Thursday 8 November 2012

[New Music] Jessie Ware Covers Browstone's "If You Love Me"

Jessie Ware continues to impress me with her musical output. The South London born singer's debut studio album Devotion has already joined the ranks of my favourite albums of 2012; and her choice to now cover Brownstone's brilliant 1994 hit If You Love Me- boy does that bring back memories- only exacerbates my fondness for the rising star.

The original Brownstone version was a master class in 90's Rnb, so to have covered it straight as it was would have been a no no for me. Besides it wouldn't have fitted with Jessie's unique style. Instead, Jessie Ware and, unknown producers, BenZel bring the song bang up to date by infusing it with the icy electronica that the Rnb of this decade has become so fond of dabbling in- see Drake's Take Care, Ushers Climax, Dawn Richard's Faith. All while managing to retain some of the key elements of the original, like it's strong gospel harmonies and the overall melody of the piece. The combination works surprisingly well.

Take a listen to the Jessie Ware cover, and the Brownstone original, below.


  1. I didn't know her. Great voice! This song makes me feel like making love. Uh!

  2. Original all the way, although I do like Ware's version but like Opie said the first recording is far warmer and the vocal is far superior. I do however respect that Ware has given a fresh outlook on the song.

  3. Opie Ever Stuey yep, the original is definitely warmer and stronger, but Jessie's version is in keeping with her own sound. To have tried to cover it like Brownstone would never have worked- particularly as her voice isn't as strong.

    On the plus side it's made me dig out my Brownstone albums. "Five miles to empty", "Kiss And Tell" and "Grapevine" are still classics.

  4. Definitely I am all for trying to make a song your own when you cover it. A straight imitation always seems pretty pointless. But Jessie is not my thing really. Left me rather unimpressed. But yes, good for her for giving it her interpretation.

    I will check out those links. :)

  5. Very Chill...those videos. Well, the music. The videos do absolutely nothing for me. Might as well be from images from Mars. LOL
    Lovely harmonies and very warm sound. Thanks for the links. :)