Wednesday 15 February 2012

Review: Cassie "King Of Hearts"

cassie king of hearts

Do you guys remember noughties singer Cassie? She was responsible for the ambient, R'n'B hit Me and U back in 2006? If you don't I'll post it below, maybe it'll jog the old noggin. Well, the 25 year old has been teasing with promises of new music for six years now, and finally delivered with new single King Of Hearts.

Cassie never had a "powerhouse" type of a voice but instead relied on its icy, almost robotic tone to create a signature sound for herself. It's a sound that works best when the production isn't too heavy or overwhelming and allows her voice plenty of space to work within. It's a route producers took with her biggest hit, Me and U, and have done so again with the new release, King Of Hearts . Except this time they've shifted genre from R'n'B to that of electro-dance. Its no surprise considering what is selling at the moment, but its a move that works well for her waif-like voice. 

On first listen, King Of Hearts didn't impress much, sounding decidedly flat and baron, despite there being plenty of electronic layers and effects going on. But repeated listens have warmed me to it- I recommend listening to it through a good set of headphones to immerse yourself fully in its electronic landscape.

Much like Cassie's voice, King Of Hearts has an icy, subtle and elusive charm- not to mention a bridge that I LOVE. It won't exactly have you reaching for the glow sticks and florescent paint, but it's hypnotic, pulsating rhythm, and vocals, should have you bopping your head in sympathy after a listen or two.

Rating: B-

Me And U:


  1. I love both songs the production is stellar. The vocals are completely synthesized I believe I could have completed the vocals for both songs and I had a weak voice when I use to be able to carry a tune so as far as vocals the jury is still out on this chic!

  2. You know what , I'm not going to lie, I've had this on repeat the last couple of days. It's really grown on me. But yeah, her voice is ....basic.

  3. her RnB style was much better...


  4. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 05:55

    Perfect for her voice. Uptempo's, mids and down-tempo's is where she shines because her voice isn't that emotive she's not the best with ballads and slow-songs. Her voice is indeed icy and robotic and there's something sexy and sensual about her voice.