Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: JoJo "Demonstrate"

With last release, Disaster, being  rock-pop in sound, I had a sneaking suspicion that JoJo was getting ready to change lanes with new album, Jumping Trains, and get into that  already occupied by  Kelly Clarkson and P!nk. Well new single Demonstrate suggests the star isn't ready to ditch her RnB roots just yet. In fact, this is perhaps the 21-year-old singers' most RnB release to date.

Demonstrate starts off with a misleading solo electric guitar lick that quickly gives way to the surprisingly warm, and slow, electronic production. From there on, the pacing remains interesting as layers of sound are introduced and recalled, and tempo played with: all serving to keep the song from becoming stale or monotonous as it seductively unravels itself to the listener.

It's a production that JoJo's vocals are pitched perfectly at.  There are no thin, high belts to be found here- as was the case on the last single. Instead JoJo relies mainly on her solid mid-rage to deliver the melody. On those occasions where higher notes are required, the singer deftly switches up into her head voice to cover them. It's a smart choice that accentuates the steamy and sensual vibe of the lyrics and music brilliantly.

Demonstrate came at me totally out of left field, and as a result has single-handedly made me sit-up and take notice of JoJo and her comeback . It is a little worrying that singles Disaster and Demonstrate are so different in sound, but hopefully the album will sound more cohesive as a unit.

Rating: B+


  1. Diva, there are 2 Bb2's within the song which would boost Jojo's range to Bb2-C7, 4 octaves and 2 notes :)

  2. I surprisingly liked this a bit, although it will take some time to get used to Jojo's more adult lyrical styling as I'm still stuck in the past of when Jojo was only 13 lol.

  3. Thankfully I was never a massive fan of her- too old. So I can accept this being the JoJo I get to enjoy, musically.

  4. I heard the low note, but didn't think to check it. I really prefer her lower range to her upper-belts.

  5. To me this is like the transition of 1990-1996 Mariah Carey to 1997-present day Mariah Carey for me, it's a bit of a shock to the system lol.

  6. They're very flat B2's.