Friday, 15 March 2013

[Music Video] Pitbull And Christina Aguilera Make Ugly Music Together On "Feel This Moment"...Ergh(!)

I just can't be dealing with Pitbull and his smug self today, but since our Chrissy is featured in the song I had to post this. The video for Feel This Moment has been a long time coming, but since it has Christina Aguilera involved, I can't imagine anyone is surprised with the delay; this is one Diva who doesn't seem to understand the importance of timing when it comes to promotion.

As for the song itself, if Pitbull doesn't make you want to smash your screen in, the song will probably have you going for your speakers in a less than loving way. It's awful. Poor A-Ha, what did they ever do to deserve this being done to their classic, Take On Me. *Side-eyes every karaoke event, EVER*

Oh and Christina, can you please get it together!! Your own album Lotus is dying from lack of promotion, yet you have time to work on this trash?! Please, either put out another single from your own album, or get back in the studio! It's not like you have anything else to, what with your sabbatical from The Voice this season.


  1. I have no idea who that dude is and I'm getting the feel his egotripping is meant jokingly.
    Strangely...I kinda liked this. Certainly not the worst of the vids/songs I've seen reviewed since discovering this blog.


  3. Hahaha maybe my strangely openminded view of this video was inspired by my siblings recent blanked dismissal of Kelly Clarkson based on a halfhearted listen to just the one video on poor speakers while chatting through most of it.
    A case of bizarre reverse psychology perhaps?

  4. Dear God, reserve that open mindedness for something else! lol!As for comic relief I've managed to miss the entire thing...well not the entire thing, since it's still on... but yeah...I'm not watching. Lol.

  5. Ok so this is what I get out of this song;
    The song itself is pretty terrible. Pitbull makes me uncomfortable in more ways than I'm likely to admit, and I loathe his rapid rise to international fame over the last few years. Also, who HASN'T he collaborated with now? The man is like David Guetta.. but not a producer.
    The thing I like the LEAST about him, however, and this is petty, is that every person I've met that's been to one of his concerts (usually because he toured with Usher, and they wanted to see the latter) has become a huge fan of him. Apparently he comes into his own in a live setting. And, because of this, I refuse to be dragged along to any of said events or even youtube them at the risk of my dislike being moved. I just can't take another "mr worldwide" or that horrible "ooooooooooooo-eeee" in every song.

    Christina needs to sort something out. I actually REALLY love her voice at the start of this song. It's classic Christina "Stripped" era, with the nice implementation of her falsetto and a comfortable midrange. The girl has one of the cleanly prettiest falsettos I know of in an artist, and it's heavily underutilized. However, the pros of this vocal stop there. She needs to learn that shouting syllables constantly does not make her sound good and is not good for her voice.

    She also covers her vowels, trying to give herself that big soul sound by forcing down the larynx and implementing tongue root tension purposely, but I think she's misunderstood something; a lowered larynx doesn't give more resonance. A naturally low-sitting larynx does, which is the one strived for in operatic singers. She's pushing her larynx down with her tongue, covering and blurring her vowel sound, and she's actually LOSING a lot of resonance from it, and tone. Girl needs to take a note from Whitney on her mid range belt, and any talented mixer ever when it gets higher than that.

    And finally.... Lotus? Promotion? Oh, Christina :(

  6. In my defense...only was watching out for that promised Vicar of Dibley skit.
    Sometimes there are some brilliant moments. :-)

  7. I loved Christina's part at 0:15 to 0:28. Why can't she always sing like that?!

    As for the other parts... I shall borrow Luiz Henrique's infamous line.

  8. Oh, she looks terrible in the GIF. And in the still you posted.

    I have been officially discouraged from watching the video. Thanks DD! You've saved me time to do worthwhile things, like writing comments on your blog and surfing Soompi.

  9. Christina pretty much always sounds great on record, no denying that :)

  10. Well, in Lotus she doesn't sound really good in many tracks: Army of Me, Sing for Me, etc.


  12. Lol what's with YOU guys?
    I honestly thought Cristina's voice combined with that Take That sample works. And since I know nothing of the guy except this video, gotta say ...I have no problem with his voice. At least it's not as whiny as many of today's popular males.

  13. No, I'm not talking about all the same choruses in the song, nor the part she constantly screams out "Woaaaaaah. I just wanna feel this moment" just the one I posted (0:15 to 0:28), because that's the only time in the whole song that she sounds ABSOLUTELY fabulous. Her switch to head voice and back to her chest voice is... orgasmic.

  14. YES! Agreed. I just don't understand why she has to always BELT. It's rough and unpleasant when it's high but she still continues it. .___.

  15. It's because she wants it that way. Take a look at her VH1 show during the "Bionic era" when she sang "I'm ok" for the very first time, along with "Beautiful", "NMT", "Bionic" and such. When she was talking about her youth and how she always struggled to be her own personal best (aka to sing the best she can) and then met Linda Perri who just asked: "Why do you do all that?". Linda explained her that there is so much beauty in vocal cracks (and screams I guess) and that there is no need to look for or try to achieve perfection. Chris appreciated that oppinion and started "exploring her voice" in that direction...

  16. oh dear. this is bad.................DD please give us some lana to help sooth the pain inflicted by god damn id even take Nichole scherzinger's boomerang over this.

  17. I know that, I've heard of such case last year I think. I'm just saying she needs to know how to balance it out. Constantly "belting" (screaming) is not helping her anyway. And so if Linda told her it's okay to have sex with someone with HIV I don't suppose she would actually do it? ._.

  18. I didn't think it possible that one could slip further into the musical gutter but Christina has not only managed it but made it look like a favourite past-time in the process. Words fail me as to how bad I think this piece of....well auditory violation is....

    It seems sad but with every abysmal performance and sub standard release the full stop in her "career" beckons...

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  20. I stopped feeling sorry for Christina after she left the voice to pursue promotion and touring...leading her to be doing absolutely NOTHING.Christina. Get. Your shit. Together. Dont you DARE think- that a few online interviews will do you any good. You are NOT likeable anymore. You have far too much on your record for that to work at the moment. You Need VENUES. Live television events. Joint concerting. Heck- Even put out the money for a commercial advertisement would help. I dont care how much you hated your old management- but they knew what they were doing pushing you to do all of that work. Its because thats HOW you remain Relevant. Sure you dont need to be driven like a slave. But you need to do SOMETHING. This collab with Pitbull is buying you more mainstream time- but its not doing much for your reputation or success as a Recording Artist. As for the vocal- she sounds much nicer than anything on Lotus but the OOOOOWAAAHHHOHOOOOOH part is classic leathery kermit voice.

  21. She does have a brain, she is just way too stubborn and rebellious to think rational. She still can control her voice sometimes, but constant strain for over 10 years has left it's effect on her chords...

  22. Here we go again:

    My dear Lord, bless another wannabe diva who really thought that someday she could reach Mariah's level. TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. She still thinks she's a high class diva... She's a diva alright, just a stupid Nicki Minaj kind of diva.

  24. Christina is most definitely a Diva in the original popular sense.

  25. well well well Pitbull has ben everywhere since 2008 and he just won't go away even though he is disgusting, annoying, untalented and ugly. How can people like him?

  26. Same question should also be asked about Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Katy Perry.

  27. I hate the song but Chrissy looks really goood!!!!

  28. She used to be... but now she's just.... *I don't even know where to begin*

  29. Katy Perry isn't ugly though

  30. Oh I beg to differ...I think she still is simply being a ''Diva''. :-)

  31. That's very debatable.

  32. If she continues, no doubt she'll slowly fade away.

  33. I think Pitbull is the kind of music maker that the world at large is trying to leave behind, like, way behind. Other the top, arrogant - so 90's, so over it.

  34. Rihanna and Katy are better singers than Pitbull though. And dats a tru faqt. loll

  35. He's not a singer. He's a rapper. ;-)

  36. Seeing as her latest album is being sold for 1.99 now, I'd say she is well into the process of fading, and it isn't slow.

  37. I feel so sorry for her.

  38. Like I said...I never heard of the guy other than in the above video. Therefor I can only judge him on that. All I hear is a dude rapping. His voice is not annoying to me while doing so. Ergo...I have no issues with him.
    Am I going to look for more of his work...hell no. This type of music I never listen to other than when reviewed on this blog.

  39. I don't for the most part, she was always a narcissus, and it came back to haunt her.

    Christina is like that naturally gifted student/athlete that doesn't try at all, and burns out all her talent by not using it/abusing it, and sees herself getting lapped by all her peers who apply themselves, but fails to see the fault in her ways. The poster child of when talent doesn't work hard.

    I was sorry for her until she tried to pass off Bionic as a masterpiece that was beyond its time, that was just pitiful.

  40. I liked Lotus, really. But there was no "WOW!" factor in the album. and her endless screaming... Sigh.

  41. A rapper who tries to sing!!! THAT is the worst part lol.

  42. Lol I just meant he can't be compared to actual singers...vocally. But I checked him out on youtube and mostly he is rapping. I did find one video where he was singing...badly. But can't say I went into it too deeply.

  43. wow that's like most dumb comment ever... Beyonce's and P!nk's albums are being sold for 1,99$ aswell. Are they fading too? And the album was sold for 1,99 for 1 day by the way.

  44. You're calling me dumb, but your sentence syntax is fucked.

    Those albums being sold for $1.99 are being sold as such because of their lackluster sales.

    I wouldn't consider either P!nk or Beyonce to be fading seeing as they are still relevant. Their names are still out there, their album sell at least over a million. I can't say the same for Christina, seeing as she has had to cancel her 2nd tour in a row, and Lotus hasn't even sold half a million yet :/ Lotus being sold for $1.99 is just one of many reasons her commercial decline is evident, and falling fast.

  45. I liked some of the songs on Lotus, until she started screaming like a slain Banshee.

  46. That all doen't make her less of a Diva though. ''Diva'' is an attitude and manneer of behaving. Nothing to do with relevance ( stilll say that is one of te most misused and silly terms in music conversations these days ;-D ) or salesnumbers.

  47. My point was that, although now she's fading away, she still has the "I'm the best!" attitude >_>

  48. My point was that she still is totally a ''Diva''. You then said she was fading away. I say...a Diva is Exactly that....someone who has that '' I'm the best'' attitude '' regardless .

  49. It was rethorical question...and how was the Lotus tour canceled when it wasn't even announced? FYI not all people are native English speakers ;/

  50. LOLS DD what's with the hate with Pitbull???

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