Monday 4 March 2013

[Video Spam] Alison Moyet, Dido, Fantasia and Nelly Furtado All Debut New Music Videos

Video spam time!! Here are four new videos from four Divas, all in one post!! Let's begin:

Alison Moyet has left me surprisingly intrigued with new song Changeling. Even though having been in the industry since the late 70's, time doesn't appear to have slowed down this contralto's desire to experiment, or take risks, with her creative output. But don't worry, this new sound isn't born from a desire for relevancy- so there's no danger of a Calvin Harris/ David Guetta style track blaring towards us on on the horizon (not that I'd be averse to that!). The change in sound has instead sprung from a different process being used while in the studio; something which Alison elaborated on further in a Facebook post;

"I avoided listening to anything during the process of writing and recording this album, choosing instead to be lead by my own melodic voice, the one I now find myself with 30-years-in. Guy Sigsworth returns me to a programmer’s world and marries it with perfect musicality. I have been waiting for him. We have made an album mindless of industry mores that apply to middle-aged women and have shunned all talk of audiences, demographics and advert jazz covers. This has easily been my happiest studio experience."

Fantasia's video for Lose To Win It sees the rasptastic singer flex her acting skills, playing a woman, who is involved in a messy relationship, finally break loose and walk away from it- apparently there's autobiographical undertones going on.

The song itself is pure 80's, so much so that it sounds dangerously close to an actual song from that decade (the name of which escapes me right now). And while I appreciate Franny's ability to wail belt with the best of them, the toned down vocal on show here makes a lovely change,  reminding us that there is more to this American Idol winner's voice than just rasp and high notes.

Dido is back, and supposedly more confident in her abilities as a producer than ever. Hooray for her! New single, No Freedom, isn't a hundred miles away from what we've come to expect from the British singer- think musical magnolia- being a mild, inoffensive track

Nelly Furtado keeps on doing her "thang" despite the sales issues going on with latest, and great, album Spirit Indestructible. Next song to get the single treatment is Bucket List. Admittedly, it isn't my favouritest [not a word, I know!!] song on the album, but it's by no means bad; just average when compared to other tracks on the LP.

Hopefully it'll be the song to reconnect Nelly to the mainstream audience that enjoyed last album Loose, but seem to have deserted this project in their hundreds of thousands- not that she's bothered, mind.



  1. Dido, I love you... but this sounds just like 'Thank You' and 'White Flag'.

  2. I gotta give it to Nelly, those horrible chart positions are not phasing her; she's keeping it moving through the flops. I think High Life is my favorite off of the album, despite her paper thin, nasally vocals on the chorus. What was with her vocals on this album? She wasn't nearly as nasal live.

  3. This was definitely her most nasal album! No clue on why that was!

  4. I honestly don't get it because her live performances during this era, save for a few off ones, were her strongest yet.

  5. After watching some more live performance I take that back, they were mostly bad. I guess the performance that I was thinking about was when she performed in France.