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Friday 16 October 2015

Jessie Ware Covers Disney's "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

We love Disney is a celebratory album of songs taken from the studio's extensive library of feature films. What makes this different from a regular Disney album, though, is that the songs chosen are all newly covered by famous folk.

Thursday 30 October 2014

Kiesza & Jessie Ware Rock American Early Morning Television

Not together, of course! Separately, these Divas brought their undeniable talents to the television sets of our American cousins, waking them from their slumber with musical goodness. Let's see what we missed out on.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

[New Music] Jessie Ware - "Say You Love Me"

Oh Jessie Ware, what have we done to deserve these gifts you keep bestowing upon us?

More music has made its way onto the net from Jessie's- shaping up to be stunning- October-due album, Tough Love. Say You Love Me finds the Diva in a longing mood, not willing to commit to a relationship fully until sure the feelings are reciprocated. Wise woman. As Kelis once told us, you gotta protect your heart.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

Jessie Ware Returns With Stunning Song, "Tough Love"

Have you ever had that experience where you don't realise how much you've missed someone or something until it's in front of you again, reminding you of its existence? Well, I've just had that happen with the super talented Jessie Ware.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

[Music Video] Jessie Ware "Imagine It Was Us"

Jessie Ware, why do you do this to me?! Why do you keep killing me with everything you release!!? WHY!!! Here's the video for her dreamy new single, Imagine It Was Us- a bonus cut from the repackaged release of her d├ębut album Devotion, which is due April 15th. Gag on its gorgeousness!

Distinctly 90's in flavour, but done in Jessie's own laid back style, this is a song I can't wait to hear played when I'm getting my groove on in the club! I'm not quite sure how I'd dance to it, so sensual and mellow the beat is, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'm going to try my darndest to ride that hypnotic rhythm if given the chance! Whether I'm sectioned or not, we'll leave to the Fates to decide!


Thursday 8 November 2012

[New Music] Jessie Ware Covers Browstone's "If You Love Me"

Jessie Ware continues to impress me with her musical output. The South London born singer's debut studio album Devotion has already joined the ranks of my favourite albums of 2012; and her choice to now cover Brownstone's brilliant 1994 hit If You Love Me- boy does that bring back memories- only exacerbates my fondness for the rising star.