Monday 6 August 2012

Elton John Calls Madonna a "Fairground Stripper" And "Horrible" Over Her Treatment of Lady Gaga

Elton John doesn't seem to be mellowing with age. Always having been a vocal supporter of Lady Gaga- he was the one who claimed (wrongly) that single Born This Way was "the new I Will Survive" before it hit the radio- he has now offered his catty seasoned opinion on the ongoing debacle between young upstart, Lady Gaga and panto villain, Madonna.

Read below what Elton John had to say about the feud to his Australian interviewers;

She's such a nightmare. Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn't happen to a bigger ****.

'If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly.

'But no, she had to go and prove ... she looks like a f***ing fairground stripper. She's been so horrible to Gaga.'

Madonna has been anything but nice in regards to Gaga and the Born This Way/ Express Yourself fiasco, consistently using her mystic powers of "shade" to gain column inches when it suited her agenda. But even still, Elton John might want to look in the mirror before attacking others for being "horrible" because his comments about Madonna aren't exactly cordial.

Better yet, Elton John should have listened to the advice Gaga gave her own fans when she told them not indulge in the hate surrounding the issue. Heeding her words might have made him appear less bitter and less of an attention seeking queen, but I suppose it wouldn't have been as funny.



  1. Eugh, he is such a bitter old queen! Typical of him wading in yet again, jealousy is not a nice trait. He can hardly talk about peoples career being over when his was gone decades ago!

    As for the Gaga diss situation. That is unsurprising really thats Madonna all the way, at least she is slightly more subtle than the mind/face fart that is Elton!

  2. I actually thought Madonna was being civil for once (minus the occasional shade). I mean its not like she said she would rather kill herself then be some other artist (yup fill in the blanks people). Im more familiar with Elton Johns work rather than image or personality so from this I can definitely tell he is acting a major queen.

  3. I'm not surprised Madonna "has been anything but nice" to Gaga. Actually, I am surprised that Elton tries to defend Gaga. After all, she truly deserves what she gets from Madonna. She kicked off her carrier by accusing Aguilera of copying her music and style and then built it on a pour foundation of scandalous actions and weird clothes. Looks like her management team had no better idea how to promote her. Never mind Aguilera makes different music (more of electro than dance music like Gaga) and was rather inspired by BDSM style. Once the whole Aguilera vs. Gaga thing had been forgotten, Gaga's popularity dropped. I think people got fed up with her. If only she focused on good music, it wouldn't ever be the case since she owns a solid voice. Well, that's Karma, I guess.

  4. what happened to Madonna's new album???

  5. Nothing to add there DD/ You just about summed it up I'd say.
    I would add..."panto villain Madonna" LOL Inspired!

  6. i am a devoted little monster and all this shit pisses me off
    how come the two older legends are resorting to such stupid and catty behavior?
    i also love elton but what the hell is he doing? he is defaming his and gaga's name at the same time
    and i don't like madonna but her career is not over the MDNA album itself did not do nearly as well as people said and many say its a flop but the tour is doing amazing on track to become the highest grossing tour by a solo artist - you've got to give that to madonna

    this gaga v. madonna shit is getting old and its not doing good for anyone and now elton has to throw more fuel at the fire? for what?

    i just hope gaga never resorts to this behavior and just keeps continuing to ignore it

    i do agree elton is being a dumb old queen for nothing
    absolutely nothing

    to be fair though madonna is a mom and her kids can see videos and pics of her online flashing her tits

  7. when has gaga said aguilera was copying her?
    when gaga first arrived on the scene aguilera was the one calling her a man and talking shit
    its funny u talk about gaga's popularity
    did you forget about BIONIC?

  8. No, I didn't. It is amazing album, that's been so underrated. Bionic has nothing to do with Gaga's music, same with video for Not Myself Tonight, if you're gonna remind it. :D It was rather BDSM inspired (ask uncle Google, if you don't know, what it is, then watch video for Madonna's Human Nature). When? Hm, it was back in 2009, when she said she could send her flowers for promoting her and Aguilera definitely made bad move by copying her music. Not 'calling her a man' but saying she hadn't heard about such musician and can't even tell, whether it's a man or woman. Anyway, you're blinded Gaga fun, so I ain't gonna argue - it doesn't make sense, since you probably love your idol and ain't able to think objectively.

  9. im a blind fan?
    i came on here saying that elton had no right to bash madonna like that
    if i were a bind fan i would like the fact that he talked shit about madonna

    you are the one blinded bringing christina into this when this has nothing to do with her
    saying that gaga's career took off because she said aguilera was copying her which is a lie because lady gaga never said that

    i actually liked bionic for songs like desnudate and you lost me but it was a commercial failure and its ironic that you are saying gaga's popularity dropped when it was christina's last album that was a flop

  10. Living on a world where breast-feeding babies is something normal, I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna's biological kids are pretty aware of her tits :P What's wrong with some niples btw? People are acting like she was throwing crap at an audience that most likelly already saw her breasts before, considering this is not the first (neither the 2nd or 3rd) time she shows it. And most important, what Madonna does on stage has nothing to do with how well she raises her children.

    Will little monsters get annoyed by Gaga flashing her (young but shabby) tits once she gets children too?

  11. LOL Had you not heard? We are back to having to hide nipples again. Good ole US of A still trying to get back to the fifties.
    Now live broadcasting of assassinations..that's A-Okay of course. ;)

  12. And while Elton was being a bitchy another part of the world a great contributor to Divadom passed away.
    Tbh I think the career of Marvin Hamlisch deserves more attention than the bitchiness of Elton.

  13. oh yeah go ahead and only acknowledge the last sentence of my response

    i didn't say her flashing her tits will affect her parenting
    but she is setting an example, specifically towards lourdes
    who is still a teenager and no one can blame her if she decides to flash her tits to everyone because that is the example her mom is setting

    and no i won't get annoyed if she does - she's had some accidental nip slips in the past
    but she's still young and she has no kids
    when she grows older and has kids - and decides to flash her tits i will get annoyed

    oh and gaga's tits are fine there are pics of her where her boobs look very nice dont call them shabby

  14. 1 million % agree!

  15. I don't think Madonna would mind Lola showing her boobs once she is old enough for doing it (what she isn't right now), and I don't think there's any problem on showing boobs being a parent. People should stop thinking parents are entities instead of people, and that people should stop being who they always were once they get at a certain age.

    And Gaga uses a lot of transparent outfits, I don't get the point on showing the whole tits and hiding the niples... I don't get how can that be "classier" than just showing the whole thing. Also, she has tons of half naked shots... Her body really looks ok on the photoshots, actually, she has a porn star body on those... too bad her fan shots doesn't show the same tits... or even the same body...

  16. as usual i prefer gaga but elton johns comments were abit sad....but funny all the same i mean fairground hooker sounds like a dancy gaga track but this is whole thing is as tired out as Elton's career which is equally aged as Madonna in terms of career prospects

  17. I was agreeing with you on the nipples/boobs issue.

    As far as Gaga goes, I was trying to stay away from that subject but ..I don't tend to look at many pictures of her as I find little of appeal there.

  18. And you're right here, especially that it may be considered as acting on behalf of Gaga - and it's not good for her.
    It certainly has because it's a similar situation - Gaga became famous, when she started accusing Xtina of copying her - and now Madonna does the same to Gaga. See, I firstly heard of Gaga's accusations and AFTERWARDS I heard Gaga's first single - Just Dance. So that appears to me as a sarcastic situation. You just don't see this - and I am not blaming you - you have the right to love any music you please. But that's just fact. Haha, she couldn't take anybody's career off - what I said is that her management had no better idea how to make her more famous and her music more recognizable, so they searched for someone who at least looks similar and then started rumors and accusations. This is called negative PR and that's actually huge part of this sticky show business - I haven't said Gaga herself had that idea.
    Bionic was commercial failure, that's another fact. But notice, how Gaga's carrier since the release of Born This Way, too. She gained so many awards for previous work and she was so famous, everybody talked about her. But from what I know from internet forums and my friends and relatives, people got bored with her and don't listen to her so much. Born This Way didn't sell as well as Gaga's label expected (6mln copies sold WW is a lot, but not many for the star of Gaga's status) and they started releasing single after single in panic - that's what labels do when they're afraid to lose the money put into production. Her career was a bit to intensive, bad decisions were made and as a matter of fact there probably is nothing left she could shock with, so I feel a little sorry for her. Or perhaps she was just a product for a few seasons, which would be even more cruel, since this girl actually has some artistic vision of herself and seems to be enjoying herself on stage. But anyway - looks like Karma.

  19. I know u was agreeing... I didn't know the reply buttom would make it look like i was replying u only LOL
    I sincerelly admire ur efforts to make people see Gaga for what she is on this site :P

  20. LOL Thanks, not too many do. ;D

  21. I agree, the whole vs thing is getting yawnsome indeed! Even more boring when some one else uses it to bring themselves into the limelight predictable too lol