Wednesday 29 August 2012

[Unreleased Music] Mariah Carey "I Feel It"

Having been left decidedly unimpressed by Mariah Carey's latest single, Triumphant (Get 'Em), I've taken to delving into the Diva's back catalogue to get my Carey fix- well, at least until the next song drops. It was during this musical excursion that I happened to rediscover I Feel It, and thought I'd share it.

Originally recorded for The Emancipation Of Mimi album, the soul-infused track failed to make it on to the set due to the (heavily used) sample- The Dynamic Superiors' Here Comes That Feeling Again-  being revoked at the last minute. Darn them and their principles!!

Luckily the song leaked in 2007, so we got to hear it anyway!

Produced by Mahogany and Carey, it featured a full bodied (little to no "whisper" register), focused (minimal backing vocals), and slightly raspy vocal that melded well with the retro-sample. I doubt this would have been a commercial success for Mariah Carey, but it's understated and unpolished delivery makes it one of my favourite vocals from the singer. Check it out

The Sample: Dynamic Superiors', Here Comes That Feeling Again


  1. I'd say you are probably correct in this never would have been a commercial success DD. Because I really enjoyed that! ;D

  2. Ahh it has the classic Mimi sound to it. Something Triumphant surprisingly lacks. Im hoping to hear some more of something like this or something from Daydream, but alas Mariah loves her urban sound so...we shall see. On another note DD have you heard Rebecca Fergusons new single "Run Free"? It has a very nice up tempo to its rather deep and personal lyrical expressions.

  3. Love it! Its nice to hear her deliver in a more full bodied voice, too often underused these days!

  4. I like it. Definitely sounds like it belongs on Emancipation. But does this sound a lot like "Stay the Night" (I think that's what it's called) from the same album to anyone else?

  5. YESSS! This is my song. Now look, I RARELY download unreleased songs, but I made it a priority to download this a few years ago, I would walk to this like everyday. This song was an AMAZING VOCAL

  6. THIS IS THE MARIAH I WANT! Listen to how she is SANGIN' this and not just singing trying to be cute. She is going full out and i love and miss it!