Thursday, 14 February 2013

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Performs "Tennessee Waltz" and "Natural Woman" At The 2013 Grammys

Is Kelly Clarkson the most underrated singer of this generation? Sure, people know she can sing, but do they really know just how talented she is? This is a singer who is up there with Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, but is never mentioned alongside them when people talk of vocal talent. I wonder why that is...maybe her name just slips their mind.

Anyhow, on to her exceptional showing at the 2013 Grammy Award Ceremony. A performance I didn't even see reported on in the media, hence me not knowing it existed until reader Opie informed me of its existence! (I don't have time for the Grammy Awards, in case you didn't know) But I'm glad she did, because not only did Kelly cover the amazingly talented Patti Page and Carol King, singing Tennessee Waltz and Natural Woman, but she delivered, without a doubt, the stand out vocal of the night.

As well as vocal slayage, Kelly also won the Grammy for Best vocal Pop Album- beating fellow Divas Florence + The Machine and Pink to claim the award. Her acceptance speech was something else, just check out her comment about! Love this woman.


  1. Thanks DD. I was curious as to your view on Kelly's performance. Very gratifying of course to see we are in total agreement. :-)
    To me as well, her's was THE vocal performance of the night.
    And I also don't know why she is so often ignored. I dare say shamefully so.

    And I loved that acceptance speech as well. Like Pink, she has a realness and sense of humor I really love.
    The best part being that you see this in both performances and interiews and such. Proving these women aren't putting on acts.They are being themselves. Breaths of fresh air in the popgenre.

  2. Btw I think this video is better quality

  3. She's got big time pipes. As to your question, I'll answer it with lyrics of a song: "Video killed the radio star." Unfortunate but that's my guess to why it's happening.

  4. I don't quite agree but ...nice one! :-)

  5. Well everyone knows that in my book Kelly is THE vocalist of my generation, period, in my opinion. With every performance she makes me love her more and more! This one in particular is no exception. Has anyone else noticed that over the past year or so her voice seems to have ascended and become stronger in higher reaches?

  6. If you watch her original American Idol performances her upper belts are very shouty, but now.... Good God. Unreal.

  7. Kelly is without a doubt, the BEST singer of the past decade. Those belts are unreal. I do however wish she would have redeemed her American Idol whistle note. Nevertheless she did slay every other performer that night (Sorry RiRi).

  8. Yeah! It's especially great when you compare her performance of Natural Woman on American Idol in 2002 to this performance at the Grammy Awards in 2013. She's definitely my favorite solo artist c:

  9. That is very arguable, lol

  10. Lol, you just come here to debate don't you? lol That's why I like ya kid...You got energy for ions.

  11. I really liked her that night she sounded great and was hilarious.

  12. I would agree she did do great performances but I wouldn't go that far to say she is the best.

  13. She belted a G5 as if she was belting a G4......impressive...I wish I had that much ease above C5. lol

  14. Haha, I does what I does.

  15. I will say though, her chest voice is ridiculously good.

  16. Well she is a very high soprano, Kelly is the only person I've seen speak up to the G5-B5 area frequently in a pseudo-mix.

  17. She has come a long way since her days on idol.

  18. Oh wow. That's the most monotonous cover of Natural Woman I've EVER heard. It's even worse than Adele's.

  19. I enjoyed her performance, Carrie's, and Jack White's the most.

  20. I think thats why I like it was toned down not riled up like its done so often

  21. It's not just 'toned down'... there was no energy. And IMO there was no emotion. It was technically impeccable, but i just felt nothing when i listened to it. i didn't feel warm and happy the way Aretha's version made me feel, it didn't evoke the excitement of the Diva's live version, and it doesn't even sound sad enough to bring forth the little, tiny bit of nostalgia that Adele's did.

  22. Lol you know I like you and often agree with you but I think when it comes to are like an anti stan. You clearly don't like her...and seeing you have expressed the same dislike for similar voice types, I think I understand why. I can see how, to you, her voice doesn't fit the song ( I have a sneaky suspicion you really think her voice doesn't fit any song as far as you are concerned. ;-D )
    But your arguments are just ...unrealistic at times.
    ''No emotion'', ''sounds bored'', ''no energy'', ''monotoneus''...those are just patently not true

  23. Aside from Carrie....agreed! I loved Kelly's performance and Jack's was imo the highlight of the evening. He so should at least have won for rock album beause he sure was rocking out way more than the Black keyes dude.In fact, can't remember seeing any guy rocking out more than that at the Grammys ;-)

  24. Yeah it's definitely up for debate, everyone has their own opinion :) but as far as chest voices go, you would have to do A LOT of digging to find someone with her power and ease. In my mind it's her, Beyonce and maybe P!nk that have stuck out to me this decade.

  25. True. But I don't even think Beyonce and P!nk are as good as Kelly when it comes to belts (and that's saying a lot considering I'm a huge Beyonce stan)!

  26. I thought Carrie delivered a hell of a vocal performance, I didn't care too much for her projector dress or whatever the hell that was. Although I bet Beyonce was "inspired" by that, so I'm sure we'll see it again ;). I'm actually not too familiar with Jack White, but after watching his performance it made me want to check out his music.

  27. We should get a face of natural woman DD

  28. To clarify...I got a bit distracted by the time Carrie came on and since she never managed to draw my interest, I didn't pay any attention. Therefor I had no opinion.
    I already had heard Jacks album and seen interviews but hadn't seen him perform live. It blew me away and also sent me checking out more of his work.
    I guess I will have to check out Carrie's performance now. :-)

  29. I havent heard tenessee waltz before her

  30. Thanks, that makes a lot more sense. :-)
    I think either song could be the subject for a face off

  31. I knew it from Patsy Cline. It was recorded by many. Even Elvis, James Brown, Tom Jones, Eva Cassidy and Emmylou Harris covered it. Last well known singer to cover it was Norah Jones.

    For me Patsy's is my favorite still but I really like Kelly's rendition as well as Norah's .
    Here's Patsy live on a radioshow.

    And Norah ( with Bonnie Raitt)

  32. oh I love Norah Jones and this really is a good song

  33. I really want to like her. I mean, I love her old stuff- "Since U Been Gone" "My Life Would Suck Without you" "Because of You" and "Mr. Know it All" all rank high on my list of favorites. It's just that... I don't know, I haven't been impressed with her recent material, and I'm definitely not impressed with her cover of "Natural Woman".

    Maybe because I've heard so many better versions of that song lol. I can't help but feel that she doesn't measure up...

  34. Ugh, no, Celine slayed it at Diva's Live- ain't no one gonna touch that version.

  35. Well, I didn't mean to say you have to like her or her cover of natural woman. Just saying that your criticisms were , well just not true. But I always feel, just not liking something because it doesn't do it for you personally, is as good a reason as it gets. :-)

    Only other version I know is Aretha's and I am not really comparing because they have different voices and sing diferent genres. They both work for me..

  36. Celine covered Tennessee waltz?

  37. Definitely agree with you on that! Belts is Kelly's world. But Beyonce is a vocal acrobat and could riff poor Kelly to death. Kelly can do small riffs but I haven't seen her compete on Beyonce's level. In "Why Don't You Try" however Kelly does do some pretty good riffing however. P!nk is a lightweight compared to the two of them but I still think she deserves to be noted.

  38. Yeah, and to think 10 years ago her technique was about as bad as Xtina's lol.
    But yeah, I think their are few people in music that mimic Beyonce when it comes to her runs. I love "Why Don't You Try" by the way!
    But yeah, P!nk is definitely up their with Kelly and Beyonce.

  39. Haha no. I was replying to William about 'Natural Woman'.

  40. I know two versions other than Aretha's and Kelly's. Diva's live and Adele.

    Celine sang it with Aretha, Gloria, Carol, and Mariah at Diva's live... and I have to say that Celine and Aretha slayed. Mariah went batshit-Christina, yelling and screeching all over the place, and Gloria and Carol might as well have been backing.

    Adele's version was slow, boring, and typical. very 'meh'.

  41. I liked that last bit, I may have to borrow that for future use.
    Call me Beyonce ;)

  42. I havent heard Adele's cover but the one performance that you were talking about with Aretha and Celine and the others its cool to look at how the two compete against each other

  43. Haha it was good but I think Aretha could hold her own with the Nasal singer

  44. Lol feel free Beyonce! I'm fairly certain I've borrowed it from someone else as well.

  45. I watched that divas rendition and yeah, Celine was right up there with Aretha. All the others, to varying degrees failed to join those two. But on a whole I didn't like it. A big belt off.....Boring!

    Haven't heard Adele yet. I will have to check it out later. For today I've had my fill of that tune I think.;-)

  46. Throw more shade than a cloudy day. ;)

  47. I prefer Kelly's voice as well, and I actually didn't care for Blown Away too much until I watched her performance at the Grammy's. I thought she did a good job, and I consider her performance one of the better ones of the night. With that being said, I'm not a fan of Carrie and I don't find her music very interesting for the most part; however, I do respect the fact that her vocals are consistently solid.

  48. I totally agree her vocals on the night were excellent. I am going to take your word for that consistently. I myself have seen maybe three performances in total. Too few to vouch for consistently. But all three WERE nothing to be sneezed at. So your claim sounds believable. :-)

  49. HAHA, that's a good one xD

  50. I liked it, but I still prefer Stacy Francis's version !

  51. i think that this is the best performance of this year's Grammy Kelly just took my breath away and filled so many tears in my eyes

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