Tuesday 28 May 2013

[Music Video] Kelly Clarkson Inspires With "People Like Us" Video

kelly clarkson music video still

Having a crappy day? Well, let Kelly Clarkson inject some colour and positivity into your gloomy disposition with the video for new single, People Like Us.

It's another rousing single from the American Idol winner, calling for all misfits to embrace their differences and unite. It's not like we haven't heard similar messages of empowerment from the Diva ( Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)/ Catch My Breath), but since it's so catchy, we'll let Kelly off for this lack of diversity in her recent output. Just give us something a little different on the next single, please.

So let's get to it, misfits! I'll meet you guys near the Tesco car park. You know the one I'm talking about- near the roundabout. And we'll get to proudly pounding the streets under our banner of unconventionality!! Viva la revolution.



  1. I love Kelly but I am really not a big fan of her pop material.

    This is very ...strategic. And nicely done for that kind of song and video but generally,to me,...meh.

    I did like that contrary to some...she takes the pro active role rather than a victim role. ;-)

    But me...I'll be looking forward to that promised Christmas album. I suspect that will be musically more up my ally.

    In the meantime I will stick to the many videos of her live performances of more varied songs. :-)

    But having said all that..Kelly in the white lab coat and glasses did remind me of this video and imagining the former progressing more like the latter did entertain me greatly. Excuse me while I go splash some cold water on my face......


  2. love kelly to death and i will defend her in most situations but this song SUCKS
    and this is coming from someone who has been a fan since she won AI and someone who usually likes her single choices

    i wish she would release a slow ballad like irvine - even if it wont be popular with the public

  3. Opie - have you heard her songs irvine and sober from her my december album?
    those are my two fav songs from her

  4. I haven't. I only discovered Kelly recently and I've been mostly obsessed with her live covers, her AI performances and the Country-like stuff.
    Of her albums I heard Smokestack sessions ..which I loved and that Greatest hits album...which I really tried but could not love. There's one or two songs I kinda liked but that's about it.
    I will check out those two you mentioned soon as my present Anouk obsession is waning a bit. :-)

  5. My musical heroine! Love the song, love the video! Nuff said! :)

  6. I agree with what you said. The song is hardly original, but it's still so charming that I love it. As for the video, I don't think Lady Gag or Katy Perry will be shaking in their boots and clutching their VMA's in horror, but it might be enough to garner a disapproving glare.