Monday 30 April 2012

Alexandra Burke Performs "Let It Go" On "The Voice"

alexandra burke, the voice

Out to prove she is a Diva who can sing and dance at the same time, Alexandra Burke took to the stage at the finals of the Irish version of The Voice to perform Let It Go. It's the second single to be lifted from her, as yet unreleased, album Heartbreak On Hold and it follows the UK top three hit single, Elephant.

The voice was there on the night, and she had the steps down, but the overall package was strangely unpolished, and lacklustre. This wasn't helped by the dance crew, who were dressed to look "street" and "hip" but instead gave the performance a feel more akin to that of a rehearsal. It was a vibe propagated by the main vocal, which contained way too much silence and space within it that ultimately messed with the flow of the song.

Folks may say I'm being too hard, or critical on Alexandra Burke, but she can do better than this. Even the audience didn't seem impressed, remaining wooden and po-faced throughout. Heck, even Pinocchio wouldn't have to come life for this, and we all know how much he wanted to be a real boy!

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  1. That's just the thing. She can't sing and dance at the same. Every time she did any real choreography, the playback did all the singing. 

    Anyway, did you see Lana Del Rey on The Voice UK? That made Alexandra's performance seem good!


  3. This is a weird's kinda hard to put my finger on what's missing here! Po-faced and lacklustre are perfect adjectives for it though. 

    I think there's a general lack of energy in the performance, both vocally and dance-wise. Alexandra is performing the steps, but there's no 'pop' or snap in her moves, although the choreography is generically naff and that doesn't help. The song is kinda 'meh' too.  I feel as though this song isn't very Alexandra, I don't like this generic route she's gone down, you could replace her vocal in this song with Kelly Rowland or anyone really and it wouldn't make a bit of difference! Her new album should be titled 'Generic'.

    I think that the studio floor producer takes some of the blame in that he should have been whipping that crowd up too - in X factor UK you'll notice that the audience is always cheering and holla-ing throughout the performances, no matter who is on. This adds a lot of atmosphere for the viewers, and gives you energy as a performer (you kind of feed off it in a weird symbiotic way). Perhaps if Alexandra had got the audience up on their feet or clapping, and if she'd also moved forwards from the dancers to sing closer to the audience, they might have felt more involved too. It gets a C- from me....must try harder :OD

  4. Alex, def seemed on auto- pilot, you could see her going through the motions but not projecting any life into what she was doing. If the crowd had been more responsive- like you said- I'm sure she would have fed off of it and given more.

  5. Alex, def seemed on auto- pilot, you could see her going through the motions but not projecting any life into what she was doing. If the crowd had been more responsive- like you said- I'm sure she would have fed off of it and given more.

  6. This performance did give vibes of a rehearsal, that's exactly what I was thinking but couldn't quite work out what it was.

     Mostly, it was all out of Alexandra's control and she did her best. Her tight-arsed team and the crappy TV show were to blame. Her vocals were on point and her dancing - which was mostly not choreographed - looked informal and fun. However, proper choreo would have looked more professional. The problem was with the sound. The music and her microphone - the whole performance basically, was WAY too quiet, which gave a false impression of weak vocals. That's the TV crew/production company's fault. The stage was too big. Alex's team should have provided props, maybe more dancers with proper costumes, and better lighting to make the stage less sparse, and/or just a back drop to make the stage smaller.

    Alex is one of the only pop stars who can truly sing and dance amazingly at the same time, she has so much more potential than this. 

  7. I agree with you, the volume was too low, and we all know alex can do WAY better than this!

  8. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 05:06

    The choreography and vocals get stronger toward the end like they were purposely trying to do a build-up. I don't think she has that luxury yet because people have short attention spans and she's not that popular yet. She has potential.

  9. Whilst I totally admire her for trying to keep herself and her material upbeat and current. I feel she has disconnected greatly with what she is truly capable of. This material and sound is doing her no credit, by that I mean she could certainly do dance music and do it well but vocally its limp and rather dull that goes also for the production.

    She could have greatly increased this track by hooking up with Freemasons or Bimbo Jones who are masters of the radio-club friendly sound whilst also maintaining a great importance of the vocal on a track (something Alex can more than deliver on). She could have smashed this with 4-5 octave slide and falsetto blast at the bridge and full throated final chorus. Instead it just sounds like she cannot wait for it to be over through the entirety of the song.

    I hope she can impress me somewhere along the line as I invested in Overcome and would like to support her further but so far all I am getting is auditory repellent tunage....

  10. She certainly has potential, but the fact that this is worse than many of her x-factor performances is a worrying thing.

  11. I kinda feel sorry for, that looked like a tough crowd, but its her job as an entertainer to turn it around, i certainly wouldn't have been on my feet for her- If i was being more objective than Diva mad. But everyone has an off day, so I don't think, performance wise, this is a sign of things to come. Unfortunately, genre, music wise I think it may be with the new album.

  12. Definately with the genre its going down that 90's club sound, which is not only feeling dated but boring to my ears. But then its still early days and she might just pull a miracle track outta the bag that I totally love and all shall be well again but I am not gonna hold my breath.

    The only thing from her I recently enjoyed where her stripped back versions of 'Saving All My Love For You' and 'Elephant' for the grape juice.

  13. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 15:16

     Yea I'm worried for her too.

  14. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 15:33

     But that's a good quality to have. Something about her that makes you route for her. Maybe if Leona Lewis had that quality people would still care about her. Lol jk people don't care about her because people in general are disloyal and trendy with the artists they support.

  15. the problem are her songs 
    her voice will come back to life with the right songs

  16. Oh no I am getting addicted to poaching your ideas DD, but this is what I would like to do to the producer of this song!

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