Tuesday 28 February 2012

Review: Madonna's "Girl Gone Wild", Better or worse than "Give Me All Your Luvin'"?

madonna girl gone bad

Girl Gone Wild is Madonna's second single to be lifted from upcoming album MDNA and its just hit the internet! But the question is, does it share the same corrupt (M)DNA as first and flop single Give Me All Your Luvin'or has Madonna finally given us a worthy comeback single?

I should say outright that I like Girl Gone Wild a lot more than her last single- though that doesn't seem to be an opinion shared by readers on the site if the chatbox comments are to believed (please let me know why below :P). But my fondness for it may be in large part due to it sounding like it would have fitted perfectly on the Confessions On A Dance floor album, an album I am quite fond of.

If this was a song that was meant to be deep and meaningful, I would have had a problem with the generic and poor lyrics, but as it's a dance song this doesn't bother me too much. Besides, Madonna songs have always been spotty when it came to their lyrical content- anyone remember "I drive my mini cooper, and I'm feeling super-dooper, Yo they tell me I'm a trooper"- so I've come to not expect any insight from the star's writing skills. No expectations, no let downs.  Besides, they suite the uplifting, electro-house feel of the production- which was helmed by Madonna, Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi.

The biggest problem I have with Girl Gone Wild, is Madonna's "voice". Her tone is simply becoming more unpleasant as she ages. Whereas most singer's voices tend to deepen and soften as they progress in years, Madonna's seems to buck that trend and be getting higher, more nasal and less human as time passes: becoming almost robotic, and noticeably harsher on the ear. The song would have benefited greatly from some studio "magic" cast on Madonna's voice to at the very least soften it, but as it is, it's bearable.

I think anything would have been an improvement on the first single from MDNA, so Girl Gone Wild was always going to be received well-ish by me. But I am a tad conflicted as to how to feel about Madonna recycling a sound that she only explored two studio albums ago, and that's not even mentioning its similarities to 2009's remix of Celebration. In any case, lets just be grateful that this single shows a different, and much improved, sound to that on Give Me All Your Luvin'.

Ratings C+


  1. what is really funny is how all of madonnas fans keep saying how horrible lady gaga is and yet all of the anticipation this is all she comes up with??? the production is so generic and her voice - which i think is weak and boring here- doesnt help either 
    i think MDNA will be a party album and from what weve heard so far its not very impressive considering she had almost 4 years to come up with this 

  2. The beats is so generic and her voice so bad that I just can't listen to it more than once. Once is enough. This single is terrible, I prefer the first one, an it's awful, so you can figure what I think about this song. I usually like Madonna songs, even in recent years like 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me or Hung Up... But these songs are just so lame. This album is the worst she has ever made, shame on her!

  3. There are things I like about this song and things I don't....I absolutely think its infinitely better than GMAYL, I really like the bass and the funk in it. But have to say the vocal sounds slightly odd, almost like its not her lol either way I am sure the album will be great (he hopes) and I cant wait to see her in concert this year woohoo

  4. The song is underwhelming. She can do better but since she wants to be liked by 12 year olds so this probally will work.

  5. This is horrible song its like she wants to be modern but sounds like shit

  6. Brilliant...some people just like bad mouthing her..so no matter what she does they won't ever be happy.

  7. ah madonna...no more style :/?

    i think this is just to sell...
    the music industry today really makes me sad,most artists dont have their own style anymore,just club songs everywhere :/
    i'd love to hear more from madonna old style,her true style,yea,still pointless lyrics but with her own beat,something from MADONNA style.
    yes,i agree with the tone change,its getting nasal and less softy,making it...well,forced?lets not count my personal opinion for the next part of the review,im just gonna say facts:
    its an OK song,has a nice beat and yes,its very hypnotic
    but,it doesnt give us anything special,anything that we dont have already.
    i'd say give me all your luvin is better just because of nicki minaj and M.I.A >_<,they add that "LOL" to pointless lyrics,something we dont have on this song,really its just "OK"

  8. that can be said about anybody 

  9. atleast the background chanting in GMAYL was catchy this is like any club song out right now wit weak vocals 

  10. this song is guaranteed FLOPPPPPPP.... i was like..??? Madonna??? Is this the best you can DO....???? she is so irrelevant.. her 90's album are FARRR betterr..

  11. Listen up...this is directed at anyone who has a damn opinion about Madonna.  If it weren't for her, many of the female artists we have today (IE Lady Gaga--whom I adore--don't get me wrong) wouldn't even be taken seriously.  she helped (along with several other pioneering female music artists) to break down boundaries, and has many important contributions to the music industry.  I like this song, and 
    the Justin Cognito mix is even better.  I am sure MDNA will offer up some skilled musical gems (hello, Masterpiece was astounding).  And as far as someone bad mouthing her writing skills.  She has written some amazing shit over the years (Anything on the Ray of Light, Erotica, down to hard candy.  She truly is pop royalty, and everyone should f off, who can't appreciate her---what with all there ageist remarks and candor about her music; something they haven't a clue about. 

  12. she is no doubt pop royalty but just because she paved the way doesn't mean her fans should defend the generic crap shes putting out right now 
    GMAYL and girl gone wild are both bubblegum pop songs that have no lyrical or thematic depth 
    i mean i understand that its pop music but cmon madonnas fans build her up and defend her like she is liberace 
    all her previous work is better than this crap 

    i appreciate her but im not blinded by her star power to the point where i defend something that is just not good 

  13. This song was written by a man, Jenson Vaughan.  A Ke$ha grade dance song about a male fantasy of wanting chicks to get drunk and "go astray," sin, lose control, and their inhibitions.

    A sad day when Madonna records that kind of tripe, and people assume it's HER whose messages have gone off the deep end.  Blame her for recording it, but blame Jenson Vaughan for writing it, and wanting women to sing that kind of crap.

  14. i would rather listen to a kesha song than this song because atleast keshas songs are fun 
    this song is so shallow and its not even that great of a dance song

  15. This is a good song.

  16. It really does not matter what she does ... people have this thing about trashing her on every aspect of her career, life, business savvy, and honestly just because she is who she is. If you honestly look at the negative press and or comments she has received in the past and even today ... you will see that she is rarely poo pooed on her actual music/acting and the focus seems to always shift to HER and who she is and what she stands for. So I say BRAVO to her. I love the song and I loved the last one ... and I like many millions of other people who adore her will continue to defend and support her.

  17. I agree. She paved the way for many artists. But that still doesn't change the fact that this song is absolute shit. 

  18. Well, having just listened to a snippet of 'I'm Addicted' from the album I can safely say that I am getting aprehensive as to the overall quality of this LP. Again what I heard was more generic dance tunage.

    I am not going all out to slate her but I am getting more and more disappointed, I love Madonna I really do but so far I just feel deflated.


    Check it out and let me know what you think....

  19. Dude!! I heard that yesterday! And I agree with you. It's awful. 

  20. I know lovey! I hoped for one of her William Orbit collabs but instead another club track. Her best where that is concerned is 'What it feels like for a girl (Above and beyond club mix) and thats years ago...she needs to pick up her shit! I know she has broken records ect but she needs to set a standard and so far she is failing miserably! I wish she would just bring me something fresh and exciting...

  21. Am I the only one who doesn't like Madonna? sorry.

  22. Dont be so NAIVE. OF COURSE it it is entirely possible to dislike or even hate (not that hard with her) madonna. Her aggressively sexual turbo charged attention seeking new album is crying out for attention. I doubt she would even once have a song video thats just her alone in normal clothes singing with guitar. 

    There are so many much more musically gifted talents than this tired desperate woman. Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, Katherine Jenkins, Shakira, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Cher, Gwen Stefani, Enya. For example. 

    Now stop being so into the agenda pushing of a desperate cruel woman who in reality is a very harsh person who fires staff almost daily.

  23. I like the song very much,go madonna prove to all 50 woman outther that you can kick their ass.hehehey ye-he-he-he-hey!
    Your only woman stand for the queen of pop.
    Many female artist last their carreer for only 5 to 7years.

  24. Hey alurra vissage,if you turn 50  i tell you,  your gonna trash.
    Madonna is 53 but she look great,and have very strong sex appeal.