Sunday, 23 December 2012

[Watch] Demi Lovato Covers Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas"

"All I Want For Christmas" is a Mariah Carey song, and thus, despite her making it sound as easy to sing as it is for me to overindulge during the festive season, it's actually not. Case in point, Ms Demi Lovato and her rendition of the song at the 31st Annual "Christmas In Washington" concert.

Having heard Demi sing live a number of times, I was actually looking forward to her take on this Holiday classic. She doesn't have the subtlest voice, being prone to, lets just say, "over projecting" at times, but I honestly thought this was a song she would handle well. However,I think Demi's nerves, and the resulting lack of control over her voice, got the better of her.

If she was sick- like I've read on Youtube- then fair enough, but I've heard that banded about so often when Divas deliver shaky performances, that I don't know when to believe it.

Check out Demi Lovato singing "All I Want For Christmas", below



  1. I think that this was a great cover.
    Obviously not as good as Mariah herself, but it was worthy of praises in my opinion.
    But she did too much movements and closed her eyes for some parts of the song, suggesting that she was hiding up her nervousness or some sort.
    Her vocals are indeed quite shaky, but I would still give her thumbs up.

  2. While Demi is a lyric, she does not have the voice for this type of song. Her voice is too brash. But she did good I suppose, obviously a far ways off from the original.

  3. Her vibrato in her head voice was a lil much for me....Also, she over song this song...but I think her tone was rather gorgeous although a bit nasal. On a scale of A to F this is a solid C+ maybe even a B-.

  4. She tried to sing this song like a lyric would. Arianas lyric voice complimented the songs structure perfectly. But too brassy. And she doesnt even sound sick. This is the best shes sounded in awhile which is kind of sad since this performance isnt the best... What bugs me is that most of the commenters are now calling her the "New Mariah" or "Better than mariah" saying within another decade shell beat all of mariahs records. Kind of hard to not get angry at any of that.

  5. I agree. But what exactly would Demi be? Is she a soprano and as a soprano what type? Dramatic, Spinto? She always sounded like a very light mezzo or a heavy soprano to me. IDK.

  6. Whenever I hear her sing I feel it screams Mezzo. Shes very chesty and hardly ever mixes. Her headvoice is disconnected and she hardly uses it. Idk how high shes even sung in Head voice tbh. But if she were a Soprano those head notes would be easier to access than shes shown.

  7. She's a full lyric soprano.

  8. She has song from Eb3-Eb6 as far as I know. Although her Eb3 sounds like talking it sounded more at ease then Amber riley's F#3. Her Eb6 was just crazy. it was smothered in vocal runs so you couldn't get a sense of it's quality. I guess it points to her being a mezzo. Mezzo and soprano often confuse me. The ones on the market generally have similar vocal weights but the key is in their passagios and frankly I don't have the skill to be able to determine the differences.

  9. I hear mezzo, too. Have you checked out the post on Gawker. The writer is delusional :

  10. A simplistic view for me is how easily they sing. Put aside most of the technical know how and think of key aspects of their own voice. Usually Sopranos have a light tone, with an ease in the higher octave notes, and dexterity in Head voice. Mezzos are the the middle. They have more weight to their voices but they also have ease with Head voice, though not at the level of a Soprano. Contraltos have solid lower registers that arent much present in the other two and are less versatile in the higher chest and head registers. Some people make Whistle voice proof of a soprano but it has been proven that any voice type (even males) can access notes in the fifth octave and up. After thinking about this you can also apply their coloring, textures, etc.

  11. I couldnt help but laugh while reading it. Honestly the only people that believe that junk have never seen Mariah carey outside of her music videos.

  12. this is a hard song to sing and its understandable that she didn't sing it very well - it wasn't horrible but there was just something about it that was off and i may be alone here but i feel that the tempo was too fast for what she was trying to do with the song - also the runs in the beginning were very wobbly

  13. I think Demi is one of the best singers we have today. She is very talented but I think tackling a Mariah song would be enough to make an experienced singer falter.

  14. That was poor. I don't care whether she managed to hit one particular note, it was just not good enough to bother sticking around for and find out.

  15. And I think you need to expand your search if this singer is the best to your knowledge

  16. I agree with you she is a lyric soprano

  17. Its no Mariah but it was good. Im glad she didnt try to go crazy with the belts since she never mixes. She just not a consistant performer, this i agree is one of her better recent performances

  18. I always thought she was a soprano (someone said full lyric), at first, but due to her battles with an eating disorder (and purging) she experienced a shift in her voice. I think she is a mezzo now, but she was more than likely not meant to be one.

  19. I thought I was the only one who thought this performance was rather poor. She looked, felt, and sung as if she was nervous. This and her Divas performance are some of the worst this year from her (considering she was making such improvements during her tour)

  20. When will people learn lol covering MC is never a wise move, she wrote most of her material with her own vocal capabilities in mind, playing too much with the notes and production always seems to cheapen her music.

  21. Demi is a good girl, and a Mariah's lamb, but I have to say this:

    D I S A S T E R !!!

  22. I don't understand why Demi's fans are trying to defend this performance. Just pay attention at who was there in the audience. LOOT AT THE FIRST LADY AT 3:08. NOW, THE MOST REVEALING EXPRESSION, LOOK AT THE PRESIDENT AT 3:28. THEY LOOK SO DISAPPOINTED.

  23. Oh please! Are you really trying to say the facial expressions of that assasin and his spouse should be anybody's musical guide???
    I think that must be your most ridiculous post to date H.

  24. "that assasin and his spouse" I can't reply it after this. I just can't. My silence for you, from now on.

  25. LOL should I be bothered? Go for it baby.
    Just,even if you suffer from Obamafever to the brain and it's most prominent symptom...the denial of the truth, I hope you still realize your silence towards me doesn't buy you the same from me. Next time you suggest I take facial expressions of despicable politicians as a guide to the quality of a musical silence from me to you , delusional twit.

  26. Wow... this comment proofs how horrible human being you are, perhaps calling you human being is way too much. And you dared to teach about morals in publicity and how souless some artist are. How can you say something like that? Do you have any actual evidence? This isn't even a blog about politics, so there's no reason to discuss something like. But, what else can be expected of someone like you? (whose only purpose in life is to proof that you are superior and everybody else is worth nothing, and that you own the truth).

    PS: Assassin is someone who is HIRED to murder somebody (a mercenary who kills certain targets). You didn't even use the right word to split your poison.

  27. Are you kidding me??? First off your posts don't exactly make you come off all smelling of roses nahu.Certainly not to anybody familiar with your comment history. Your little reply to serendipity is still fresh in memory.

    Second: it was H who first dragged in that assassin and his facial expressions as some sort of reason for Demi fans to not like her performance.

    But this is of course you again twisting word. :-)

    Third: Obama's hitlist, involvement in illegal drone attacks and responsibility for assasinating many people( amongst whom an American citizen who wasn't even tried yet)are hardly secrets. They are as secret as Beyonce's fake writing crediting. Google it dude.

    And it still seems to not get through that incredibly dense skull of yours that this is not your blog and not your say what is posted. Start your own dear, if you want to moderate a blog.

    But tanks for sharing exactly what a hypocrite you are . That must also be the reaons for your earlier staunch defence of that particular trait. Thanks also for that very strong clue as to the blanket,clearly unread downvoting. :-)

    And I don't really need lessons in English from you thanks. Unlike you, I AM familiar with the dictionary and the correct definitions of words I choose to use. Assassin is exactly what I meant to say and he is.

  28. Well she did start of singing from a young age so she could have started off a a Soprano. But since her peak in Puberty her voice has darkened. Whether thats due to belemia or her actual voice maturing is up to debate.

  29. There are darker voiced sopranos, not every soprano has a light voice.

  30. I don't know if I'll ever be able to post again knowing Nahu holds such negative views of my posts, it was truly a blow that I may never recover from.

  31. I understand completely. As if henrique promi...threathening to shun me, a blow hard to overcome, isn't enough to crush me , I also will somehow have to learn to cope with not being considered ''human being'' by a fan and defender of murderers, hypocrites, liars and fakes.
    I...I...I just don't know how to go on I tell you. The Mayans might as well have been right because what life is left for me now. * boohoohoohooo*

  32. Maybe next time we will consider the consequences of slinging our "poison" around.
    I hope we learned our lesson Opie.

  33. Time will tell but my ''poison'' being the kind that has to bind with other elements before becoming active, I fear it's all very dependent on my parents and the political context I grew up in. This I fear does not bode well for my having learned the lesson these two paragons of virtue are doing out. :-(

  34. God makes them and the devil takes them...

  35. And Santa brings them present. ROFL your heroes go from delusional strength to strength. From Beyonce the hypcrite to Obama the assassin to god the megalomaniacal mass murderer to the devil, ''the root of all evil''.
    You sure know how to pick them Nahu the virtuous. :-)

  36. Its not just the color though. Her voice has a weight that most Sopranos don't have and she isn't very dexterous outside of her mid belting. She practically yells the top notes and she loses resonance when she goes too low. SHe seems to really only carry much power in the middle. She definitely has volume at the top but it sounds unstable.

  37. Opie, after reading this comment I don't want to argue with you anymore. I can see clearly now that you have such a void in your soul, in your whole life, that you feel the need to proof that you are smarter and better than anybody else. It is really sad to read that you call God "the megalomaniacal mass murderer", because even if you don't believe in him or whatever, you should respect that some people actually believe in him and is really offensive to call someone's deity a "mass murderer".

    But again, I can't really expect any better of you, because you are an empty shell, and you don't know better than spread around your poison and corruption. So much anger and hatred lies within you, I sincerely think that you are going nowhere by being the way you are, and BLASPHEMY is the easiest way to rot your heart.

    PS: Don't worry, I'll pray for you...

  38. Nahu, you're problem is lack of research and lack of wisdom. If you would put in the research you would know facts to be facts and if you had wisdom you would not argue facts that are facts.
    Equally if you would do research your opinions wouldn't be based on nothing but your personal taste and you would have some actual argument when arguing opinions and you would not have to resort to low personal attacks such as you usually do when someone else's opinion doesn't match yours. And did in the above comment.
    You have quite the track record in that and if you want to believe in imaginary things such as souls and an imaginary punisher in the sky, I think you should focus on doing any wistful thinking for yourself.

    And no I ''should'' not respect ridiculous nonsense at all.
    What I should respect is other people's rights to believe what they want. That does not entail me keeping quiet when they drag their nonsense into a conversation due to ther inability to do research, lack of wisdom in choosing what to argue and inability to admit when they are wrong and most of all....their utter inability to argue on point.

    You came into this claiming I incorrectly called an assassin an ''assassin''. Rather than do research on both the facts regarding his guilt and the proper use of that word, realize you were wrong and either admit you were wrong or take the easy way out and simply stop decided to attack my character and then in your eyes evenworse my ''immortal soul'

  39. I was going to leave some responses to our dearest friend Nahu but it seems you've touched on all the key points :)

  40. LOL I hope so, I sure gave it a good shot.:-)
    Can you believe the hypocrisy and depth this joker's ego will sink to?
    Does he even realize it himself one wonders

  41. You incorrectly used the word assassin, and you're the one who should do some research. To begin with, assassin is the modern word but the real word is hashashin (turkish). It refers to the Nizaris and their famous consumption of hashish. They were well-known for murdering people in plain sight in the medieval times. The word is incorrectly used these days (by people like you) as synonym of murderer, but its real meaning is nothing like that. In short, an assassin is a HIRED professional murderer. Someone who's being paid to kill a target and is a professional in doing so, being his main income and full-time job.

    You are going to deny/reject everything I wrote above, probably. I have to be honest, you are the most stubborn, arrogant, haughty, and rude person I've met in a long time. It keeps surprising me how can you be so convinced that you're always right and everybody else is completly wrong. But as I noticed before, you're trying to desperately fill the wholes in your life and within you. You are not going to do that by making yourself look smarter and wiser than everybody else. And for your information, you have no right to call the things I believe imaginary or ridiculous nonsense (even though this is the lesser blasphemy that have come from your mouth). And believe me, if for one single second I thought that I'm wrong in anything, I would say it. But I'm not going to say it just because you need some ego booster.

    "And you too can be right as often as I am" ... A written proof of everything I said before: arrogant and petulant. But you are just too blind to see it, aren't you? Well, maybe God one day will make you see the truth and you will have a chance to regret regret everything you have said and done...

    PS: I'll keep praying for you... You are so lost and empty, your life will be a train wreck until you find inner peace...

  42. Indeed, Obama gets paid for being the president of the US. One of the jobs he and many of his voters consider to be his, is get rid of foreign political opponents. He very professionally assassinated both Bin Laden and khadaffi ( a long with a whole host of others). He does so by use of machines actually called 'assassin drone'.

    Since gods don't exist any insights I might gain for sure will not come from those.

    Seeing as my IQ has been tested to be in the top 10 %, I actually AM smarter than 90% of the people. I don't try to prove to be smarter, I simply am.:-)
    The more you reply with your reli inanities, the more you prove you certainly fall in that 90% category.
    Research ( yes, there it is again) has shown a clear correlation between IQ and religious beliefs.
    You certainly are backing up said research.

    As does the way you allow your ego to be baited by my playing on it's very obvious Achille's heel.
    There's your lack of wisdom again.
    AND once again you are wrong since oviously since I am deliberately baiting you I am far from being ''too blind to see''

    You just claimed in your previous comment that you didn't want to fight with me anymore yet there you are again( with the attempts at personal insults).
    There's your hypocrisy again! Doubly so infact because you recently spent a fair amount of comments admonishing folks not to critisize people on a personal level when you don't know them personally. And I am quite sure you do in fact not know me personally dearie.

  43. Instead of responding back to Nahu I shall stay on the sidelines and play cheerleader for the winning side ;D

  44. I think I have things covered anyway. Seeing as I AM smarter than he is. ( what do you think, will he take the bait again? )

  45. Oh certainly. I'm more certain he will take the bait again than I am that the sun will rise again.

  46. LOL Ego is a bitch. We will see how much.

  47. its hilarious how this post is about demi lovato covering a mariah carey song and all of a sudden people start arguing about how Obama is an assassin -

  48. Despite of the fact i can not stand your ego, i must support it by saying that you are really very smart person and that you are likely right in this topic. But you are not right every time, no one is. Btw i share your opinion on god...

  49. Of course I am not right all the time. But if people go around accusing me of believing I am when all I really am is confident and good at arguing, I like to fuck with their heads. Like I pointed out, when I see someone claim some fact I think is wrong, I first look it up before I start arguing and when I see I am wrong, I don't even start to argue. I stack the deck in my favor beforehand as it were. I am wrong plenty of times, I just don't advertise it :-)
    There are some people who don't bother doing the research first. They consequently seem to be wrong more often. And some then like to blame me for their mistake.

    Obviously when it comes to pure opinions there is no right or wrong. There is only the one who can argue better and longer. There again it helps if one puts in some research. One ends up with more ammo.

    In actuality it is not so much IQ as it is research. Anybody can do that if he is willing to put in the time and effort.

  50. Actually...strictly speaking it started with someone claiming some politician and his wife not liking a performance should guide people into not arguing pro the performance. I indeed thought that is a truly hilarious thing to suggest.
    They way I put it and my view of said politicians actions seems to have deeply offended some of his stans.
    To be honest, I did not expect him to have these stans here from not even the country that poitician presides over.
    Which just goes to show I ain't all that smart. Because really I should have realized more thoroughly he has stans all over the world.

  51. Wow a lot of people here have issues, issues that i shouldn't get involve with. anyway it was fine i guess but she over sung this. and just look at her face she's kinda tense

  52. She has a great voice, but to me here she sounds so uncontrolled and shakey. As Diva said Mariah makes it sound easy to sing but Demi proves otherwise

  53. Nahu, I love your comments. Please keep responding and playing moderator because it really makes my day.

  54. this is alright, she did okay~ I mean, Ariana Grande sang this song at a much less glamorous event and she did...well....incredibly better, but this wasn't bad, it was good!~ It's just her voice isn't really type

  55. Ariana Grande's cover of this song just matched up to Mariah's in my eyes. Demi struggled partly because of nerves but mostly because she is not lyrical enough to pull this off and not a soprano.

    Do me a favor and post this version along with Ariana's in the Versus section and see who wins. If you wanna know the difference between a soprano and mezzo-soprano, watch Ariana's version.

    Or even better, watch Ariana's version of Reflection from Mulan when she was 11 and compare it to Christina Aguilera's version. I'm not saying you'll think it's better (Well I certainly do though) but the difference is obvious.

    Don't get me wrong. Demi Lovato is a good singer and I am a fan. Just listen to the emotional conviction in "For The Love Of A Daughter" or "Fix A Heart." She just needs to sing songsight for her.

    I am actually really upset about her bad choice of covers in general. She practically ruined Jennel Garcia's chances of doing better in the X Factor...

    Sorry Demi, I just needed to vent a bit.

  56. No, sorry. I've heard Ariana's cover of 'Emotions' and was left unimpressed. I doubt her cover of Mariah's signature song will go any better with me.

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  58. nor demi neither ariana matches to mariah yet isaw arianas cover of this song but she was breathless stop making her new mariah

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  60. really?ariana's cover was weak

  61. really shows you the greatness that is Mariah Carey. That was really good, enjoyable. But not nearly as smooth and effortless as Mariah Carey.

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