Tuesday 7 August 2012

News Spam: Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Sugababes And Christina Aguilera

Lady Gaga has revealed the name of her upcoming third album-which we will hear music from later this year- to the world! But not one to just release a press statement, Lady Gaga has gone and marked the occasion by getting the album name tattooed on her arm and posting a picture of it on Twitter.!

As you can all see below, the album will be titled "ARTPOP", and Gaga made it known that it must be spelt entirely in capitals, so don't say I didn't pass on that important message! I know I might be too quick off of the draw here, but I am choosing to ignore the "ART" part of that title and instead rejoicing at the mention of the word "POP".

Hopefully Gaga has gotten all that phony-baloney desire to be deep and meaningful out of her system with Born This Way- she can try again, probably more convincingly, when she's a little older- and maybe now we're going to get the rightful successor to the pop masterpiece, The Fame Mons†er!

It is too easy for me to be cynical and shady here, so I am going to try- and probably fail- to stick to the facts. Having had a baby, reportedly starting work on her next album, written, produced, and directed a documentary about herself, multi-tasking Diva Beyonce has somehow found the time to take up a position for the United Nations as the Ambassador for World Humanitarian Day! The bootlicious one had this to say of the honour;

We all see the headlines and we think what can I really do to help?

World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity for all of us to work together to make a difference. This is our time to leave our mark on the world and show that we were here and we care.

Never one to miss a trick, Beyonce has also donated one of the songs- I Was Here- from latest album 4 to the cause, with money raised from its sales going to the charity. The actions of a true humanitarian or maybe more a shrewd business move to support and promote a floundering album? Suppose it could be both. I'll leave you to decide...Interestingly though, it's the only song off of 4 that Beyonce does not share writing credits, it was penned solely by Diane Warren, so she wouldn't have gotten royalties from it anyway.

UN Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Valerie Amos elaborated further on the special day:

World Humanitarian Day celebrates Humanitarian work. I hope everyone will pledge to complete at least one humanitarian action – however great or small – through www.whd-iwashere.org.
Together we can create an unprecedented awareness of the plight of people affected by crises around the world.

News about the founding members of the group Sugababes now. Having each left, or been ousted from the ever changing line-up of the group that now uses that name, the original trio have put aside their differences, reformed and are now going by the catchy name of Mutya Keisha Siobhan...really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

The good news is that the trio have managed to not kill each other in the studio and have apparently (sort of) finished their comeback album. Flame haired member Siobhan Donaghy tweeted

"With the girls in the studio. I think the album is finished!!!"

The bad news is that no new music is scheduled until 2013...booo! Check out the Sugababes first ever single, Overload, released in 2000:

Christina Aguilera:
Another day and another fabulously over-photoshoped picture of a Diva has hit the internet! By now you should have all recovered from the fictitious representation of Mariah Carey on the cover of her comeback single, UnTrimphant (Get Em), and now should be ready to gaze upon this newly released masterpiece of the "voice of a generation," Christina Aguilera.

Okay, the real excuse reason for posting the picture is because I have Christina news! Its been confirmed that she will be recording a new Christmas song for one of two charity compilation albums coming this October.

The albums will be entitled A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary and A Very Special Christmas: Bringing Peace on Earth and will include songs by other artists such as Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, Train, Rascal Flatts and Amy Grant.

Proceeds raised from the sales will go to the Special Olympics, so it'll be a worthy purchase.

This picture is so apt for me right now


  1. Ok here goes...

    Lady Gaga: I really hope she gets the sound right, like yourself I feel The Fame Monster is her best work, Born This Way was ok, but just ok for me! She needs to tap into her real potential this time!

    Bey: Meh!! I think its great she is releasing this song (one of her best off the album) for charity but I just hope she doesn't spread herself too thin, again her musical/vocal talent deserves full focus for the next album. I take my hat off to her for working her booty off with such vigour!

    MKS: Oh dear lord, I cannot wait to hear their new material, they are by far my fav line up of the 'Sugas' and I hope they get it right and dont get the claws out. The best of the bunch is Siobhan in my opinion, her album 'Ghosts' was completely and utterly outstanding and is easily one of the best albums I have ever heard as well as disgustingly underrated and promoted - people go wiki and youtube her work!!

    Christina: I think she is becoming a nicer person these days (what happened???) its great she is doing her bit too! I am anticipating her comeback too and again as the first two ladies are concerned I hope her focus is on not only driving her new (hopefully quality) material and showing us what those vocal lessons have done for her!

  2. Lady Gaga: If she produces more work comparable to the fame monster then i will be much less critical of her and rather might become an actual fan...
    Beyonce: She has made it clear many times that she wants to make her mark on the world- she wants to become a legend. I believe at the rate of which she is working she may reach that status quite soon if not yet already.
    Christina: Girl needs to stop teasing her fans. She really needs to release material soon while the pop scene is in lack of a major Diva (Everyone seems to be on break and im ignoring Triumphant :3)
    I overall hope that we get an explosion of good material from all ladies soon because im losing what little faith i had in pop music...

  3. I simply can't refrain myself from being cynical. Beyonce donated for charity someone else's song. What a generosity! Once upon a time she donated her handbag to auction supporting Women's Fund For Scotland. Can you imagine? A handbag! Woman without a handbag is like..., like... a snowman without a carrot nose, like a fish without chips - crippled and incomplete! I bet it was old and out of fashion (definitely not Vuitton), still precious though. And three years ago Forbes estimated Beyonce's annual income at $87 million.
    What a marvelous picture of Christina. I know it is PHOtoshopped Beyond All Recognition but the light is beautiful. Truly classic and old fashioned glamourous Hollywood style. It reminds me Milton Green's works.
    I don't think ARTPOP will make a history. It's only artpop not pop-art after all.
    It's time to stop commenting as my comments are getting more and more inadequate and moreover grumpy.

  4. well DD i can happily tell you that lady gaga announced on her site that her new album will be much more pop...but pop in terms of her first record the fame....problem is that because she's not putting meaning into her songs she's going to be called fake and if she puts meaning in she's going to be seen as losing the spotlight....its almost an impossible situation. and don't even get me started on how bad that mariah picture was....2003 called and it wants its look back

  5. yes i agree without a doubt that the fame monster was gaga's best work and its ironic it was just an re release

    i however feel born this way was a solid piece of work
    there were some duds there - but it wans't as bad as people make it out to be

    the ARTPOP album title is a nod to the Pop art movement in the 1950's which andy worhol (one of gaga's idols) was very much associated with
    i myself don't like the title because it to me comes off as arrogant - but i am just hoping that the material is good and more reminiscent of TFM music - i just hopes she can have more fun and like Diva said not try to be so deep and preachy with this next album

    i love beyonce but i dont really like "i was here" i feel like the songwriting is very weak in that song, but it's fitting with what she's trying to do

    im excited for christina's christmas songs because i still have "my kind of christmas" from her and i still play it every christmas

  6. but mariah has impeccable curves even if it was photoshopped
    and i agree gaga can never really win -
    when its poppy like the fame - she is categorized as shallow and mindless, but when she tries to inject some meaning into the music people say that she is trying too hard

    thats where The Fame monster comes in though it found the perfect balance of fun and meaningful despite "telephone" which is just a mindless pop song

    but she did say at a concert and on her website that this new album is going to be more reckless so heres hoping she will pull through

  7. i loved bey's 4 album i think its her best body of work so far personally
    and i do think her vocal talent did take center stage on it
    however she took a risk because none of the songs are particularly catchy and run the world was a hot mess - but she took a risk and it didn't really pay off commercially

    but bey needs a break she just had her kids and she still refuses to let up
    i admire her work ethic though
    her and gaga are probably two of the hardest working pop stars today
    (dont bite my head off if you disagree)

  8. I think the "trying too hard" issue,at least from me, stems from the lack of any building towards the depth. It just came out of nowhere, almost as if it was wholly reactionary to the people who called her music "shallow". I think the next album will hopefully be the one where she finds her happy medium.

  9. no! please keep commenting! That way I won't feel so alone in my bitterness..lol

  10. I really like 4, too. And I totally agree they are both extremely hard working individuals!

  11. Christina, gaga, mariah, P!nk, all coming with new material this second half of the year! Hopefully they will usher in a new wave, and standard, of music.

  12. should this really have been four separate posts?

  13. Taylor too. She will be announcing the title of her new album next Monday in a live webcast (probably the release date too, it's in November, I think) and the lead single (early September, for all that was hinted at).

  14. That surely must THE most optimistic comment I have read so far. ;)

  15. No worries! There's always "that Opie person" (Opie forgive me, but I just love this particular expression) who will share your bitterness. LOL. I'm just kidding, I really like your site (despite you're sort of background freak ) as it gives me a different point of view. Obviously I'm not divas guy. I don't care about 3 octave or 4 octave ranges, that's only natural abilities and vocal skills. The music really matters... and emotions behind it. Please, do me a favour and listen just once Clare Torry's vocalize in "The Great Gig In The Sky" (Pink Floyd "The Dark Side Of The Moon"). No words, pure emotions. I hope you will get what I mean.
    Ough, it's time to go to bed. I'm tired and shitfaced - the worst possible combination (if I was woman I could additionally lose my handbag which would be even worse than the worst).
    Good night.

  16. No, Gaga and Beyonce belong in one post together since they're both thieving and pretentious c*nts. Gaga's 15 minutes are up. There's nothing left for her to do, she's exhausted all the crazy costumes and attention seeking tactics. The only thing left to do now is dress like a normal human being, and not some attention seeking whore. I can't wait to see who she's stolen from for FARTPOP (Does anyone else think of pop tarts when reading the name? They're far more relevant than ARTFLOP is/will be.)
    On to Beyawnce, Diane Warren probably seized her by her lace front and let her know the deal. It doesn't matter who you are, you're not stealing a songwriting credit from Diane Warren unless you picked up a pen and wrote some lyrics yourself, and we all know the only thing Beyonce is writing is her name on the album liner notes.

  17. Sorry! I messed a bit using accidentally feckin' HTML brackets.

  18. omg some one is pressed
    neither gaga or beyonce are thieves
    and people keep saying they are copycats and they are not
    they are not original but you can't say they are copycats and single them out because if you do - then you might as well say everyone is a copycat because nothing in this world is truly original anymore

    its stupid some people see gaga wearing a hat or a mask and automatically say shes copying madonna
    oh yeah because madonna totally invented masks right?
    because madonna invented ponytails right?

    its people like you who are just haters who still say born this way was a flop when it was the second highest selling album last year only beaten by adele - so no it wasn't a flop

    and gaga is not over
    she doesn't have the same presence she had with the fame and fame monster but the bitch is still selling out concerts and is even selling out stadiums

    beyonce is amazing
    she has an incredible work ethic and is probably the best performer in mainstream music right now

  19. i agree with what you said
    but its really hard to find that medium with fun and deep
    but i do think the fame monster had that balance
    the music was somewhat dark but also something you could dance to

    also im hoping the videos this next era are better and more reminiscent of her Fame Monster videos

  20. ^ And I'm the one that's pressed. Misty, your delusion never ceases to amaze me. You constantly reiterate the fact that she sells out stadiums as if they're your accomplishments. Really everyone is a copy cat? Is that your defense for Gaga's plagarism? Gaga blatantly copies people, and doesn't give credit where it's due.It's stems deeper then pony tails and hats. It's very well possible to be original, while drawing influences from other artists; Gaga is unable to do this. Also, didn't we already discuss the fact that Amazon inflated her sales? Don't even get me started on Floponce. She has had countless songwriting scandals, and her music video for countdown is a blatant rip off of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker's choreography. She has stolen from numerous people, but because of who she is, she gets away with it.

  21. I dunno but for some reason my brain didnt take in the whole over-photo-shopped pic part! By jeezy balls that could quite possibly be the most touched up picture my eyes have ever witnessed o¬o

  22. Me too, 4 was a pretty good album, perfectly produced and by far Bey's best vocal! I quite like the whole taking risk gig with her though, it made me pay attention to her again, I think that was deliberate on her part though lol and indeed her and Gags are grafters, nobody can deny that :)

  23. I have to say I am looking forward to them all, even Gaga, which really surprises me considering I have listened to her albums very little since buying them...but overall its gotta be MC baby :D

  24. i am not claiming them to be my accomplishments
    but to say she is over is absurd - if she was over she wouldn't book a gig in south africa with a max capacity of over 90k. she is still selling out stadiums and arena's something she wouldn't be able to do if she was over.
    also selling 5 million + copies of your second album is hardly something i would consider "flopping"
    and if gaga has truly stolen material from anyone why has she not been sued? madonna in her day was accused of being a thief -
    and she has said multiple times how influential madonna is to her - she has also acknowledged david bowie's influence on her and she has given credit to the many people that influence her
    - and who are you speaking of that is totally original in today's mainstream pop landscape? nicki minaj, katy perry, rihanna, taylor swift, or adele?
    all those people are doing things that have been done before? but im not calling them thieves because its not fair to them.
    give me an example where gaga has blatantly stolen something.
    and 440k copies were sold on amazon - which means she would have still sold 660k copies without the whole amazon price cut - 660k copies is still a big number something rihanna and katy have never done in their album's first week. - and are you saying that the five million copies sold are just erased because 440k were sold for 99cents on amazon in the first week? which by the way gaga and her label didn't initiate - amazon did that cut as part of a promotion for their cloud music service. gaga and her label were still paid full for those 440k copies sold on amazon - amazon just foot the bill.

    and you act like beyonce has stolen all her ideas from other people which isn't true - she isn't the most creative person in the world - but she makes up for it by being an incredible performer

    i mean if you compare these two to their competitors like rihanna - they are better than rihanna because rihanna is very inconsistent live and has people write a majority of her songs

  25. its a shame though people would rather listen to rihanna's than beyonce though
    and i actually prefer 4 to I Am Sasha Fierce

  26. LOL You made great points but...Take my advice and give up on Misty here. I am sure you noticed she never changes her arguments even the slightest, no matter how many times they are countered.
    Whenever anybody says anything negative of Gaga..there's Misty popping up and running through the same 4 responses and all containing the two "arguments" 1: Gaga is not crap because there are fools buying her albums and tickets to her shows
    2. Gaga is not a thief because..other people also are.

    Anybody with an ability to logical reasoning also has the ability to give those two arguments the merit they deserve. ;D

  27. Me too!! And that includes the platinum version of Sasha Fierce at that! 4 Just seemed more natural, more sincere than the radio friends RnB pop of Sasha!

  28. The first argument is quite funny but very useful. In this way we are even able to prove that common shit is extremely tasty and nutritious as billions of flies can't be wrong. The other one is just ridiculous.
    I'm aware of existing postmodern culture which is based upon mixing different styles from history and citing. However postmodern artists usually rip parts off their original context and put them in brand new context. This brings quite unique, funny and surprising interplay between the new work and old ones which were the sources of inspiration. Such a strategy shifts attention from actual piece of art to its context, it gives a reason to think about artistic traditions and old sometimes forgotten trends. This brings them to the life once again filled with new meanings. Unfortunately I can't find any of this in Gaga's re-creations.

  29. I'm going to take Opie's advice and not entertain this any longer. I didn't even bother to read this pressed essay.

  30. LOL Right there with you T. in loving that expression. And yeah, I was miffed being pushed out of the Bitter League that unceremoniously. I really thought I had secured my seat there.

  31. Good news, Gaga has confirmed that she will be "less serious" this time around because she's in a "less serious mood". I think with BTW, she felt obligated to try and inspire her fans and now that that's over, she can go back to doing what she does best: making fun pop music. :)

  32. Looks like someone's mother let them out of their crib.

    Grow up.

  33. Of course you agree with someone who thinks "Fartpop" is funny and clever. I thought you were older?

  34. Looks like someone is trying to start up something that already died down.

    Please remove your head from Gaga's rotting meat smelling ass. Lord knows she's harboring more then stolen ideas in that thing.

  35. Oh hi dear boy, I missed you. Been busy following any of the other thousands of critics of Gaga, have you? ;)

    Just fyi I thought "fartpop" was about as witty and original as "Artpop, an album inspired by Warhol". It's also not a "point made" and therefor not something I was referring to.

    Here's a little tidbit on pop albums inspired by Warhol...they are a dime a dozen and my guess would be about half of those are called some variation of pop art.

    Anyway, as always, much like Misty only has the two non arguments against the criticism at Gaga, you only seem to be able to come up with arguments against me which are based on incorrect assumptions. I guess my actual words hold too much truth for you to try and argue. Kudos to you for at least having the sense to realize that much. :)


  36. ROFL Of Course it reminds you of The Fame.
    What a surprise when everything she described that album being about was almost verbatim Warhol on fame and pop art.
    But thanks for highlighting she not only started out being as derivative as she could legally get away with, she is already recycling with her 3rd album. Methinks her 15 minutes are indeed about up. I'd say "Thank heavens" but I am pretty sure the next Madonna wannabee is already roaming the streets of New York looking for a drag queen to befriend.

  37. so you say that gaga copied her entire career from madonna
    now you are saying she is stealing what is warhol's
    are you going to bash her too about her mutiple references to bowie?
    obviously your argument that her entire career was stolen from madonna is invalid

  38. what great points is he making exactly??? his whole post was just calling gaga a thief and a cu*t

    it is so obvious you are just a gaga hater and that you will side with anyone who hates gaga

  39. i honestly don't know what you want from lady gaga @facebook-100000090078915:disqus
    i feel like you will continue to call her a thief until she goes out there and invents her own genre of music
    and if she were to ever reference anything that came before her - you would call her a copycat

  40. she referenced warhol A LOT when she was promoting the fame
    but it was because she was influenced by him - she also referenced ABBA, Queen, Bowie

    and how can you say she is recycling with her 3rd album??? when you have not even heard any of the songs on it...

    haters gunna hate

  41. i honestly don't understand why people are so hostile here now
    i comment on singers/music that i dont particularly like but i try to avoid being rude and trying to speak down to people just because they like something different from me

  42. *try to avoid speaking down to people just because they like something different from me

  43. If a singer's first and third album are "inspired" by the same person...that's when I start to think "wow, recycling already". And if it's the same inspirational source dozens of other pop artists used before..I start to think this person is quite unoriginal. It's not hate is boredom.

  44. As I have said time and again..she is completely copying Madonna's career. Madonna was heavily inspired by Warhol and his ideas and hey surprise, so was Bowie and so is Gaga. Problem is as T. was also trying to explain...Bowie and Madonna were inspired by Warhol and took these views/art and added a lot of themselves. Gaga's way of being "inspired" is by imitating Madonna's and Bowie's Warhol inspired work. She adds nothing of her own, nothing new.
    But now I am ignoring the advice I gave Mel R and am trying again to get something through your head which will fly over it utterly and next time someone says something negative about Gaga you will AGAIN come with the above argument, ignoring the point I just made ( and which is the point Mel and T and no doubt many others have also made) and still, like some mantra meant to exonerate Gaga post yet again that Gaga isn't stealing because other people steal as well.

    Really...just for fun, what with you being bored all the time anyway, steal something from the shop. Just a little something but let it get to court and then see how that defense works.

  45. Maybe that is because you keep ignoring the points they make and because you cannot let someone post a negative comment about Gaga without responding with that same already often refuted argument. That kind of thing tends to make people think first that you are annoying and second that you are being obtuse. And probably so on purpose.

  46. Personally..I cannot think of a single thing I would want from Gaga.
    But if she is going to make inane press announcements, clearly she wants people to respond. I am simple giving what she craves so much..some attention.
    I am generous that way. :)

  47. Yes, those would be the points that continue to fly over your head Misty. Thanks for re affirming this fact several times in 4 separate responses.

  48. Tell me why the hell every one think that Gaga wears fancy clothes to take attention on her ? Why cant you just get that she wears what she likes to ! Or maybe she wears it cuz your reaction is always the same - copycat sl*t, ugly, awkward, cu*t,. and she is so hard laughing on your stupidity... and i am so..... and telling that Gaga is bigger copycat or thief than Nicky of Madonna is irrelevant ... no one is original at all now.... Gaga is at least showing a talent in singing or piano playing something that Madge never had and that is relevant enough for me ! and please give hatred away its good for nothing !

  49. You are kidding right? Or you are legally under custody? Surely nobody in his right mind would believe or try to convince any adult human being , that Gaga is wearing meatdresses or arriving in egg shaped containers because "she just likes it" and "not because she wants attention".

    Personally I am hoping you fall in either the first category or in the second only due to being not even officially a teenager yet. Because otherwise that would just be too too ....sad.

  50. these are just rumors
    some think that the album will reference the Pop Art movement but its also been said that it might explore the darker sides of fame
    theres a song about Princess Diana on there (were not sure if its the princess Di song she preformed earlier this year)

    we shouldn't be judging it and claim she is recycling anything until we hear the full album
    when it comes out in its entirety - you can judge it and rip it apart
    but don't bash her and say she's over when she hasn't even released the album

  51. but i don't get why you are singling out gaga claiming she has copied madonna's whole career

    you act as if she's the only one inspired by madonna
    what about katy perry, rihanna, and nicki minaj??? how come they never get the blame?

  52. no i address those arguments and all you do is say im stupid

    i argued against what Mel said but when i wrote that long response he said i was pressed and that he didn't even read my response


    and you are the one being annoying - you're always talking down to people

  53. okay well what will it take for you not to call her a thief?

    there is absolutely no way gaga could ever be completely and truly original because its all been done before

    give me one example where gaga has outright and blatantly stolen something from madonna - and no similar outfits do not count because madonna didn't invent clothing

  54. well what the hell is wrong with being flamboyant??? she is a fricken entertainer - its her job to be entertaining
    do you want her to be boring and just arrive in a pair of sweat pants and a tank?
    the greatest entertainers wore outrageous costumes and has huge personas - so why can't gaga

    and like gene simmons said at the end of the day she can be as outrageous as she wants because she has the talent to back it up

    and obviously u dont remember that the first to describe gaga as a c*nt on here was @twitter-522566310:disqus HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......................................................................................................................................

  55. Ok my grammar is not the best because english is not my original language..... well meatdress and egg had different purposes- they do have meaning ! I cant see why she cant wear what she likes/wants ! is that bad ? she is free person helping millions of fans ! she can do everything she wants just as you but she will not hate you for that ! Wtf who defend someone calling him cunt ? are you serious ? and why she would be laughing on Little Monsters !! she claims that she love them... i believe is not shady bitch as someone else.... maybe the purpose of her clothing is to make you angry and i see it works still after so much time she is doing that .. its funny

  56. How dense ARE you? No really! Has it ever been measured? Did you ever read any of the replies to your Gaga defenses...at all?

  57. I will do whatever I please thanks. And I was replying to what Anthagio posted. HIS assumptions.

  58. Only to people who deserve it Misty.
    No you did not address what Mel said. You merely repeated the same tired and inane arguments you have been using. The ones I already referenced earlier.
    And now you are adding that other stapl;er of yours ( and Gaga's ) the victim role.

    You cannot leave any negative comment regarding Gaga alone but then when you get into that fight you are so spoiling for you start to whine.
    Why don't you just accept that a lot of people are going to say negative stuff about your favorite.

  59. Well, first off..too late regarding her career so far but regarding the future...her developing a bit of a personality of her own might help in her producing something original.
    And yes, that is full well possible. Florence Welch manages to do so, Nicky Minaj does, Marina and the Diamonds does. And that's just in pop music and the ones I know off. And that's when I don't even like pop music as a genre and therefor hardly listen to it.

    And btw both Florence and Marina are perfect examples of clearly being inspired by but not stealing from another artist ( Kate Bush in their case)

    As for examples...like I said...did you EVER read any of the replies. I mean really read them. If you had and you were as undeserving of being "talked down to" as you think...you would know the answer to that question because I gave it plenty of times already.

  60. Yes they had a meaning...AND a purpose. The purpose was ..to draw attention.
    My point was that nobody here said she couldn't or shouldn't wear silly outfits but that for you to claim she does not do this to draw attention is ridiculous.

    And I pointed out that not only did nobody here say she couldn't wear these outfits, nobody called her a cunt. The only people here using that word are Gaga fans who falsely claim the word was used here.
    Read through the whole thread! You will see nobody called her that word.

    And if your English is as poor as to not understand what is being said to you, perhaps you should stick to defending her from things not being said on blogs in your own language?
    Because "laughing all the way to the bank" is a pretty general expression tbh. It means I don't think she laughs at people criticizing her but she IS mighty please with the people lining her pockets.
    I know she claims she loves her fans but that was my point...she calls them "my little monsters" because she has them in her pocket to the point where they think she "loves" them. Grow up dear. That's not love. That's just gratitude for the attention and money they bring her. She is her own product and you are but consumers. She "loves" you exactly as much as the CEO of McDonalds loves the people buying a big Mac.

  61. Yes I stand corrected.He did.
    But NOT for wearing silly outfits.
    He called both her and Beyonce that for being uninspired thieves.

    And for the record... I personally feel it is a word better used extremely sparing and I do not feel Gaga is deserving of the term. Personally I like to reserve it for a woman who behaves in a certain way towards other people. My criticism at Gaga is directed at her "work/act". I have never heard her behave badly as a person towards another person. Only individual I heard of behaving in a manner deserving that term is Rhianna.

  62. I stand corrected. Mel R did use the word. But NOT for her wearing silly outfits.

    There is nothing wrong with being flamboyant but anybody who thinks an outfit is a substitute for an actual personality is sorely mistaken. And anybody who needs an outfit to be entertaining lacks actual talent.



    Maybe if your favorite was making interesting music, you would be listening to that instead of being bored and looking for fights with her critics.

  63. HUH??? the comment where I state Gaga does not deserve the word cunt is the one being removed? Of all the comments made?

  64. And to turn that question back on you what's wrong with "sweatpants and a tank"' if you possess the actual musical talent to entertain.
    An outfit is neither a substitute for a interesting personality nor for musical talent.



    I stand corrected in that Mel DID use the term. But not for Gaga wearing her silly outfits. And for the record, personally I do not feel Gaga deserves the term.

  65. Why the hell i am the only one that think that Gaga is honest and good person who dont care for money or attention ????? Why the hell every star has to be greedy bitch ?

  66. ROFL Well dude...you got that Gaga victim role down pat.
    Did you not read fellow fan Misty's comments. You are not at all alone. Aside from Misty and Anthagio in this thread alone, Gaga has millions of fans who think the same thing.
    YUP rejoice...there are literally millions of delusional people who, in spite of overwhelming evidence, think Gaga is not in it for money and attention.

    Again though..."greedy"and "bitch" are YOUR words. Personally I would go for boring, needy or pathetic.

  67. Those words greedy bitch i mean: a woman with desire for money and fortune over everything else. And why do you think that she is like that ?

  68. WARNING! This comment is the perfect example of off topping!;)
    The only Alison Krauss' album I've ever heard was "Raising Sand" - collaboration with Robert Plant. I didn't decide to dig deeper in her discography as I was presumed I didn't like country nor bluegrass. Whoa, I was wrong. Your latest recommendations (I mean Sarah Jarosz - I've already got her sophomore album, and the second link to Alison's live gig) prove I knew nothing about bluegrass and was simply prejudiced. Actually I like Irish, Scottish and English folk tradition mixed up with Delta blues or jazz elements. Fair play to you, Opie.
    So, I'll try to repay you with couple of links. Hit or miss?

    The audience is amazing. I'm sure you know this piece.



    I only can say it's great craic;)))
    Shite, DD probably remove this comment saying: "No divas? Shut your hole!"

  69. Yes, I understand the words full well.
    And I said I wouldn't use those for Gaga.
    I never claimed to think Gaga desires money ( fortune is the same as money dude) and fame "above all else". Just above art/music, possibly some other stuff but "all else"? No, I never claimed that much.

    Why do I think she is like that? Because everything she does is clearly geared at that and she hardly is secretive about it. She's a business woman running the business called Gaga. There is no other purpose to such a set up and such an attitude than fame and money.

    Again that is following Madonna's foot steps. Except Madonna put a lot of herself in there as well. Gaga does not. She adds nothing new.

  70. Whilst I am not entirely sure what is goin' down here I would agree with your statements, I dont think she is neither 'Greedy' or a 'Biatch' but she has certainly full out courted fame, it's pretty obvious she is determined to become some kind of legend, that if she is not careful could be her downfall! I think she is talented, she is not my fav out there at the moment though! :) It seems though that where Gaga is concerned people are extremely passionate, I just wish they would feel the same for Kelly, Goldfrapp or those that dont need to go all out but can still craft an art in their music and image!

  71. I'm sure Kelly and Goldfrapp fans are as passionate as any other fans Stuey. Like I am passionate about Alison Krauss. :)
    But I hope they are so in a more realistic and more adult manner. Not wasting time trolling the net for negative comments on their favorites just so they can endlessly try to convince cooler heads by the brilliant use of...inane "arguments"

  72. True, I mean I am massively passionate about the people I listen to. I guess its a group mentality with the monsters, its something I dont understand sometimes. I mean if someone had a negative thing to say about my favs I would accept it based on people having diff tastes ect, sometimes its sad others cannot do the same, not everyone likes the same stuff in this life and thats what makes life interesting, there is however no need for the enforcing some groups do :)

  73. I think it is insecurity rather than group mentality. Though of course, group mentality is also often a result of individual insecurity.

    ( speaking of mentality, how's your training coming Stuey? Have you been inspired by the Olympics? ;D )

  74. I'll just leave this here [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PQJzo.gif[/IMG]

  75. My training stalled but back on it now! The olympics devestated me when they ended and left me...I am having withdrawals :|

  76. Totally. Me too! They were great games and some great sporting moments. And who knew Yorkshire was such a hotbed of great athletes? ;D

  77. @ T. So sorry T, I had missed this reply until now.
    Great you discovered bluegrass isn't as bad as you thought. :)
    In all fairness both Jarosz and Krauss are not considered bluegrass really by many bluegrass fanatics. They are artists who very much push the boundaries of the genre ( though Krauss' first few albums ARE very bluegrass)
    That Live concert by AKUS is really something else, isn't it.I did look into Krauss after hearing Raising Sand and the videos from that concert were amongst the first I saw...been sold ever since. I was already into country music though.

    Thanks for the links. I didn't know "Hangman" but had heard of Christy Moore. Loved all three links.I love the Celtic traditional music.
    You should really check out videos from a program called Transatlantic Sessions over on youtube. I think you will very much enjoy those.

    Here's one which particularly impressed me ( and it's okay..it's a "diva" ;D )


    And a link to my bluegrass etc playlist. You might like some of those as well.