Monday 30 July 2012

News Spam: Joss Stone, Mariah Carey and Madonna

I was a little miffed when during the talks about who would sit on The Voice (UK) judging panel, that there was no mention of one of Britain's best young singers, Joss Stone. Well though there was no mention of her name, it turns out that the singer was in fact asked, and guess what, she turned it down! Her reason:
"The thing is I love music and I love singing with other people and I don't see it as a competition at all. I feel that those things are really good to get exposure but they kind of make it into a competition and that is just sad.

"Other than that it is great because they get to be heard by millions and they never would have been before."

I love how this woman has her own mind, and sticks to her principles. The Voice would have been a perfect platform to get Joss Stone back into the public eye, but from that exert it's clear that Joss Stone isn't here for anything but the music. A strategy that doesn't seem to be doing too badly for Joss as her latest album, The Soul Sessions Volume 2, has entered the UK charts at number six this week!!

A refreshing presence in the sometimes bleak, overexposed and do-anything-for-a-sale world of celebrity.


Mariah Carey tweeted a picture from the set of the video for her new single TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em). The song is expected to air on radio sometime this week, but there is no word when the Nick Cannon directed video, from which the picture above is taken, will hit our screens.

To say I'm excited about new Mariah Carey music is an understatement, however the leaked teaser has brought my expectations down just a smidgeon!

Listen to said teaser of TRIUMPHANT (Get 'Em) :

And finally more controversy from Madonna's MDNA tour. Having recently been (reportedly) booed while on stage in France, the singer decided to address, and in the process confirm the rumours, via her website:
"Playing the Olympia was a magical moment for me and it was real treat to do this special show for my fans and be so close to them," she said.

"Unfortunately at the end of the show - after I left the stage - a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans. The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening.

"But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans. When I looked out in the audience, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I look forward to having this wonderful experience again."

I'm glad Madonna chose to focus on the positive, and decided not to comment on the theories surrounding who the thugs were (they were rumoured to be people loyal to a right-wing political party whose leader, Marine Le Pen, Madonna had compared to a Nazi). Only time will tell what further havoc she will bring as the tour continues its journey around the world.


  1. It sounds like emancipation of Mimi meets Butterfly...not too sure Im loving it since we barely hear any Mariah in it but oh well. Joss Stone? Glad to know someone in the business stands by their beliefs. I don't get why Madonna has been receiving so much hate lately? I mean her fanbase is more brought together than ever but everyone else seems to have a major bone to pick with her.

  2. Ha! I feel vindicate in both my statements of singing competitions AND Joss Stone.


    Lol :D

  4. I love whatever mariah does, usually. But it sounds like she isn't going to be reinventing the wheel here. :(

  5. Thanks, I totally deserve that.

  6. Btw that clip of Mariah is no longer up due to copyrights infringment

  7. DARN IT!! Thanks for letting me know

  8. I don't really think it's fair to judge based on this snippet. It's a 30 second piece of the Rick Ross' verse, so to complain about lack of Mariah is like complaining about lack of Gaga on a Madonna track.

  9. I agree, it would always be ridiculous to complain about lack of Gaga on...well, anything really. is complaining of a lack of Mariah on a Mariah single comparable to complaining about a lack of Gaga on a Madonna track??? And isn't the usual complaint too much Madonna on a Gaga track anyway? ;D

    ( sorry dude, just you set it up so perfectly LOL)

  10. i love joss stone<3<3<3
    and i cant wait for mimi's new song
    and idk much about the madonna controversy but its good no one got hurt or it didnt escalate to something more brutal - idk if they were thugs who were posing as mad fans because they charged 100 bucks per ticket

  11. lady gaga's isnt the one being sued 22 years later for a song she stole
    if gaga really stole form madonna - madonna should just sue her and get it over with

    and people need to stop mentioning madonna v. gaga on every single article - this article has nothing to do with gaga

  12. I'm not sure if you're talking to me, but my expectations are still high. Just a little modified. That's got nothing to do with mariah or the vocals- because she always delivers- but I'm talking from the production standpoint. I can hear from this clip that this is going to be an electronic/synthesised production whereas I was really hoping for some live instrumentation. But who knows, the rest of the track might be totally different.

  13. Thought we agreed Misty..unless you were directly addressing me, I was going to ignore you on Gaga. Was kinda hoping you would return the favor and not respond to what I say about Gaga unless it was a direct response to you.
    I was but joking tongue in cheek in response to a comparison which had precious little to do with what was said.
    But...who cares who sues who..I stand by my statement...I will never complain about a lack of Gaga and I am pretty sure nobody listening to a Madonna track will ever complain about there not being enough Gaga on it.
    A: because nobody listens to Madonna in order to hear Gaga and B: because if they wanted to do that they could simply listen to Gaga since that pretty much amounts to hearing a Madonna track with a lot of Gaga.

  14. Well, I bet a 100 $ wouldn't stop you from visiting a Madonna concert if you thought she was going to insult Gaga and you and some other Stans wanted to "defend" Gaga.

  15. Oh DD, surely you know better than that! :P Mariah would never make such music.

  16. You Gaga fans are poisonous.

  17. Agree.

    If that's really the new single I think it's going to be a charts joke.

  18. there's a lot of them still up on youtube

  19. That comment was for DD to let him know so he can add a new link if he wants.

  20. You might want to read my comments again lewnatic. I am the biggest anti Gaga voice on this blog.

  21. um no i wouldn't go to a madonna concert to defend lady gaga that is stupid
    and madonna insults lady gaga every time she performs born this way on the MDNA tour and im not going to that so...
    geez u hate gaga a LOT
    i have a hard time u are not a madonna fan since you defend her just as much as i defend gaga

  22. haha okay
    and it was directed to everyone because people are mentioning gaga on articles that have nothing to do with her

  23. I couldnt find any others, or else I would have changed the vid above. Do you have a link?

  24. No, I was simply annoyed I cannot mention Gaga even in a joke without you jumping in to defend her even though I am now ignoring your posts on her ( if they are not a reply to my comments).
    And I was expressing that annoyance with a bit of sarcasm. I will in future add /s so you will be able to distinguish my sarcasm from my criticism. :)

  25. My response was to that very point Misty...a comparison out of thin air. I thought that comparison made no sense.

  26. I found these

  27. Those dont contain the song- I saw them earlier. And boy oh boy do I hope those arent songs off of the new album. They sound like demo's at best.

  28. Oops, sorry. Having not heard the clip you originally put up I had to guess.
    I agree those do sound like demos. Can't imagine that is the finished result.

  29. Joss only reminded me why I lover her, not that her voice and great musical discography wasn't enough of a reason anyway.

    Not so excited about this new Mariah release, I remember her saying she was going back to the sound on her first two albums but this sounds more like E=MC^2 ish era. I honestly don't think it's going to chart well, maybe it'll crack the top 40, but I'll have to hear the whole song to truly be the judge, but Rick Ross's part has already turned me off a bit to the song :/

    hmm this MDNA tour is churning out more drama than the typical American reality television show.

  30. They had print posters dissing Madonna, so, they went to the concert with that already on mind^^. That most likelly happened because Madonna is linking Marine le Pen to Nazism on the tour... I believe le Pen or the Front Nacional Party has enough money to don't worry about the ticket price...

  31. Mariah's Triumphant real teaser:

    I still don't know if I love or not.

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