Friday, 28 September 2012

[Watch] Lana Del Rey Perform At Itunes Festival 2012

Lana del rey music itunes festival

The itunes Festival continues and Tuesday (the 25th of September) saw Lana Del Rey tread the boards of the famous North London venue, the Roundhouse.

Dressed surprisingly casual-Note:FLATS(!)- the fawning crowd had Lana at ease from the moment she appeared on stage, and we all know that a comfortable Lana performs best. She rewarded their warmth during Video Games (around the 28 minute mark): posing for pictures, doling out kisses and looking genuinely moved by the interaction with her fans. Bless.

Radio, Without You and National Anthem were, for me, the strongest performances of the night. Vocally they were the songs most on point, but more importantly, emotionally, they rang most true; with Radio, in particular, seeming to have taken on a more personal meaning now that she has achieved fame.

1. Blue Jeans
2. Body Electric
3. Born To Die
4. Summertime Sadness
5. Million Dollar man
6. Video Games
7. Radio
8. Without You
9. National Anthem


  1. It's still hard to believe she's a true Contralto. That note at @7:20 sounds like a mezzo to me. Her lows are beautiful, but you can tell she's way more comfortable up in her head voice. Love her to pieces, though.

  2. yeah, I've been meaning to change that! Her lows are definitely becoming more solid and easier for her to replicate live, but mezzo is prob right. I'll change

  3. 7:20 sounds really impressive!

  4. The big problem about her isn't really her voice, actually she needs to work self control, cause when she's keeping everything okay and good, she tried to go further and then screw everything up.

  5. I tried and tried because I like her and her songwriting but ... reality is just, she possesses a very attractive voice but is an incredibly poor singer