Sunday 17 March 2013

[New Music] Joanna Newsom Covers "The North Star Grassman and the Ravens"

You do not know how much I need another Joanna Newsom record in my life right now. Almost as if to tease me, the quirky songstress has released a cover of The North Star Grassman and the Ravens , by Sandy Denny to help promote something or other [Read more about what here]. Yeah, I admit I hadn't heard of the original before this, but  I'll definitely be looking out for more from Sandy Denny as a result.

Simply Joanna and her harp, this cover transports me back to when I first heard this magical artist. Initially her "unique" voice took a little getting used to- it's a cross between a witch and a young child(!)- but the whole process was made a lot smoother and speedier by the immediate beauty of her harp playing. Since then, I can't get enough of the wonderful Ms. Newton.

I know one should be grateful just to be blessed with this gift of new music, but it's only made me hungrier (greedier?) for a follow up to 2010's Have One On Me. Perhaps this is an indication that a new album is somewhere on the horizon. *Crosses fingers*

And before I sign off, did anyone else know she's engaged to this guy:

For all unfamiliar with him, that's Saturday Night Live and The Lonely Island's Andy Sandberg. Weird, right?



  1. A tidbit on Sandy Denny...she also did the female ( only one ever) vocals on Led Zeppelin's ''Battle of Evermore''. A song covered by Plant and Krauss during their Raising Sand tour. :-)
    They were both raving about Denny when on Later With Jools.
    Personally I say...Denny is not for me...way too follksy.

    Nor is Newsom for me. That's a voice just a little too close to childlike for my taste. And I really mean ''just' because it reminds me a lot of Ane Brun...who's voice I do love.

  2. I do love the harp, there is something very magical about the sound. As for her voice I do like the fact its so out there. I had never heard of this lady before, I can always rely on you to bring great new music into my life, thanks DD :)