Saturday, 6 April 2013

[Vocal Profile] Lee Ya Hi

Lee Ya Hi

Vocal Type: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano
Vocal Range:C3-E5, 2 octaves, 2 notes (F#2-F#5 outlier range which includes exclamations).
Tessitura: G3-D5 (1 octave, 3 notes)
Whistle Register: No
Vocal Pluses: An incredibly mature voice for a 16 year old girl-though it is clearly evident that her voice is still developing. This voice does not rely on its  range to impress, but leans more heavily on its emotive quality to do so; managing to convey the message of a song regardless of the language barrier. As well as being an incredibly emotive singer, she also possesses an amazing tone. Overall the voice, is thick, smoky with a raspy lower end, and a naturally coarse upper chest. Her falsetto is connected well to her chest register too.

The lower register (C3-F#3) is easily accessed with plenty of weight. It sounds mature and well developed- as heard in the song Because. She can also change the tone to a more mechanical one, if so needed- as heard in Am I Strange whilst maintaining a D3. Her tone remains rather mature at these depths [Hear: D#3 in Fool For Love], but she can add a slight warmth to the natural nasal quality to produce a melancholy tone [Hear: E3 of Because]. Overall, her lower register is versatile and brilliantly connected.

Her mid voice (G3-F#4) has even more tonal diversity; all stemming from her gorgeous nasal tone. Her mid voice also shows a great ability for ornamentation, such as that found in the intro of It's Over - where she demonstrates a gorgeous scat. However, like the lower-range, she can also add warmth to this middle register, creating an entirely different emotional vibe [Hear: in the A#3 of One Sided Love]. When she adds warmth, the weight lessens but it allows the voice to become more nimble,  allowing for some fairly ornate flourishes [Hear:The F4 of Am I Strange]. She also can carry that nasal tone up to F#4 before her falsetto breaks, as heard in the F#4 of

Her belting register(E4-E5) is utilized in a unique way. As she ascend into it, her voice loses weight and thickness but keeps the signature nasal tone. She can retain a considerable amount of weight up to a G4- as heard in Rose and Fool For Love, where that same G4 belt contains a vocal run (at the end) that has become somewhat Lee Hi's signature style- but as she ascends up to around a B4, her tone changes, becoming noticeably brighter. It's a brightness which she puts to good use helping to convey the message of her music [Hear: The D5 melisma in Dream]. (Other notable belts include that found in -which ascends upwards to an E5- and in It's Over - where a rapid rising melisma takes her to D#5.)

Lee Ya Hi relies heavily on Falsetto, rather than true head voice (A#4-E5). The sound is soft, sweet, and delicate. It is the only tone she has that ditches the nasal quality. Despite that, it remains brilliantly connected as shown in the beginning of It's Over , and

Vocal Negatives: Some may find Lee Ya Hi voice to be squeaky as she ascends the fifth octave in her chest voice. Also, her falsetto tends to sound frail (which personally bothers me).

[Note about the Vocal Fach: The only way it was possible to tell that she was a mezzo-soprano was by gauging where her falsetto starts. Her voice is still developing which is why there is such a considerable difference in vocal weight of her lower register and her middle chest.]

Thanks to Black Robin For the profile AND the Video! A Very talented dude!


  1. YESH!!!!!!!!!!!! YESH!!!!!! YESH!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a passionate voice from such a young soul.

  2. Would you mind if I submitted some profiles to you Diva?

  3. I don't want to intrude, but who do you have in mind?

  4. Анастасия Приходько, Norah Jones, Nico, Ann Wilson, and Grace Slick.

    Also re-vamping towards the profiles of Lara Fabian, Nina Hagen, Monica Naranjo, and Beverly Knight.

  5. I don't know who any of those women are, except Nina Hagen...the pipes on that woman were amazing. She could sing from D2-F6 like it was nothing and boy was she versatile. TBH, I beleive she is a dramatic mezzo soprano with a very great upper extension and an amazing lower extension. She has usable whistle up to D7 IMHO which gives her a 5 octave range. She can do some very out of this world climaxes with her voice. How does she control all of that?

  6. Are you for real? You don't know ANY of those women???
    I can't believe even Norah Jones is unfamiliar to you.
    That's sad. Here to remedy that...her first, 5 Grammies winning album

    Damn lucky thing your age is a good excuse...for now. ;-)

    And here's Heart ( AnnWilson) at a tribute to Led Zeppelin

  7. heart just broke a little. So hoping she was going to be amongst them ;-)

    Good list nevertheless. :-)

  8. The Hallyu wave invades DD =_= oh noes.

  9. Lol is that Korean? 'Cause I'm baffled. What's ''Hallyu''?

  10. Yesh!!! 2NE1's album is who I'm doing next! S.K FTW!!!!

  11. YESH!!!!!!!!!!! Now he has the "go ahead!!!!!!!!!!!" I want to sit back and learn some things from Serendipity. He and Sparkilu have taught me quite a bit.

  12. This is the new love of my life as of yesterday haha

  13. lololol...Do I have to hurt you??? lol JK.

  14. haha Kimbra now Lee Ya Hi, I swear we battle for the same divas

  15. I continue to live in hope :-)

  16. I've been introduced to Led Zeppelin but I haven't gotten too invested into their music.

  17. Yes, Nina is a dramatic mezzo soprano. Possibly a soprano sfogato, but that's a very rare vocal type, almost more rare than a coloratura contralto, if not more. There's only 1 in pop music for sure, and that's Mina Mazzini.

  18. Lol I have no idea what that means exactly?
    You know the name but don't know any of their music or you know a bit about the band and one or two songs or....?

  19. I'm curious as to this Korean fad going amongst, mostly, American teens.
    Where does this come from??? How did you get into this music for instance Black Robin?

  20. I know the name but don't know any of their music. lol

  21. Then it is safe to say you can expect an email from me in the near future ;D

  22. I honestly can't think of a valid explaination as to why I like it. When I first saw a kpop music video, it was from 2ne1. It was their song "fire" and I fell in love with it. There was bright colors, catchy lyrics (though in Korean), and stellar choreopgraphy. Fast forward 2 years and now 50% of the music I listen to is of Korean Origin.

    I think what drew me in was the difference in american pop and Korean Pop. In Korea, the music seemed all cutesy and trying to desperately appeal to Americans by putting in a lot of english. 2NE1, never concentrated on being cute, and concentrated on being "badasses" and that is the reason I kinda fell in love with K-pop.

    Then as time progressed, I opened my eyes to all of Korea, Discovered Bigbang, MBlaq, SNSD, and a new favorite of mine EVOL. The language barrier really doesn't bother me. I can connect to a lot of the music because most of my Kpop idols haven't turned 20 yet.

    I just wish I knew Korean. lol

  23. Well, you might be surprised. Aside from the two tunes I linked to earlier...surely this sounds familiar to you?

  24. Thanks for the insight.:-)
    It's kind of funny to me because all this Asian pop music to me is very remiscent of ( european) pop music a couple of decades ago. Except it's in a language I don't understand.
    It has the kind of ''innocent'' feel to it pop had back then. Compared to today's pop that is.

    I hear you on the language thing. Though I'm a big fan of well written lyrics, I don't think it is necessary to understand the lyrics in order to feel an emotional connection to music.

    But I'm not sure of your timeline for the general interest in Korean pop. I had the impression it was already quite big prior to 2011?

  25. It's the rising popularity of Korean pop culture.
    Which is, IMO, overrated btw.

  26. Whether Psy has really opened a new world of music to teens is quite debatable. I fell he's more of a passing fad, in the footsteps of Rebecca Black.

  27. Good point. I believe he has some contributions but to say how much would be a little much on my behalf. Personally, I think k-pop really got popular a few months before psy, when all the big kpop names were making their comebacks.

  28. It was actually. Kpop just grew in popularity post psy. Not to mention that psy was many artists waiting to make their comeback. F(x), 2ne1, big bang, and many others made their come back months before or around the same time as psy. 2ne1 then went on their world tour. They will make their comeback late this month. I'm so excited.

  29. Thanks. Truth be told, seeing as it reminds me of where popmusic was a few decades all seems a tad overrated to these old ears as well.

  30. Wow! :o I was just about to link Black Robin to that exact Led Zeppelin song. I'm not too immersed in their discography, but I love that song.

  31. And that performance was phenomenal.

  32. No offense to any of the K-pop fans on this blog, but K-pop is also a hell of a lot more contrived. These groups, for the most part, have no artistic input regarding their image and music, and are merely products of their labels with BoA being the only exception, and even then, her music is far from impressive. Also, I'm not impressed with what I have seen from Lee Hi. IMO, The girl has no star quality and has the moves of a cinder block when performing.

  33. Kpop is a product.

  34. If you're doing vocal profiles for korean singers, can you do Lee Sun Hee and Insooni?

  35. Actually she can hit G#5 in head voice

  36. I'm pretty sure she can. She never did so in her album though. In fact she probably can go to b5/c6 though. In the future I plan on doing more vocal ranges for her, I will try to do a live vocal range for her soon.

  37. Glad to see more k-pop singers here! :)

  38. pls review Ailee and Hyorin !!

  39. I agree! Ailee please!

  40. Her name is Lee Ha Yi, not Lee Ya Hi >.<

  41. And Park Jimin pls!

  42. OMG, I love Ailee...And I jsut discovered Hyroin from her comback and must say this...WOW!!!!

  43. It's Lee Hayi... Or Lee Hi.

    Post on Ailee please~

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