Sunday 24 June 2012

Watch Lana Del Rey @ BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend Festival

It takes some nerve to rock up to a festival with just a string quartet and a piano, but it's just what Lana Del Rey did for her set at Radio 1's Hackney Weekend Festival.

There's no doubt that the singer is coming along, in terms of her confidence, but I'm still unsure of some of the choices she makes, vocally, when performing live. Choices such as failing to manage the contrast between her weighty voice, and her softer one, is one, in particular, that irks me a little.

However, this is only my opinion and having watched quite a few of her live performances it's clear that Lana is actually choosing to make these alterations to the studio version- oppose to them being mistakes, like I previously thought. So who am I to argue with the way she wants to sing her songs.

I still really enjoyed the set, particularly the instrumentation and her rapport and interaction with the crowd.

Set list:
[video one]
Blue Jeans 
Body Electric 
Born to Die (start)

[video Two]
Born to Die (end)
Million Dollar man
Summertime Sadness (start)

[video Three]
Summertime Sadness (continued)
Video Games
National Anthem

[video Four]
Summertime Sadness (continued)


  1. Twp new posts. Not been watching the football then ;)

  2. i do really love this woman but her live performances are so erratic when it comes down to vocals and i find it hard to listen to a few without scrunching my face up ...she can sing that's for sure ....but her choices during these live stints irk me as well....which is a shame as i want her to be great

  3. Lana enbodies her voice a little too much when it comes to the low
    parts, you can notice how some words sound distorted. Choosing another
    timbre for those parts would make it better

  4. I heard the match was very exciting, but I just can't be doing with football. I'll play it- badly and for a laugh- but watching others do so just feels like a waste of time to me.

    As for Bonnie, she's on the list, but I'm only familiar with a few of her hits. I need to get further acquainted with her. Will start with your suggestions!! :D

  5. I think you and me are in a minority, I think the majority of her fans love it.As long as she doesn't take to singing like this on her records, I'll keep loving her voice.

  6. Totally. Did you see the way she was with the fans in the last video. Was really nice her warmer, human side getting seen. I think many think she's some sort of ice queen.

  7. She actually does seem to care about her fans.

  8. LOL Guess we disagree on time management there. But I hope you will enjoy Bonnie as much as I did and a satisfactory use of your time. :)

  9. yeah, i saw it and that really makes me happy. Besides being a kind idol with her fans, she passes the sensation of equality to her fans with some public actions. Most Divas poses as they are better humans, just for having more notoriety. Well, that's nice :)

  10. I agree, its clearly not the natural part of her voice. But I think she is getting better live for sure!

  11. Thats good otherwise I woulda had to give you the hairy side of the hand hahaha

  12. She is definately not only getting more confident with bigger crowds she is starting to get a handle on all the parts of the performance rather than just the voice itself per se, the participation with the fans is pretty awesome.

    Her upper registers are truly special too some of those notes in Blue Jeans were gorgeous!

  13. yeah, that's for sure. The better she gets, the happier i am.

  14. I believed she's gonna nailed it out; that was through the first half of Blue Jeans. She almost did. Oh Why did she have to 'gulp' in the middle?! That ruined it all..or else it could have been perfect T____T (to my ears at least). She picked up during Born to Die, but then the same thing happened again during Million $ Man T__T plus why did she have to choose to sing Summertime Sadness (think she only hit the lowest note once?) But tbh, i don't really mind her not getting into the lowest/highest notes, i just hope that she can fix up the gulping/breathing problem.

    She's defined best by Video Games..personally i think it was her most beautiful performance's getting emotional through the end gosh i can't believe i cried!

    and one thing i love about Lana is that she cares about her fans..i think she knows what it feels to be like just feet away from the ones u ship much but couldn't get a hold of..she even kissed them lucky lads.

    sorry for the lengthy comment. i didn't expect that 30 minutes would be such a
    all else aside, i still love Lana..period.

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