Thursday 1 November 2012

[Review] Diva's Halloween Costume Extravaganza

Yesterday was that special time of year where one could go out dressed like whatever the F***k one wanted, and not get committed or sectioned for their efforts. Yes people, yesterday was Halloween! How spooky!

Now if you're a misery guts like me (see the gifs below to get  a sense of where I'm coming from) you would have done zilch to mark the occasion. Well that's not strictly true, I sat in watching Adams Family and Polyester (Don't ask). I was planning on changing the banner of the site to somehow mark the day, but even that proved too much for my lazy behind.

But our Divas are a more exuberant and festive bunch than yours truly, and they didn't let us down; getting into the unholy spirit in the way only rich people with too much free time on their hands can. So let's check out what our lovely ladies were serving up on the catwalk of Halloween 2012!

christina Aguilera haloween 2012

Christina Aguilera: Gotta love Christina. She may be carrying a few extra pounds-  I'm not one to talk- but that doesn't stop her from wearing the tightest thing -guilty, again-possible to show off dem "curves".( Saying Sh** like this is why people who read this blog think I'm a female.)

I'm not sure what she's going for with the look, though. The orange is suggesting pumpkin, but the crown and the pink wig has thrown me off. Perhaps she wasn't even playing dress-up and this is just a regular, everyday outfit.

Lady Gaga haloween 2012
Lady Gaga: Now the problem being, when you are Lady Gaga, is that when you dress like it's Haloween everyday, it makes it really hard to make any impact when the 31st of October does eventually roll around.

With this in mind, it makes sense why Lady Gaga looks like she didn't even bother trying with her costume: dressing up as a budget mermaid. Still, everybody deserves a night off, and at least this photo shows the public that she isn't as hefty as recent tour photos have suggested- not that she cares....right?

[Edit: I've just read over at B.Scott that Gaga was supposed to be weed personified. So now is solved the shock value of this costume. Perhaps less shocking, and more embarrassing, considering Rihanna dressed up as the same thing.]

Mariah Carey  haloween 2012
Mariah Carey: We all know Mariah Carey is a sucker for over-the-top festivities, so it's no surprise she got the whole family involved to team with her own theme. Last year she got the family dressed up as the super-team, the Incredibles [see here], but I don't think she liked being part of an ensemble cast. The solution: this year she dressed up as Goldilocks and had the "extras" play the three bears. Diana Ross and Matthew Knowles like and understand what's going on here.

Katy Perry haloween 2012
Katy Perry:After seeing this photo of Katy Perry dressed up as Jane Lane from cult classic, and totally awesome animated cartoon, Daria, I don't think I can ever think/write/hear/speak anything bad about her ever again.There is just too much awesomeness going on here.............

I really hope these feeling are temporary.

Miley Cryus:
Now I'm not sure if this confirmed, but I read it somewhere: this is Miley Cyrus dressed as Nicki Minaj. That butt kinda confirms it for me, but she could also be Lady Gaga from the Telephone video.

If it is Nicki, then she should be so proud. It says a lot when people- especially of the calibre of Miley- are choosing to dress up as you on the same day that others are dressing up as famous monsters like Frankenstein, Quasimodo, and Dracula. So proud.

Jennifer Lopez:
Not to be outdone by archrival Mariah Carey, Jenny from the Block coordinated with her other half (whose name I can't be bothered to learn) when it came time to picking a costume. Enter peace and love, hippy Jennifer Lopez and her matching boyfriend/husband/friend/whatever.

It's an interesting costume choice for someone who has/had (omit whichever you think is not relevant) a reputation for being incredibly materialistic, but I suppose that's the point of Halloween: dressing up as something that is alien to your everyday existence. However, what stands out most about this costume choice- well compared to the other Divas- is how little flesh is on display. It's almost as if she's invisible.........What is happening to me!!!!

Jessica Simpson: Desperate to show us that she's got her waist back after putting on a few pounds during her pregnancy (congrats, by the way) Jessica Simpson donned an Über tight "wench" - according to the Dailymail, anyway- costume.

 I'm not sure if Jess and her hubby were going for a theme, but if they were, the super cute baby isn't playing- unless I missed the chicken scene in Braveheart .

Well those are all the pictures I could find for this year. Who am I kidding, those were all the pictures that were on the Mail Website, and I couldn't be bothered to look for more. So until next year, I leave you with this:

Leave thoughts on the costumes, or just let me know what you did on the day, in the comments!


  1. Christina: I think it's a halloween themed "Queen" outfit as her boyfriend definitely seems to be her Knight in tacky armor.

    Gaga: I instantly knew it was weed related due to the leaf on her boob but just couldn't put my finger on it lol.

    Mariah: Okay first off DD its The IncredibleS! Because there's more than one! (one of my faves). We all know Mimi is a sucker for all things adorable. But sadly although she is still a beauty you can see with her smile that age is finally taking a some way at least. I actually feel really rude for saying that but this is a section for opinions so...yeah...Sigh* im so going to hell.

    Don't really have much to say about the rest except that Jessica...Ugh. Jessica Simpson. The only pop star of the 90's to not age in the least.

  2. Is Christina supposed to be a stipper queen/princess or something?

  3. Actually I do like extra pounds on Christina and her tight outfits. I don't fancy them "skinny bitches". And don't call me pervert! I'm not the one who watches Polyester (what a title - sounds like a super-kinky porn;)(but sadly it is not;)))

  4. I believe so. A Halloween Queen.

  5. I am not one for dressing up at Halloween to be honest but I do take pleasure in checking out other peoples costumes. I really like Jessica's funnily enough, I think she looks amazing! Christina looks pretty good too as well as Mariah and Katy, those are for sure my fav's.

    Gaga looks cheap, well for her anyway! It seems like she could not really be bothered same goes for J-Lo who looks like she just got an old decorating dust sheet and chucked it on last minute and grabbed some eye candy to distract from the awfulness.