Saturday 28 April 2012

[Discuss] Lady Gaga "Born This Way Ball"

Lady Gaga kicked off her 110 date, Born This Way Ball in Seoul, South Korea yesterday. Here are a few videos from the show for those who wish to view and discus the extravagant production.

I'm going to wait for Gaga to settle into her tour stride, and some higher quality video, before I make any comments, but I hope that doesn't stop you guys saying your piece. Hopefully we can snare some comments from "Monsters" who have actually seen the concert first hand.

Born This Way Ball Setlist:

"Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)"
"Government Hooker"
"Born This Way"
"Bloody Mary"
"Bad Romance
"Fashion of His Love"
"The Queen"
"Just Dance"
"Heavy Metal Lover"
"Bad Kids"
"Hair" (Piano Version)
"Yoü and I"
"Black Jesus † Amen Fashion"
"Electric Chapel"
"Poker Face"
"The Edge of Glory" (Acoustic Version + Studio Version)


"Marry the Night"




Bad Romance:

Born This Way


Heavy Metal Lover:

Holographic head interlude:

Just Dance:



  1. Haven't seen anything of her new tour but the video of the previous one was all over tv networks last christmas season and it left me unimpressed as far as show goes and annoyed at the message. I completely agree with Rufus Wainright on Lady Gaga...

  2. The tour seems like it will be an interesting  and spectacular event.
    I saw her back during the monster ball tour and it was surely a night to remember, great choreography, great vocals and very interactive with the crowd.
    The vocals seem a tad bit off, but it's probably the first show jitters.
    I'd love to see the Born This Way Ball but I have a feeling the tickets would bankrupt me, the nosebleed seats for the Monster Ball Tour were 50 dollars each and the front row seats cost around 200-400 dollars each!
    Her set list seems nicely constructed, I'm surprised she swapped out the encore from "Bad Romance" to "Marry The Night" especially since "Marry The Night" is probably her hardest vocal for her and to have to perform that last might be a bit of a challenge. But overall I'm interested to see how this tour goes! 110 dates, I hope she gets an appropriate amount of rest once the tour ends so her voice stays healthy.

  3. That is an interesting find! I agree with a lot that was said there.  Her first album was pop, and a lot of people said she was more style than substance, so "Born this Way" felt like it was a direct answer to that crit, with its social issues, and message of empowerment. However, that route didn't receive the commercial success of her debut, and I'm sure she has the desire to remain on top. This being the case the direction of her third album will be very telling of Lady Gaga's true aspirations and intent.

  4.  Thanks :)
    Though I also agree with what he said about her music, personally I particularly liked what he said about her supposed "message". But I think this is just about her music so I will leave it at this. ;D
    ( Though with the caveat of.. "depending on whether someone replies on that aspect of Lady Gaga")

  5. i really dont agree with him - i mean lady gaga is an entertainer 
    and every artist is different - sure adele stands there and delivers good vocals everytime and her lyrical content is great and relatable 
    but for me lady gaga is a true artist who i truly think is a freak - shes not being disingenuous i mean it takes guts to wear the stuff she wears and say the stuff she says - this world is still very anti-gay - society constantly tells you to be straight - but gaga has stood up and given the LGBT community a voice and i really think shes being sincere because shes embarked on many philanthropic endeavors concerning gay rights and bullying 

    and in born this way she was able to make songs that covered so many things like immigration, being yourself, forgiving your demons, and even love

    and for the comment about gaga telling people she can be like her and how the guy said its BS - gaga is telling people that she was bullied and yet she worked her butt off to accomplish her dreams even though people told her she would never be anything - so she isnt specifically saying everybody is going to make 90 million dollars a year and become an international superstar-shes telling people that one day they will find a way to achieve their dreams no matter what that dream is 

    i honestly love lady gaga and i admire her for creating a persona and creating music that has a message - so much music out there in the pop landscape is just about things that don't matter 

    either way gaga is a polarizing artist and some will love her and some will hate her - that for me is a true artist 

  6. the thing that disappoints me the most is that she only does two piano sets 

    for me watching her sing acoustic versions of her songs are the best part of the show 
    she should do edge of glory and you and i strictly on the piano and maybe even bring back her acoustic version of pokerface (the regular dance version of it doesnt come of very good when she does it live) 

    and also that night in korea i feel that her vocals were off - she dodged some of the high notes and she was out of breathe a lot - its the first show though so i hope in time she will get used to the routine just like she mastered the monster ball 

    the stage looks great though (i just dont like the lighting) and she had the second highest attendance of any foreign artist in that particular stadium (MJ had the highest attendance in that stadiums history)

    good luck to her though and i hope people are allowed to bring cameras to the concert in hong kong (the korean little monsters werent allowed to bring cameras inside the stadium)

  7. oh and im also sad shes using head mics again cuz the mic feed that comes out of those mics are just bad - makes her sound drowzy 

  8.  Actually what he quoted her as saying is exactly what she did say.
    and being gay myself, I don't really appreciate a "bisexual" who claims to never have fallen in love or been with another woman speaking for me. Not when so many still like to pretend gays are just "going through a phase" or "confused" or especially people claiming we just want attention, If she just admitted to be straight and an ally..that I could appreciate but I still wouldn't like her then being a spokeswoman for me.

    I also feel entertainer and artist are not interchangeable labels.I admit she is an entertainer. Though not one entertaining me much but an artist..I set the bar higher for that title.
    And no, it doesn't take all that much "guts" to wear the stuff she wears. Other people have paved the way for that years ago when it comes to entertainers.

    As do many artists now and in the past demonstrated you can be yourself  through you know...being themselves and not selling out in order to sell millions of records filled with utterly forgettable sounds. Kate Bush for instance...way more out there in 1978 then Gaga is now. Both in being herself and her art. And I bet in actuality an Alison Krauss as a youngster was called "freaky" and laughed at in school more than Gaga was.
    Hell, have you ever seen her rambling on stage? Bet even now more people ( if she had similar exposure) would call her freaky than Gaga. Another person who manages to express being herself through her art rather than Image

    Also I see her dress freakishly but other than that...exactly what IS so "freaky"about her? If you hear her opinions on the many subjects, they are hardly freaky. Pretty average for her generation in fact. Hardly subversive or original.

    I think Gaga fans are very young and generally culturally ignorant and should expand their horizons more.
    Rather than waste time defending Gaga with excuses most people who criticize her, see through completely since their criticism stems from exactly that seeing through and/or being unimpressed with Image and mass media sponsored views.

  9. i am actually not culturally ignorant i am 47 years old and ive lived through madonnas reign... i know who kate bush is 
    but what you dont understand is that gaga has dont countless things in support of the LGBT community and if she was disingenuous she wouldn't go out of her way to go to gay pride in rome, she wouldn't have received the trevor hero award, she wouldnt have started the born this way ball (which is created to combat bullying in schools, not just LGBT youth but youth in general)

    its sad that people question her sincerity when it comes to her support of the LGBT community - shes just someone who has a voice speaking for those who dont 
    she even collaborated with senator harry reid to help repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell 

    and who are you to define who lady gaga is - maybe she really does feel most at home wearing her crazy outfits and her job is to be an entertainer and that is what she does - who are you to say that she is NOT an artist 

    shes a talented woman just look up some of her acoustic versions on youtube and its sad that people just look at her and judge her for what she wears or what she looks like  

  10. all that matters is she supports the LGBT community and she is one of the few celebs that puts forth her words into actions 

    there is no need to get technical because im sure gaga has never been shy of how she feels about the LGBT community 

  11. I'm utterly confused. Since when has propagating messages of self-worth and equality been considered too un-subversive and un-original to be taken seriously in art? These are infact eternal themes which are meant to be explored and re-explored through the years.

    Gaga's Image and use of mass-media as a platform have always been a part of her art, why are you claiming it is separate? You are also treading very subjective ground in deeming why she isn't "freaky", or what "freakishness" even means here. Don't know where you are trying to get at comparing her to Kate Bush and Alison Krauss. I know this reply wasn't directed at me, but I really don't understand your thought-process. 

  12. Blimey - I need a "holographic head interlude" for the pause in between my two sets.

  13. This gig looks like very hard work - what a lot of dance, and what a lot of costume changes! I agree that she sounds out of breath at present...has she finally overreached?

  14. He didn't say she wasn't an artist. And I like how you say that he can't define Gaga but but you have no problem doing so. God, Lady Gaga has the most delusional stans. 

  15. Yeah, sometimes less is more. 

  16. yeah shes basically doing choreography the whole time except for two piano sets 

  17. exactly there are people out there who feel worthless and there is someone who has a platform who is trying to spread a message of tolerance and acceptance and he considers it unoriginal? 
    idk why he's comparing her to kate bush or krauss 

    honestly her is someone who is actually trying to make a difference and just because shes expressing herself through clothing, people label her as fake and unoriginal 

  18. he said she is an entertainer - but that he "sets the bar higher for someone to be called an artist" basically implying he doesnt consider her an artist 
    and i meant he cant define her - because you cant say someone is unoriginal and state that one person is more bullied than another when you dont know either person - i mean how does he know krauss was bullied in school more than gaga? 
    and no i am NOT a stan i just see a woman who is talented and bold - someone who is not afraid to stand her ground and speak her mind 

    every singer/artist/performer has their own group of "delusional" stans its not fair to generalize lady gaga's fans

  19. i really think gaga needs to tone down the choreography 
    its admirable that shes dancing a lot, but her vocals are more important 
    However, i heard from my friend that went that it was an incredible production and just imagine it as the tour progresses - she'll change stuff around just like she did for her other tour 

    hopefully she works out the kinks 

  20. It just goes to show you how far Lady G is willing to go for the fans. I take my hat off to her!!

    Lets be honest with a voice like hers she could just stand there with the mic and sound and perform amazingly! But she does it all. Brilliant! Also people forget what a fantastic piano player she is too!

    Glad she is mixing up the production for the new record too - palpitates in anticipation for that one hehe

  21.  Exactly!She's even coming to Bulgaria - who else would go that far?

  22. Totally, dedication to the max. I hope with all the touring and work involved she takes good care of herself as it can really drain the life outta you.

  23. Absolutely, 100% agreed with Opie Ever. 

    So-called "bisexual" females are part of the mainstream, as they are considered sexy. Y'know, straight men just love girls who lez up other women! But those girls ultimately are basically straight. They will always be with men. 30-50% of women find other woman attractive. It's common among straight women. Female sexuality is usually much more flexible than men's. Lady Gaga's just giving herself that label to make herself "different" and because she knows it's now seen as sexy. 

    Usually, as a bisexual female, I would say that if a woman feels she's bisexual, then she is, and only she can be the judge of that. But Lady Gaga (who has never been with or been in love with a female) is just living out the stereotype of the hyper-sexed, weirdo bi-girl to get attention - which is reinforcing that stereotype. Also, it's to give herself credibility as a self-styled LGBT spokeswoman, which is ultimately to gain support from the loyal, lucrative, gay male fan base. She wants to be hero-worshipped, and a hugely successful popstar.

    She also is a naturally ordinary, boring person, who strives to be different. She wishes she was a "freak". She wants to be worshipped by those she clearly considers "freaks" - non-straight, non-white, the differently-abled, the bullied etc.

    "Yeah, so what if it's helping?" I hear you say. Well firstly, the world hasn't changed, has it? Don't Ask, Don't Tell was already on it's way out. Secondly, like I said, she actually enforces harmful stereotypes with her behaviour and her attitude. Thirdly, there are far better role-models for young people (of any orientation) than a woman who says she is "not a feminist" and objectifies herself, as thought a female can't be successful unless she acts sexily. And also she wears real fur, meat, snakeskin, pigeons and all kinds of dead, abused animals just to get herself attention. All those lives that have been tortured and wasted when she minces all that meat on stage every show (think of all the starving people in the world too). Glorifying animal use and abuse makes her a terrible role model. Fourthly, her main message is "be yourself" which is utterly hypocritical seeing as she totally hasn't been herself since she hit the charts.

     Last but not least, if she really cared, she would be spending a lot more time *actually* making a difference, not just putting her name to her own charity (which will compete with existing, more experienced charities), rocking up to the occasional Pride event and saying a few "inspiring" things to make herself look good. She spends most of her time being a popstar (as she should, she IS a popstar, not Mother Teresa!), making music, performing etc. She seems to think if she just *says* stuff everyone will listen because she's oh-so important and famous, and the world will change (and, more importantly to her, she will be exhalted). She hasn't even touched on the most urgent issues facing non-straight people, for example those who suffer in less developed countries. She just jumps on the bandwagon of popular but fairly unimportant (on the scale of things) issues like Don't Ask, Don't tell. 

    What really grates is that she campaigns more to be a hero than from the goodness of her heart. What gives her away is her ignorance and harmful behaviour.

    ...rant over!

  24. I agree. She's really not a great dancer. Better than some, but I think seeing her work a piano and deliver an amazing acoustic/vocal performance is far more entertaining than watching her dance. 

  25. With a voice like hers? She's not THAT good as a vocalist. Her voice, as far as I know, is completely average. She NEEDS all that stuff (choreography, big stage, costumes, catchy tunes, dancers) because her voice isn't enough. She's a little bit overrated vocally. Yes, she CAN sing in tune (most of the time) and has some good performances; but her voice is not stunning at all but average... just average.

  26. To Judge a persons originality is quite simple. You don't even need to know the person. All you really need to know is the quality of the persons material. I really don't see any of Gaga's discography or clothing that hasn't already been done before. Especially her support for the gay community. That ship has been sailed by several Diva's and famous people.

  27. This post is filled with so many half-truths and lies that it would take me forever (honestly not worth it) to address your concerns completely. I think you should do better research on where Gaga really stands on feminism, her sexual orientation, and the kind of effort she has put into her causes (MUCH more than showing up at an occasional pride event!) if you want something closer to the truth.

    I think a lot of people may never really understand her as a performance artist. She happens to "click" with me very well, but this wasn't until I really got to familiarize myself with her/her work. Not asking you to become a Gaga fan, but maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge others on their so-called "ignorance" before we learn their story.

  28. Hahahaha, they're not "half-truths" and "lies" just because you don't agree with them!! These people giving their opinions have researched Gaga and know where she stands on issues. Maybe you would have known that if you'd taken the time to actually read what they had to say. Not "understanding" an artist is a truly lame excuse stans use to justify someone not liking their favorite artist. The bottom line is her "work" for the gay community may help some or it may be bullshit to others. If it helps them great for them! 

  29.  My point was that she isn't really propagating that message of self worth when she is faking who she is and how she looks or says stuff like " I only listen to 3 father, my boyfriend and jesus". I mean seriously? THAT is a message of "self worth"?

    "freaky" is that which the majority of people ( who by them being the majority are constituting what is "normal" in society's eyes) consider "freaky". Lady gaga is not freaky. She plays at being freaky.But the only thing the mass of people would call freaky about Gaga are her outfits.I doubt if you asked regular folks on the street what is freaky about Gaga they would mention her music or her "message"or her personality or her thinking.
    She is damn careful with such statements as the above or her "one day you too can be a popstar and say to your bullies "look at me now" ( and how immature a message is that anyway? Self worth would be to grow up and not even care for taking revenge on childhood bullies) to not alienate the parents of "her little monsters"

    If, like the folks I mentioned, she was who she was before she got famous( and Kate Bush is still considered "freaky" as was Alison Krauss when as a 12 year old her hobby was bluegrass and in fact by most of America bluegrassers are considered freaks. Though usually the term hick or hillbilly is used), I would believe her image being her true self but by all account she became famous because of her imagine and only once she adopted that image. It's PR!

    Selling out to pr, again imo not a message of self worth. And again, both Krauss and Bush always were who they were and never sold out and became successful artists. Now they are examples of artists whose art, by not selling out to neither record company nor audiences, is in fact truly sending out the message of self worth.

  30.  I am not a she and I was comparing Gaga's supposed freakiness to other people who are also considered freaky. Obviously not her music as all three make very different music.

  31.  I never said her support of gays isn't real. I said it annoys me that she feels it necessary to fake being a member of that LGBT group. Why can she not support that cause as the straight woman that she is? And it annoys me if a straight is the one speaking for gay rights where really, surely there are actual members of that community who can assume that role? It's to me as if Adam Lambert suddenly became the worlds leading voice on women's rights.

  32. Schoolmates of Gaga have said she wasn't bullied much. I don't think she was bullied more than just about every kid has been. Nor did I say Krauss was bullied more. But I dare say a 12 year old who opens her fiddle case in school and it smells of beer due to her performing in her spare time was  looked upon by her classmates as "freaky". Especially since her personality actually is not very average And yeah, I know that because I am a fan. :)

    And indeed I do not consider a person whose work is as derivative and utterly forgettable as Gaga's an Artist.

  33. im scared for her shes been touring and working extremely hard that shes never really had a break since she first came onto the scene

  34. overrated? the majority of people just look at her costumes and her performances and assume she has a bad voice 
    shes a much better vocalist than a lot of women on the pop scene today 
    and have you seen her on the piano with her just banging away and belting out songs?
    shes not the best in the world but shes no where near as bad as you are making her out to be 

  35. thats true ive been saying this the whole time - her songs just sound so much better whe she does acoustic versions on the piano 
    the dancing is fine but she truly shines on the piano  

    in this tour she seems to be dancing the whole time non-stop for two hours obviously her voice wont sound as good as it could

  36. okay how do you know shes never been with a girl? 
    and shes done other philanthropic work like being the spokesperson for MAC foundation to raise awareness for aids ... 
    its sad that people look at someone who is doing good in this world and automatically "FAKE" because shes successful 

    and who cares what her sexuality is? - shes only mentioned her bisexuality a few times in the beginning of her career - shes helping out the LGBT community and shes done so many things for them 
    - and you yourself are bisexual right? so you know first hand people sometimes dont believe you and tell you its all an "act" - so why are you doing the same to lady gaga? do you know for a fact that she is not sexually attracted to men and women? have you been in her body before?

    also she actually has visited less developed countries - she went to India and has made plans to open an orphanage there

    and for this comment "And also she wears real fur, meat, snakeskin, pigeons and all kinds of dead, abused animals just to get herself attention. All those lives that have been tortured and wasted when she minces all that meat on stage every show (think of all the starving people in the world too). Glorifying animal use and abuse makes her a terrible role model. Fourthly, her main message is "be yourself" which is utterly hypocritical seeing as she totally hasn't been herself since she hit the charts." - 
    HELLO many people wear fur and she has never worn a pigeon... most of her outfits are actually made of regular cloth - and how do you know shes not being herself? maybe shes comfortable and happy wearing the clothing she wears... just like i like to wear sweats and tank tops, she likes to wear archive versace and Mcqueen and fur - dont be offended people many celebrities wear  fur 

    you can bash lady gaga later when you go out into the world and do all the things she has done - you can try to diminish all the charity and philanthropic work she has done all you want - it doesnt mean the woman is being fake 

    people are so ignorant when it comes to lady gaga - they see the outfits and the performances and they automatically call her fake - do some research and dont list a bunch of arguments that have no concrete evidence 

    you may not like her but you cannot deny she has done a lot of charity work 
    and DADT is not unimportant - it was an injustice and it needed to be corrected and she urged her fans to call their state reps to try to convince politicians to repeal the law 

  37. they are lies because hes just stating his perception of her 
    shes done a lot of charity work and her weird costumes shouldnt diminish the good shes trying to do 
    and he obviously didnt do research because some of the things he said were purely opinion and a lot of the "facts" he cited are untrue 

  38. gaga wore "silly" and eccentric outfits too ive seen her at lollapalooza back in 2007 before she was famous and she wore crazy outfits too and she and her friend lit hairspray bottles on fire - she has always been like that 

    schoolmates may have said that but we dont know what truly happened 
    maybe she did get bullied a lot - maybe she didn't - all that matters is that gaga has a message unlike most artists who just care about money 

    and dont even tell me her message is fake - because if it was an act shes a hell of a good actor and shes been acting for almost four years straight 

  40. Lady Gaga said in a an interview with Barbra Walters that she has had sex with women but has never been in love with a woman. She also said that she does not feel she could ever love a woman. That's what he's referring to when he says she's a fake bisexual. 

    You cannot tell people to not be offended when celebrities wear fur. Just because a lot of them do it, doesn't make it right (I personally don't care if people wear fur but some believe it is wrong). 

    Bottom line: people have a different opinion than you. Get the fuck over it. Why do people feel like everyone has to have the same opinion them? You believe Lady Gaga has done great things for the LGBT community, he doesn't. It really doesn't matter. If one gay person is empowered by Lady Gaga, more power to her. I personally think it's a gimmick, however, even if it is a gimmick and it helps someone, than great. Let's not even get into Gaga's promotion of anorexia.  

  41. Again, an opinion that is not yours is not a lie. How hard is that to understand? Why are you even on this site if you can't except the fact that people have different opinions? 

  42.  Unknowns don't get to perform at Loolapaloosa,  2007 is exactly when she got signed and the marketing machine started


    Of course I don't know anything for sure if I haven't been there myself. Neither do you and neither of us was.

    How do YOU know otherwise? And I already explained why her message is fake. Also she only has to act while in the eye of the media or fans. And according to her bio she auditioned for a prank reality show at some point. That should indicate she has no problem acting a life as if reality when in fact it is not.

  44. I finally agree with you on something. It's completely irrelevant if Gaga was bullied or not. But I also disagree on another thing, I think she's an actor. A very bad one. There are plenty of artist who preach self love and tolerance. Listen to Christina Aguilera's Stripped album (if you haven't already). It's all about self love. Actually it's "cool" right now to preach that message. "Who Says," "Fucken Perfect," "Firework," "We R Who We R" and the list goes on. How is "Born This Way" any different than those? I guess I just have a personal problem with people saying in a song "it's gonna be okay, you're perfect, blah blah blah" and then they except people to actually feel better about themselves. Personally, I think all of those songs are bullshit. 

    And finally, here's why I think Lady Gaga's message is bullshit or has some bullshit traces in it. Okay so she preaches to a bunch of girls, "don't diet, you're beautiful the way you are blah blah blah" and there sometime after she's tweets "Eating a salad and wishing it was a cheeseburger. Pop singers don't eat." Hmmmm, what message does that send to young girls. Their Jesus just told them to stop dieting yet a cool pop singer like her doesn't eat. Everyone makes mistakes but she's said that in an interview before, and if she really cared about the well being of her minions  she would practice what she preaches. 

  45.  Actually the only one here who doesn't seem to have done much research is you. And what's worse, you enter this discussion but ignore what people say and I suspect don't even read most. You actually seem to go out of your way to do the opposite of any research.

    Personally I feel if you like her, your choice. I don't and I feel I have a solid argument as to why I don't.

  46. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 04:42

    I think Lady Gaga's 3rd album will define her more musically and whether she will go down hill or stay at the same level or go up. Her 2nd album was a free-pass because all the little monsters were going to like it regardless(and it did suck).

  47. So right, she is known for being a powerhouse worker at that too! I just hope she gives herself enough of a break as it would be a shame for her to burn out or even worse do damage to herself! I have only recently gained a lot of respect for her (I always liked her music and stuff) but I feel her artistry and dedication is on a level all its own!

  48. really? i became a fan on born this way - the fame for me was too superficial and generic in its message 

  49. she got dropped from def jam that year 
    and there is a video of her from 2005 wearing some crazy stuff too

  50. this was her tweet: "Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger" 

    the hashtag of #popsingers dont eat was just a joke - because pop stars are expected to be perfect and some resort to not eating (can she not tell jokes) and since when is eating a salad and working out  promoting anorexia?
    salads are better for you than cheeseburgers are

  51. The Fame didn't have a message. It was just a collection of great albeit meaningless pop songs. But Born This Way's message is beyond generic, in my opinion. There are tons of songs about self worth/self love and in my opinion she didn't add anything innovative to that genre. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on it, I love Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, Sheisse, Black Jesus Amen Fashion, and a few others I'm probably forgetting. And I really don't understand why people talk about Born This Way like it's a concept album. I mean, there are only three songs (Hair, Bad Kids, and Born This Way) that have the message of being/loving yourself. Sheisse is a great feminist song, also. But I guess I get what you're saying. The Fame Monster is my favorite album of hers. But my top three favorite Gaga songs are Alejandro, So Happy I Could Die, and Beautiful Dirty Rich. What are yours? 

  52. yes, they have a different opinion than me 
    and i have a different opinion than them - and i can voice my opinion too 

  53. you said it your self - he has his own opinion and hes sharing them with us and i have MY opinion and i am sharing mine 

  54. @jussiepe I figured it was a joke but if you read what I wrote and understood it, you would see that joking about the most fatal psychiatric disease could still have negative effects on teens. And I know what she tweeted. She's said that in an interview before. When someone asked her what she did to stay in shape she said "It's all about starvation. Pop stars don't eat." Young people look up to Gaga and latch onto her every word. If she says "Love yourself" and kids are going "great I'm going to start loving myself now", whose to say that they won't eat because Gaga says she does it? I'm sure if someone "joked" about the LGBT community she'd (and the rest of the world) would be all over them. LGBT issues are really important to some, but fatal psychiatric illnesses are very important to me, and I do not appreciate someone with such a great influence on the younger generation "joking" about it.  

  55. No one said you couldn't. 

  56. I like how you ignore that article I referred too but do get back on this to argue my point about her silly oufits being part of PR rather than expression of being freaky.... by proving she already was under contract with a record company in 2005?

  57. okay okay im not going to argue anymore =) i will respectfully disagree 
    but born this way had a lot of concept songs 
    born this way- acceptance
    marry the night - overcoming obstacles in life 
    government hooker - government oppression (the part where words are bleep is her attacking how she thinks that really dont have free speech) 
    judas - forgiving past demons - a boyfriend she cant let go of even though their relationship is poisonous 
    americano- about the battle of immigration happening in the US particularly inspired by the law in Arizona known as SB1070 and it also mentions social policy -particularly gay marriage
    hair - again self - acceptance and expression
    scheiBe - feminism 
    bloody mary - her interpretation of how Mary Magdalene must have felt about jesus's death and his mission - represents love and the longing to be with someone even though you know it might not last 
    black jesus amen fashion - how one's perspective on life (particularly her own) changes 
    electric chapel - is a song about how two people who are love - even though the world dislikes their relationship- find solace in one another and find that electric chapel where they feel safe to love each other the way they want to 
    Edge of glory is about her late grandfather and the undying love two people can share for a lifetime - unconditional love - it also subliminally talks about death 

    gagas songs are lyrically not as "straight" as other songs - shes the only one who knows the true meanings of the songs but it gives people the opportunity for people to interpret them 
    however the explanations i gave were mostly gagas own explanations that i remember from past interviews 

    the arching message of BTW is really about not caring about what people and society says and living out you life how want to - the tackles religion, social policy, and relationships 

    sorry for my long response haha im a little bored

    anyway my top 3 are: 
    bad romance 
    you and i 

    *i also love so happy i could die - but its weird i feel like i am the only one who hates alejandro - idk why i hate it though 

  58. Alejandro is my SOOONNNGG. But yeah, not everybody's gonna like everything. I really love Teeth and You and I. I'm not as much of a fan of Bad Romance as everyone else, but I see why people like it. I know you said you weren't a fan of The Fame but Brown Eyes and Summerboy are truly fantastic songs. 

    And for your interpretations of the songs...well, I think you could pretty much do that for any song, but like you said we can agree to disagree. 

  59.  "And for your interpretations of the songs...well, I think you could pretty much do that for any song,"

    That's what I was thinking. ( of course, that's because I have no original thought ;D )

  60. yeah, and those arent really my own interpretations 
    gaga explained them in an interview 

    and yes, i only really looked gaga up this year in february cuz my daughter got tickets to see her so i did research 
    for me brown eyes is a nice piano ballad but i find that it gets a little boring - she does it great live though - it seems kinda flat on the studio version 
    and summerboy is a great song kinda reminds me of gwen stefani mixed with ABBA - but compared to her voice now - her voice on that particular song sounds really light and different 

    Hannah, I’m not here to blindly invalidate people’s opinions, but much of the information posted in that comment was either twisted around or incorrect.
    -As I’ve heard you say yourself, Gaga is open to discussing her sexuality in interviews, and explains that she has never been in love with a woman, although she has experimented and can find herself physically attracted to them. How would this be deemed “fakery” then, if she’s essentially telling the truth on where she stands in terms of bisexuality?
    -It would be very incorrect to say Gaga does not consider herself a feminist in present day. That “I’m not a feminist” quote was taken from an old interview she did in Norway, where she denied being a feminist because she said she also loves men. It was a rather out-of-place thing for her to say, especially when she actually echoed a lot of the feminist philosophy herself in addressing double standards in pop music in that interview. She either had a very stereotyped view of what feminism was at the time or was just being sarcastic. In any case, she has since changed her position in following interviews and even wrote a song about 3rd-wave feminism on her latest album.
    -She does not mince meat to wear to her shows, the meat outfit from the new tour is fake. The VMA meat dress was real, though.
    -The Born This Way Foundation isn’t exactly a charity, Gaga set it up to be more of an interactive ‘project’ where youth meet to discuss ideas and solutions to end bullying. Gaga is most useful in bringing about change when she engages her fanbase in activism, she understands that it is they who truly hold the power of change. Her causes are both tied to and inspired by her fans, and were also manifested in the BTW album. She has also been ranked as #1 most charitable 2 years in a row.

  62.  I'm sorry but any woman who says she "listens to ( only *HA*) 3 men in her live, her father, her boyfriend and jesus" ( one of which his "words"are about as real as Gaga is) is no feminist in my book.

    And if ever I heard a PR soundbite it is hearing about a title such as "#1 most charitable".

  63. Those were some lyrics in a love song, you can still be a romantic and a feminist at the same time (however, as I've said before, Gaga's approach is very 3rd wave and that won't mean you necessarily would agree to her take on feminism)

    And your point? I was going to list off her contributions but already did an evaluation. lol it's not like she brags about that herself :P 

  64. she listens to her father, her lover, and the God she believes in... whats wrong with that 
    i wouldnt consider gaga a feminist - shes always encouraged women to stand up for themselves and not let men control them - in one interview she talked about her friend Bo who was in abusive relationship and she convinced Bo to leave him because he wasnt worth it 

    and i dont think its a PR stunt because gaga always performs at charity events and shes been involved with institutions like the robin hood foundation - i mean if she did it only once or twice and she made a big deal out of it - then it would seem like a stunt but shes always performing at secret charity events to help raise money and in the monster ball she paired up with virgin mobile to donate 20 thousand dollars every time she did a concert to a charity that helped homeless LGBT youth who were kicked out by their parents 

    i dont want to fight i am just saying

  65. This popstar has been really busy, playing sold out shows and dedicating her time to a variety of charitable works. As a musician, Lady Gaga has made great use of her fame and concerts to raise funds and awareness for a variety of causes.
    In support of Haiti relief efforts, Gaga donated all the proceeds from one concert's ticket and merchandise sales totaling over $500,000. As a strong supporter of equal rights she participated in the National Equality March last year in Washington, DC, and hosted the event Hands Up for Marriage Equality to raise awareness for LGBT issues and funds for LGBT organizations. Gaga also teamed up with MAC AIDS Fund's Viva Glam campaign, which launched a new lipstick color for Gaga to raise awareness for the risk of 
    HIV/AIDS in women. Lipstick sales will go towards helping those infected by the disease.

    this is her profile and you can see shes done a lot and many of these things have gone unnoticed 

  66. i found this vid of gaga in hong kong on may third 
    her vocals here seem better than the vocals during her stop in S korea 

  67. the best but definitely not the worst

  68.  Uhm if she did something in secret, you wouldn't know about it. ;)
    But in this case I meant that a soundbite like that is most definitely a PR contrived soundbite. Who the hell decides to compile such a list do you think? And based on what criteria? Cetainly not stuff done "in secret" obviously.

    And the choice is entirely hers but in my worldview there is plenty wrong with listening to your father/ lover when your reason for doing so is not what they are saying but because they are your father/lover. It indicates you feel/ place yourself as less. it's not really a message of self worth as a woman.
    It is wrong imo to listen to an utterly arbitrary literary character because it lacks self worth to the extreme and frankly, imo intelligence.

  69. heres another of her on may 5th again in hong kong 
    i still hate the fact that she is using head mics - but her vocals seem to be settling in and i hope it gets even better 
    the vocals in korea were really bad 
     but heres the video of highway unicorn and government hooker in hong kong

  70.  This information is meaningless as a counter to my argument. I never said she doesn't do any charity. I said what she does is carefully PR calculated.

  71.  Absolutely you can be a romantic and a feminist at the same time. You can however not be subservient to men and claim to be a champion for self worth and a feminist all at the same time. Well, you claim it, you can claim any old thing of course, but you shouldn't be surprised if many don't believe you.

  72. So now you're calling her out on her devotion to Christ? You have no business in criticizing people's spiritual belief systems unless they do harm. And how would a woman singing about serving her man and father be any different from a man singing about serving his woman and his mother? And how on Earth would this imply either parties don't champion self-worth? Whatever- this may be your personal  belief- but don't be surprised that many counter your notion on what feminism is.

    The list at DoSomething includes celebrities of all different ages (Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Clooney, etc.) so I don't know what you're trying to get at there. And let me share something: charity is a selfish act. We help to make ourselves feel good about ourselves. That doesn't make us hypocrites, or "disingenous" to our causes, it means we benefit from spreading human kindness. I don't know why it is so hard for you to acknowledge that Gaga could actually care about the work she does- especially when she puts a lot of effort into it. An even bigger question is, how much of a difference would it really make if she didn't?

  73.  As I already said, I have no doubt she genuinely cares about gay rights. See, it's not heard for me to say that. I did so several times. Seems it's harder for you to acknowledge I did.
    What I am saying is that it is inspired mostly by PR strategy to cater to gay interests. But again, that is how I read her actions. I find it interesing to note she focuses on gay issues almost exclusively.One would expect a wider range of care from a straight woman championing self worth.In a nation with a teenage pregnancy rate as high as the US' and her championing self worth, how come not a peep ever from her. I think you will find there is an awful lot of correlation between self worth and teenage pregnancy and her fans' average age. Guess her PR people dropped the ball there. Or perhaps they realize something else about the demographic they cater to. ;)

    As for the amount of "effort" out into donating proceeds of something she was doing anyway or allowing companies to tag her name to one of their products or "designing' a bracelet or attending a party...meh, not impressed.

    And speaking of not reading what I write, I am not calling her out on her "devotion to christ". Well I did when someone was bright enough to ask me "what was wrong" with it but my point was clearly that I am questioning someone championing self worth and then relinquishing her autonomy to as she says 3 guys at least. It is the combination of the two I am not buying.

    To be honest I would not be surprised at all if "many" think being subservient to whomever happens to be your boyfriend at the time (or your father past your childhood) falls under the header "feminist".
    Thing is, I don't much take into account what "many" think when forming MY opinion. I am, obviously, not as easily lead by the nose as "many" are. It's a result of having ...self worth.

  74. This is a must-watch:

    Stunning, no?

  75. i heard that shes been ill and that shes been rushed off every night and shes been throwing up 
    idk if this is true but she really needs some rest like spend every day sleeping and excersizing and toning down the choreo

  76. yes you may think that her discography is mediocre and she is a crappy artist - but thats totally subjective and the madonna fans that incessantly say gaga copied her are unaware that madonna too was "inspired" by others - look at this website 
    and you can't truly say an artist is original because its all been done before 
    none of the contemporary pop artists today are original - and support for the gay community shouldnt be a fad - its a relevant social issue that people need to raise awareness about and if gaga is doing that - does that mean shes unoriginal just because other divas have supported the gay community before?

  77.  Well, let's hope that's just a rumor but if it is's hoping she'll soon be well again to entertain people like you and irritate people like me. :)

  78. She has some problem.. she tweeted that Tokio show night was the first she didnt vomit :-(

  79. I'm going to break your comment down into lil' pieces so I can reply to each section. :)

    - I'm gay, but I've never fallen in love with a man (or a woman for that matter), so am I not gay? She said that she's bisexual but has only been with men. Maybe she's only attracted to woman on a sexual level? I mean, you're doing nothing but further perpetuating the idea that bisexuality does not exist simply because you personally think you know what Gaga truly feels.

    - She's not speaking for you, nor has she even tried to speak for you. Gaga did an interview after the 2011 MMVAs where she talked about this issue. She said that if you want her to be your voice, then great, and if you don't, then great. She does not see herself as a leader, rather just another voice in the crowd. It saddens me as a gay man when, instead of supporting someone who has donated millions of dollars to pro-LGBT organizations, fellow gay men and women condemn her for not adhering to what they want her to be. You don't have to like her, but to bitch about her being a voice or doing a Hell of a lot more for the LGBT community than any other current popstar is just ridiculous.

    - Lady Gaga writes all of her lyrics, composes all of her melodies, co-produces all of her songs, and can play the piano. If that doesn't make her an artist, then I guess nothing will make her an artist. Good thing art is subjective, eh?

    - Gaga never said that it took guts to wear what she wears.

    - Kate Bush is as much a sell out as Gaga. The moment you sign that multi-million dollar record contract, you are selling out. 

    - You people need to stop acting like you're in Gaga's brain. Stop trying to say or imply that she wasn't picked on. 

    - Exactly, what is freaky about her? She doesn't claim to be freaky. She claims to feel like a freak at times because of how people tend to treat her, but she doesn't label herself as a freak. She does not place herself upon a pedestal because of how she acts or dresses.

    - There are millions of intelligent, older, and college-educated Gaga fans who know their ins and outs about what you call "art". You should learn how not to generalize an entire community of people because they don't agree with you.

    Rather than blindly hating on her, do you research. I can tell you don't know much about Gaga because, as a massive Gaga fan, I can see that the things you're pointing out are the same things every Gaga hater points out and most Gaga haters don't even know her real name or where she came from.

  80.  I will attempt to address each of your broken down replies..

    Yes indeed, I am not of the school that believes you are what you say but more of you are what you do.
    That does not mean I am saying bisexuality doesn't exist. It means I will only believe a person to be bisexual if they have been in a relationship with members of both sexes. Until that point you are but words.

    The moment she accepts an invitation to speak at a public event in name of the LGBT people, she is indeed attempting to speak for a group she is not a member of. i.e. a group I AM a member of and therefor me.

    She writes her music and lyrics often with several people. And no, the fact that she writes a song doesn't make her an artist in my eyes. That song has to reach a certain standard and has to have an originality and has to be able to stand the test of time to be called "art" by me.Art is subjective to a point.

    I don't know whether Gaga claims it took guts to wears what she wears but I do know her fans make this claim and that is whom I was responding to..a fan making that claim.

    I am not in Gaga's brain nor am I trying to be. Again, I was responding to factual claims her fans make.And they are by the way no more in her brain than I am so I hope you also berate them when they claim to know what's in her mind?

    Nope, the moment you sell out is not when you sign a big contract, that moment is when you sign away your artistic control.

    Re Kate Bush :I am not privy to what her deal is with recordcompanies but I can share these quotes with you. If you know more, do please share ( seeing as you are way more into research than I am) "Bush was displeased with being rushed into making the second album. She
    set up her own publishing company, Kate Bush Music, and her own
    management company, Novercia, to maintain complete control over her
    work. Bush herself, along with members of her family, comprised the
    company's board of directors."
    "Typical of her determination to have control, she was involved in every
    aspect of the show's production, choreography, set design, and staff

    Again the claims of freakishness are made by both her and her fans and I was responding to one of her fans. But if you call your fans "my little monsters" , yes, you are placing yourself on some kind of pedestal alright.

    I am afraid I will need a bit more proof than your word for Gaga's "millions of older, college educated fans" existing.But I do know THAT is a what they call "generalization". Looks like we both need to learn more on how not to do that? Or is it okay to do so when agreeing and just not when disagreeing?

    And certainly, assuming I did no research because I say the same as other critics say and you think some of those haven't done any research is what is called a generalization as well. this time though definitely one out of disagreement.

  81. i agree with anthagio - on some points 
    gaga has stated that she has had sexual encounters with women and that she is sexually aroused by females - she just said she has never fallen in love with a woman 

    and even if she isnt bisexual - there are a lot of straight actors and celebrities that speak at LGBT events - josh henderson is a great example because hes been speaking at events to raise awareness 
    are you saying that since hes straight he shouldnt be trying to help out the LGBT community by spreading awareness??? 

    and art is subjective through and through - people say madonna is original but she has lawsuits that say otherwise - but in truth nothing is original in this world because everything under the sun has already been done before - most artists today arent original because its already been done before somewhere 
    so originality is also somewhat subjective

    and it seems that you dont know enough about gaga - because she has said multiple times  (and the people she collaborates with have also said) that she is in complete control - over the set design, in costume design, in the concert lighting, in all the conceptual stuff, in her album art, her music, her photoshoots, and basically everything that happens around her - and yes her music
    there are several instances where she has fought with her record label and her manager about what singles to release - the label wanted to release "boys boys boys" as her fifth single off her debut album -  but she told them that she didnt want to release that as a single and that she wanted to release the fame monster - which was supposed to be a re-release but she started branding it as a full album 
    *also she fought with her record label about releasing "alejandro" - her label wanted to release "Dance in the Dark" because they thought it would do better on the charts (particularly on the dance and club charts) but she took the initiative and insisted on releasing alejandro as the 3rd single
    *even Jimmy Iovine the chairman of interscope records (the label gaga is on) has said that gaga has complete artistic control over her music, her music videos, her promotional campaigns, and her concert tours 
    *and gaga hires everyone in her creative team and most of them are close friends 
    *gaga is in control more so than most pop stars today 
    *I dont know why you are talking about her like shes a puppet like britney spears

    However im not trying fight with you i am just responding to your statements 

  82. she said she has only ever been in love with a man - she didnt say she would never love a woman 

  83. and Opie-she doesnt specifically focus on gay rights - she has done work with MAC to raise awareness about aids and that campaign targeted women 

    she has also worked several times with the robin hood foundation to combat poverty in NY 

    and honestly if it was PR then she wouldnt do it so frequently 

    and i dont like this cater to gay fans theory because lets face it - this world is homophobic - america is still a homophobic country and since gaga is pro-gay it jeopardizes her success more than helps it 
    additionally, gaga is currently in ASIA on her tour and many countries there have threatened to ban her and many islamic and christian groups have protested her and have told the law enforcement that her concerts should be cancelled -  yet she still stood her ground and refused to cancel her tours despite the outrage 

    basically what im trying to say is that she would be better off if she didnt support the gay community because she would be easier to fathom and homophobics wouldnt condemn her for supporting the gay community - its not popular to be a supporter of the LGBT community and i really think its genuine 

    i mean we might never really know if it is real or if it is PR - but based on her actions she is not faking it

  84.  I have said from the first comment , that I wished she would just support the LGBT movement as the straight woman she really is. The fact that you didn't ever register is probably due to you being engaged in being a stan more than a realist.

    I am sorry you take such a dim view on originality but that is probably because you listen too much to folks like Gaga. ;D
    And no, art is not subjective through and through. Two measures of art are for instance the passage of time and the crossing of cultural bounds. Art has to show the "soul"( for lack of a better word)  of the individual producing it.

    As for that control, I am sure she by now has last word on these matters you mentioned but having the final vote on with what design a designer came up with you decide to go...not exactly an artistic effort in my eyes. And certainly control over what to bring out as a single goes to marketing rather than artistry.
    I am sorry but I just simply do not believe Gaga is anything but a team effort by a bunch of people ( and yes, I do believe that team includes Gaga and she may even have final say) whose interest has fuck all to do with art but everything with being famous and sales numbers.

    Especially not after I saw her speak on the work of an artist called Marina ( in a video which was btw and still is labelled by the Gaga fan who upped it as her speaking about Marina and the Diamonds. Which just goes to show you Gaga fans and there "knowledge on both Gaga and art). She really sounds not too bright or articulate on art.

  85.  LOL And I wouldn't say I would never fall in love with a man. Because you simply cannot predict the future. But in the meantime I am a 50 year old "gold Star' lesbian.

  86. @chasing pavements One swallow does not a summer make. And Aids ( in homophobic America) is still a cause no supporter of gay issues can avoid. However much it is in reality affecting as many straights as gays.

    I am pretty sure she didn't think about future tours through islamic countries when she first set off on her course but  seriously, did you just steal that argument on her brave stance in the face on homophobic Americans from Obama's campaigners spinning his waaaay too late "support"? Madonna was as pro gay as Gaga was decades ago and it clearly didn't hamper her career any way. In any part of the world.In spite of similar protests. It's just all good and free publicity.
    "bravery in the face of loosing adoration in homophobic America"  I'm sorry but that doesn't fly with me for Gaga anymore than for Obama.

    And really, most polls regarding gay issues show that the demographic Gaga ( and Obama) are dependent on are not nearly as homophobic as some would like to paint.

  87.  Madonna made no secret of her deliberately imitating those actresses.

  88. actually i do not listen to pop stars - gaga is the only current pop star i pay attention to 
    but im not a blind fan who likes everything she does - there are a lot of things i dont like about her - but right now im defending her and we wont ever know her sexuality and she claims that she is sexually attracted to women so why are u insisting that she is 100% straight??? you dont know that and madonna's work is also derivative - take a look at this website and you will see just how original madonna is - im not saying gaga is original because she isnt - shes inspired by many people and her haters insist on saying she copies madonna when when you compare the two - gaga is more outrageous than madonna when it comes to fashion - sure born this way has the same chord progression as express yourself - but so many songs today follow the same chord progression gaga is inspired by madonna, bowie, queen, so many other artists so it is just not madonna and if its totally fine for marina and the diamonds to be inspired by kate bush why cant gaga be inspired by other artists too?oh and fyi marina has tweeted her support for gaga and for control the words came out of gaga's own mouth that she controls everything and so many people that work with her also claim she is in complete control - so who should i believe - gaga who has specifically claimed to have complete control - or you- someone who is assuming that she is a puppet who doesnt care about art gaga always talks about art and like mentioned before - she writes all her songs and co-produces almost all of them so idk what you are talking about - of course she needs help but according to gaga and everyone who works with her - she comes up with the ideas and concepts and she is always there to supervise but like any artist, she needs people to help bring her ideas into fruition 

    and again that specific video was uploaded by one fan - dont generalize all of her fans saying that they dont know much about art or gaga 

    and you can say shes not bright - but she sure sounds a hell of a lot more articulate than britney spears, katy perry, or rihanna 

  89. yes but shes also been accused of stealing other peoples work and music 
    and even her song hung up - sampled ABBAs gimme gimme gimme - how can you say that is original? 
    also gaga has states many times in interviews that she is inspired by madonna look up the interviews

  90. Sampling a song is not copying. Artists do it all the time. Just because a song has a sample in it doesn't make it unoriginal (if the sample is used in an original and creative way, of course). 

    Also Lady Gaga's ex-creative director Laurieann Gibson has stated in an interview that they have deliberately copied Madonna, look up the interviews. No, wait I'll just post a link.

  91. laurieann is a hypocrite which is why she was fired 
    she always says stuff in one interview and then contradicts herself in another interview 

    like when she was interviewed about being fired by gaga - she said that it was getting too "dark" for her specifically the judas video - then she goes around and choreographs and directs nicki minaj's exorcism performance at the grammys? 

  92. sorry Opie Ever and @Hannah idk what were arguing over anymore haha this has gotten too long 

  93.  I don't think you are quite hearing what I keep saying.

    I am NOT saying Gaga is a "puppet". I am saying she is part of a team whose goal is fame and sales. Not art.
     To be honest, I think that ultimately her record company is in charge but it really doesn't matter much to me. You can believe the people who claim otherwise because it is their business to keep up the image if you want.Much like it is her business to claim she is bisexual. As I said before, I do not believe her because she has not been in a relationship with a woman or even fallen in love with a woman. The fact that she had sex with women she wasn't in love with? That doesn't make her bi in my eyes. That makes her someone with easy sexual morals. ( not saying there is anything wrong with that)
    What irritates me is the pretense of both her and her fans that she is about anything else but "fame". And to go even further and claim it is "art" what she does I find even more annoying.

    And I tried to explain several times how there is a difference between being "inspired by" and being derivative. But I seem to fail there.

    As for that Madonna hate site... I can't argue Madonna once or twice being in copyrights arguments ( though it doesn't say who won those legal battles?) and those pictures of her imitating movie stars? Well, she never claimed she was doing anything else there but straightforward imitating ( she actually did so for a reason connected to her 'message" but never mind that) and where Gaga is "shocking" folks with her outfits Madonna was with her videos,shows and behavior and opinions. Personally I find the latter the more interesting as it goes more to the personality than one's outfit ( no matter how much Gaga and her fans try to spin it otherwise.Due to a lack of strong personality I would guess).

    Anyway, I am no Madonna fan really. It's just an inevitable comparison because Gaga IS so derivative of Madonna.

    What it all boils down to is that Gaga is a girl with an average voice, some songwriting ability. But due to lacking a strong musical identity and the required prettiness yet possessing a burning desire for fame, she part worked at it and part got lucky enough to get in touch with the people who could help her achieve her goal of fame.
    I wish her continued success but I truly, dearly wished both she and her fans would stop pretending she is anything more than that. She is not a great singer, she is not a great songwriter, she is not a great "performance artist, she is not an "artist". She is a pop star who will only be remembered for her weird outfits.

    And as for her being more articulate than... LOL at that one. The fact that you can find people even less articulate doesn't really make Gaga any brighter sounding. Besides which, I have definitely heard Rhianna being more articulate about some BS than Gaga is being about art in that video.
    Which means the point still stands, the way she sounds in that video makes it even harder for me to believe it is all her and that team are merely "helping" her achieve HER "art".

  94.  Oh no problem, I can remind you...we were arguing whether Gaga is a "great artist" or merely a fleeting pop star in it for the fame whose every career aspect is carefully calculated to that end and who will be remembered for her outfits and sales numbers only.

  95. Gaga's show in Jakarta got cancelled. Or rather was forbidden. How offensive is THAT!!!
     In my eyes any way a hell of a lot more offensive than Gaga and her fans claiming she makes art.
    Offensive and ridiculous! That's what you get when after fighting for independence you hand over that hard won independence  to reli nutters. :(

  96. indonesia is a muslim country and the protestors were threatening to attack her when her plane landed and claimed that she worships the devil - so their accusations were based off nothing - they said that her dance moves were way too sexy even though they allowed rihanna to hold a concert there 
    i understand that indonesia upholds a moral law but its sad that the whole country cant even decide whether or not to attend the show - it was sold out and now the 52 thousand people who bought tickets wont see her 

    whats sad is that the concert isnt even that explicit - atleast when south korea had protestors they only raised the minimum age from 12 to 18 - they should have atleast done that - and even then korean protestors said she was spreading pornography and homosexuality and that it would destroy the youth 

    gaga is a polarizing figure and not everyone likes her but i feel bad for those people who spent money to buy a ticket 

  97. yes but i know so many people that loved gaga when she first came out because she wasnt as vocal about her support for the LGBT community - then born this way came out and everyone knew she supported them - and i know so many people today that tell me that they used be fans but not anymore because of her message and because they are uncomfortable with her always talking about the LGBT community 

    and i understand the poll results about how homophobic gaga and obama's target demographic are - but unlike obama who just recently came out in support for gay marriage - gaga has been saying that she supports gay marriage since when she first started

    i also dont understand why you question her motivation for choosing LGBT rights as her cause because shes a vocal supporter of the community and unlike so many people who claim they dont care about people's orientation - gaga actually goes out in the world and does stuff about it like donating money and setting up foundations - and many pop singers right now like katy perry, rihanna, and britney spears dont even have a cause that they are fighting for so i dont understand why you are bagging on gaga for having something that she is fighting for 

    and yes madonna supported the gay community before gaga but why are you questioning gaga's support for the LGBT community and not madonnas? 

  98.  Well, then you should start hanging out with "better" people Lisa. ;)

    I don't understand your point there? Yeah, compared to Obama she was "braver" but that is really setting the bar awfully low as personally I don't think Obama gives a rat's ass about gay rights. And I HAVE said from the start, I do believe Gaga genuinely cares. I just think that her choice to focus on it as much as she does and be talking about it are a marketing choice and THAT I find questionable.
     And everyone can be made to look better when you set them next to worse.

    And we were discussing Gaga but yes, Madonna's activities were also often inspired by marketing. I have never in my life said otherwise I can assure you. :)

  99.  Yes, I know all about Indonesia. It used to be a Dutch colony ( and I am Dutch).  Personally I find most religious laws to be in fact "immoral". I have no "understanding" whatsoever for that nonsense nor for a country which btw is not officially muslim and has religious freedom stipulated in it's constitution and then forbids a pop concert for Pete's sake..

  100. sorry i looked over ur arguments and i respect your opinions 
    but dont generalize lady gaga's fans - that fan put the wrong title on the video - but i am a big gaga fan and i am completely aware of who marina ambramovic is 

  101.  That bit wasn't so much an argument as a bit of sarcasm. Though the fact that there are no comments under the video informing the uploader of the mistake and the uploader STILL didn't edit that title ( really the work of a second) does to me indicate a little something.

  102. indonesia is a muslim country and the protestors were threatening to attack her when her plane landed and claimed that she worships the devil - so their accusations were based off nothing - they said that her dance moves were way too sexy even though they allowed rihanna to hold a concert there 
    i understand that indonesia upholds a moral law but its sad that the whole country cant even decide whether or not to attend the show - it was sold out and now the 52 thousand people who bought tickets wont see her 

    whats sad is that the concert isnt even that explicit - atleast when south korea had protestors they only raised the minimum age from 12 to 18 - they should have atleast done that - and even then korean protestors said she was spreading pornography and homosexuality and that it would destroy the youth 

    gaga is a polarizing figure and not everyone likes her but i feel bad for those people who spent money to buy a ticket