Saturday 21 April 2012

New Music: Jamelia - "Loving Me "

Jamelia loving me entertainment

Jamelia's new single Loving Me has been played, in demo form, on British radio station Choice FM, and it's pretty darn-tootin' good. This 2012 single signals a well overdue return to music by the Birmingham native after an absence of 5 years- she has been popping up on television quite a bit in that time- and it sounds like she's ready to recapture, and surpass, the success she had with 2003's Thank You.

Loving Me has a great message behind it - think Greatest Love Of All- an incorporation of Dub-step that doesn't sound tacked on to be "current" and some solid, varied vocals from the singer to boot. The result is a track that shouts "Hit Single", and if it doesn't at least crack the top 5 of the UK singles chart then I'll eat my (non-existent) hat! But, since it's supposedly a demo, perhaps we can give the lovely Jamelia some tips on how to improve it, Devotees.

My only, minor, suggestions would be to turn the vocals up, and bring the Dub-step an incy-wincy bit down. A layer of subtle strings wouldn't go amiss either. Heck, a layer of strings would improve anything:I'm string crazy. But its pretty perfect as it is!


Some of Jamelia's biggest hits:

Break-through hit, Money, from back in 2000

Jameila bravely tackled domestic abuse with Thank you:

The massive Superstar:

See It in a Boy's Eyes, Her Collaboration with Coldplay's Chris Martin:


  1. Really liked the song, agreed with everything you said. :)

  2. I have missed Jamelia, she has a sweet light and agile voice that is very pleasant on the ear, I loved the rocky themed stuff she done too. Nice work! Hopefully she will get round to announcing some official plans soon.

  3. Jason Nicoson1 May 2012 at 05:46

    Nice voice =)