Friday 15 March 2013

[New Music] Original Sugababes (AKA MKS) Return With "Swimming Pools"

I'm still convinced that the original, reformed line-up of the Sugababes- now calling themselves Mutya Keisha Siobhan- are going to implode in an cloud of ferocious cooties before their highly anticipated second album ever sees the light of day (prove me wrong girls). But if that does happen, at least we've got this new recording to show us that the magic that was present on One Touch wasn't a fluke occurrence back in 2000, but is still there today.

Released on producer Blood Orange's Soundcloud, the new track, Swimming Pools, finds the trio reworking the Kendrick Lamar song (of the same name). Thankfully their ability to harmonise hasn't suffered from their time apart, remaining as tight and fresh as ever. But what really stands out is how the girls have clearly developed and grown as solo singers.

And to think, this was only the Divas supposedly "having a bit of fun" after their "last (recording) session"! If this was produced while having "fun", I can't even fathom how amazing the material they've actually invested real time and effort in creating will end up being! *Gets a bucket for the drool*

Please, please, pleeeeeeeeease let this truce between the ladies hold- at the very least until the album drops! My life will never be complete without it.

Original, Kendrick Lamar version:

Note: This is not a new single.


  1. I was totally thrilled when I first heard this earlier this evening! The class they present is just so effortless, they sound incredible both when harmonising but also solo. I think they will stick together for a little longer, they were kids back then. Now as adults who have grown both personally and artistic terms they deserve massive success! I for one shall be pre-ordering the album that's for sure! Thanks for posting this and sharing the MKS love DD :)

  2. I can NOT wait for it. I thought I was hyped before, but now I'm practically salivating !!

  3. Its about they release something. Ive been waiting for so long know and of coarse they deliver as always

  4. I heard the track yesterday but I didn't know it was them. I was very impressed!

  5. Its great to see these girls again, the harmonies are fierce and I love me some Blood Orange!!!