Sunday 24 June 2012

Watch Leona Lewis @ Radio 1's Hackney Weekend Festival

leona lewis hackney radio 1 festivel

As mentioned yesterday, Leona Lewis opened the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend Festival on the main stage. Being a Hackney native, the singer was on home ground, but that didn't stop the nerves showing a little at the start, but she quickly got it together as the set progressed.

As for the vocals, apart from  Coming Home and Collide, where some of the notes seemed too low for the singer to maintain the tune, Leona sounded as gorgeous as usual. The reggae twist on the sappy Better in time, was a great move, and it's mix with Rihanna's Man Down, was a pleasant surprise. Oh, and inviting the local choir on stage for the closing song, Run, was a nice touch, too.

The atmosphere was a little flat, though, but it's always hard for an introverted vocalist like Leona Lewis to get the crowd really moving if she's not putting out that energy first for it to respond to.

1. Coming Home (Feat. Wretch 32) - (00:00)
2. Better in Time / Man Down - (04:10)
3. Come Alive (New Song) - (08:00)
4. Bleeding Love - (12:15)
5. Collide - (17:05)
6. Run (With the Hackney Community Choir) - (21:10)


  1. Something about her voice seems, I dunno weaker??? Or is that just me being overly judgemental, also she has had her nose done??? She looks great though!

  2. i get what you mean - ive seen her stronger but i dont think its all that big of a difference and haha yeah her nose seems different but im not sure if she got a nose job