Thursday 5 July 2012

Joss Stone "While You're Out Looking For Sugar" [New Music]

Joss Stone's debut, The Soul Sessions, is still one of my favourite albums by the singer. Released in 2003, the set was a collection of expertly crafted cover songs, all with a soul infusion.

At the time she was considered somewhat a novelty and a record label construct; in no small part due to her youthful years (she was 16) her skin colour (white) and the music she was singing (soul). As such, many thought she would depart from this style as soon as she had creative control, but time, and five albums, have shown Joss Stone to be the real deal: a modern day, soul singer with hippie ideals.

Two of my favourite tracks from The Soul Sessions:

Having lost her way (in my opinion) of late, with the release of the patchy LP1, and her involvement with "supergroup" SuperHeavy, I'm cautiously excited about the news of a Soul Sessions Volume 2. It's not that I'm a fan of musicians rehashing old ideas, and giving us the same old, over and again. It's more the hope that in revisiting her roots, it'll remind Joss Stone that her strength lies closer to soul music than 1960's inspired rock.

This is what the 25-year-old had to say about the upcoming July 31st release:
“I really had fun revisiting The Soul Sessions’ idea and I’m really pleased with the results,” said Stone of the sequel to her 2003 debut. “I’ve committed long term to my label Stone’d Records, but it felt right to team up with Steve Greenberg and S-Curve again for this release. I think there are some great songs on the album and I loved performing them with such brilliant musicians.
And here is the track-list for anyone interested:

No. Title Writer(s)

1. "I Got The Blues"   Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
2. "(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People"   Eugene Record
3. "While You're Out Looking For Sugar"   Ronald Dunbar, Edyth Wayne
4. "Sideways Shuffle"   Tim Renwick
5. "I Don't Wanna Be With Nobody But You"   Eddie Floyd
6. "Teardrops" Cecil Womack, Linda Womack
7. "Stoned Out of My Mind"   Record, Barbara Acklin
8. "The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)"   Terry Callier, Larry Wade
9. "The High Road"  
10. "Pillow Talk"   Sylvia Robinson, Michael Burton
11. "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye"   John D. Loudermilk
[yep, pinched directly from wiki!]

Below is a little taster of what to expect from Soul Sessions Volume 2, with two live versions of the song While You're Out Looking For Sugar.

Original, The Honey Cone, version:


  1. Have you heard "(For God's Sake) More Power To The People" ?

  2. Really? I never heard that view that she was a record label construct? I'd say just watching one interview with her made clear that wasn't the case. And certainly after seeing her with James Brown at the Jonathan Ross show, surely NOBODY in his right mind would think she wasn't genuine?

    Anyway..liked this. It has a summertime feel and she delivers the goods live. Especially the second video.

  3. I used to quite like her (on her debut album) but then she disappeared across the pond and re-appeared with a weird American accent and seemed indifferent to her UK was all very odd! Great voice though, it's a shame she does not have her own signature song though, I feel like her talent has been wasted and not channelled in the right direction..? Maybe this will grab her a little bit more respect but she needs her own fresh material if she wishes to remain credible....she is treading a fine line I feel..

  4. I agree, she IS in need of better material which is more her and less "covers". Her talents are indeed mostly wasted so far material wise.

  5. Totally, she must realise this? But then maybe the desperation of staying in the limelight will have her do whatever is necessary...

  6. yeah, i remember reading quite a few not-so-nice articles about her being fake/construct in the papers back then. I even had one or two friends who thought the same.

  7. I have not, but I shall check it out!

  8. I've really enjoyed her output, bar the last album. I think she's had a tough time trying to find her musical feet, but has, in the process, released some good music, all while managing to keep the core of what she's about intact.

    Here are a few of my fav songs from each album

    mind, body, soulSpoiled- One of favourite Joss Stone songs. Killing Time Sleep Like A child
    Colour me FreeGovernmentalist- this really has great lyrics
    Parallel Lines- retro sweetness.

    Introducing Joss Stone
    Put Your Hands On Me
    What Were We Thinking- yep, i'm a sucker for Joss Stone love

    LP1Last One To know
    Drive All Night

    You've probably heard these Mr Man- ;) - but for anyone else, check these out if you want a little intro into why I love Joss stone! :D

  9. LOL Way to assume there Stuey. But considering she isn't going around trying to draw any sort of attention to herself I tend to dismiss that reason. Perhaps she simply does NOT see it?
    For many of us keep dating the totally wrong kind of person and though everybody around us sees it, we ourselves do not? Maybe it is simply a blind spot because she does love the covers she does?

    Or maybe she doesn't care to change it and garner greater success? Maybe she is quite happy with her career as it is. Not being too much in the public eye right now? Not being hounded out of the freedom of having a private life.
    Some people are in fact not interested in being famous as much as in enjoying and pleasing themselves.

  10. Yeah well...British press eh ;D
    Not known for appealing to common sense or truth in the pursuit of sales numbers.

  11. Totally. Its even worse when the rest of the world is reading it. Case in point The Daily Mail ( Awful, awful publication) being the most visited newspaper website on the planet.

  12. Well, there at least is a glimmer of hope this nonsense will be reigned in somewhat.What with this hacking mess and all.
    Though of course seeing the recent rules set about/for advertising in might end up a case of different but equally bad ( or worse) ;D

    Another track off the album.

  14. Wow DD, you been mega busy there! Thanks will give me some post night duty chill out listening there, much appreciated!!

  15. Lol fair point, I guess her talent speaks for itself, plus she is very popular in the States so I guess you are right.

    I do have a lot of respect for her as an artist though, but I guess if she is enjoying what she does that will filter through in her music, as for the personal life ect it cannot be easy, its destroyed more than a few people who crack easily under the pressure (Britney & Lindsay - both who courted the media though)

  16. I agree Britney's is a case of cracking under the constant scrutiny ( even if it was requested by herself) but I think Lohan has different issues. But then, I might think that because I have a bit of a soft spot for her. Don't ask me why because I have no clue of any reason why I should/do because it's not like she is an impressive actress nor am I crushing on her but there you have it..I just like her somehow. LOL

    Anyway, to get back to Joss. I think it DOES filter through that she is enjoying herself. Not sure how her being popular in the States proves anything in my comment though?

  17. Wow, that was a quick reply!! :D Yeh I really like Lindsay, plus she looks incredible in the promo pics for Liz & Dick, I really hope she gets it together as she def has something alluring about her!

    Yeh she always seems to be having a blast when she does live gigs, just the whole being big in the States takes away the need to go looking for the attention, she prob does get her share, even here too though. I remember that ugly business of those guys who planned to rob her and do her damage ect! Scary, what impressed me was how she dealt with the situation!

  18. Yeah, I am in the act of procrastinating so I am all over the blog at the moment LOL

    I see now what you meant with that mention of States success but I don't think over there media interest is anywhere near that Britney/Lohan amount either.
    Had not heard that stalker story. UGH!
    I don't understand people like that. I mean, I wouldn't even want a harm a hair on Gaga's head( or scare her like that) and y'all know how I feel about her. LOL

  19. :D I know what you mean, this blog is addictive sometimes! Sometimes I wonder how DD tolerates all my posts without pulling his hair out lol

    I know, it was totally scary incident and yeh its pretty evil, people like that deserve that thrashing you were talking about! Lol about Gaga!

  20. Why would DD mind your posts Stuey?They are almost always sweet and positive and often keep/start conversation flowing.

    Not like my often bitchy comments. ;)

  21. Lol thanks, I do try, I have had my moments too though don't worry! Lol I love your comments they always make me chuckle - besides honesty is the best policy! Sometimes its the only way to go!! ;)

  22. Stuey Opie Ever I love you guys commenting! Doesn't matter if we agree with each other or not; it's the discussion and participation that's the fun part!

  23. phew! Thanks DD, glad to hear that because I have grown rather fond of this blog.