Thursday 4 April 2013

[Watch] Beyonce Visits The Past In New Pepsi Advert! But Which Looks Made The Cut? Find Out Here!

I feel a bit conflicted posting what's essentially an advert for Pepsi, but since it features new music from Beyonce, I thought "What the hell" and would share it anyway! Besides, the video contains some pretty neat visuals, as the entertainer extraordinaire does an Annie Lennox and gets down with past incarnations of herself during- what I can only assume is- a bout of psychosis brought on by too much time rehearsing for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. (It's either that, or the Pepsi!) But don't worry, it all ends well with the doppelgängers being smashed to smithereens when current Beyonce has the realisation to "Embrace your past, but live for the now". So profound.

Having been putting out videos since 1997, Beyonce sure had a tough task deciding which outfits should make an appearance in the commercial, but I'm guessing the ones that did are some of Beyonce's own personal favourites. But what about your favourite(s)? Did they manage to get resurrected in 2013? Take a look and find out below!

Behold, a list of the outfits and their respective videos:

2001's Destiny's Child Bootylicious get up;

 2003's Crazy in Love white vest/denim shorts combo;

2008's Single Ladies unitard;

 2002 Work It Out's wonderful 'fro;

2011 Run the World's mirrored couture creation;

2011 Love on Top's military inspired hat;

 2004 Naughty Girl's saucy ensemble (well I think it's from there);

2006's Deja Vu, tribal-inspired getup (a personal favourite video of mine);

 2009 Sweet Dreams' Roberto Cavalli dress (another favourite video of mine);

And a bajillion internet points to anyone who can identify where the outfit below is from.. I can't seem to place it!

Oh yeah, and the video also featured the new song Grown Women, which I'll comment on when (if) the full song hits the net!

beyonce pepsi animated gif



  1. I died in the best way possible...of de ja vu....buahahahahaha!!

  2. The red and gold outfit is from the I Am..World Tour when she sang Diva and Radio!

  3. I loved the commercial! I got a bit nostalgic when I saw the costumes :3

  4. This song is FAR less appalling than I Been On (praise the lord). I have hope for her new album again!!

  5. She's indisputably gained weight.

  6. Since she had a child, she grew broader in the hips. But comparing herself to the photo of the destiny's child one, it is clearly evident that Mrs Knowles is in the best shape of her life....those nice glossy

  7. This woman's ''self belief'' seems boundless.

  8. I think the unidentified outfit is from Lady Gaga's Telephone

  9. I'm confused, how does she demonstrate that in this commercial? How does she demonstrate that at all tbh?

  10. When assessing her case, I actually think that her self-belief is quite admirable. I mean; you know someone's quite 'driven', when they've been in the industry since they were six. It may be a bit sad to look from afar, but if that works for her, hey.

  11. Sorry you are confused arthur. But at your age...hormones will blind you to a lot of things. ;-)
    However, the whole subject has been thoroughly discussed in another thread a while back. I would advise you to reread that thread in order to possibly clear your confusion. But in all honesty...I don't think it will work.
    The above is just my opinion and you are under no obligation to agree with it. In fact, I wouldn't expect you to. :-)

  12. I don't belief anything in my statement could lead to the supposition I belief it isn't working for her? Nor that she should change?
    I am just saying self belief, when the adjective boundless can be attached, is to me an unatractive quality. Note that caveat! :-)
    Same goes for '' driven'' btw. Confidence is one thing, self obsession is another.
    Woman self directed an hour and a half documentary about....herself, for Pete's sake. This commercial struck me to be in that vein.

  13. Hormones don't lead to delusion Dr. Opie.
    But you are most certainly right, I do not agree with your opinion.

  14. You think because she made a documentary about herself, she's self-obsessed? Oh Opie...

  15. Anyways, what I was most curious about was what in this commercial caused you to say that?

  16. She is doing this as a last ditch attempt to let people in before she jumps ship onto something different. Her old R&B thing is working for her anymore so she is going to try something different to draw in new fans. She wanted people to get emotionally connected to her through this documentary, start some controversy (Bow Down/ I been On), and then release something out of her norm "Grown Woman." To me, it is a step int he right direction but I do see your points.

    Do I agree with them?...Not so much.... That is a big jump to say boundless self belief is self obsession ( I could be misinterpreting what you are stating). When it comes to my art work, I have "Boundless self belief" in the aspect that I will become the best water color artist out there and there is no changing my mind. So if Beyonce has a similar mentality about music, what places a difference? Oh, I know!!! lol, Money!!! If I was rolling in bread, dough, custard, tarts, pies, and guacamole the way Beyonce is, I'd be doing the same thing with my art work, making sure people can by my image without too much skepticism.

    You and your way with words, Opie. lol Now that is something I admire. I also like that for this site, you are Antistan #1 for Beyonce...We definitely need one....Some of these loons and coots boost Beyonce like she is The Flawless Jewel of ancient Nubia....

  17. Well arthur, I was just obliging you with a face saving excuse for saying such things as ''how does direcringa documentary about yourelf make you self obsessed? ''.
    But kudos to you for nt going for such an excellent cop out but instead taking full responsibility. :-)

  18. Lmao! I really did chuckle there! :D

  19. Essentially you just declared that you understand and agree with her course of action. But you didn't really negate my contention that boundless self-belief equals self obsession in Beyonce's case.

    Anyway the purpose of my comment was of course to express my feelings about that quality.

    I'm glad you enjoy my ''way with words''. Unlike Arthur and some others who feel picking the right word is a silly thing to care about. ;-)

    I don't so much mean to be an anti Beyonce stan but an anti stan stan. Humans behaving like sheep annoy me.

  20. Good! I was hoping to achieve a chuckle amongst the non stans. :-)

  21. Yes. I think few things are more blatantly demonstrating that quality.
    Anybody not selfobsessed would have been able to take a step back and realized she is taking herself too....seriously.

  22. You're acting as if she made the documentary to satisfy her ego, when in actuality she made it to offer her fans some insight to her life. Some people actually care about her, hence the reason the documentary broke an HBO record.

  23. She's just so... unlikeable. I agree with some of the other posters here, she seems obsessed with self-promotion and celebrating herself to the point where I need regular breaks from her.

  24. I am not ''acting like'' . I am expressing my perception of such an action.
    And the way I perceive it, direcring a documentary YOURSELF about an act of self obsession.
    The fact that her fans want to see it, is unconnected to the subject.
    The fans of everybody who has fans would want to see a documentary about whomever they happen to be fans off.
    And consequently there are lots of documentaries about people. The subjects doing the directing themselves....not so often.
    That is because it not only requires a certain amount of sef obsession to choose to do so. It also requires self obsession to not realize or care how that is perceived by anybody but your stans.

  25. Colloquialism, look it up.

    Anyways, your's is a perception not many other's share. Directing a documentary about yourself does not make you self-obsessed, imo. What Beyonce was trying to do was to share her experiences. This is a pretty selfless act. I mean, the woman has a very secretive public image. Not much is known about her private life compared to most celebrities.

    It would be self-obsession if the documentary was about how great she was, or about how perfect her life is. Did you even watch the documentary? That's your problem Opie, you judge people without knowing enough about them.

  26. I say it is more or less an act of perfectionism. She knows herself best and she would be the ultimate director for a documentary about herself. It shows dedication to her job. I can see why a combination of dedication and perfectionism at a desperate time for her career can lead to the thought that she has a self obsession. I wouldn't be surprised if she did though...We all know Trey Songz has a serious self obsessed narcissistic thing going on...Gosh I hate that man!

  27. Her millions of fans beg to differ.

  28. I like this commercial. I pray to God that I been on was a phase.

  29. Oh I have no problem with judging whatsoever. That's because I realize my judgment carries no weight by itself. :-)
    Seems to me you are the one having a ''problem'' with my judging though.

    And no...if it was about how great she was, it would be called self grandurizing or self congratulatory.
    Self obsession does not have to be done in a positive light in order to be self obsessed.

    And I'm sorry but ''secretive public image'' makes no sense to me. ;-)

    Actually just here already 4 people expressed agreement.

  30. That is so not necessarily true. Everybody thinks he knows himself but the whole profession of psychology is based on the fact that we all have blind spots. This is also why we need honest friends lol.

    Any adult who thinks she has no blind spots IMO is...too self obsessed.

  31. I don't have a problem, I'm just trying to gain some insight.

    And so you're saying Beyonce showing her fans stuff about her personal life is self-obsession?

    Secretive public image meaning not much is known about her private life.

    WOW, 4 entire people? Anyways, this website is not very kind towards Beyonce.

    I'm aware it's your perception. "Acting like" doesn't actually mean pretending to be.
    Still, the question you've failed to answer is what in this commercial demonstrates self obsession? Seems like you just said that as flame bait.

  32. Lol, I lost...she brought...Psychology into the mix...I'm gonna go hide somewhere, heal my wounds...and come back for blood on another post. lol jk

  33. Really Arthur, if you are trying to gain insight, maybe you should start by proofreading and thinking before you post stuff.

    One cannot have a secretive public anything. It's either/or.

    And yes ''acting'' means pretending.

    4 people is 4 more than none. And a number which belies your claim. On this blog anyway. :-)

    And no, I was not saying Beyonce coorporating in a documentary would be called self obsessed by me. Beyonce being the one to direct the damn thing herself is what I perceive as self obsessed. First step to gaining insight is actually reading and understanding the words used.

    But let's be real here, you used that argument before while stanning and I am not buying it.
    I am however nevertheless being ever so coorporative in explaining again and again what I mean but there's only so much I can do from my side Arthur.

    If you cannot see how a commerciall for a beverage which is all about Beyonce obsessing about her own image is self obsessed, I don't think my pointing that out and then having to repeat it half a dozen times is going to give you much insight either. Tbh

    And don't blame me for your inability to accept someone doesn't perceove something the same way you do. And feel a need to argue them.:-)

  34. See what I mean!
    Here's a shocker for you...the world's population stands at 7.077 billion. Beyonce's first solo album sold...11 milion world wide. Even combining all her albums she sold like 118 milion albums.
    The ''insight'' you can gain here Arthur......there are an awful lot of people in this world who, unlike you and Beyonce herself, do NOT think Beyonce's all that and then some.

  35. Lol well, that IS what psychologist do, help you see the blind spots.

    I'll be looking forward to our next round. :-)

  36. What kind of delusional logic are you using Opie? You're using the number of albums she's sold as a way of measuring how likable she is?

    She's among the top 10 most liked pages on facebook, one of the recognizable faces on earth, and one of the most recognizable names on earth.

    To claim she is "unlikable", is ridiculous, considering she has millions of fans across the world. If she were in deed unlikable, I doubt she'd be successful.

  37. Let me rephrase that then, she has a secret private life. She's known for being a celebrity who doesn't share much with the public. HENCE, WHY SHE MADE THE DOCUMENTARY.

    And for the last time, not in colloquialism.

    And yes, I know, but considering this is a site that is not so kind to Mrs. Carter, I'm not very surprised they share similar opinions to yours. However, if you were to ask the general public, the result would not be very similar.

    Opie, do you realize how pretentious you sound sometimes? Lol, I mean, at times it's the abuse of the synonyms tool bar, but sometimes it's just the fact that you sound snotty and superior. And maybe she wanted to self-direct so she could have more creative-freedom in the project?

    The amount of over-thinking you use sometimes is incredible. "Beyonce obsessing about her own self image". First of all, she did not direct this. She didn't get to choose what went in this commercial, Pepsi did. Secondly, I doubt Pepsi would want Beyonce to be portrayed as a self-loathing maniac in an advertisement. "Embrace your past, but live in the now." That doesn't sound like obsession at all.

    And I have no problem with you perceiving the way you do, if you would care read back, I said I'm trying to gain some insight as to why you think this way. And with each comment, it becomes more evident that you are a Beyonce-hater.

  38. Pfff no Arthur...I was using the number of albums sold COMPARED to the number of potential customers in order to show your reply to CamdeMon is a fallacious one. Much like your reply now to me. It is called argument from authority and since you clearly don't know what that is and why it fails every time you use it, I would like to quote you and say ''look it up!"
    I will in fact even post the link for you. See how helpful I am to you gaining insight. :-)

    I will also point out that very clearly, CamdeMon was stating he/she finds Beyonce 'unlikeable''
    And THAT Arthur, is a statement of personal taste. Again...personal taste in partiicular, you cannot argue with arguments of authority!

    Also I find the increasingly insulting word choice by you kind of ironic, coming as it does from one who once ran to the mod for just that ''offense''. ;-)

  39. The last one is from the Diva video, from I am sasha fierce

  40. Of course in colloquism. Especially so when used in the manner you did.

    You think I sound pretentious, others say I have a way with words. I certainly am not going to follow your lead in arguing how the one person perceives the other.
    But I am going to tell you that you ought to cool it with the insulting language. It comes across as very hypocitical from a dude who once ran to the mod because I called him half pint.

    I don't see what is so hard to grasp that you need this many comments to gain insight to.
    Beyonce strikes me as very self obsessed and I don't like people like that.
    You are not going to gain any insight in my motivation because are not up to much insight. You keep asking questions the answer to which are either obvious from the wording of my opinion or I already answered.

    You most certainly have a problem with anybody posting a negative comment about Beyonce.
    You are all over them. And getting more rude in the manner by the minute.

  41. Opie, no one has ever come close to selling 7 billion albums. The logic your using just isn't effective.
    Anyways, the way stated it seemed like he was speaking for the entire world.
    And offensive? Please inform me and I'll stop. :) What exactly did you find offensive?

  42. Colloquialism*. And okay, I'm going to give you an example of a sentence in which "acting" does not mean "pretending". "She seems to be acting rather woozy from the medicine she recently took." Is that settled?
    If you think I am being offensive, tell me how, and I'll stop. I respect others security over the internet.
    And actually, you only very recently provided me with insight. I asked you what in this commercial you thought demonstrated self-obsession, which you answered in your previous comment.
    For future reference I'm 15. And great, you provided me with an article that says my brain is still developing. Not sure what this has to do with me asking you why you think Beyonce is self-obsessed, but okay.
    And perhaps, but doesn't it seem reasonable considering she's my idol? And for people to be bashing her on something as meaningless as a Pepsi advertisement, that's a little ridiculous to me.

  43. Eww. Psychology. I legit JUST dropped out of my part 2 psychology and development class. Lets just say- I have too many problems of my own to be able to memorize all of the little things that tick within a persons psyche.

  44. wouldn't recognise logic if it was presented to you on a silver platter surrounded by watercress and carried by Beyonce herself.

    Iif you were able to recognize would not only understand what is an argument from authority, you would also not use it so often AND you would have understood what I said. If not initially then at least the second time. But you still utterly fail to grasp either. :-(

    For one..calling people ''delusional'' is oft considered offensive.
    But I'm sure you will come with the expected excuse. :-)

  45. Yes Arthur ''acting'' has several meanings. And in the one you used to me...the meaning is pretending.

    Lol guess you are growing younger then. Initially you claimed to be 16.
    I provided you with an article about the fact that not only is your brain not mature yet. It is especially your reasoning capacity which is about a decade from reaching maturity.
    It went to you talking down to me about my ability to reason.

    And which also should give you insight into that maybe the reasoning issue lies with you. Not me.
    Something you actually have been demonstrating at least once in every comment you have posted in this thread.

    The latest being your failure to understand that I made it very clear I viewed this commercial as part of a larger pattern.
    I'm sure btw Pepsi doesn't consider it meaningless. Seeing how much money they are willing to put into that commercial. Or Beyonce, seeing as she is putting her time and sweat into that commercial.
    I''m sure she'll be happy to know at least one fan considers it 'meaningless'' ;-)

  46. I'll give you props, that first sentence made laugh. :-D
    Anyways, I'm sure that is the defining principle of someone with logic. But I've been paying little attention to your recent posts as they are redundant, and I really don't care what an argument from authority is.
    Well, to clarify I did not call you delusional, I said the argument you used was delusional. But if you feel offended I will stop.

  47. Yep...that is the excuse I expected. And now I can try to explain to you how ''delusional'' is a state of the mind. Saying someone's logic is delusional is calling their mind delusional is calling that person delusional.

    I find it odd that one so keen to ''gain insight'' suddenly declares to be sublimely disinterested in doing just that.
    I also find it unsurprising that you ''have been paying little attention'' to posts answering your questions and which you nevertheless keep replying to.
    I find it ironic that you keeep asking things already answered and/or explained and then call those answers ''redundant''.
    I know Arthur...I told you hours ago.

  48. No, that is not the meaning I intended. Sorry if you interpreted it that way, but nope.

    And LMFAO Opie, you've made countless grammatical errors throughout this argument, the redundancy of you misspelling "colloquialism" kind've ticked me off.

    No I did not, I think I might have said I'm 15, going on 16 (next month I'll be 16 to be exact).
    If I was talking down to you, it was me provoking you. I've said many times you are a good debater (very good actually).
    Anyways, you never once said this Pepsi commercial is part of a larger pattern. Please feel free to quote yourself. Let's not make things up now. And not meaningless in that sense. Surely they are profiting from Beyonce, and visa-versa. But it certainly has less meaning than you think it does. It's not meant to show Beyonce obsessing over her self image.
    You're right, those words are offensive I'll stop calling you them.

  49. Like I don't really want to go there with the grammar and spelling Arthur.

    But since you just a few minutes ago declared you haven't been paying much attention to my posts and how they are ''redundant''...I'm not going to bother replying any more.
    My words are up there.

  50. Well, I'll just say that it was not my intention to call you delusional. I think you're a perfectly normal human being. But again, I'll stop.
    And I was trying to gain any insight on this particular post. If you look back, I commented on someone else's post, not your's. You then started up an argument with me, which is fine, but don't expect me to care much about it.
    Have you noticed how my responses are shorter than your's?

  51. Goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite.

  52. Great advert, rumour has it the full single might drop next week?

    By the way, DD have you seen the new Great Gatsby advert? It features breif snippets of new songs from Beyonce, Lana Del Rey and Florence :)

  53. Well, to be fair, this year her solo career completes 10 years... So it's just natural some of her releases will be about her own career...

    Still, I agree the self-directed-self-documentary and (poorly) directing her past concert are acts of annoying self obsession...

  54. I find it funny that it never crosses his mind that your vocabulary might be so much better than his. But to him, you're just "abusing the synonyms toolbar". LMFAO. Oh God, this is making my brain fart and my diaphragm tire from all the laughing.

  55. haha does it make you want to buy pepsi?

  56. Eeeew, all those pointless carbs, those sodium based preservatives, and artificial dies? ¡No me gusta!

  57. Oh haha, nice Spanish. Je ne parle pas espagnol, Je parle français (rusty french)

  58. JAJAJAJAJAJA!!!!!! No abla Francais. Mi Espanol es muy malo.

  59. I took french as well, well I am taking my second class of it now

  60. You know,I thought that ''synonym toolbar'' was just his ''English'' again. Like ''secretive public image''. Do you mean there actually IS such a thing as a synonym toolbar?
    That would explain a lot about his posts. And those of some others I have seen.
    But yeah, obviously it has not crossed his mind.

  61. Can you please quote me as to where I said I have better vocabulary than her? Thank you, come again.

  62. Opie, if I had a penny for every verbose and awkwardly-phrased sentence you wrote on this blog, I'd be a millionaire.

  63. So is my french I hope my old french teacher doesn't find out haha

  64. Arthur, if they were giving out pennies for my writing...I'd be the millionaire.

    Unfortunately, we are both out of luck here. I am not being paid for my writing and you are claiming an unjustified position of merit when you suggest you are able of judging my writing. It would be utterly redundant of me to quote examples of the why. You already posted them.:-)

  65. It's a saying Opie.
    I was not claiming a "position of merit", when I judged your writing. I don't have to be your superior to judge your writing.
    "...the why". Hmmmmmmm.

  66. Well when you made the word play, I thought you didn't know it was a saying. But, I do feel a bit foolish now, haha.

    What made you think I didn't know what "merit" meant? O.o

    I've never heard the word combination before. I thought it was a little obscure, and since I just said how your writing can be awkward at times, I figured I might as well point it out.

    I don't think I look as foolish to you as I do to most other people, other than the "Opie Crew", as I like to call it, lol.

    And I'm not angry at all. We're not even talking about Beyonce at this point!

  67. See, now you thinking I wouldn't know it's a saying and you claiming something is 'obscure'' or ''akward'' just because it is unfamiliar to you....that's the kind of thinking Rickie was referring to. It doesn't even cross your mind that maybe the issue lies with you rather than me.
    In spite of all available evidence, our respective posts, pointing firmly in that direction.

    And it's clear you don't know the correct definition of ''merit'' from the fact that you think my sentence implied your knowledge had to be superior to mine in order to judge. It actually meant it has to be better than it is. It has to be a proven fact that you know what you are talking about.
    It meant in fact that people who post a sentence like ''I don't think I look as foolish to you as I do to most other people'' are in absolutely no position to judge anybody's phrasing.
    Unless you meant to say you look even more foolish to others than you do to me?
    Which btw I have no way of knowing and neither have you. I just know you look pretty foolish to me in this discussion.

    ''Opie crew'' lol I had no idea I had a crew.

  68. Actually, because you peeked my curiosity, I asked my much smarter than me friend, and he has never heard of someone use the expression, "the why". Anyways, just a suggestion, why not just use, "why"? "The" is unnecessary.
    I did not at all imply that. When I said, "your superior", I meant me being a superior figure. Just like a teacher would tell a student he made a mistake. I meant I don't need to be your "teacher".
    And funny how there was absolutely nothing wrong with the phrasing of that sentence. Reread it please.
    Haha, it's just the people on this site who always side with you.

  69. Lol so you MEANT to say you look even more foolish to others than to me ( except to my crew who you seem to think thinks higher of you tn I or others do). Okay, got it. :-)

    And really...your '' smarter friend'' agrees with you and also is unfamiliar with ''the why''. Ah well...guess you and your '''smarter friend'' must be right then. Rofl

    Ask himto take a gander at your line and let us know what your 'smarter friend'' says of that one.

    And however you meant that ''superior''...the point still stands...merit doesn't relate to superior position either.

  70. No, I meant to say that I look less foolish to others than I do to you, unless the "others", are your crew. What is so confusing about that sentence exactly?

    Yeah, people have friends know a days in case you didn't know.

    If I have a position of merit, I would be your superior. Just as a police troop leader has a position of merit, he is superior to his troop.

  71. "mer·it

    The quality of being particularly good or worthy, esp. so as to deserve praise or reward."

    ... so it lacks any relation to 'superiority'.

  72. I didn't say the definition of merit relates to superiority. I said that if someone has a position of merit, they are superior to someone who does not.

  73. There is nothing confusing to the sentence to me Arthur. I completely understand what it says. I also understand from the context what you meant to say. You however are so confused by that sentence that even upon rereading and reflecting on said still do not realise t actually says the exact opposite of what you meant to say.
    This descepancy between what you mean to say and what you actually write is what makes me say you lack the merit to judge another person's phrasing.

    Like I don't seem to grasp the correct meaning of 'merit''. In spite of Reiko posting the actual definition.
    In your example the word merit doesn't go to superior. The word position does.
    The assumption is that the superior position of that troop leader is BASED UPON merit. Not that the position is or gives merit.

  74. I assumed you meant it to mean that superiority is a prerequisite for a position of merit, which it most certainly is not.

  75. Well you assumed wrong. I'll try to make it more clear next time though.

  76. Lol it's like talking to a wall, isn't it? I really feel for his teachers.

  77. I'm getting tired of arguing with you about something you misread. So I'm just not gonna respond from now on.

  78. You mean arguing about what you misread and miswrote. And I do believe I suggested you'd be saving face by moving on, several hours ago already. Too bad you insisted on loosing it so much more before taking my sound advice. :-)

  79. Yes, please rectify the issues you have with clarity.

  80. Here's one of my teacher's comments since you were so concerned.

  81. Lol so....nothing?
    Anyway, thought you were done replying to me?
    I'm not concerned, I said I feel sorry. I'm sure they can deal Arthur. I bet you are pretty common to them. ;-)

  82. You certainly are if you are so desperate you have to score a point by pointing out typos on a touchpad screen. Even after declaring you aren't going to respond anymore. :-)

  83. A generic repor. My kindergarten report card bore basically the same thing, despite my obnoxious and snobby attitude.

  84. Hahahaha hope he didn't hurt his neck as that one flew over.

  85. I don't think he would say I have a positive attitude in class if I was any trouble.

  86. It was not your attitude why I feel for your teachers Arthur. I'm sure you present as very willing in class. :-)

  87. So... I just proved you wrong.

    And I thought so too, but I wanted to show you that you were wrong to assume that. What can I say? The opportunity presented itself.

    And frankly, I don't give two hoots about the difference, so no, I don't want to.

  88. Shame your attitude in class doesn't extend outside of that room.
    Do you see at all how your insistence you don't care to learn something doesn't quite match your claims of desiring to gain insight. Why, one would almost think possibly you confuse a desire to gain insight for....stanning.

    I said ''so...nothing'' because whatever report you posted doesn't show up on my pad Arthur.
    All I see is your announcement.

  89. Rofl that actually proves I'm right. As it basically says you are enthusiastic but struggling and in need of extra attention.
    And btw....geometry was not the subject under discussion. All you did was share, very unwisely, that geometry is also a weak subject for you.

    Really, you are a child of the internet era. Has nobody taught you yet to be more careful with what you divulge on the net?
    Then let me be the one to say....please stop sharing so much personal info! It's not wise Arthur. Protect yourself a bit better!

  90. What grade is he in? I took Geometry in 8th grade....

  91. He says he's 15 almost 16. I don't know what grade he is in.

  92. Didn't know "keep up the good work" translates to struggling. Someone so careful with words as yourself should not mix the two up. And he recommends I attend extra help sessions, as he does with every other student. Unfortunately I do not have access to their comments. :P And ummm, I got an H on it, which is the equivalent of a B, so I wouldn't say it's an area of weakweakess... All this is irrelevant though, you said my teachers struggle with me, which I showed is not the case.
    And thanks for the concern, but I trust that the good people of this website will not track me down.

  93. It doesn't. Which is why that line is not the one I deduced it from.
    I deduced you are struggling from the fact that you ask many questions, your teacher expresssing happiness in you seeking help outside the lesson nd encouraging you to continue. Even mentioning exacty when these helpful extras take place.
    His ''keep up the good work'' clearly refers to your enthusiasm in class and you realizing the need for extra help and going for that help.

    And yes, you trusting a couple of hundred strangers on the net....that's the gullibility I mean.
    But hey, I did my duty and warned you. You are free to ignore that. :-)

    As for your ''B'' , did you know many schools in the US these days are asking their teachers to try and not score lower than B's. It all goes to donations and finances in rough economic times Arthur. ;-)

    Let me guess also score B's in English. LOL

  94. Hmm, go back and read my comments again. Boy, you should REALLY consider taking Opie's advice about reading the comment and planting it in your head. I said "I find it funny that it NEVER CROSSES HIS MIND this your vocab might be better" How am I going to quote something that you never said (typed), or heck, even crossed your mind?

  95. Who knows? I simply assumed that there is, but I guess it's my fault for not searching it on the net as I had something else better to do, other than being here all day defending my idol just because someone else doesn't like her. *cough*

  96. My school doesn't have English, it has Humanities which culminates history and English, but yes, I did get a B in Humanities. But considering I go to a pretty hard school, and English was not my first language, I'm pretty satisfied with that mark.

  97. If I never said it, why would you assume it?

  98. Arthur, it seems to have escaped your memory that you are the one who started with the judging of such matters when you decided to judge my writing. You are also the one who made the level of his intellect a subject matte. When you posted your teacher's report on geometry for one.

    And actually, you have no idea what my qualifications are. Seeing as unlike you, I am not sharing private info like that.
    But since you went most assuredly are not qualified to judge my language skill. And THAT we know for a fact.

    And with that we are full circle. Except you are again complaining for being outwitted on a subject you decided to attack me on.

    I'm sure your episcopalian school mentioned this one somewhere along the lines...''judge not, lest thou be judged'' :-)
    But...I will let you off your own hook before you run to the mod again. Or did you already? ;-)

  99. Is that your excuse? I just want you to stop calling me dumb please, I don't believe I am asking for too much.
    While I may not be able to assess your writing, I am more than capable of correcting it.
    I did not attack you on this matter. You said my teachers have a hard time with me, so I showed you a document which proved otherwise. And outwitted? Whatever helps you sleep at night.
    And no I didn't.

  100. No, you are not capable of correcting it. That was the whole point.
    And I am not making excuses for anything. I''m pointing out the course of events because you seem to have forgotten them.

    I said "I feel for his teachers''. I did not specify why.
    You thought you understood and unwisely posted something that you thought would disprove what you thought I meant.
    As a matter of coincidental fact, turned out what you posted actually supported what I DID mean. Rather than negate it.

    LOL, don't need such facts to help me sleep Arthur.

    I told you, I will let you off the hook but you really need to stop trying to wrap your mouth around that hook yourself as well in that case.

  101. Let's see, because you said "do you realize how pretentious you sound sometimes? Lol, I mean, at times it's the abuse of the synonyms tool bar, but sometimes it's just the fact that you sound snotty and superior."
    Instead of saying that Opie "abuses" the synonyms toolbar, (which I still don't know if it exists or not), it simply has never occurred to you that her vocabulary just might be so good you think she abuses the synonyms toolbar. God, arthur; do you need everyone to spoon feed you on whatever they are saying just so you can understand?

  102. I am afraid it's yes to that last question. But don't draw the obvious conclusion. That is offensive. ;-)

  103. It exists on Microsoft word.

    And the reason I mentioned the "synonyms toolbar" bit because her large words often sound misplaced.

    And I was just asking for clarity from an incorrect statement you made.

  104. ''Large words'' hahaha
    'Nuff said eh!

  105. Why would you post this information on the internet?

    You've essentially given enough information in that one picture for someone to compose a dox. If I wanted to, I could essentially find out your full name, town, family members, home address, phone numbers, and so on, and so could anyone else who knows what they were doing.

    I'd suggest you edit out that image before someone who would have no qualms about doing these things, does so, and with malicious intent.

  106. For Christ sake, could you be more obnoxious?? Why can't you accept defeat gracefully and stop adding information about your life that no one has interest?

  107. I think the "last Beyoncé" is from "Diva" Live Performance

  108. she grates my nerves

  109. Why would you spend such a large portion of your free time arguing and being condescending to a 15 year old? :s

  110. Great advert. New song sounds fun and she looks sexy as ever. Bring on the new album :)

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  113. wow what an intense and intelligent conversation - I learned alot about how people feel about their pop stars.