Friday 3 February 2012

Review: Madonna Feat Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. "Give Me All Your Luvin'". Yes, It's as Bad As The Leaked Demo Suggested It Was Going To Be

Madonna Nicki Minaj MIA  Give Me All Your Luvin

I'm conflicted about the new Madonna release. I really don't want to be ageist, or push on to her expectations of what someone in their fifties should be doing, or how they should be dressing, but its hard when you watch the new video for, or indeed just hear, the new single, Give Me All Your Luvin. In fact, scratch that. On second viewing its not that I take issue with the skimpy clothing or the suggesting dancing, because I actually don't. Its more the immaturity of the whole thing that gets to me. From the obnoxious cheerleader chants of the music itself, to the faux breastfeeding and discarding of a doll, it just all feels extremely tacky.

madonna baby feeding doll

Ignoring the tackiness, the video is kinda cute, but nothing real special or epic. Its just a fun little romp with Madonna strutting around with a rabble of American football players helping her on her way through various scenarios. Scenarios including protecting her from bullets, by diving in front of them no less, letting her walk all over them, literally, and helping her into a window by forming a human pyramid of sorts for her to climb- I wonder if she found any more babies to throw about when she got into the building.
nicki Minaj give me all your luvinMia give me all your luving

At the end of the video its revealed, via decapitation by baseball bat (wait, isn't the theme supposed to be American football ?) that the jocks aren't actually human, but are  robots, so don't feel bad about the hardships they endured for Madonna. I'm not sure if there is some social commentary or deep meaning behind the robots, the cheerleaders with the masks, or the opening text, but frankly I don't want to waste any energy trying to decipher it, because she clearly didn't expel much creating it. My immediate thoughts are she is being snarky towards the Super Bowl, but that wouldn't make sense would it? Madonna is the queen of being shady though, so who knows.

As for the song itself, my opinions haven't changed from this brief summation, but now there are at least two good points now: M.I.A and Nicki Minaj. For the minuscule amount of time they feature they bring some life , energy and contrasting savoury flavour to the sweetness of the Martin Solveig production and Madonna's flat delivery. Other than them, the song is utterly forgettable.

Give Me All Your Luvin is like a reject track from the Music album, or more precisely, a cheap knock off of 1999's hit, Beautiful stranger, that has been brought clumsily and cynically into the present with the mandatory dubstep insertion. What happened to the Madonna that led and didn't follow! Does she even care any more? At least the juvenile cheerleader chants make sense within the context of it being the 2012 Super Bowl where Give Me All Your Luvin gets its first live performance, but it's still a pretty poor and limp comeback single for the supposed Queen of Pop.

Song Rating: D
Video Rating: C+

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  1. I agree, this song is pretty much a joke. And I really agree with what you said about the video being tacky and immature. Hopefully the album is better. 

  2. I think the song would be much better without the whole "Go MADONNA" part to it. The actual track had SOME potential as a hit, but with the childish lyrics and video which looks like a step back from her entire career Madonna is going to receive a definite backlash. Im hoping that the rest of the album doesn't reflect on this one song.

  3. It does feel like a massive step backwards. I agree that Beautiful Stranger is a very similar track, which is why it's weird that her singing was so much better on that than on this one. She always had a fairly average voice for a pop star, so if she's losing her vocals, there soon won't be much left. No wonder she is desperate to hold onto her looks. Let's hope she pulls off an awesome Superbowl performance to redeem herself - she has done some incredible live shows before.

  4. I have been a Madonna fan since I was a kid. I think she maybe at an endpoint as far as what she can creatively bring at this point. I think the song is popcorn but not the good popcorn Madonna produced back in the 80's  after that her music became avante garde to me. The music production is top notch but the vocal production is over synthesized. I wish more artist would take a clue from Sade once you have nothing left to prove just wait until you have something to say I think just releasing junk makes your good work REDUCTIVE!

  5. Again as a massive Madonna fan I was slighly disappointed, however I do feel this is a grower. Sorry to also say this but I would much rather have this on repeat than anything GaGa,Katy or any other Madonna wannabe has to all in all I am getting there with it. Still cant wait to hear the album. PS I totally love 'Masterpiece' too! x

  6. I love "masterpeice" but this isn't growing on me at all. :( 

  7. this song sucks and after all the madonna stans have said about gaga i cant believe this is the song madonna puts out 
    its more generic than anything gaga has ever put out 
    this song pales in comparison to any of madge's older hits 
    what i dont understand is why madonna fans insist on bashing gaga saying shes a wannabe.... i mean gaga fans will be fans of gaga and madonna fans will be loyal to madge

    anyway i like both madge and gaga but idk this song isnt very good and i feel lady gaga's current songs arent that great either 

  8. really??? i think the chanting is the only catchy part haha

  9. I am not by any means bashing Gaga or the rest, its more just personal taste. I prefer Madonna's songwriting and more to the point her voice. I feel Mad's voice is lighter, sweeter and more pleasing to my ear than Gaga. Its a hard debate to get into, its about experience over whats current. I believe both Gaga and Madonna should be celebrated - just in different ways. Madonna has an incredible back catalogue and massive legacy that I doubt anyone will ever be able to emulate and Gaga is a fresh exciting and clearly massively talented artist who I think will be around for a very long time. Its pointless comparing them, both are great in their own way - just as I said I prefer the queen over the princess ;)