Tuesday 17 July 2012

Spam Post: Madonna, No Doubt, The XX

I realise that I miss mentioning a lot of videos because I don't have the time to review them. So as of today I'm creating the "Spam post". This will be dedicated to more than one Diva, and will be used to keep you updated on new releases/videos/songs.

Don't let that stop you telling  me what YOU  think about the featured material- I love reading your opinions!

First up, Madonna's third single, Turn up the Radio, from flop-tastic album, MDNA. As I've said before, I'm not enjoying this era of Madonna, so I'll end this sentence here.

Released: August 5, 2012

Gwen Stefani and her motley crew, No Doubt, are back after a break of over a decade. Diplo produced comeback single Settle Down channels the groups trademark reggae/Ska infused pop, and delivers a hook that'll quickly take root in your head like an alien parasite!

Good to have them back.

Released: July 16, 2012

Also returning this week- in audio form- is British group, The XX. Just like No Doubt, they haven't changed things up too much with their new material, and once again that's a good thing. If you liked the groups moody, broody, atmospheric style, you'll love Angels. I certainly do.

Released: Free if you pre-order album, Coexist.


  1. Can we also post suggestions?
    For mini reviews I mean? ( just in case anybody is getting the wrong idea ;D )

  2. Well, I must admit you're still improving your PS skills. What a heck? Beautifully canned sp-ham?;)

  3. Ups! It turns out I also do like "moody, broody, atmospheric style". Thank you. I've never heard them before. But I will definitely check their discography.

  4. best Madonna review iv have read !....can we take a moment to appreciate how good gwen is looking ! she looks younger !. so glad to have her back and no doubt were played alot when i was younger so its cool to see them back with new stuff, although its not there best work.

  5. I found madonna's new music video an average music video. Nothing I wouldn't spend money on to keep on myself but definitely something I can watch casually. I don't think there is a No Doubt song i will hate so No comment on that.

  6. how the hell does gwen look like that at 42
    she looks better than some 20 year olds...
    anyway i didn't really like the video for settle down but the song is alright...

    and the madonna vid for turn it up was ehhh
    the girl gone wild video is much better cuz she actually does something

  7. Madonna must hate Gwen for figuring out the secrets to eternal youth. Being able to look that good at 40+ is no easy feat. And speaking of Gwen, for the past two days, I've woken up in the morning with the chorus of "Settle Down" in my head. The video's not of my liking, but the song is incredibly catchy and a great way to come back. It's generic, but not in the typical Katy Perry/Rihanna/Britney Spears sense.

  8. Finally managed to check out the vids and lasted the longest with No Doubt. Almost to the end even. ;D
    But neither No Doubt nor Madonna will see a return visit from me.
    As for "Angels"..I like moody, broody and atmospheric alright but in this case atmospheric seems to be code for not going anywhere. There was no development whatsoever in that tune. It only served to lead me straight to other artists making similar stuff but better, rather than wanting to hear more of The XX

  9. Re suggestions..I just read Lana has a new video.


  10. I actually like both songs by Madonna and No Doubt. Madonna was a big influence in my youth and No Doubt during my hey day in the 90's late teens early twenties. Madonna is the biggest female singer for the past 30 yrs hands down. Her biggest talent is she is a marketing and creative genius. What she did not have as far as raw talent she made up for with her genius. With that said her core audience has become much older and the ones who truly appreciate music are likely to be into more of a traditional style of music with less bells and whistles. While Madonna is a capable vocalist she is not a strong vocalist and I think an artist of her age in order to be relevant to her core artist should put out more of a traditional style of music most her initial fans who are still left will appreciate. I am just not sure her innate talent allows for that but maybe Madonna can figure it out. No Doubt lovers will enjoy this song.

  11. I am guessing you mean biggest selling or most famous female singer of the last 30 years? I mean, you can't possibly be talking musically. ;D

    Other than that..I agree with your points regarding material choices. Though I fear Madonna vocally can't really compete in that more "traditional" genre. Most singers there are in it because they had/have vocal chops in the first place.

  12. Yes, definitely best selling she is not the most creative but she must be commended on her ability to draft over and over again music that was able to sustain what one would have thought to be flash in the pan talents to the top selling female of her error without having superior vocal ability.

  13. Thanks for clarifying. :)
    Have to agree with you re being creative. I think she is quite creative. Just not great vocally or musically. But creative definitely.