Tuesday 11 December 2012

[Single Review] Rebecca Ferguson "Shoulder To Shoulder"

rebecca ferguson music

It's fifth time lucky for me, as ex-X-Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson finally gets around to releasing Shoulder To Shoulder from her debut, Heaven; and right before she puts the album out to pasture to get to work on her sophomore effort.

From the first spin of the critically acclaimed Heaven, Shoulder To Shoulder is the song that stood out as the strongest cut.With its bittersweet and troubled tale of love, its emotional vocal and its beautiful but understated production, the ballad not only shines a spotlight on Rebecca Ferguson's skill as an astute vocalist, but also her duel strength as a canny songwriter.

Long story short, Shoulder To Shoulder is one of my favourite songs released this year, and it'll hopefully get a little love from the record buying public too when it's released on the 16th of December.



  1. This is a nice ballad but her other singles have been boring .

  2. she was always my favorite when she was on x factor and although im not a fan of her music i still really love her and her voice has a such an unusual quality that's unheard these days