Saturday 22 December 2012

[Watch] Was LeAnn Rimes intoxicated On X-Factor USA?

Leann rimes Carly Rose X-factor

Can anybody tell me what was going on with LeAnn Rimes during her performance at X-Factor USA, because to me she looked (and sounded) drunk as hell!

Joining contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar on stage for a duet of her MASSIVE hit How Do I Live, the country-pop star messed up the lyrics, played (badly) with the medley, and made herself look anything but the seasoned veteran she is.

Poor Carly Rose, it must have been hard to stay in tune when LeAnn was changing the key with every other beat of the song. I can only imagine how resentful her parents the 13-year-old(!) is feeling after missing out on winning the series. Though, to be fair, she didn't sound like the strongest singer- if the pre-LeAnn vocals were anything to go on.

LeAnn Rimes has since issued a statement claiming she was not drunk, saying: "It's a shame gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl." But if it wasn't booze, what was it? Prescription pills? Jet lag? Drugs? A fiendish (failed) plot to win sympathy-and thus votes- for Carly Rose?

Whatever it may have been, if there is a real problem here, I hope those around LeAnn will make sure she gets the help she needs.

LeAnn singing "How Do I Live" in 1999:



  1. "she didn't sound like the strongest singer"

    I think that she respects the structural integrity of songs more than anything, and how she can put her own idiosyncrasy along the ride, of course whilst still making those 'money' noted along the process displays a sophisticated level of musical sensibility, amazing for a 13-year old, I may say.

    Her rendition of Rolling in the Deep

    My Heart will go on

  2. Thanks for those, I don't follow the show so am not aware of her past performances.

  3. ehhh...carly rose is very limited. she can sing but not to the level leann rimes can. she certainly doesn't have her range. and im no leann rimes fan.

  4. wow its like me at christmas haha carly totally looked at her like "ugh mom she smells alcohol" ....and can we talk about how red Britney looked at the start ..what even

  5. Never ever in your life especially when you're starting your career make a duet with a diva! why because they will either outshine you or own you!
    anyway i agree with you DD about her not being the strongest singer but she's young so we'll have to see her develop and if you will follow the show non was really strong. I didn't hear any special voice all i heard are voices with potential to be moneymaker with some of autotunes help.

  6. Totally, I think age will benefit her immensely.

  7. LOL! Britney could see the end in sight. It was giving her hot flushes.

  8. Being honest I dont think she was drunk, her eyes however always give the impression that she is out of it, its just the shape of them lol

    I agree though this is not one her finest performances, I am not sure getting the contestants to duet with stars is a good idea tbh, especially when they either sound way too amazing and make the contestant look useless or sound so horribly bad that it puts people off voting.

    I still like LeeAnn thoughm she is a bit bonkers lol