Wednesday, 24 April 2013

[Question] Is The Music World Missing Lady Gaga?

Am I the only one missing Lady Gaga and her crazy-ass antics? Sure, it was annoying when she was everywhere, hyped-up to the hilt, but her time away from the spotlight  recovering from surgery has me jonesing for some of her unique brand of over-the-top wackiness. I mean, the craziest thing she's done of late is cut her hair- see above. Heaven forbid she's mellowing on us!

I know I'm probably going to regret this post once the behemoth that is ARTPOP eventually chugs into town later this year, but as of right now, the heart wants what it wants...sigh.


  1. With the cancelled tour, lack of tweets and diminished appearances in the public I hope that she is finally taking the time to heal and finish up ARTPOP. I also feel that this is beneficial to the success of the new album in the sense that it won't be as hyped up as 'Born This Way' was. Hopefully this absence will add some what of a "come back" to the release of the new album I can't wait!

  2. I bought the fame, but I became rapidly fed up with her hypocritical progapanda and marketing. And her little monsters trolling every other artists' videos on youtube like retards didn't help. So no I don't miss her at all.

  3. World seems to be doing just fine without Gaga's activities. Even the media don't seem to be starving for nonsense to write about.
    And I am doing fine without her as well. Plenty of other overrated hyped up artists and their stans to keep me busy. ;-D

  4. I'm honestly not missing her. It's refreshing to not have to see a swarm of Little Monsters in everything music. They are the most annoying Hypocrites on the internet in my opinion. And her antics were becoming stale to me. So I'm doing perfectly fine without her. :3

  5. I miss her :(

  6. i do miss her (omg someone actually said it, call a witch hunt). but shes gona have to bring something epic to make me like her as much as i used to again. i mean. the whole princess high rubbish? we get it your rich and on weed. plus she's doing the whole "no interviews for two years thing" which yeah i understand your tired of the press but woman you need the media or your nothing and its incredible stuck up. all in all , i want artpop but not so much her . bleh, iv ended up disliking her more by the end of this post .

  7. Don't really have a problem with Gaga, saw her when she came near my area, as I go to any concert that comes by as they are typically few, it was a nice show. More theatrics than vocals, heavy reliance on a backing track at several points, but the vocals were good. Some pitchy moments here and there, but it wasn't like she was straining.

    My problem lays with her fans.
    While attending the concert I received several stares, and complaints for my lack of "costume" for the "monster ball" and generally the fans were rude. At one point a fan from behind me pushed me and said "move the fuck out the way, you're blocking the queen".
    That and the hypocritical and pseudo-mob like mentality of her fans on the internet leaves a bad taste in my mouth as well.

    So, if Gaga's inactivity keeps them at bay. Then I will have to say no, I do not miss her.

  8. Lol yes that was a surprise ending.

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  10. I miss my Mother Monster!!!!!!!!!! )':

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  12. Buahahahaha. I feel ya. And i liked how you stated everything in a funneled method before stating your true opinion in the last line. But I want Gaga to make another song that rivals "Teeth."

  13. That funneled method of writing used to get me in trouble quite frequently in English class lol.

  14. That is all I use for my essays. Lol

  15. Worse than the Beyhive?
    //will probably flee when gaga returns then.

  16. I can at least expect the Hive to group together and sting. Gaga is supposed to be about Loving yourself, being who you are, etc. Shes also very anti bullying. Little monsters go around preaching self acceptance- but the moment you say you may not like her music they make sure you get torn apart.

  17. I love that kind of writing...filled with tidbits of information. It's so....informative. :-)

  18. I use it here and there, my teacher mainly didn't like it because of personal preference. She thought my writing style in essays and other sorts of things was lovely and had a strong hint of a definitive voice behind it, but she was not a fan of the "funnel" method.

    My teacher still keeps my literary analysis essay on "War and Peace" lol. Although, she did complain about not being able to read portions of it. That was another thing that got me into trouble, I often cited and used works that weren't in the English language. My teacher is monolingual so you can see why that might be a problem lol. My War and Peace paper contained German, French and Russian mixed into it, but I put translations in the footnotes so all was well in the end. I was her favorite writer that year.

  19. I bet you were. Sounds like an essay I'd like to read. :-)

    My teacher only asked me if I copied my short story from a published writer and gave me a D.
    When I stated I most certainly did not. Why would I, as an adult in self-enrolled self-fianced classes, cheat...he stuck with the D. Guess he was not a fan of whichever writer he thought I had copied. ;-)

  20. I'll send my teacher an email and see if she could find the time to email me back the original file I sent her. Hopefully she still has it, if so I'd be more than happy to share it with you, I was quite proud of that paper :)

    Hmm... he doesn't sound like a fellow I would like :)

  21. Yes, I really would love to read it. Though it has been a long loooong time ago that I read the book.

    I'm sure you would not have liked him....he was a ass.

  22. Reading the reasons for people not missing her, I'm starting to get the impression Gaga's fans are the most disliked aspect of her. In effect her fans are her biggest ''enemies''

  23. I think being away from Gaga gave the music industry some pondering time that being wacky weird sucks. Look at the latest award shows, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and the rest of them look pleasant and slightly more elegant than they usually were. No more weird shenanigans present. Which is good. So when Gaga comes back being as weird as ever, she'll stand out like a sore thumb, which isn't good. (But if my memory serves me right, Gaga has actually shown more maturity when it came to her attires, so maybe she's also dialing it down.)

  24. ouch. I would have turned around and been like
    and then just got back to watching the show!

  25. I'm just saying Gaga stans are the worst BECAUSE they are Gagas stans. Because they are straight up hypocrites.

  26. Lol who's discriminating Gaga fans? How typical of a Gaga fan to put herself up as a big victim. As long as nobody is stopping or hindering or denying you anything because of being a Gaga fan, guess what? You are not being discriminated. *rolls eyes*

  27. I has a sucker for asses. LOL. Is he a good looking old man? AHAHAHAH. I cannot find a worse time saying this. :)

  28. lol. yep, you're That Guy. no prob. I'd be like you at her show. I appreciate the outfits, but I won't dress up for anyone's concert. I am sorry some weirdo was so rude to you, remember, that's not her. But, isn't it funny that some of these current stars fans can be so freaking rude and nothing like the singer they say is the bestest kindest person in the world?! Then EMULATE them, jerks! LOL

    thanks for making me laugh. I miss her though, I've taken all of the rihanna and swift music I can take on the pop stations this year, I'm now just leaving it off playing CSN&Y, George Michael, and Billy Joel songs until something new strikes my fancy...

  29. Bieber music Sucks! LOL, there, had to troll your post. ;)

  30. Simply put: no. All her antics were enough to last a lifetime anyway.

  31. I had a broken arm at the time, so I settled for the "intense glare coupled with choice words" option ;)

  32. I wasn't even aware that people were dressing up for the concert was a thing. I bought some cheap-ish tickets and went to see what the hype was because I had heard for months on internet how she's such a phenomenal live act, plus like I said, not many acts come near my area so I thought I'd go. More power to the ones who dressed up, there were some lovely outfits.

    You are right, it is more than Gaga's stans, most popular acts have a very aggressive mob-like fan base behind them. It's quite sad, I don't really know at what point in time fans became so aggressive.

    If you're missing Gaga when it has only been 2 years since her last release, imagine how it feels being a Fiona Apple fan. She puts her fans through the ringer, waiting seven years in between each release lol.

  33. Lol it was many moons ago Ricky. By now dude must be pushing 80.

  34. Haha I haven't had a bad experience at a pop concert yet. The last concert I went to was a J. Cole concert and everyone was surprisingly cool. I remember my friends and I were trying to get closer to the stage, and people were actually letting us through. I expected the worst coming in, especially when I saw the company I would be surrounded by for the night, but I enjoyed myself. Granted, there was still plenty of "ratchet" things that happened: People were rolling up joints, drinking "nips", weave was all over the floor, girls were flashing J.Cole to get his attention, and I think there was even a tampon applicator on the ground.

  35. Indeed, the break from her has been somewhat refreshing! Whilst I think she does have the talent she relies far too much on the theatrics and shock tactics to get herself out there, anyway even when she does drop ARTPOP I will likely be busy listening to my 3000 songs on my mp3 (phone) to add more to concentrate on lol and no Gaga is not on said player...

  36. Oh indeed, I mean I have never before witnessed such vindictiveness from certain stans, add to that total and utter ignorance. It's a strange dynamic and I still cannot wrap my head around why this particular group of fans in general are so overly defensive of her...

  37. Perfectly articulated there, and perfectly true! And that takes into no level of my like or dislike of her, its just a simple fact.

  38. The defending of Gaga I don't see to be any different from any other's artist's stans.
    It's the constant victim attitude I find the most annoying.

  39. True, but most fans of an artist can still see the limitations and negatives of their fav artists, or I can, its the aggressive attitude as if she was sent directly from the purest of human genetics or something.

    But yes the victim attitude is extremely grating, I blame her lyrical content for that one as well as the over riding the pink rainbow. Very manipulative, quite like Madonna (another copying situation) but at least Madonna was far more canny about it, and often did so with a certain sense of dry humour. Gaga takes it to another level, a very dark one actually....

  40. Oh yes,it is also a Gaga herself characteristic. And such a load of bolllocks to boot. And don't even get me started on that supposed 'bisexuality'' and her talking on the role PR bestowed on her as some kind of spokesperson for actual gays.

    Of course that's like Madonna. That's where she got it from.
    But I believe much as Madonna calculatedly used it...what she used was genuinly coming from her. I couldn't have graver doubts regarding the genuine nature of any and everything Gaga uses tbh.

  41. My sentiments exactly, I would rather someone like Rufus Wainwright, Adam Lambert speak out for my kind, at least there is no chance of there opinions being PR BS!

  42. Totally! Couldn't agree more.
    Especially Rufus. There's a guy who knows what he's talking about. :-)

  43. it's finally happening with my posts, like I've read from other people (there posts getting assigned to other pages and different conversations with disqus, crazy!!)

  44. my post didn't go thru, but anyhow, yes, it sucks waiting long on artists. my friend love FIONA, and knows your pain. I feel the same about George Michael. And yes, it's funny (sad) how some people go crazy and get rude about their favorites. I never act crazy in front of celebs. They're not 'better' than we are, just some have crazy talents and cash galore, but they all get headaches, heart break, and forget where they put things!

  45. Reminds me of this joke somehow.

    Attorney: Are you sexual active?
    Witness: No, I just lay there perfectly still.

    AHAHAHA Oh gosh.

  46. wow there you go again telling everyone gaga is not bisexual...

    im sorry but she can identify herself as whatever she wants and im sorry but there is absolutely no pop star as big as gaga with that much media power who supports the LGBT community so whole heartedly

    jesus if you watch every interview and every video about her you can tell that her love and sympathy comes from a genuine place

  47. Ugh, forget Gaga. You know what? I miss Mimi.

  48. She's supposed to be debuting her new single soon. :3

  49. I know... apparently entitled #beautiful

  50. Indeed...she can identify herself as whatever she wants. Unfortunately...that doesn't make it true. (A distinction sadly lost on many.) And I feel under no obligation to play a long with people's fantasies.
    She can identify herself as the Queen of England. Still doesn't make her the Queen of England. And I would not accept her to be the Queen of England.

    If her concern truly was genuine she'd not pretend to be what she is not and she would appreciate why she should not have her pr machine design her a role amd then accept it.
    If her concern was truly genuine, she'd express it as herself instead of under her alter ego and as the straight woman she is.

  51. Lol if that reminded you of that joke...I'm thinking your mind is at present focused on one thing only. ;-)

  52. I am beautiful, not matter what Reiko says, words can't bring me down. XD lol yes I can't wait to hear the song!!

  53. Hahahaq... is that a diss of some sort :P

  54. Not really, the world has enough overly pretentious more or less talented manufaturated popstars to keep me interested. ;P

  55. I'm actually excited for Mimi's new single. I'm hoping the inclusion of Miguel will help steer Mimi away from the likes of generic R&B like "Triumflop".

  56. I actually liked the remixes haha. But yeah, I hope he steer her away from it as well.

    I can't stand his voice though :(

  57. I like his voice, although overall it's pretty weak and his higher notes are thin.

  58. No, you're definitely not the only one. Everything has gotten so boring in the pop scene. Ever since Gaga left, all of the other girls stopped being fun. Say what you want about Gaga, but she sure causes her contemporaries to step it up.

    If it's any consolation, Gaga and all of her producers for ARTPOP were in LA a few days ago and rumor has it the album is near completion. I'm sure she'll be making her comeback in a couple of months. At least I hope!

  59. Way to generalize millions because of what a few dozen 14 year olds on Twitter say and do.

  60. That's actually a really gross thing for someone to do. I would've told them to shut up, to be honest. Then again, it's not really hypocritical. Gaga's message is her own and her fans are in no way obligated to follow it. Every popstar pushes the "be kind" message and, well, pop fans are the meanest fans.

  61. "If you're missing Gaga when it has only been 2 years since her last release, imagine how it feels being a Fiona Apple fan."

    I like that you pointed this out. People nowadays are so impatient. Two years is nothing. Not everyone can be a Rihanna and release an album every four months.

  62. You must not live in this world. Her name is in the tabloids every week, dozens of stories are made up just to talk about her.

    What's strange and truly hypocritical is that those who are the first to scream "NO, I DON'T MISS GAGA" are the ones who are always commenting on Gaga-related articles and sharing their "opinions". You'd think people who don't like or miss Gaga would, you know, ignore her. But I guess she's just one of those people you can't help but pay attention to.

  63. Are you really confused as to why her fans are so defensive of her? Really?

    Her demographic seems to be the "outcast" and for a lot of her fans, Gaga is the one thing in their life that brings them stability or happiness. When people say negative things about Gaga, some of her fans take it personally, like an attack on themselves or on the one thing that brings them happiness. I wish it wasn't that way, but some of these kids are very young and Gaga is one of the only people they feel they have.

    But to act like Gaga's fans are the only ones who are defensive over their favorite artist is ridiculous.

  64. So you know Gaga personally? You know what's true and what's not, or are you just speculating from a place of dislike? We both know the answer. The whole "she's not bisexual" is based on biphobic ideologies. "She can't be bi, she has a boyfriend" or "She's lying about being bisexual," because that seems to be a popular theory about all bisexuals.

    If her concern truly was genuine she's put her career and herself on the line. She'd donate millions of dollars to charity and would walk the walk and talk the talk. Oh wait, she did do that. If I recall correctly, people in Indonesia were threatening to kill her if she planned on showing up in their country all because of her LGBT support. Find me another contemporary popstar who has done as much or has given as much as Gaga.

  65. Reminds me of, you know, every other fan who trolls every other artist's Youtube videos. I see quite a lot of Madonna fans on Gaga videos.

  66. There is a direct correlation between Gaga leaving and her contemporaries toning it down. Just like when she showed up, they toned it up. Artists like Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj would not exist if it weren't for the "Gaga" schtick.

    I don't think people care if an artist is weird as long as the music is good. People only turned against Gaga and became "sick of her antics" once BTW dropped and people stopped resonating with the music because it wasn't her typical sex-filled, club-thumping music like her previous two albums. If ARTPOP is good and catchy, she can go back to wearing meat dresses and people will accept it like they did in 2010.

  67. Loll indeed I am not in that world that reads the tabloids.

    And seeing as you only ever show up here when there is an article on Gaga, it is not surprising you are unaware of it but....I read and comment on almost every article here on almost every artist.

  68. Oh dude..same old arguments again.
    Funny how you claim I can't know Gaga's mind but you can know mine.
    Has she ever been in an actual relationship with a woman? No she has not. Or it would have been in one of the tabloids that are your world and eventually reached my tabloidfree world.
    Facts show she's not bisexual. She only ''identifies'' as one. Because it is easy pr.

    And you can be sure she spents as much on pr as she does on charity. Same difference in fact.
    And puh-lease she never ''risked her career' for a second by supporting gay causes. She in fact build her career on it.
    Nobody in popmusic has ''risked her career'' by supporting gay causes sinds Bowie, Madonna, Boy George.

  69. Only confused with the content of certain individuals and the way they 'choose' to defend her, for example as a gigantic Kelly Clarkson fan I have had many an individual in my life run her into the ground, all I can do in that situation is try to explain why I like her, in a genial, positive and understanding fashion, even when they are personal. The reason I take this approach is that I as a fan truly respect Kelly as an artist.

    What I don't understand is the viciousness that people feel they need to adopt in their defense of her, if she was such a spectacular individual her fans would feel no need to defend her in this manner.

    But no, I agree with your last statement, I have seen such unhealthy passion displayed with other artists...personally I just think its sad that people lack the empathy to realise that hey! not everybody in this world likes the same thing...

  70. No lie detected either.

  71. I find some that preach her message and then go completely against it fall under the category of hypocritical. I agree, they aren't obliged to follow it, however if some take the effort to preach it, they should put the effort to practice it as well.

    Pop fans are mean, but in my opinion metal fans tend to be quite vicious. Although pop fans attack on a more personal level.

  72. I like a bit of space between albums, I feel an artist should take as much time as they need. If an artist can release an album every year, then more power to them. If they can't, I don't mind. I think around 2 to 3 years is the ideal time in between releases for pop artists, it gives amble time to tour and prepare another album without too much pressure.

    Part of the problem in music is no one has patience, every one wants there albums and singles as quick as possible and even then they hope it leaks earlier than that.

    I know a few Florence fans that nearly had a stroke when she announced a year long hiatus, and several Lana fans that nearly ended their lives when Lana first said that she was going to take a hiatus from the music industry.

  73. Really. That must be one the net only.
    My experience with headbangers at concerts and the likes is they are relaxed

  74. Lol us AKUS fans had to wait 7 years last album as well. And generally like 3 or 4 years.

  75. I know several in person, some are my closest friends and they're quite friendly. It's mainly the web users, and american ones at that as well.
    It is odd, maybe they see it as rebellious? I do know there is a branch of "christian-metal" as well, which I find a bit odd.

  76. It just sounds a tad bit clumsy to me. Especially with the melisma. It feels like a wrecking ball.

  77. I agree and think that if an artist is secure in their artistry and fan base, then they will have no problem taking time in between their releases. Rihanna dropping an album every year demonstrates how disposable her PR team think she is. Honestly, If the music is good it should carry fans over until an artist's next release. Two years is definitely nothing; all of the artists that I'm a fan of take forever in between releases. I know you're also a fan of Utada Serendipity, so you know how I feel! haha

  78. You're generalizing yourself. "Adults you're supposed to be". The generalization that all adults are mature. "these are teenagers". The generalizating that all troll stans are teens.

  79. Really? I mean he's no Mariah when it comes to melisma, but I wouldn't use clumsy to describe his voice Also, I feel as though he's much more subdued with his usage of melisma when compared to other modern R&B artists. I guess it's all a matter of opinion.

  80. ''Rebellious'' was the obvious guess I made as well but...against who or what. Not christianity anyway. They often seem to firmly stand by that.
    I haven't figured them out yet. Mainly because thinking about the type.....well, it's just too depressing really

  81. Or that even all of us are adults.

  82. Christian rock is becoming more and more like metal everyday. Who'd a thunk? I honestly don't understand it. The music I listen to according to this one church not too far from me is the work of the devil, yet the devoted church bands play the most hardcore violent sounding metal Ive ever heard and its thought of as divine.

  83. I agree and disagree with the Rihanna bit, mainly because Mariah did the same thing in the 90s. Infact she is doing what Mariah is doing, keeping songs coming at a pace so that the wave of success doesn't die down. And I wouldn't say that Mariah was disposable in the slightest. I do think Rihanna is disposable, but I think the releasing albums every year is so that she can keep riding the waves off single to single and keep her success going. It's working, as disheartening as that is to say.

  84. That must be a direct result of that christian fascination with heavy metal than. But I presume the lyrics of christian rockbands who get into metal are still not like '' actual'' metal?
    Maybe it would be easier to understand if the fans had that same tongue in cheek view as most in Europe have? Then the dichotomy could be explained. But since they seem to lack that seems very strange.
    Of course to me right wing christians seems a dichotomy as well.;-D

  85. He is subdued with his melisma- that's very tasteful. But from the few runs I heard in 'Adorn'- well, let's just say I would rather not hear any more.

  86. Even though Mariah released singles and albums frequently, I don't think it was anywhere near as often as Rihanna does now. I think what you said is a part of the reason she's a release whore, but I also think that her management knows she's disposable too. I keep waiting for people to get sick of Rihanna, but it doesn't seem like that will be happening any time soon. Who would have thought that the girl who started out whispering for the dj to give her some "Pon De Replay" would go on to sell millions of records and top the charts numerous times?

  87. Honestly, I think singers should leave melisma alone unless they have expert control over their voice. I find it to be cringe worthy most times: for example, Christina who often just fucks they key and puts a run on every syllable. I do enjoy Mariah's, Brandy's, and Jojo's runs.

  88. Their release schedules were very similar actually. In the 90's, Mariah had a release every year except for one. Their marketing strategies are very similar, in that they release at a rapid pace so that they never left the public eye. When Mariah did take longer breaks, her sales declined. I wouldn't say that makes her (or Rihanna) disposable, it just means that their relevance depended on their music.

  89. I don't consider Mariah disposable at all. She is undeniably talented and has cemented herself as an icon in pop music. The same thing can't, and will never, be said about Rihanna.

  90. Neither do I. I just think her appeal was limited, which is why she released very often. People like Madonna could take longer breaks and be just as succsesful because they were more marketable.

  91. Apparently, the rumor is that Miguel does more singing then Mariah.

  92. Serendipity.-8 May 2013 at 13:03

    I'd disagree slightly.

    Mariah released the Emancipation of Mimi several years after her last release, which did very poorly, and that album went on to produce two #1 singles (one of which topped the charts for a record amount of time) and received diamond status.

    Mariah's relevancy does depend on her music, but not on how often she releases it, but the quality of what she is releasing. #Beautiful is somewhat backs up this point, it has already received more spins than her previous singles and is doing quite well so far.

  93. Diamonds and Stay were a steering a whole new different direction for her. I see these 2 records are making her appealing to mainstream music again. The album, however is totally useless and disposable. I can't even most of the songs for half a minute!

  94. Was I unclear in anyway?
    I'm sure she comes across real sincere to her fans during her meet and greets. I understand she had some acting training.:-)

  95. Why so cynical? What reasons do you have to believe that she's some awful person who's using everyone for fame? Because I've got plenty of reasons to think otherwise...

  96. I think I have been very clear. And I'm pretty sure I never said she uses everyone for fame. I said she used the gay community. And I will add to that....teens with self esteem issues.
    What reasons do I have? Exhibit A: Gaga and her career. Exhibit B: the music industry.
    You call it cynical, I call it realistic. :-)
    Good for you if you have reason to think otherwise. I have not heard any convincing argument yet to dissuade me from my views. I'm guessing you haven't either?
    Guess we will have to live with not agreeing on Gaga.

  97. In other words, you're saying she's using the people that are basically now her fanbase. I think it's clear she cares about the fans, and not just for selfish reasons...
    Exhibit A: The Born This Way foundation and the Born Brave Bus
    Exhibit B: The fact that she's paying for a fan's surgery, and is hooking the girl up with her own Drs, and that this HASN'T made headlines
    Exhibit C: Every fan encounter she's ever had

    All the charity work she's done for such organizations (which is much more than revenue from a few concerts, contrary to what you've said. Also, lots of it has been low key, so it's not like it's just to get her good pr). The Body Revolution.

    I could go on and on, but ultimately, no one can fake sincerity THAT well, or for this long.

  98. You must be unfamiliar with politicians if you think nobody can fake sincerity for the outside world for many many years Or you know, maybe you want to look up Jimmy Saville. And Gaga only has been promoting herself for less than a decade
    Exhibit A: pr
    Exhibit B: if you know was
    Exhibit C: pr

    Anyway...guess you can not live with disagreeing. ;-)
    In fact, events suggest, you find it very very hard.
    I've got a theory on that. It's in one of the Beyonce threads.

  99. Except that this isn't politics... And it didn't make tabloids or any big news media, the only reason I know that is because I spend a lot of time on forums where people closely watch her every move. You can't call that "publicized." Look, if you want to spend your time mistrusting every person who tries to do something good for a group of people, that's your choice. I'm fine with disagreeing. What I don't like are misconceptions, but no matter what I say, you'll obviously "back it up" with the same old pr this pr that (not once have I seen a true reason for anyone to assume that it's JUST pr, and nothing more), so I'm done. At the end of the day, she's done more good than harm, so does anything else even matter?

  100. "Shouldn't adorn a song with melisma" clever play on words? ;) LOL. I agree with that too. I think it's important to determine when it's necessary to employ melisma. With Brandy or Jojo, I never get the feeling that they're trying to be showy with their vocals (disregarding Jojo's debut, which was plagued with over singing). Although maybe it's because they're both insecure about their talent, which is so crazy to me!!

  101. You missed the point. I mentioned politicians as examples of people who manage to fake sincerity for many years.
    Why it matters, I explained in another Gaga thread when one of her sheep used that same argument.

    And yes, as long as you mention pr as proof of sincerity, I will respond with that not being proof is pr.

  102. What would be an example that you couldn't consider "pr" then, enlighten me. Because even the things that hardly anyone knows of seem to be pr now.

  103. Uhm didn't she herself claim everything about her life was 'art' ?;-D

    Really? You expect me to provide you with arguments undermining my view????
    And actually I already gave examples of behavior which might have convinced me of her sincerity elsewhere in this thread.

    Also if you are ''fine with disagreeing'' and are ''done', why are you still arguing my point of view. As far as I can tell, I'm not engaging in trying to dissuade you from your point of view.
    Clearly you are not being sincere when you claim you are fine with it. Pun intended.

  104. Stereotyping still can be hurtful, and this applies to all fans (especially those who enjoy pop music, I've noticed)~ Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, one direction or what have you... nobody likes to be lumped into a constructed group and called crazy or mentally unstable (or "playing the victims", as in your case) just because of their tastes and passions in music, of all things. Learn some civility, will you...

  105. If you think ''hurt feelings'' beat free speech, you should move to any islamic nation of your choice.

    Funny thing with anybody feeling stereotyped by remarks not diected to them personally....if their feelings are hurt, that's probably because they know the steotype fits.:-)
    You know, for instance when they whine about ''hurt feelings'' over a random stranger's opinon in a conversation they didn't take part in....THAT would without a doubt be ''playing the victim''. At which point, it is not stereotyping as much statement of fact.

  106. You are putting words into my mouth. Did I say hurt feelings beat free speech? Of course they do not, however I am (with my own freedom of speech) saying that stereotyping is a closed-minded behavior that can psychologically harm many members of a group. The funny thing is, freedom of speech has very little to do with this conversation. I'm amazed at how so many people have such a poor concept of this liberty. A strongly worded suggestion (which is what I have given you) is by no means an attack on your own freedoms~ it is only a counter constructed of my own speech. I respect that you are allowed an opinion, that doesn't mean I am going to agree with what you are saying or how you express it, nor does it mean that I won't try to "sell" you something I believe in as an alternative.

    Your second paragraph is incoherent, but I'll do my best. It is very naive to assume people will not be judged and stereotyped if they do not possess the specific "norm violations" that are being thrown against them. For example, not all muslims are terrorists or misogynists, yet they are more frequently held in suspicion and are more likely insulted as a whole, not as a part. A muslim who is neither still often suffers from those insults provided the initiator doesn't know him/her that well or at all.
    I do not see why you are bringing me into your argument- I am not going to apologize for "whining" about something that wasn't directed at myself, as if that should be any reason to not speak up when I see something wrong. I have visited many pop and music forums in the past and saw vile and prejudiced behavior happening on all sides, both between particular artists and genres as a whole. I also do not see myself as any victim- what on earth are you going on about? :-)

    Perhaps this discussion would flow more smoothly if you elaborated on what you meant about playing the victim. You can give me your clearest definition.

  107. Lol if you go around, not merely stating to disagree and maybe back up why you don't agree with argument but also/only try to tell people they should not voice the opinion you disagree with and you use as argument for them shuttting up 'hurt feelings' of most defintely are stating you believe hurt feelings beat free speech.

    I understand the liberty very well and this conversation is definitely about the concept. Everytime anybody tries to shut down an opinion they do not like...the conversation becomes about the liberty. It's a liberty which only exists if it is free of restrictions on which opinion can be voiced and which not. Soon as you put retrictions based on how much some like or dislike the opinion( for whatever reason) it loses it's purpose.

    I bring you in the argument because you are the one suggesting hurt feelings are a reason to not voice an opinion.
    This thread is full of people voicing criticism. But you decided to pick the person criticising that victim attiitude both Gaga and her fans specialize in. The logical assumption is that this, more than any other critique voiced in this thread, is what speaks to you personally.
    Had my language been ruder than that of other posters, maybe I could have wondered if that might have sparked your decision to respond to my comment specifically. But it wasn't. focused on my point and mentioned name calling by others only in passing.Seems perfectly logical to deduce your personal priority.

    As for my remark on stereotypes versus statement of fact.
    To use that muslim example. Indeed, calling someone a terrorist or misogynist based on being a muslim would be stereotyping. Stating muslims tend to believe in islam....not so much. Because though I'm sure there are people assumed to be muslim when they are not, generally a muslim is a follower of islam and therefor of it's rules and beliefs.

    Gaga fans call themselves little monsters for a reason. You could not have a better example of assuming a victim role than calling yourself that.

    In this thread both Anthony and Paulette attempted to defend Gagafans ( both are Gaga fans themselves) by talking about what victims those fans are.
    Read their arguments! Clearly you are a thinking guy(?).Read the arguments by Gaga stans who feel/are criticized and compare them to those by say, easily found on this blog, Beyonce stans.
    Anybody can see which ones use that victim atttitude significantly more.

    You btw most definitely see yourself as a victim because I nowhere suggested any apologies from your side were required To read that into my comments comes from a feeling of being accused of something (justly or unjustly is beside the point).i.e you feel a victim of accusations from my side.

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