Monday, 2 April 2012

Rant: Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again"

I am not even going to call this a review, because Jennifer Lopez's new single, Dance Again , is so AWFUL it doesn't merit my time analysing it. Instead I'll offer a few suggestions to those who had a hand in its creation: The singer, the producer, and the rapper.

@RedOne, take a break or retire, you chose, because you have been riding this euro-pop sound too long, too hard and it's not getting any better. You got lucky with Gaga, face it, and instead of churning this tripe out, you should try improving on your craft and creating a sustainable, variable, sound. If you don't, you will be das boot, with the rest of this dance trend, in the not too distant future.

@Jeniffer Lopez, I acknowledge that On the Floor was one of your biggest hits of recent years, but to try and replicate it so quickly -it's only just been a little over a year since it came out- just makes you appear desperate and without any artistic, or musical credibility- I know a few of you are sniggering. You're making good money on American Idol so you can afford to take some risks with the music you are putting out! Besides people weren't exactly falling over themselves to buy your last album, despite your massive exposure on TV, so maybe a different sound would capture hearts and wallets. Failing that, STOP WORKING WITH REDONE!!

@PitBull I take no issue with you wanting to collaborate with J.Lo/Jenny-From-The-Block again. You didn't really add anything the first time round, and you seem to have left the same non-impression here, so your presence on even a good song wouldn't have harmed it. But at least think of your career for a second, instead of the money that's being thrown at you, before agreeing to jump on a song with perhaps the gayest chorus I have heard in Lord only knows! I'm not even sure if Kylie would have touched this, God Bless her rainbow coloured soul. Is this part of a scheme to nab a coveted GLAAD award, or get on a Gaga record? If it is, then you are a genius and I retract my criticisms and wish you well on your journey down the yellow brick road.

@Thepersonwhosaidiwasshadingpeoplewithmyphotochoices just check out the one above. Now that is #SHADE

That is all.

Too harsh? Listen to Dance Again below and let me know.


  1. I don't hate it, but nothing about this song stands out.
    Typical dance-pop song, although very cheesy.
    I'm not sure if it's the lyrics themself or how Jennifer delivers them.
    Nothing I would personally buy, I'd see how someone else would and they are entitled to as you should be able to like what you like.
    But yeah, this song is pretty crap.

  2. This is why I love this site =D

  3. Totally with you Serendipity! Too right to be honest! I guess its gonna take a while for this kind of sound to die off but gosh I hope its soon!!! lol

  4. Couldn't agree more. 

  5. I love you, DD.

    About the song: I feel like I've heard the chorus before... 

  6. This song is so generic that it makes me sick.

    1. Rude much?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  7. Its a generic party beat yes. But did you honestly expect more from JLo? She's always sounded generic to me. She never really stood out from other dance artists. If that's what you'd call them.

  8. Waiting for tonight was my sooooooooooong

  9. You do know she just covered the song right? and I take my last statement back, any form of music can have pure artistry. But its not a bad track. I just really find that a lot of her music seems very similar.

  10. You do have a point. I wasn't expecting anything more from JLo anyway. 

  11. Why would I worry about J-lo's new single when we all know that it is just one more track that she'll probably lipsynch????
    I do not pay any attention at that chica!!! 

  12. HA! ZING! x

  13. The song isnt bad at all. She really does not care what anyone thinks anyway. Shes making more money then all of you put together.

  14. I agree with almost all of you guys sadly this song is catchy because it's summer this kind of sound goes perfectly its Jlo shes not some talent anyway lol

  15. i honestly think gaga is the only one that truly meshes well with REDONe and yes his production is getting boring 
    i encourage both jen and GAGA to find different producers because REDONE is getting boring 
    did u hear kelly rowlands song down for whatever? its very similar to on the floor by jen and guess who produced both songs??? 
    haha anyway i totally agree with u on this one. but ive never really taken jennifer seriously as an artist... she should stick to romantic comedies

  16. I totally agree. I think their collaborations sound great (Gaga+RedOne). Also I like what he did with Pixie Lott's "Here We Go Again." 

  17. The song isn't that bad I can't believe you're saying such words..

  18. I think possibly take everything said here with a pinch of salt. Was having a bad

  19. I love the way that 'RedOne' also looks like 'Re-done'. 
    And yes, the song IS that bad.

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  22. I disapprove of the use of 'gay' as an insult. :|

  23. Where was it used as an insult?

  24. "But at least think of your career for a second, instead of the money
    that's being thrown at you, before agreeing to jump on a song with
    perhaps the gayest chorus I have heard in Lord only knows! I'm not even
    sure if Kylie would have touched this, God Bless her rainbow coloured

  25. That's descriptive. Not an " insult"
    " I'm not even sure if Kylie would have touched this, God Bless her
    rainbow coloured soul. Is this part of a scheme to nab a coveted GLAAD award,
    or get on a Gaga record? If it is, then you are a genius and I retract
    my criticisms"

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