Monday 24 December 2012

[Watch] Lion Babe - "Treat Me Like Fire"

Looks like Vanessa Williams' daughter has caught the vocal bug too. No, not laryngitis you cowbell! A passion for singing!

Whereas her mother enjoyed most of her biggest success in the Adult Contemporary field- with songs like "Save the Best For Last" and "Colours Of The Wind"- daughter, Jillian Hervey, has taken a contemporary, neo-soul approach to her own sound.

The video for her first single "Treat Me Like Fire", at first instance, didn't inspire confidence: looking like an art student's end of year project. I was expecting rambling monologues and lots of arty nonsense to ensue. However, when the music kicked in, the video was no longer important. Jillian Hervey (AKA "Lion Babe") brought the musical goods to this budget affair, and that's all that matters to me. 

Check out her hypnotic single "Treat Me Like Fire" below, and download it for free HERE!


  1. interesting,voice is kinda like Erykah Badu meets Rihanna, Sounds like a Mezzo or maybe lyric, need to hear more to determine.

  2. Actually is good . I kind a like it . Her voice is dark and sexy , great body great face . Maybe it can work . The song is dark and sexy , her voice is like a mix but a true future diva will see .