Tuesday 5 March 2013

[News] Anastacia Battling Cancer Again

Sad news from camp Anastacia. The singer has received the terrible news that she is once again battling breast cancer-having already fought the disease a decade ago. As a result of the diagnosis the singer has understandably cancelled all upcoming shows, but promises to keep writing and recording as she receives treatment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Anastacia during this trying time; you've already beaten it once, you can do so again!


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  1. my thoughts are with this wonderfully talented woman and her family. with a voice as strong as hers i know she can fight it .x

  2. Sad news! She will however fight it tooth and nail, she is a true
    survivor! I love her, and
    as she says "she'll never be alone"

    wishin her a full and easy recovery x

  3. It is sad. Something always happens to the greatest singers. I pray she will get through this....

  4. Real sorry to hear that. It's a nasty disease. Hope she will recover soon.

  5. I really feel for her. It must be devastating to be diagnosed with the same disease after ten years of remission.

  6. Wow, this is terrible but she can beat it again.