Friday, 6 July 2012

Vocal Profile: Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp

Vocal Type: Lyric Soprano
Vocal Range:3 Octaves 5 Notes F2-E6
Whistle Register:No- high notes sound like head voice.
Vocal Pluses: Vast expansive connected range that is able to go from low to high easily; expanding into the baritone ranges and well beyond the typical soprano ranges.

Lower register is characterized with a light and husky character to it, that though despite her higher vocal type she is able to sing within this area with relative ease due to a healthy and established technique.

Brilliant mixing technique allows the voice to access any note within the belting range with frightening ease, showing no signs of approaching its limit even up to Soprano Eb (Eb6).

However, the voice seems to find its home within the head voice. In which it is able to sustain notes for long periods of time, perform a series of vocal acrobatics, (see Happiness, Voicething, Pilots, Horse Tears, Utopia). The head voice also posses a duality to it, being able to take on an operatic tone (See the intro of Utopia) or a more contemporary likening (see Happiness).

 The voice as a whole posses an instrumental quality to it, and is often utalized in this way to paint the sonic landscape of the songs.

Vocal Negatives: The middle register of the voice lacks character, and most belts (from G4-E5) don't contain the characteristics usually associated with "belting"- for example power and projection. Though this is more of personal preference than actual fault in technique.

Many thanks to Serendipity for compiling this profile!


  1. DD!!! I cannot thank you enough for making this's perfect!

    Everything about her voice for me is perfection, all of her work is superb. Seventh Tree is my favourite album for sure but what I like is that she is not put in a box, she releases credible music that has evolved perfectly from their first album of class pop (Felt Mountain), to the fun dance pop eras of (Supernature and Head First) right up to the additional tracks on the singles - (Melancholy Sky and Yellow Halo) beautiful and touching songs.

    Vocally I just like how natural her range comes to her, her upper registers are so supple and honey like, its a true YUM to the ear!!!

    Thanks again :)

  2. Thanks to Serendipity too :) Lol I just noticed that part! Great work guys!

  3. When I saw this in the "Recent Posts" section I nearly jumped for joy, great job! I like the bits added in such as "The voice as a whole posses an instrumental quality to it, and is often
    utilized in this way to paint the sonic landscape of the songs."

  4. Thank you Stuey!

  5. Didn't know this singer other than from the soundtrack of The L Word but she sure has an impressive voice and ability.

    Good job DD and Serendipity!

  6. All credit to Serendipity! :D

  7. Thats the only the change I made, So I take absolutely no credit for this brilliant profile! Thanks again!

  8. Why thank you :D&No problem what so ever!
    I looked through the suggestions list again and spotted a few more voices that I'm familiar with so I'll be sure to email you about them at a later time.

  9. Oh do that other great Alison ( Krauss of course) Please!!!
    DD has some technical issues at present.

  10. I stand corrected..."good job Serendipity!"
    and thank you DD for the generally awesome blog. ;)

  11. I will second both of those statements!

  12. Something about her voice reminds me of norwegian singer Liv Kristine. I think it's a similar lightness in the tone. I've never heard her before, but she has a nice voice!

    Liv Kristine

  13. she's awesome - my mom is obsessed with her

  14. A belting range that goes to Eb6? Dear god what steroids is she on!?!?!

  15. Luv Allison - her voice is butta'!

  16. I love her! Every cd from Goldfrapp is a different journey!

  17. @divadevotee:disqus Alison is a Dramatic Soprano, my bad :P

  18. I agree with some other soprano variant than the one listed. There is something weighty and dark about her sound although she's still a soprano.

  19. I'd go with Dramatic seeing as Bb5-Eb6 she really has that steely and amble sound of a Dramatic.
    I quite like the dark and weighty sound she has, she is able to produce a variety of textures and tones that I find quite nice.

  20. She's closer to Callas' sound up there than Celine Dion, I must say, giving weight to your theory.

  21. You should edit the F2 to G2 now since the user of the video made a mistake.

  22. Hudson Morrigan30 July 2013 at 00:18

    You people have no idea what you are talking about. Dramatic soprano? LMAO. A dramatic soprano has a completely different sound. Take for example Patti Labelle or Monica Naranjo.

  23. I just had this crazy idea, she could totally lend her voice to a symphonic metal band for a song or two. Doesn't that sound awesome, she obviously has the operatic capability to cut through that dense kind of composition. Does anybody else think this is a great idea? I am gonna bring this up again next Free-for-all Friday!

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  27. Goldfrapp Top Ten
    1. Utopia
    2. Strict Machine
    3. Ooh La La
    4. Number 1
    5. Lovely Head
    6. Crystalline Green
    7. Fly Me Away
    8. Pilots
    9. Melancholy Sky
    10. Human
    Runners Up
    11. Train
    12. Black Cherry
    13. Horse Tears
    14. Ride a White Horse

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