Wednesday 16 May 2012

Carrie Underwood Performs “Good Girl” on “Dancing with the Stars”

American Idol season 4 winner Carrie Underwood popped up on American show, Dancing With The Stars to perform new song Good Girl. The single was digitally released at the end of February, and incredibly has already amassed sales of 775,000 as of May 9th, in the States alone!

Carrie's performance was great, if a little strained in the fifth octave belts, but I really enjoyed the edge that her midrange had during the verses. It's a performance that is sure to push those single sales past the million mark in no time.

Good Girl is taken from the country singer's fourth album, Blown Away, which hit the top spot of the Billboard charts earlier this month. 


  1. Everything coming from these shows sells a million.Clearly the mass of the audiences of these shows are ..."consumers" more than anything else. I think for any real number as compared to any single coming out NOT featured on one of these we should just standard subtract 500 to 700 thousand from any of these numbers. ;)

    And boy do I hate that this kind of tune is called "country"! It has nothing to do with anything "country". It's more like rock music used to be a decade or so ago..

    Singing is good though.

  2. Isn't "Good Girl" pretty much the same song as "Cowboy Casanova"?

  3. I think its more impressive that shes still shifting units despite winning the show 7 years ago. But yeah, I agree this is definitely more rock/pop  but she's still considered a country singer by the masses and you can definitely hear its influences in the melody and harmonies. 

  4. Can't say I've heard it...not that familiar with her stuff. Will check out!! :D

  5.  I think she is still shifting those units because she is one of the most popular country singers these days. And she is considered a country singer despite of singing rock/pop because that is what passes for country according to execs in Nashville these days.;)

     What would have been called Country music 10-20 years ago is now called Americana.
    I agree there is some influence in harmonies and sometimes a bit in instrumentation but generally...I don't think it has enough of the characteristics to be called country anymore. But then again, I am not alone in that. Many country fans from way back and many artists in Country music are not pleased with what comes out of Nashville now.


    i think ur comment is right on point 

  7.  Cheers Lisa! :)
    Are you a country ( or now Americana) fan?

  8. This is neither rock or country . It's country-rock. It apparently has a rockish chord progression but the beats and vocals are drawn from country. It really leans more towards country but the fact that it uses electric guitar makes it hard to think so. It's like a weird, should I say illusion?
    Anyway, regarding carrie's performance, I think it was super powerful . But she trails off-key really easily for some reason. Especially at the end of "Why" and "blind". But I loved her bridge . I think the best thing about her voice is when she hits high notes it doesnt even seem like one and does not make you cringe like some other singers. However, if only she stayed on key and her voice was a BIT less shaky.....