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Thursday, 14 February 2013

News Spam: Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Grimes

Welcome to a spamming of Diva related news! Each story is too anaemic to deserve a single post, but important enough that I wanted to share and get your opinion on! Enjoy!

Mariah Carey:

OMG, Mariah Carey has a guest appearance in my favourite Seth Macfarlane cartoon, American Dad. (Take that Family Guy!) If I hadn't read about it over at MariahDailyJournal, I would have totally missed her.

In fact I had to watch the clip twice, even though I knew she was going to be in the scene, to figure out which character she actually was. The stupidity of which will become apparent when you see it only has one non cast member in it!

Talk about a crazy use of an A-list celebrity!


Kylie Minogue:

In a strange move, Kylie Minogue has joined Jay Z's Roc Nation management team. Already looking after stars like Rihanna, Rita Ora and The Sugababes, it'll be interesting to see how the team handle a seasoned, established professional like Kylie.

However they decide to market her, I predict a big push and lots of promotion for the next album. Hopefully it'll be the  one that sees the Aussie Diva finally crack the American market.


Britney Spears:

Does the world really need a remix to Will.I.am and Britney Spears' Scream And Shout? Not only that, does it need another video?! Apparently so. Peep this tweet of Britney's new ensemble for the upcoming visuals. Looking vacantly fierce, Ms Spears!

In case you're wondering, yes the new song features guest rappers! Who you ask? Diddy, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka Flame and Hit-Boy. Yay(!)

[Source: USWeekly ]

Edit: The video dropped while I was writing this! Lucky you guys, no need for sleepless nights waiting for it to hit! As I thought, this was not only unnecessary, but it is God awful!

Lady Gaga:

Gaga will undergo surgery on her hip after suffering from chronic pain during her Born This Way Ball. Rectifying the problem (a "labral tear of the right hip," to be precise) will require plenty of rest and recuperation after the op, and this unfortunately means the entertainer will be cancelling 21 dates of the American leg of her tour, effectively ending it early.

On breaking the news, Gaga reached out to her fans asking for forgiveness and to let them know that cancelling the shows hasn't been an easy thing :

I barely know what to say. I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for some time now, [and] over the past month it has worsened. I've been praying it would heal.

I hid it from my staff. I didn't want to disappoint my amazing fans. However, after last night's performance I could not walk and still can't.

I hope you can forgive me, as it is nearly impossible for me to forgive myself. I'm devastated and sad. It will hopefully heal as soon as possible. I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and I'm sorry.

Get well soon, Gaga.<3 br=""> [Source: DailyMail]


Indie artist Grimes bigs up Beyonce in a recent (now deleted) Tumblr post, saying:

How can you hate Beyonce? She's changing the world. She stands for people of colour and women everywhere succeeding in a stifling patriarchy without compromising her morals... She's always positive. She is everything good. And the fact that she is hugely successful is not a sh--ty thing. It's an important and amazing thing...

But way more important than that, she credits Mariah Carey for her musical alter ego existing altogether, saying :
And yet I know very few adult males who consider themselves serious 'music guys' who don't laugh when I say I like Mariah Carey. Why? Because she's beautiful and people like her. Therefore she must be selling sex, right? So obviously her music is terrible, right? Ugh. The first time I heard Mariah Carey it shattered the fabric of my existence and I started Grimes.

AMEN! I knew we were on the same wavelength!




  1. Happy valentines to you all! Its been a while since you spammed! Loving your work!

  2. HOW DID I NOT CATCH THAT MARIAH CAREY CAMEO IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE HER AND IVE SEEN THAT EPISODE AIR ON TV LIKE TWICE SO FAR. Phew...I mean I knew she did a cameo for it and i've been waiting...during every episode since she said she would be on it...watching...

  3. Did Waka Flaka's dumb ass just say yolo??? I can't stand his ugly pot-belly, little feet, shrimp smelling dreds, un-hyped ass. Gosh, talk about someone who never needs to come back to Albany....I remember when he came here to the drag strip and no one showed up...he Aint even relevant.... He needs to drop off the Earth.....

    He beyond ruined the already horrible music video...

  4. I knew she was doing a cameo but I expected it to be playing herself....I am not sure they used her properly lol Roger as always steals the show (my hero) ;)

  5. Lol don't hold back there :D

  6. Sorry, I was in rage mode when I saw him in the music video, And I actually was holding back. I could have said much more about that turd lump.

  7. Haha I just watched it and being honest I see no point in remixing either the song or the video, and yes his appearance is hardly pleasing on either the eyes or ears.

  8. My ears are burning from Scream & shout. There are not enough words in the dictionary to prove how horrifying and disappointed I am. -_-

  9. Awh, no mention of Marina and The Diamonds releasing a new song?

  10. @Mariah: Wow, what a waste of a cameo. I was hoping for something like gaga's stint on the Simpsons.

    @Britney: Pfft. Stupid song gets stupider remix.

    @Gaga: Uwaaaaah! Poor mother monster! get well soon!

    and lol @ the nicki gif.

  11. Better than South Park. The creators of that show get requests from celebrities to make guest appearances all the time and usually give them the roles of Dogs and Birds. If I recall Correctly George Clooney was a dog in an early episode and he had the line "Bark. Bark."

  12. I actually liked the original music video with the decent dancing in it. Why doesn't Brittany dance anymore?

  13. Grimes just got my vote for stan of the year. Never heard such ridiculous claims on Beyonce before.
    She's not too bad a Mariah stan either

  14. Britney is so much better than "Scream & Shout." I will say that I really didn't care for the song at first but it has slowly grown on me. That being said, if they could cut will.i.am's part out completely I would find it much more listenable. The remix version is terrible for a number of reasons: a) there are way too many contributing artists b) the video seems thrown together and c) it's just an awkward mix. Even Britney looks over it... which is saying something. Perhaps it's that they styled her to look like Fergie 2.0 in the video that makes her seem so underwhelmed. Or perhaps it's the fact that the rappers in the video can't seem to go more than five seconds without yelling "bitch!" It made me uncomfortable for Britney and frankly, women everywhere.

  15. Kylie joining Jay Z’s Roc Nation management team – poor old Kylie better prepare herself for this. When it comes to their 'female artists', Roc Nation’s stock in trade is to have them dress right down to their knickers and cavort around like would be porn stars, ergo, everything is sold on sex and everything gets reduced down to sex. Kylie’s always been a bit tongue in cheek when it comes to selling her sexuality and now she’ll have to suffer the indignity of the close up crotch shot and some sweaty dancer dry humping
    her. Poor girl.

  16. Scream and Shout remix – tuneless, abysmal dross.
    William, you ain’t even half as talented as what you think and Britney don’t short change yourself girl by putting your name to something so crappy and abject

  17. Britney looks great in that video despite it being such a shit song.
    Hope Gaga gets well soon.

  18. Don't forget that Mariah is releasing a new single on the 18th! or 19th, I forget :b

  19. That "Almost Home" song. I'm so excited! It's time that Mimi got her Disney song! Celine's had one, Christina's had one, and now it's Mariah's turn! Oh, ohhhhh~!

  20. I assure you, you have, haha

  21. Neither can I! But honestly, what I want to hear is her spilling the beans about her album, she's had us lambs waiting too long -.-

  22. Yeah, but she can't compete with me for the Mariah title.

  23. Don't tell me what I have heard. Thanks

  24. Uhmmm I don't know. You are not too unrealistic a fan to be really called a stan. But you can't be beat at being a Kelly antistan. :-b

  25. Yes, sounds nasty, that inflamation. Hope she gets well soon so she can annoy the crap out of me but entertain millions of fans. :-)

  26. You ever heard of a joke?

    The sass.

  27. I'm surprised Mariah was okay with such a small role in American Dad. http://www.theprophetblog.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Mariah-Gif.gif

  28. IKR I wonder what happened to that diva ego lololol.

  29. Take a hint Wall.
    Also...adding ''haha'' to a line , doesn't necessarily make that line funny. Why don't you go ''rummage in your bath tub'' for an actually funny line.

  30. No need to be nasty dude, I was being nice. I don't wish her any physical harm and sincerely hope for a speedy recovery.
    And yes I knew that was the cause mentioned for the inflamation. Not because I am focused on Gaga. Like your good self who almost only appears here when Gaga is mentioned. :-)
    I know lots of stuff about lots of things.
    It's called possessing a good general knowledge. In order for that to remain good, one has to keep up with the news on a wide variety of subjects.

  31. Lady gaga is funny. Japanese superstar ayumi hamasaki did a concert and ran through the whole thing with a swollen leg through the help of pain relievers, and alongside for 5 years she couldn't hear on her left ear but it was just after five years that she told this to her fans.

  32. Those are not quite comparable to joint inflamation. Chronic serious pain is harsh. And she has been doing many concerts with that problem. Everybody knows how deeply critical I am of Gaga, but pain and serious physical ailment are not ''funny'' in my book.

  33. Labral tears typically don't involve surgery, they are treated through medications, cortisone injections (Very painful, but worth it), or rest.

    Her surgery is probably just a Hip Arthroscopy to evaluate the damage done to the Labral in her hip, and she'll probably be given a cortisone shot to reduce inflammation and be told to rest as much as possible.

    The Labral is a form of cartilage, and there is really only so much you can do when it comes to cartilage, as cartilage unfortunately can't grow back.

  34. I'm afraid you are incorrect Serendipity. Just Google 'labral tear'' first hit is info by the Mayo clinic on such surgery.

  35. I meant to put "typically doesn't involve surgery" , non-surgical treatments are typically preferred in these types of things and in general. It's not uncommon to opt for methods that don't involve cutting someone open, some doctors prefer actually cutting someone open as a last resort.

    But perhaps it is best she gets the surgery done and over with as the scar tissue that would develop in her labral had she avoided surgery would eventually result in a worse tear and definitely involve surgery. Especially considering her frequency of falling during concerts.

    Perhaps Gaga should invest in hip pads :) I mean this jokingly and somewhat seriously. Seeing as much as she falls, it would do her some good to have something that would absorb some of the shock and would probably keep her from going under the knife again.

  36. Ah, see I haven't really read up on Gaga's situation. I just assumed it was an issue that became known due to her constant falling. Not that it was a long running issue, my bad.

    Perhaps, I'd think it could be a combination of both.

    And yes I can see it now, "The pads show that sometimes we all need a little help" and so forth. Perhaps I'll go invest some money in stocks for companies that sell hip pads as I'm sure that will become a trend if that were to happen :)

  37. You have a talent Opie, you can take the most harmless comment and use it as an opportunity to argue with someone.

  38. Opie, I'm not going to argue with you, because as they always our are arguments are long, pointless, and consist of you acting extremely rude.

    You know and I both know the quote you used is out of context. If you include the whole comment, it is obviously a harmless jokes, henc why I responded in a similarly harmless way. Do you have a problem detecting harmless jokes?

    And your bath tub reference is stupid and makes no sense.

  39. Well, Iike I said, I'm just going by that BBC bit. How reliable their info is...notas reliable as it used to be. ;-)
    But unlike anthony believes, I am of no mind to check out more sources for these details.

    Hahaha that might just be a very wise short term investment.

  40. Black robin to arthur: ''you just come here to debate, don't you''
    Arthur to black robin:"haha, I does what I does''

    Guess no luck rummaging for that funny line in your bath tub then. :-(
    Did you, by any change, stumble upon that penny at least? Or rather, either penny.

  41. As much as I want to point all the wrong things you said, I won't. Cause that would just start another argument.

  42. You have turned me into quite a fan of hers

  43. As much as I would like to point out how wrong what you said is, I won't.

  44. She has said she oversang and overplayed when she was younger. Seems like she is indeed going for purity. And that's how people often describe her voice..as being incredibly pure. :-)
    Me, I like her early work as much as her later. This is one of my all time favorites of the early days

  45. That was my intent. And what I said at the end of our previous conversation. And why arthur should have realized I would not appreciate his responding to my comment in another thread with a highly inappropriate ''joke''.

    Thanks for your advice but to suggest a and b should not have conversations c doesn't want to read....can't even begin on how wrong that idea is.
    And thanks for your opinion. I was not aware you are a spokesperson for the entire ''disqus community'' and a moderator on this site.
    As far as I know..only DD is. He asked me to tone down my wording a while back. I think I very much complied.

    I also think critique regarding off topic conversations would be valid. Claiming the purpose of this site is not to discuss on the topic of music doesn't strike me as valid.
    Nor does criticism on the length of conversations.
    But I do agree I should not waste my own time on hopeless cases. I will do my best to read characters better. :-)

  46. Yeah her voice I agree is very tough to pull off its very beautiful and angelic I aggree she dosent get the respect from people and singers (I only heard of her through you) but she does get love from the grammy's. I would say she is more artisitic than others.

  47. Agreed. And if you listen to her first albums and most recent..it's clear she worked on achieving that voice.
    Not that she wasn't just as good. But different.

    Here she is singing at 16.

    And on top of it all...she is also an excellent fiddle player. Here's her playing at 14!

  48. @facebook-100000090078915:disqus
    @1c3ef186623ab60985621958a5460049:disqus, avoid each other's coments because I can already see it....your bickering will get irritating very quickly and it will deduct from the site's purpose, considering how closed a social ecosystem disqus is (wich means, everyone with a disqus acount can see all of this pointless arguing).....Very easy solution.... Just don't even acknowledge the fact that either of you come to this site.... It'll keep the peace...

  49. I believe healthy debates are good for the site

  50. Cool. Ricky described her style very aptly the other day as calm and relaxing yet sad ( in a good way ).
    First two vids on that playlist are btw not official. They are one offs for those particularly shows but never put on any of her albums.
    And there is a short playlist of her work with Robert Plant on my channel aswell. :-)

  51. Just like I expected...no answer to the one question asked. Thanks for confirming what I said.
    And pretty much consistently my view of you :-)
    I will from now on ignore you. Please have at least the courtesy to do the same. Thanks.

  52. I agree, I tend to listen too more big vocals but she is toned down while not lacking vocally.
    I love your channel!

  53. Sorry to enterupt this intense conversation but I want to listen to some Allison Krauss music would you say is some best Allison Krauss songs

  54. Arthur, I was in fact extremely polite during our last conversation. You were the rude one there in being so disrespectful as to start an argument and then not only not listen and respond to arguments but to most of all ....never even accept what the point you butted in on actually was.( and you did that to three people in that thread. I was just the one longest believing there is a way to get something through to you)

    You actually think after continuously accusing someone of having an issue they in fact do not have and you only think they have because you cannot be bothered to read or look up what you don't understand.
    After refusing to accept my several times assuring you that is not an issue and not what informed my view,essentially acting as if you know me better than I do myself (There are few things more rude than that child.)
    You really think it is ''funny'' to post a line in which you are ''assuring'' me you know better what I heard than I do myself? Just because you added 'haha''.

    Well...it is not. Aside from actually failing as a joke in itself, it also shows you lack the good sense to realize you and I aren't even on the kind of footing where you could or should make failing ''jokes'' like that.

    Now my line about the bath tub..that was funny dude. Have you realized it yet? Tell me ( she asked as if she expected to for once actually get a straight answer)..why exactly is that bath tub reference ''stupid'' and makes ''no sense''?

  55. I love the random people walking especially the older man at the begining but she is a great fiddler and she did sound different then I like her now better it seems pure I don't.

  56. Thanks William. :-) I saw you subscribed.
    Big vocals are impressive, and easy to recognise as such. But I find what Krauss does equally impressive. Not for nothing she gets a lot of respect from fellow musicians from all kinds of genres.
    The likes of Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Paul mcCartney, Yo Yo Ma,Bobby mcFerrin, Vince Gill, Dave Stewart, Paul Simon, Robert Plant...they have nothing but praise. And most of them have worked with her.
    I am also often blown away by the band effort. Awesome arrangments and it's often hard to realize that music is made by just five people playing acoustic instruments. Seeing as they do their own arrangments and are the producers also...any album by Alison Krauss & Union Station is very much them .

  57. Its good I can tell she was oversinging now, I think I'm so used to her strong angelic peaceful voice it doesn't seem true to her as an artist. (she is one of the few I see as an artist)

  58. Well, that particular song I'm not sure she was thinking of but who knows lol
    It is anyway pure bluegrass what she is doing there. Bluegrass has pretty strict set of ''rules'' ( so to speak) on how to sing and play.
    Krauss is a bit of an innovator in developing a style which is mixing in poplike music. It is not something Bluegrass purists have appreciated ;-)
    Lots of fans are of course of a different mind.

  59. I love her voice now its sweet and elegant so the rules of bluegrass best make an exception for the angel with a twang Allison Krauss.

  60. I just heard a preview clip and I AM IMPRESSED. THAT VOICE MIMI!!!

  61. She hit an F5 I think. I was just jumping with joy!

  62. She hits resonant E5s <3333333 I was abusing replay button yesterday xD

  63. Almost Home snippet was so great. Mariah is slaying almost all the top pop singers in the world with that clip.

  64. What's funny is to mention Ayumi when her downright foolish choices about not respecting her doctor's advice, particularly in regards to resting, cost her half of her hearing permanently AND her voice, because she'd just abuse it. I used to think she was a true professional and very dignified. Now I think she's just foolish. She's lost all respect for her craft and herself. Too bad, because she was actually brilliant once, even as a composer. One day she'll kill herself, what with doing concerts with sprained ankles, injuries from falling off stage, twisted arms, etc. Don't criticize Lady Gaga for exercising good sense. Deep down, we all wish Ayumi had; nothing will get her crystalline voice back now.

  65. Oops, my bad. And me too :) hope this song gets the recognition it deserves!

  66. Simply splendid! I hope she performs this soon I would love to see it live.

  67. Full Song: