend!

Watch her X-factor performances below.

Saturday 11 December 2010

Review: Rebecca Furguson and Christina Aguilera perform Beautiful (X-Factor Final 2010)

christina aguilera rebecca x-factor
Rebecca and christina Aguierla at the x-factor semi Final

Christina and Rebecca xfactor final
A hefty Christina Aguilera took to the X-factor stage and totally smashed it with her performance of Beautiful. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of her duetting partner Rebecca, who gave a shaky vocal performance and forgot the lines.

To add to the list of complaints was the song arrangement. The choice to cut off the song at the climatic second half, when the true belting begins, was ludicrous. It may have been done to spare Rebecca's blushes but it only served to disappoint those who were waiting for the vocal fireworks to begin.

The performance was a ramshackle affair that made the usually slick show look like an amateur production. This was a duet that could have been something special, but instead it was a badly paired, rushed and unrehearsed mess that potentially sacrificed Rebecca's chances of winning for the viewers and publicity Christina would bring to show.

Christina express x-factor
Christina also performed a sultry  rendition of Express
from her new film Burlesque

Christina express x-factor

Watch Christina Aguilera Perform Beautiful with Rebecca on the X-factor below

Friday 10 December 2010

Diva's Christina Aguilera and Rihanna To duet with Rebecca and Matt on the 2010 X-factor Finale:


Exciting news from the X-factor camp about which celebrities will duet with which contestants in the X-factor finale this weekend.

Rihanna and Matt Cardle
matt rihanna xfactor
Matt and Rihanna are Duetting on
the x-factor  finale
Painter and decorator Matt Cardle has been paired up with Bajan singer Rihanna; an odd choice considering their contrasting voices. Matt has a soft, delicate, emotive voice whereas Rhiannas' tends to be solid, nasal and a little harsh.

Listen to Matt's voice below as he sings The first time (I ever saw your face)