Monday 3 September 2012

Vocal Profile: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Vocal Type: Soprano
Vocal Range:4 Octaves and a semitone Eb3-E7
Whistle Register:Yes
Vocal Pluses: Agile voice that carries very little weight with it and is resonant and well supported all throughout the vocal registers. With great technique Ariana Grande is capable of singing all the way down to a Eb3 with ease, exhibiting a smoky vocal texture.

The voice begins to showcase more power and character however in the upper belting and head voice registers where it finds its "ring". Ariana Grande’s chest voice is elastic and mixes well almost never exhibiting strain or fatigue.

The head voice is connected, light, resonant, and easily accessed- being able to seamlessly blend into a head note from chest voice.

Vocal Negatives: Chest notes, although executed with great technique, lack the resonance that the rest of the voice shines with. The whistle register has not been used live- which may indicate a lack of control with the register.

Thanks to Brian for creating this profile! 


  1. LOL What do you mean "finally", she's 19 and a virtual unknown.
    What I
    wish would finally be made is the profile of the woman who won more Grammies
    than any other singer in Grammy history. Come on now guys! ;D

  2. i can't agree more.

  3. Ehh I wouldn't say unknown. She isn't at the top of the game but among the Teenage fanbase of stars such as Demi and Selena she is gaining a lot of popularity. I personally think all she is missing is some quality material to take her to the top of the game because she clearly has the talent that many of her Disney and Nick costars lack.

  4. From Wikipedia I gather she is mostly working on Broadway. That is, in this big world, virtually an unknown alright. Hell, even in just the US that constitutes a virtually unknown singer.
    She doesn't even have a single album to her name yet.

    In the nicest way possible Brian...the world is very big and filled with many realities. Your interests are shared by but a small percentage of the population. Most of that population, in spite of what popular media leads one to think, is in fact way past their childhood/teens.There are a lot more adults than there are children/teens. Especially in the western world. ;)

  5. But generally speaking the youthful fanbase is where a "pop" artist works at their finest. Regardless of the actual size it is the children and young adults that generally eat up a lot of this "Justin Bieber and Selena" crap and it is also them who is fueling their fame (using bieber as an example of how annoyingly influential children are to entertainment news) Wich is also why a lot of singers try to get that "generic sound" so that they can appeal moreso towards you guessed it- children and young adults. Also location plays a huge role as far as how popular a form of entertainment is. (Ariana is very popular towards the east in California and is still well known among music groups here in Alabama) Although not widely publicized among most general news media broadway is in fact still a thriving form of performance art. Shows still fill up entire stadiums (although an actual touring show will have much less performances then say Lady Gaga). America although slowly going down the toilet is the center of entertainment, andI think the only real form of entertainment that thrives world wide would be of course Music in general but that in itself is very subjective as not many people can gain worldwide stardom as some of our most legendary have. Now if youre speaking moreso about then average joe going to see "Wicked" of course you won't see many. However people interested in the art exist everywhere and these shows still end up selling out quite well.

  6. Yes Brian but the fame of Justin only exists really amongst children and teens. Plenty of adults will recognize the name( and I can assure you millions will actually not), may even know he is a "singer" but "fame" is not just name recognition these days. It also entails a certain status. And in that sense Justin's "fame" is totally restricted to a part of the kids world. Not amongst adults.
    Selena even less known in the grown ups world I can guarantee you.

    Indeed "pop music" is a kid's ( I am using that in the not adults sense btw) world.

    Broadway, no matter how much it sells tickets is still a very limited group. Millions can't travel to New York or would rather go to something other than a musical when they do get there. They might for instance prefer the Met. ;)

    And no, America is not the center of all entertainment. THAT is my point. You need to broaden your deeper knowledge of the world. :)

    America most certainly is not the center of entertainment for anybody into classical music for instance, or Celtic music. And even some more popular genre. Why do you think both Madonna and Gaga and many other American artists looked at the European dance scene?
    And millions upon millions of Chinese and Indians know nothing of the American entertainment scene. Indians know way more about Bollywood than about Broadway for instance. And most certainly will hardly travel to new York to catch a Broadway show with a Disney/nick "star".
    Average individual in the middle East...couldn't care less about Broadway and Disney channel. Or American entertainment in general.

    And it might have escaped your notice, as it does to so many Americans but the internet..also not only Americans. This blog even, the people doing most of the commenting are English, Scottish, Polish, American, Philippine .

    And btw for quite some time even Broadway was more British than American. ;)

    All in all bottom line IS just simply that Ariana is definitely "virtually unknown". Whether she has potential or not for future "fame"( be it American or world wide), right now that is her status in the world of music.

  7. Oh, Opie! America IS the very center of the entertainment industry... but strangely (or not at all) the most important and creative things happens at the outskirts;-)
    If we are talking about countries and nationalities I just must say Brits are at the very top (in my opinion). British music scene was nearly always the place where all innovations and new musical trends has been created.
    Paradoxically the Brits popularised blues in the place where blues music was born. British musicians (Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who) brought blues back where it belongs.
    It's unbelievable but even Hendrix had to start his solo career in England to become guitar legend. There was nobody in America to discover and recognise his talent.
    So hats off to Brits!
    As for adult/kids music or pop stars issue, this situation shows how entertainment industry works. I would put emphasis on "industry" word. There's a target, place in the market which needs to be filled. There's no difference between entertainment industry and automotive industry. There's market need for small, trendy, small capacity engine (insurance!) but still fast car for older teenagers? Bang! We can do it and sale will be skyrocketing.
    Oh! Hats off to Dutch as well! They smoke the weed and they still can speak 6 languages:)))

  8. I think something more accurate would be spinto soprano. Anyway, Brian, great job!:)

  9. omg i feel proud, she's like really young and she's a hell of a singer! her technique is really impressive! <3

  10. Her vocal range is updated as of today, I believe.
    Here is her covering Mariah's 'emotions' and hitting all the whistle notes ;)

  11. even with the whistle notes in the the cover of emotions, Ariana's range would still be roughly the same. it's only because her vocals in her version wasn't as powerful as Mariahs version. but she was dead on if not almost dead on with the the whistle notes in her cover of emotions. i liked it. and i like her voice. better then what im hearing from todays artists.

  12. Beat me to it, yes this brings her vocal range to Eb3-E7, 4 octaves, 1 semitone

  13. she also hits a lower note than an Eb3 I believe, in this video between 0:55 and 1:00

  14. It's an Eb3, some have said it's a C#3, but it's pretty much just all air and no support. I wouldn't really count it to be honest.

  15. I think it's more because the microphone quality is bad. I'm not saying she hit it well; she didn't at all haha. But it still went down there. I know when I sing my lowest low notes (A1-B1), if I don't have proper amplification you can barely hear them; I can still hit the notes though, and they're still counted as part of my vocal range.

  16. Thanks for these. Sorry I'm so slow with the updating

  17. that's ok. i just can't wait to see her in the 4 octaves tab of this site ;)

  18. She is, in my opinion, one of the best vocalists under the age of 20. Her technique is just incredible. She has such a wide belting ability. I'm surprised that her ability to use melisma isn't mentioned (although you did say agile voice).

    Her tone is also incredible. If you compare her to Victoria, you can instantly tell that she is the superior singer, even without her showing off her high notes.

  19. Perhaps you should hear Christina Gimmie, she's not on the same vocal style and their singing differs, but I feel you might agree with me that Christina is also one of the greater singers below the age of 20.

  20. Christina Grimmie is a terrible singer. No mixing capabilities, hideous chest tone. The only thing she's got going for her is a pretty natural head voice.

  21. For those who doubted that the whistle notes in her "Emotions" video were real, said they were edited etc;

  22. Sorry T. never saw this comment until now.
    I agree purely industry in the way you used it, America is the WESTERN center. But I was using the more general sense of industry. Not in the business sense but the consumer sense so to speak.

    And contrary to popular belief...I don't think the majority of Dutch smoke weed. Somehow our policy of tolerance became mistaken with the extent of our actual use. ;)
    But in many areas we ARE doing quite well considering we are a pretty small nation in size and population.
    Musically however, we have a dismal record I would say.:(

  23. she has an amazing belting range and head voice/falsetto, but he low range REALLY needs to be improved, she's not very good at it. Anyway she's amazing and she's only 19 :D

    She decided to do a feature of her whistle register live to allay accusations that she might be "faking" her whistles in the studio version. Every time I hear her sing I'm blown away.

  25. I am not a fan of hers at all, but she has a nice voice. I think when I can get my hands on a record (be it mixtape, ep, lp...something) then I can decide about her as an artist, and vocalist overall. She has a very pretty voice, and from that video where she does things in whistle, she seems to be knowledgeable of her voice. She is still young, so I imagine her voice will finish maturing and hit full stride.

  26. she is the best actress ,singer , and dancer in the world!she is my idol! I LOVE YOU ARIANA GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. She recently released a video of her performing live whistle tones. She's definitely, in my opinion, one of the superior vocalists of the younger generation.

  28. She's just 'meh' to me. Her cover of Emotions sucks next to the original.
    /am a disgruntled mimi fan, but seriously. Ariana's cover isn't as good as the original, like some of her stans have been saying on youtube.

  29. I think Charles O'more also has a very powerul voice nd good technique. Check him oyt on Youtube as Charles O'more or heck the Youtube profile o charlieomo.

  30. You have got to be kidding Charles.

  31. no doubt shes a great singer with incredible technique - but she needs her own GOOD material - she keeps singing covers and her covers are never as good as the original

  32. obviously mariah is queen plus ariana's voice isnt as special as mariah's - i mean no one can sing emotions like mariah - atleast ariana's cover wasn't horrendous

  33. I disagree. Christina Grimmie is a fantastic singer. Her belts aren't as good as Ariana's (probably because she hasn't received as much vocal training as Ariana did), but her voice is very powerful for her age, her vocal runs are natural and agile and I think her tone is beautiful. She's incredible, 'terrible singer' is the last thing I’ll call her.

  34. Are you kidding me, Christina Grimmie is AMAZING. She actually reminds me of Christina Aguilera. (they have some similarities)

  35. But Christina Aguilira uses her voice incorrectly, so how this is supposed to prove that she is a good singer is beyond me.

  36. Mariah was only 20 when she came out.. Just pointing that out ;)

  37. If you haven't heard it already, here is her original song: I think she'll be really, REALLY big one day (though not literally, lol). First comment here! :D Love this site<3

  38. Christina Aguilera has had vocal training since 5 so i don't think all of that would train her to use her voice in an incorrect way. Just because she has that throaty edge to her voice isn't saying it's incorrectly executed.

  39. Alot of students take vocal lessons and learn the proper way but develop bad habits I think Christina is guilty of this

  40. OMG,you put one of my videos,high notes & best vocals!,if you want you can put the others!

  41. Just because you have a vocal coach doesn't mean that the training is all that effective. A great example of this are the kpop idol singers all of whom are trained from 2-11 years BEFORE debut, yet a lot of them are extremely lacking. Even if she had the best trainer in the world, that doesn't mean that she actually utilizes what she's been taught. I think that she COULD be one of the best singers out there if she sang properly, but what she does is just... Even her musicianship. She over does it. I actually enjoy her sound and her endurance is second to none. To be able to sing that way for so many years is AMAZING, but sometimes she does too much for me to want to listen.

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  61. Strange as this may sound, so much of her reminds me of Mariah Carey. I know they're two completely different people and Ariana's range isn't as large as Mariah's was in her hayday, but tonally, they are similar, and if you listen to Ariana's song "The Way", it has that same sound Mariah had on her older records; "We Belong Together" is the first that comes to mind. And I'm not just saying this because she covered "Emotions".

  62. /watch?v=5jQnR7wHn4k&list=FLhR8V3tZweEiGSzMAUP5IIg&index=2 I have no idea why it won't let me share a video but check this out her C5s are AMAZING.

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  73. she's on nickelodeon's most popular show. So you cant really say shes "unknown" LOL

  74. and to continue, that is why she has such a big fan base with no real orignal music (except for her recent release) and cover song. She's able to go out and perform all these cover songs and mash ups live with a big audience because everyone already knows her from Nickelodeon as an actress. She's talented yes, but she got her foot in the music door easy because she was casted in a TV show.

  75. and to add more LOL. Her first release is going to be very manufatured
    and packaged. "the Way" was written by Jordin Sparks and Sevyn Streeter,
    both very good penmen. Shes managed by Scoot Braun, Justin Bieber's
    manager. I mean i guess you could say Mariah Carey had the same bottled
    up image when she first came out, but that wasn't by choice. Ariana has
    money (Nick kids are payed WAY more than disney kids) and can put it
    into investing into her music career, but she doesnt want to pilot it.
    And i dont think that has anytrhing to do with being young or
    inexperienced. She's just a nice voice. Maybe she can be a Whitney and
    go far, but most manufactured artist dont have much longevity in the
    business, with the excpetion of Britney Spears. Its hard to portray
    emotions in your music if its not something dear to you (not necessarily
    written by you because Christina Aguilera performs "Beautiful" like its
    her baby) it shows and effects the genuinity in performances. I think
    thats what "The Way" lacks. She has that cute airy, sassy voice, but
    lacks any type of personality in the song. If it was Mariah, there would be signature runs and riffs with a little more attitude...the song is sang very straight through with a little bit up mix ups in the 2nd very and the adlibs at the end. But its liek she just copied the demo singer (who im guessing was probably Jordin Sparks herself, this song is in her tone and range too). Even her cover songs lack the flare of personality. It could be because she did broadway and acting ("showy" singing vs "emotional" singing), but she seems disconnected from the songs she sings. Its not all just about hitting all the right notes. I'd rather see someone mess up or have crack and breaks every so often live but make up for it in the delivery of the song. If she messes up, it'll be a big "ew" in most peoples eyes.

  76. Yes I can. Nickelodeon is an American kids channel. The percentage of people under twenty in the US is 27.3%

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  85. Not here for her copycat act. I've heard that her album will be called 'Daydreaming' and immediately dismissed her forever.

  86. I almost never leave responses, however i did a few searching and wound up here "Vocal Profile: Ariana Grande".
    And I actually do have 2 questions for you if it's allright. Could it be just me or does it appear like some of the responses look as if they are coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are posting on additional online sites, I'd like to
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  87. From what i've heard from her so far, shes making the record to be a tribute to her favorite divas All the way from Amy Winehouse to Madonna. Gonna be 50's and 60's sounding. Im hoping the album will sound less Mariah than the lead single.

  88. How is that going to work? A tribute to Madonna but sounding like 50's or 60's?
    Anyway...if this girl comes out with an album sounding like what you just described, I might have to review my opinion on her.
    You've got my interest raised. :-)

  89. I feel like people are being too quick to type cast her to be a Diva Wannabe (well...even though she kind of is one.) I say lets hear her juicy material and then proceed to tear her limb from limb. lol Who knows she may actually wow a lot of people...ehh...I hope.

  90. We always can and should have hope. :-)
    And I am always pleased to be wowed by any singer. But especially by ones I didn't expect it from.
    Kelly Clarkson being a case in point. Totally did note expect an AI winner to be that good ( of course none of the other winners were ;-D )
    I'd be ever so pleased if Ariana turns out to be equally to my liking. And she is young enough to be able to still go any direction.

  91. I can see her being another Aguilera case. Starts off really pop in sound, but begins to broaden her horizons and experimenting constantly. Although I do think its quite bold of her for going for a sound that is sort of dying off in popularity. R&B Piano led songs for a lead single hasnt really done well recently.

  92. Well, we will have a better sense of what might be once that first album dropped. :-)

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  102. I don't need to get my ears checked, you need to get your eyes AND ears checked. Ariana's cover is mediocre next to the original for several reasons- her whistles are dull in comparison, and less agile; her voice is thin and nasal , and lacks the power in the original. Lastly, her cover lacked any originality, as she was mimicking Mimi's runs.

    Now, if you're less moronic than I am, I dare you to refute any of those points.

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  110. First of all, I think it's impressive that she can sing in the whistle register. Not many singers can do that. I wish I could do that, but unfortunately, I wasn't born with that ability. She can sing well, but I listened to her cover of Rihanna's "Love the way you lie" and Adele's "Rolling in the deep" and there's something about her singing that lacks passion. If she couldn't sing in the whistle register, I wouldn't think she's special, because her vocals sound like something I've already heard before. Her voice doesn't move me the same way Whitney Houston's voice would move me.

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  114. Do you see this!?!?!? Ariana's voice is AMAZING!

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  117. Oh Ariana, you are sweet and you have an incredibly sweet voice. I like it. BUT...

    I'm just going to say it. I'm going to throw it out there and I don't care what you all think: I HATE WHISTLE REGISTER!!!!!! I don't need to hear any human sound higher than an E6, definitely hurting my ears by F6... If I need to hear something that high, I'll buy a dog whistle.

  118. I agree regarding that whistle register. It's impressive but hardly anytime musically needed. And I don't listen to music to be impressed. I listen to music to be moved.

  119. But don't you think Mariah did a pretty great job with whistle during her prime days? Emotions, Someday etc. It gave the songs more "kick" to it.

  120. I agree. It was a soulless cover. Mariah had Emotions (pun intended) singing the song. Ariana did it just for the sake of so-called "Tribute" (more like showing off to me.)

    The vocals were spot on. But there just wasn't any feeling into it.

  121. She executed them well. Did they improve the songs...not to me.
    Also I prefer the kick to be an emotional one.

  122. Nope. Hate it. Never liked it. Never will.

    Mariah's voice was good enough with all that extra sauce. Like pouring steak sauce over a $100 steak. It ruined it for me.

  123. Got your point. ;D
    But then again, it's an entirely subjective point, depending on personal tastes. I personally think during her prime years the whistle notes were in the right places. Now it just seems she's trying too hard. @Joel This is also my reply to you.

  124. Nice instrument and technically accomplished. She lacks musicality though. She apes the runs of her predecessors. Her cover of Have yourself a merry little xmas was run for run very similar to xtinas :\ She has potential though.

  125. Right places for what? ;-D

    But of course it is indeed entirely subjective. Taste usually is. :-)
    To me great singing always goes to storytelling. To many others it goes to technical ability/execution.
    Whistle is rated big in the latter but utterly insignificant in the former.

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  127. LOL. Can't decide if you were being playful with "Right places for what?" due to the winky face or you really didn't get it. Just in case, The right places in the songs. Where she doesn't overuse it too much. Now she thinks whistle's all she's got so she shoots it all the time. *sigh*

  128. Lol both. Of course I understand you meant right place in the song. But...since I rarely see the point for whistle register within a song myself....I was asking in what way and/or why are those particular places ''right'' for whistle?

  129. Improvisations. Also, sometimes it kinds of gives off a harmonious feel. Again, this is something of a personal taste. Some people like vocals with hints of restraint. Some like those who give all out. For me... it depends on what I feel like on the time of listening itself. ;D

  130. Still not getting why whistle. What I'm getting from your words is that you like it a lot but not why you do and what it adds to a song.
    Is whistle really 'going all out' as opposed to restraint?
    I thought whistle is a result of control rather than abandon?

  131. Whistle can be both executed with fine control, and with letting loose like any other part of the voice- though you would probably need to really know how to use it to throw it around like nothing and it still come out the way you think it will. Although not really a good example, Mariah does a quick ad lib in "I wish you well" where she basically whistles "YES" but it doesnt really sound like what most experts would call a "Safe whistle".

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  133. Yes, I agree some of Mariah's songs would sound off without whistle because they are written with whistle in them. But those songs are indeed the only ones I know where tyhere is, anyway structually, a purpose for whistle.
    But even those, emotionally I do not see the need.
    But then again...I never was one of them high squealing kids or females in emotional times myself.
    In fact, those kind of people annoy me ;-D

  134. Thanks for the info Brian.:-)
    Guess for Mariah it has an emotional connotation in that case. But like I said in my previous response....not for me. No doubt that is why I fail to feel that need within a song.

  135. Well, whistles can be used to help indicate the mood of a song. For instance, a bright, solid whistle could give the song a happy feel (Emotions) while a hollow, breathy one could create a forlorn feeling (Do You Know Where You're Going To). In neither case is the whistle absolutely necessary, but they do help enhance the feel.

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  137. And that's what I totally fail to experience as whistle usually seems to jar.It rarely seems to be an integral part of the song and therefor the only emotion it seems to me to indicate is ''and now....feel impressed!''.

    Even with Carey song, I feel it at leastt doesn't jar with the structure of the music but enhancing ...nah, just not feeling it.

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  139. ♥ItJoDieKayZ❤25 May 2013 at 23:58

    love this girl 4 octaves wohoo !! hate when people compare her to mariah like she hits a whistle note and all of sudden she is mariah really?/

  140. You obviously have not heard enough of both of their materials enough. LOl. I can hear Mariah screaming from most of Ariana's records. It's not just because of her being able to hit whistle notes.

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  143. Yes, like I also said. But I was trying to find out exactly what and why your taste for whistle. :-)

  144. Well, I like it. I can't explain why, though. Or maybe it's that bright and light tone. ;D

  145. see, now we are getting somewhere. :-) that gives me some insight why you like it.

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  147. Ricky's right, her material looks too similar to Mariah's, just listen to Ariana's The Way and tell me if it doesn't remind you of Mariah's Emotions. She's an outstanding singer but without an own style she won't go very far.

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  149. I love Ariana so much! But she's such a Karaoke singer......

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  154. It's very rare that any cover beats the original. But then again it's based more on preference and opinion. All I know is that I show her cover to many people that don't quite know of Ariana Grande yet and they don't believe me when I say it isn't Mariah. They actually insist Ariana lip syncs. That's how similar they appear to sound.

  155. You have to change that comment about her whistle register now because of that video on her vocal profile and her ellen performance.

  156. Most of the Ellen performance was whistle-free. Falsetto dominated, IMO.

  157. Those people need to check their ears then, because the two sound very dissimilar vocally. Ariana has a clear, super thin tone and horrible enunciation. Her whistles don't sound quite as bright or piercing as Mariah's.

    Mariah, on the other hand, has a raspier, thicker tone, a stronger accent, and much much better diction and whistles.

  158. Well she hasn't fully controlled herself on how to use it. For example I have possession of a whistle register but I can't go up there most of the time and I end up using falsetto. So in her case she hasn't gotten full control of it yet.

  159. True! Whistle register is so unique, and will really impress you. But it's not really needed to be executed in a song. Could have complimentary purposes and blend in with the melody, but in truth, it's not necessary. You don't need the whistle register to be a great singer.

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  161. Explain this comment!

  162. She is sorta doing the Mariah thing now but IMO she is just doing it to get noticed for the first time. Wait till she releases things like Honeymoon Avenue officially

  163. I love it but I'm sure Ariana won't overdo it too much. She just wants us to know that it's an asset she has :P

  164. I'm not so sure you know exactly what you're talking about. Many people shun the whistle because of Emotions. I love the song but the whistles are very showy. Listen to the light few whistles at the end of Shake It Off by Mariah Carey. From a musicality point of view, it can add a very sensual feeling which is a perfect way to end a slow light song.

  165. Since I was clearly talking about MY personal indicated by such lines as " guess for Mariah....but not for me.", I know better than anybody else in the world what I am talking about. I can talk with full authority on my own taste thanks. Much like you can on you just did.
    Difference is, seems I understand the difference between my taste and " fact". Not so sure you do.

  166. If that is what you meant, it certainly did come out wrong. :)

    I am not going to listen to Ariana imitating Mariah Carey again. If I want to hear Mariah, I will listen to Mariah.

    Frankly, I don't listen to music for technique..I listen to music to hear an artist's "truth", to hear emotion, to hear stories that touch me. I do care about all that being presented well but if none of that is present...I couldn't care less how well that singer transitions.
    I'd sooner forgive the former ( technique) lacking than the latter ( musical identity).
    Ariana is sorely lacking in the latter.

    My remarks regarding the whistle register though...those were not so much related to Ariana as much as they were my opinion on the use of whistle anybody.

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  168. Ok I understand your point on whistles but now with Ariana. I seriously don't believe that she is trying to imitate these people as much as it comes across. Try listening to something like Put Your Hearts Up (her first single) or her not officially released song Honeymoon Avenue (She's sung it live).

    Many people may not really understand her truth and "musical identity" so this is most probably the biggest reason why she chose a sort of generic main-stream pop song with a 90s twist. She wanted to introduce her 90s style in a mainstream way. Hence the Mariah Carey runs.

    Her truth and musical identity is actually very real but in a fantasy kind of way. For e.g. In Put Your Hearts Up she sings about how people could make the world such a better place if they opened their hearts a it more. Real issue but not a realistic expectation. She doesn't understand how the world can be so messed up. I'm sure it will come across soon :) don't lose hope.

    My favorite inspiration of hers is India.Arie (Listen to 'There's Hope'). You will be surprised that when you listen to some of her other music with that in mind, the Mariah Carey "imitation" will dissapear

  169. Like I'm not saying she is an amatuer, but like everyone else is saying she doesn't have any musicallity and even though she is pretty good, she's kind of a copycat.
    Please don't be mad at me (/.\)

  170. You mistakenly assume I haven't listen to more of Ariana's work. ;-)

    And I guess I didn't make myself clear with what I meant with musical identity. But unfortunately, if I didn't, I don't really know how to make it more clear. And tbh...I don't think you'd ever agree anyway. Obviously you are a huge fan of the girl.

    Which is fine but if you think I would ever become a fan based on her work so far...I am afraid that's not going to happen.
    But...I will try to always give future work of her a listen in the hopes of improvement.

  171. In an effort to explain what I mean by musical's an original

    And here's a 21 year old who does have that musical identity giving it her rendition...

    That is hugely different than the straight imitation Ariana does of Mariah Carey.

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  178. She is a very good technical singer, but I think lacks the emotion or originality to be called the next or better than Mariah Carey. A lot of the hype she's currently getting is from the whistles she does in the Emotions cover. Ridiculous for people to think she's the only other person aside from Mariah who can do them. Are we forgetting the beautiful Leona Lewis who was also hailed once as the next Mariah. I think Ariana needs to find her unique tone and gimmick in order to be successful because copying Mariah's style, and yes copy, is not cute. She's naming her debut album Daydreamin', if that's not copying (one of Mariah's best albums is Daydream) I'm not sure what is.
    Still a good singer, with a great range and technique.

  179. If that song is going to be noticed for anything it's for it's being incredibly poor.

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  182. lmao. Opie, I always look forward to reading your comments on here. Don't stop what you're doing ever.

  183. Lyrically, the song isn't too great...especially when she goes to "the death of us" part... I cringed. At least she got the Mariah Carey out of her system. Hopefully she won't ever rip her off

  184. LOL Cheers BinkyLights, barring DD disapproving, I think I wont.

  185. I cringed the whole way through those lyrics.

  186. Yeah, i was trying to be nice with my comment above...they were fairly terrible. I pride song lyrics and I hope she didn't write the lyrics. I can see if it was trashy song with bad lyrics, then it would have been appropriately cringe worthy and my expectations wouldn't have been so high. Sometimes I expect great lyrics from singers who can sing well...I'm so unrealstic. lol

  187. I don't think singing ability and song choice are directly related. More a game of odds. Odds are the better the singer, the more musical sense and there for the higher the chance that singer picks better songs.

    In the Reba mcEntire/Kelly Clarkson Cross Country show..Reba is telling a story about how she, early in her career, went to see this famous songwriter. He played her one of his songs and she was like..: hmmm, have you got something else" thinking it was not very good but afraid to insult him. He played her another song which wasn't very good. She again said " No, thanks" ..then he played her a great song and she was " THAT's the one!" It became a hit for her ( can't remember which song it was btw).

    And he later told her, he was testing her..had she liked the crappy songs, he would never have played her the good one. LOL

  188. Isn't Reba McEntire the feisty red head with the warm voice? I watch her show all the time. lol

  189. Yes, that's Reba. And yes, I also like her show. Shame it got cancelled. Don't know why? Again a show with actually good ratings which gets cancelled. The minds, such as they are, of tv bosses are a mystery to me. One would think the purpose is to draw viewers yet their every decision seems to work towards the opposite goal.

  190. That is just like ThunderCats and Young Justice. Both those shows got cancelled and they were amazing. I'm trying to find sources where I can acquire them. (Mind you they are cartoons lol). I'm generally hard to impress with TV shows but those two had me on my toes, despite the 1 or 2 bad episodes per season.

    As for the Reba show, I enjoyed it...The episode about the people from Louisiana that stayed with her temporarily was my favorite.

  191. I never heard of those shows myself ( not into cartoons) but I absolutely take your word for them being good examples as basically every season there are at least two good and popular shows cancelled.

  192. I love "Reba" and "Malibu Country", I dont know which show it is that you're talking of so i brought up both but i'm going to assume it was "Malibu Country" since it was just recently canceled, I really didnt understand the logic behind it since it had such high ratings then i did some research. After browsing a few articles I finally read that the head writer Nasatran Disai i think his name was departed from the show leaving them with no other choice to but to cancel it sadly. :\

  193. I wont comment on the Thundercats, but Young Justice was actually the best DC animated show released since JLU.