Friday, 18 May 2012

Disco Diva Donna Summer Passes Away

A sad day for the music world, as another legendary Diva passes. Queen of Disco, Donna Summer has tragically died at the age of 63 after reportedly losing her battle with cancer.

Despite her biggest hits occurring in the 1970s, Donna Summer continued to work and garner respect as  a musical force right up until her death, inspiring artists as varied as classical virtuoso Vanessa Mae and soul singer Faith Evans. It was testament not only to the strength of her back catalogue, but more so to a voice that managed to maintain it's beautiful tone and uncanny strength as the years passed.
As Donna Summer inspired many in life, I am sure she'll continue to do so in passing.

Let's Celebrate the life of Donna Summer by listening to her doing what she loved, singing kick ass songs! 

I Feel Love

Bad Girls

Hot Stuff

She Works Hard For The Money

Could It Be Magic

Heaven Knows

On The Radio

May she rest in Peace.


  1. Beautifully written DD, could not have put it better myself! She truly was the queen of disco, nobody could touch her ear for a good hook and 'that' voice was something incredible.

    R.I.P. Donna

  2. I agree with Stuey that this is a beautifully written post.

    My favorite song of hers is "On the Radio."

  3. I forgot how truly impressive her back catalogue is! Love that song too, and Bad Girls!

  4. absolutely love her 
    i remember being a little kid watching pokemon 2000 and singing "the power of one"

  5. It's a shame I hadn't heard of her till now. Her music is great mood music!!!!!! Definitely giving these a listen.

  6. Wow! You'd never heard of her? Better late than never!!

  7. and on the same day warda al jazairia a legendary algerian singer also passed away she was almost 80 years old and though donna is great she was way way way way way way way better then her.

  8.  And Dieter Fischer-Dieskau as well. Though what either has to do with an in memory off for Donna Summer?

  9.  I am amazed anybody into female divas and singers has not heard of Donna before.Enjoy! Isn't it fun to discover great singers you haven't heard yet :)

  10. Truly a rare breed, there will never be another Donna.
    So sad that another has lost the fight to cancer, celebrity status put aside it's truly sad that another person has lost their life to cancer and more continue to.
    Hopefully Donna's music will live on for years and years to come.

  11. The music most definately will, you often hear her songs in clubs to this day due to them mainly being dance monsters that get you on the floor and having a good time!

    As for the cancer thing, you are so right. I work in healthcare and its one of the most challenging illnesses to deal with because it not only hits you physically but also mentally, It truly is a cruel disease! I heard it was lung cancer as well, which makes it so much harder to treat! I just hope her family are ok!

  12. R I P Warda-Al-Jazairia20 May 2012 at 03:08

    she was better and you suck.

  13.  Brilliant reply dude. A music blog is surely your natural home. :)

  14. R I P Warda-Al-Jazairia20 May 2012 at 19:10

    fuck you asshole.

  15.  Thanks but I am a lesbian. I don't do asshole fucking. :)

  16. R I P Warda-Al-Jazairia21 May 2012 at 01:35

    she isn't my favourite singer actually i don't know her that much i just think the best arabic singers are better then any other singers from anywhere.

  17.  Yes you think this, think being the operative word here.
    I can think Einstein or Steven Hawking are idiots but it doesn't make it true now does it?
    I can think of Africans as Caucasian but it won't make them white.
    Feel free to think what you want, but all in all you just think these things.
    Thinking something doesn't equate it as a functioning fact outside of your skull.
    Everyone is entitled to opinions, but when you throw them around like they are the words of some higher being and are definitive facts it's laughable to say the least :D

  18.  Good for you.I hope you get to listen to that music as much as you like. I happen to think something very different. Namely that Arabic music sounds like whining and I don't like whining.

  19. Please include I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro), No More Tears and This Time I Know It's for Real in the video list.

  20. RIP Warda, she was a legend, you cant compare donna to warda, one sings disco and one sings tarab

  21. Warda was good but not the best, neither was Donna

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  24. She was an amazing singer... Much better than Mariah & Whitney, IMHO. Her music is legendary dance and her voice is iconic. She could sing anything,,, I love her. R.I.P DOnna. :(

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