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Thursday 3 January 2013

[Watch] Jamelia Performs "Stop" On Ukraine X-Factor

How did Jamelia end up singing on the Ukrainian version of X-Factor?? The mind boggles... but I am glad to see her getting back to the day job after many moons away from music.

The release of a new demo in 2011 had my hopes rising that the Brummie was readying new material for a relaunch in 2012. But no new music appeared! Instead she turned up acting on the unintentionally hilarious, police mockumentary Crime Stories at the end of last year. Surprisingly, though surrounded by rubbish ex-soap stars professional actors, she managed to put on one of the strongest performances of the series.

However, I don't think we have to worry about Jamelia ditching music for Hollywood just yet, since Wikipedia has an album, Rebel, scheduled for release this year. So perhaps taking to the stage on the Ukraine version of X-Factor was the singers way of getting a little practice before a full on musical onslaught later this year....or it was just about the money!

Saturday 21 April 2012

New Music: Jamelia - "Loving Me "

Jamelia loving me entertainment

Jamelia's new single Loving Me has been played, in demo form, on British radio station Choice FM, and it's pretty darn-tootin' good. This 2012 single signals a well overdue return to music by the Birmingham native after an absence of 5 years- she has been popping up on television quite a bit in that time- and it sounds like she's ready to recapture, and surpass, the success she had with 2003's Thank You.