Thursday 13 December 2012

[Watch] Pink Covers Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire"

pink singing at BBC live lounge

Ever wondered how Pink's edgy pipes would handle Alicia Keys' bombastic "Girl On Fire"? Well stop it before you hurt yourself, because, through the magic of BBC's Live Lounge, it is now a reality that can be heard via Youtube!

Taking the empowering, feminist mid-tempo track, Pink gives it the "Just Like A Pill" treatment: smooshing the two songs together to form one gorgeous mixed-genre baby! I just wish her vocals had been a little bit more peppy because though good, they were just missing that fire- which Pink usually has in spades- needed to sell the lyrics fully.

Maybe I should be grateful Pink toned down the vocal. Any more rousing and I might have started burning bras. And since I don't have any of those, who knows what I would have ended up setting alight....

Check out Pink's Cover of "Girl On Fire" below:

And the Original Alicia Keys version:



  1. I loved it....Nothing more to say then lovely.....

  2. Her cover was quite excellent.

  3. Enjoyed P!nk's rendition better than Alicia's. Probably helped in that how the former doesn't seem to have problem singing this live. As did the absence of that video ;-)

  4. i think she struggled reaching the high notes and sustaining them. but nice rendition

  5. Alicia's version>>>>>>>> Pink

  6. I'm guessing someone hasn't seen Alicia "attempt" to sing her song live.

  7. Oh did she? Attempt I mean. Because she sure didn't on the. BBC. To my disappointment. :-(

  8. I agree i think its actually better than Alicia's version. The belts were easier on the ears. Its always interesting hearing to artist with simualar voices sing the same song.

  9. She tried on Storyteller's Live.

    She also sings it every ten minutes to promote her album.

  10. That isn't her trying, that is her doing! ;-)

    But not very well.
    I think the song is outside of her vocal abilities. She should just gift it to P!nk. ( presuming she wrote it and is in the position to give it to someone else.)
    Kinda ''take the money and run'' lol

    After hanging on this blog for a couple of months,listening to all these so-called divas perform, I have come to the conclusion most fail miserable to live up to their names. And most of the time their fans are forced to either make excuses or pretend performances are great when in fact, if it wasn't for it being a famous name, they would be considered quite mediocre.
    It's a sad state of affairs IMO
    I am glad thanks to the internet I also have access to singers who do consistently deliver the goods. :-)

  11. P!nk BTW being one of the few exceptions amongst those so-called divas. And wouldn't you know....she doesn't sell near as well as all those habitual disappointers.

  12. Might also wanna check out this version by Ailee (who's amazing!):