Thursday 15 March 2012

Mýa Harrison Vocal Range/ Profile

Vocal Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range: 3 Octaves 4 notes B2-F6
Whistle Register: Yes
Vocal Pluses:Light voice, with a pervading sweetness throughout. Mýa is capable of complex melisma (vocal runs) that can traverse through her registers with ease and speed.

Mýa's lower range is of mid-weight, with a dark colouring and hazy, breathy quality to it. It connects well to the solid and healthy midrange. Here the voice is fuller and rounded, more so than the other parts of the range, and has a character that makes it immediately attributable to the singer.

The belting range thins very quickly, at around a C5, gaining a youthful colouring and a more biting tone as it continues rising. However, the voice is mixed well, meaning that it can reach an impressive F5 without any indication of strain or stress on the vocal chords.

Mýa's head voice can be soft, breathy and warm with an easy quality to it- some would call this her falsetto- or can be solid, bright and clear with a strong resonance.

Overall it is a characterful voice that has a unique sound and style to it.

Vocal Negatives: Mýa's lowest notes sound as if they are being reached via improper, unhealthy technique. Also the top of her belting range produces a tone that isn't necessarily pleasant to hear.


  1. I loved her song 'Case of the Ex'.....not heard much from her here though since that though, any recommendations to hunt out?! I always found her voice to be very pleasant and she seemed to have a swift yet feathery timbre which always sounded easily accessable to her.

    Ps. Loving the new site banner...

  2. AWw, thanks! I get bored very quickly, hence the constant changes!  As for Mya, she's got a new album out, but haven't had a chance to listen. A couple of old songs I really like of hers are ["My Love Is Like...Wo"] ["Free"] and ["Ride and Shake"].

  3. Ahhh I totally remember "free" now!!! I used to play that when getting ready to hit the town on the prowl hehe. Will check out the others too. Thanks mucho!

  4. and to think that i did this sugestion *-*,so much win õ/

    good and underrated singer,just saying...

  5. One of my favorites by her is Fallen:
    Before u say goodbye: (Highlight from her latest album)  a good one, a little "anybody" sounding, but still pretty good 
    Mya W/ Blackstreet Take me there: 

  6. Thank you indeed!! Loving it!

  7. that F6 is falsetto not whistle.

  8. Definitely check out Fallen

  9. She has a 4 octave range

  10. I am so glad you did this... She is so underrated I hope she gets another break in this industry...

  11. I love her new song Mr Incredible. It had great flow and its very seductive. I live her sweet, youthful airy breathy tone

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