Saturday 28 July 2012

Christina Aguilera Speaks About Mariah Carey and Britney Spears Joining Competing Talent Shows

Christina Aguilera being nice in an interview. OMG! But not just nice, humble too. *PASSES OUT*

I know her fans will say that she's always been nice, but I've watched enough of her interviews to know that this is one shady lady who gives interviews though usually super (artificially) sweet, are more than often dripping with grade-A arsenic.

I always thought these questionable character traits arose from Christina's own insecurities-oppose to over confidence- so the fact that she seems to have shaken (some of) them off might suggest Christina Aguilera is in a happier place in her life.*Puts down copy of "Psychology for Dummies"

Giving the interview to Extra Tv, her comments about Britney Spears were surprisingly touching and seemed sincere in their praise and affection. However notice how she never mentions Mariah Carey in name and offers general praise when asked about her joining American Idol... looks like the old Christina hasn't left the building just yet....


I'm only joking! Look, Even Christina found it funny!


  1. Just is the teen star with the biggest public breakdown ( over being "famous") in the history of pop music a "strong woman"?

  2. I think Christina's speaking more about brits ability to get out of the rut without going to the psycho house and being able to stay mentally well rather than her past issues.

  3. Sigh* same old X-tina. I wish she would spend more studio time for her fans. Anyways at least she isn't shading Mariah and she and Britney always talk well of each other so that didn't surprise me. C'mooon gurl release yo new musik.

  4. LOL "Staying well" is not being a "strong woman". That's

  5. Well, part of what made her breakdown so big was the level of attention media gives her... Whinehouse and Whitney for example had far bigger problems in their lives, but they (surprisinly) never where shown with the same negative light, actually, Whinehouse was even kinda encouraged.

    And you need strenght to come out of such a public breakdown, pick up your career, your personal life and keep things going on after it... Most celebrities who step on the dark place Britney did either screw their career up or are "lucky" enough to die before it. I can count several cases like that, but I don't really remember anybody else who actually was able to come back.

  6. I'm sorry but I call bull on that.

    Whitney nor Winehouse managed to find the strength to get out of their addiction and are therefor not examples of "strong women".
    And if you think Winehouse was not shown in a negative light over her problems you clearly did not pay much attention to what the British gutter press did. Or how about the Americans not giving her a visa for the Grammies over what..being a drunk? Like Ozzie ever was refused.
    Britney sure DID screw her career up and at this point it is not clear whether she managed to find the strength to overcome her issues.All we know is that at the moment she is not in any institution and she is going to be a judge on a crap show. Is she making music? Is she touring? Because THOSE would be possible signs she recovered.

    None of them at this point deserve the adjective "strong woman". ( And two of them obviously will never get there)

    Now, in the world of music, a woman like Patsy Cline...who got hardship thrust upon here and nevertheless kept going on her path...THAT would imo be an example of a "strong woman".
    Oprah Winfrey coming from sexual abuse, poverty and a racist society and prostitution even at one point, to become the woman she became...THAT is being a "strong woman"

    I know all three women were all going through a very hard time, I feel sympathy for their plights, I am truly sorry Whitney and Amy lost their lives because of it but ...nope, they do not deserve the adjective of "strong woman". That would be diminishing the title for those women who truly overcame some real trouble.

  7. Since her breakdown she released 3 albums and had 2 world tours, so, it's not like she is not working... Considering Femme Fatale was released last year, staying away from the studios in 2012 is just natural (unless she wanna have a Rihannesque release schedule). I'm not discussing the quality of the work here, as I believe it falls into subjectivity (even so, both FF and Blackout are considered her best works to date), or how envolved with it she is (some people say she is quite envolved, some people say she almost a puppet...) but in the end of the day, she was touring a good amount of the time post the breakdown, and this is something nobody can do for her, on the same way, nobody can do her work while doing a live tv show.

    Also, drug addiction is far from being a minnor problem, that's why most people end up dead because of it instead of breaking out of it, and overcoming your drug addictions and taking back your life is not something someone acomplishes with weekness. Drug addiction kills people, destroy lives and families and took some incredible people from us... people far more talented and relevant than Miss Spears, btw... I would consider something like that as "some real trouble".

    About Whinehouse... Sorry, but the most negative she was portrayed, there was also a "glamourous" ideia attached to the self-destructive way she lived that was just insane. People were expecting her to live that way, as it was something romantic, out of the norm, raw and passional... Britney's breakdown also started that way, but after some time she was mostly portrayed as a decadent trashcan. Whitney, IMO the saddest case, was almost ignored compared to the two.

  8. It's nice to see her not shading Mariah, but she's barely acknowledging her here... She goes off on how talented Britney is when Mariah did/does exactly the same as Britney x10.

  9. I stand corrected as far as her work. It seems she indeed continued to bring out records through out. And successful ones at that. Still, considering she at the same times had that breakdown , that does not really signify "strength" to me.
    I guess it's just me but I, obviously not having followed her musical career, just have a hard time seeing her as a "strong woman".

    Indeed drug addiction in itself is a real problem but my point was that I can't really see it as a sign of strength to develop a drugs or alcohol problem in the first place. Especially not when you are in fact living a pretty blessed life.And as we know neither Whitney or Winehouse managed to break free. So what we got is people with no particular reason other than weakness/stupidity becoming addicts and never getting out of it but instead dying from it. Doesn't strike me as "strong women"

    And there ARE actually loads of people who DO and DID manage to overcome addictions. I don't have the numbers but I would question your statement "most" don't as long as you can't produce such figures. ;)

    Though it is true some treated Winehouse's alcoholism as something romantic I don't think most of the press did, as you were suggesting.
    Not sure why Whitney would be the saddest case? But I agree that she wasn't as vilified about her issues as the other two were. And I would say Britney got the worst press treatment of the 3 as she was mostly ridiculed.

  10. Well.. Let's just agree on disagreeing about the "strong woman" thing, anythign I would post about it would made me enter on the circle-talking-land :P

    I know there are loads of people who manage to overcome addictions, mostly people with enough money to find help about it btw... Even so, I believe we can take the music industry as an example that people who get on these girls levels of drug consuption end bad more than good.

    About Whitney... I don't know... I find it to be the saddest of the 3 cuz in the end of the day, it just looked like people didn't care until there was a hype about her coming back... and once they saw her voice wasn't the same, they stopped caring again until she died.

  11. Yes, I think we will HAVE to agree to disagree as we seem to experience reality quite differently. ;)

    I hadn't heard Britney had a drug addiction and Amy's addiction was alcohol so I guess when you say these girls in music you are speaking generally.
    Your claim though that the ones overcoming it are usually the ones with money is again...something I'd have to see numbers on. But it does seem to be contrary to your next statement already as we CAN safely say in the case of these popstars.... they had both the money and people who were supportive in them trying to overcome their problems.

    As for Whitney, perhaps people didn't care because like me they saw a person basically having it all and then stupidly throw herself into drugs. People often care less when they feel a person has nobody and nothing but herself to blame for her troubles. How sad it is that random strangers felt little sympathy for Whitney's self afflicted trouble...again a matter of perceptions I guess.
    I find suffering the "slings and arrows of outrages fortune" sadder than self inflicted shit. I find Whitney's children suffering sadder than Whitney's problems for instance.
    Have to say though...people did seem to root for Whitney being able to make a comeback...until indeed they realized the singer she was would never be again.

  12. When I say "saddest", I'm talking about my impressions about the way media handled it, not about the addiction itself, as random strangers feeling sympathy or not for her wouldn't really affect her recovery. :P

    About the people recovering better when they have the money to pay for their help... This is what I tried to say: Even if it's easier with enough cash to go though a treatment, the stories still tend to end bad even for those girls.^^ Anyway... drugs is just a issue I tend to take really personal, it really bothers me on a bigger level, so, I guess this is where my concern about the way media portraied the girls come from (as I don't really care about Whitney's or Amy's music, and I wouldn't consider myself a Britney fan either). Also, I think I don't need to tell how much it bothers me the way Kesha (and sometimes Gaga) sells the "drug-chic" image.

  13. I would add up another name: Marianne Faithfull. What a life! You can hear her life through her voice. She used to be a songbird back in 60's. How does her voice sound now? But she managed to overcome her weakness and abuses.

  14. In the matter of fact there was something tragically romantic in Winehouse's addiction. She was always portrayed as a extraordinary artist and alcoholic at the same time. It made an impression that alcohol abuse was immanent part of her art. And obviously a vital part of her personality (artistic persona).
    Actually nobody really wanted her to straighten her way of life, in my opinion. If she got clean and sober it would be so... prosaic. Everyone wanted her to remain romantic self-destructive heroine - larger than life. As every generation needs its Morrisons, Joplins, Cobains.

  15. Opie i agree with you
    britney isn't a strong woman she is a media puppet who is controlled by her record label

    she does an interview and cries about how horrible the media and the paprazzi are - but she has no place to do so because she knew what she was getting into when she pursued fame

    it makes me so mad when these privileged superstars complain about paparazzi and media and act like they have the biggest problems in the world when there are people out there starving and actually suffering

    these celebs need to shut the hell up about the papz and the media and if they really can't handle the pressure they shouldn't aspire to become famous

  16. LOL it's good to hear you agree with me Misty but I am afraid I do not agree with the rest of your statement.
    I hate what the paparazzi do and feel people being pestered by them are absolutely right to complain...unless they are the sort who are also courting the attention of said paparazzi.
    I read on Wikipedia that Britney even dated one for a while. THAT would negate her right to complain about them.
    But in general just because someone choses to be a singer or actor or the likes, to me, does not mean that person isn't allowed a private life anymore.

  17. Agreed T.
    Marianne Faithful is a nice example of someone who stopped a very self harming life style and moved on.

  18. I don't think that is true of her friends and family T.
    But I agree that press and many so called fans probably didn't want her to overcome her alcoholism.

    But I also believe that in Winehouse's case the alcoholism and her art WERE closely connected. In the sense that both came from the same thing in her character.
    Did she need alcohol to be a great artist..I don't think so. But did her songs come from feeling life harder than many of us do, I think so. And I think that also lead to her alcoholism.
    Much like indeed Joplin and Cobain.
    From what I have seen most alcoholics in fact are alcoholics because they feel life harder. Some happen to also be able to express that pain artistically. The really strong ones are the ones who manage to break with the alcohol and channel their pain only into their art.
    Drug addict however, it is my impression that addiction often starts from just being experimental and then getting hooked.
    From what I heard, interestingly, Amy did get into the drugs for a while but that was an addiction she did manage to kick?

  19. Okay, I get now how you meant "saddest".

    Just on the drugs...of the three as far as I know only Whitney had the drugs issue. Britney's was mental and Winehouse's alcoholism.
    But I understand what you are saying about selling such issues as "glamorous" or "interesting" or "chic"
    Personally I found it real annoying how after Whitney's death nobody questioned those statements about her being a "good mother".
    I don't believe any substance abuser is or can be a good parent. And, as the child of an alcoholic,for everybody to ignore that always annoys me.

  20. I think the main reason so many famous actors and artists today fall so badly is due to the fact that they are basically giving up their private lives for the worlds entertainment. I mean if I was in that situation I would definitely have a breakdown lol. I don't really feel sorry for Britney about the whole paparazzi issue but I do feel for the rest of her effed up life.

  21. Actually I don't want to get into psychology of addiction as I believe it is quite complex issue which depends on many factors (internal and external). I'm more interested in cultural artifacts - more anthropologist view. Since we can notice there's a sort of pattern repeated through the ages. Mob desires their prophets and artist to burn themselves on sacrificial pyre.

  22. Well, but whole problem is created by media driven show business. We can find the general rule which says: if you are not visible in media, you're presumably not existing at all. So, they are fighting for attention to remain in very focus.

  23. As far as I know both Amy and Britney used drugs other than alcohol, but as I never really followed Amy's career, I don't know much about her... Britney on the other way, her team was hiring dancers for her tours and making it very clear anyone who offered drugs to her would be fired... What means there was a chance of her accepting it if offered.

  24. And I agree with you... Nobody who lived like Whitney said on Oprah she did could be a good parent. But people tend to turn the dead ones into perfect beings without flaws...

  25. Which in my book means the problem lies with the ones fighting for that attention, rather than the ones giving it to them. Point of fact is there are plenty of artists who simply don't care about the fame part and don't play the game and manage to keep their private lives pretty private .
    It is not some kind of impossible feat to be a successful artist AND have a private live.
    Problem is those who are not interested in being an artist but in being famous instead.

  26. LOL So that would be group psychology rather than individual psychology then. ;)
    I find that psychology to be quite complex as well though?

  27. Well yes, I am sure they were worried about a mentally unstable person's reaction to being offered drugs but I don't think her problems were a result of drug abuse.

    Amy started with the alcohol abuse when still a young teenager. From what I heard the drugs were something she got into with that bloke she was so crazy about but a habit she did manage to kick before she died.

  28. I have not heard anything about the exact way Whitney lived but any addict is focused on his/her addiction and that is their priority. A child needs a parents attention and focus. No addict can give that. Even if they don't do anything extreme there is a basic security they are not able to give a child.

  29. true but i have heard so many bogus claims that celebs make - for instance halle berry wants to meet with president obama to "enforce stricter laws" when it comes to paparazzi - i mean come on i am sure the president has more important things to take care of than the paparazzi

    and people should know that fame comes with a price and that the media and paparazzi will follow you if you attain a certain amount of fame

    but i do agree that its kinda weird to call britney a "strong woman" just because she went through some tough times

  30. I think it really does however depend on exactly HOW famous a person is. I mean there are a lot of things that are overlooked by the people that happen involving the paparazzi that most barely talk about. I mean for the most famous (whether they earned it/want it or not) its very hard to lead a "Normal" private life when these so called "Professional Photographers" are basically hunting them down for Photo's of their both their private and public life. I think it's quite tragic the many precautions taken by successful people to avoid these media driven manhunters.

  31. Oh no...that is exactly the kind of meaningless thing Obama would love to spent time on just so it will look like he actually cares.
    It will help distract from all the stuff he so busily postpones making decisions on.

  32. No, I don't agree. The paparazzi tend to mostly follow people who put themselves out there not through their work but through their attending all kinds of nonsense events and all that. I mean...almost everybody in the world with some general knowledge heard of Yo Yo Ma. He's pretty famous I would say but have you ever heard paparazzi stalking him? Seen random pictures of him going to dinner or something?

  33. but it does every popular celebrity is followed by the paparazzi - i mean i don't think celebrities SHOULD'NT have privacy, but the reality is that they can't realistically have privacy because the media and the paparazzi will always follow you as long as you are famous

  34. Why don't you read and think before responding Misty? Like I already pointed out...lots of famous people are not followed by paparazzi where ever they go. You see pictures of official events covered by general press but you don't see pictures of them going out to dinner, bringing their kids to school etc etc.
    Reality is that paparazzi follow those that court their attention. Not those simply famous.

  35. I feel kind of ignorant for never even hearing of Yo Yo Ma but what i meant by how famous I mean how mainstream they are. Also location plays a big role in how hazardous the paparazzi are.

  36. I know she HATES Mariah, but that's old news. All I want to know is: Why does Christina looks older than Mariah?

  37. I thought you said you are studying music at uni Brian? How could you possibly not have heard of the world's most famous cellist???

    Yo-Yo Ma (Traditional Chinese: 馬友友) (born October 7, 1955) is an American cellist, virtuoso, and orchestral composer. He has received multiple Grammy Awards, the National Medal of Arts in 2001 and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. Ma is regarded by some as the most famous cellist of the modern age."

    Dude played at the 100th anniversary of the statue of liberty in national television, he played at the reading out of the names of the 9/11 victims, he played at the opening of the Lake Placid winter Olympics opening, he played at the inauguration of Obama. How much more mainstream media attention does it need before you consider someone "famous"?
    I tell you how much...1 article in some gossip rag.
    Do you see my point?
    YOU also determine "fame" as being a subject of the paparazzi interest. Even though millions upon millions know Yo Yo Ma, you think he isn't "mainstream".

    You ARE correct about location but that is my point as well...who the hell wants to live in Beverly Hills? People who want to be followed by paparazzi...that's who. ;)

  38. She needs to respect her idol ! Mariah carey

  39. Ugh, she doesn't hate her. She's mentioned many times throughout her life how Mariah is one of her idols. Even when talking about being a coach she says is honoured that young singers look up to her like she looked up to Mimi and Whitney, etc.

  40. She does respect her. It's Mariah Carey who has only mentioned Xtina once in a negative way (after Xtina said she was cold to her when she met her at a party - that isn't disrespect she was recalling a story).

  41. Maybe because she doesn't want to get into trouble like she did last time. Her apologising for shading Mariah that one time back then is one of the rare times she's done so after saying something that could be construed as "hate", when it wasn't.