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Wednesday 22 November 2017

When the Rasp is Right! Kelly Clarskson @ AMAs 2017

Post by: Diva Devotee
Kelly Clarkson has got raspy as hell lately, but I love It.

Why the love for her edge, and not Ms. Aguilera's? Quite simply, Christina sounds strained AF, losing volume, fullness and support when attacking her notes. All poor choices that could end up with the voice cracking. It makes watching her sing live anxiety inducing. And i have enough reasons to be anxious without Xtina adding to them.

Saturday 26 November 2016

Kelly Clarkson Performs @ Disney's Holiday Celebration 2016

Kelly Clarkson's original Christmas song, Underneath the Tree, still hasn't grown on me, being all too derivative. But that didn't stop me enjoying her performance of it and Stronger at Disney's Holiday Celebration.

Sounding raspier than usual- which I liked- the Diva brought bags of energy to her mini set. Contrasting the edgy top notes was her mid range, which was strangely clear and lighter than normal. There was some dodging of notes in Stronger, but not enough to bother or concern me.

Can't beat a bit of (this) Clarkson!

Monday 9 November 2015

Kelly Clarkson Gives Good Head (Voice) In Josh Groban, "Phantom Of The Opera" Duet

Kelly Clarkson isn't known for having the subtlest of instruments. So I did wonder how she would handle the call when asked to sing the part of Christine in a Phantom of the Opera duet with Josh Groban.

Thursday 4 June 2015

Kelly Clarkson Covers "B*tch Better Have My Money" For Radio 1's "Live Lounge"

I LOVE Kelly Clarkson for doing this! Maybe even more so than I did for her covering my beloved Mariah Carey.

Rihanna's B*tch Better Have My Money managed to smother all my good senses and worm its way into my affections after its release a few months back. And it warms my soul to know it managed to do the same thing to powerhouse vocalist Kelly Clarkson! I mean, she has Jesus on her side and still couldn't resist! What hope did I have?!

Monday 18 May 2015

Kelly Clarkson Belts Out "Invincible" @ 2015 Billboard Awards

Kelly Clarkson can always be relied on to bring the vocals when she gets on stage. So much so, I don't really know what to say about her rendition of Invincible at the 2015 Billboard Awards. Specifically, I did enjoy how raspy her voice sounded here, with the chesty belts (which I thought were going to flop at one point) and head notes at and after 2.55 being pretty impressive.

Thursday 19 March 2015

Kelly Clarkson Covers Tracy Chapman!

The shame is real. Trust me.

It's been about a month since the crazy talented Kelly Clarkson's latest album, Piece by Piece, was released. Yet I still haven't listened to it! Sorry, Kelly! (That apology also extends to frequent Tweeter @IncitingARiot, who has patiently been waiting on a review of the LP.)

Thursday 19 February 2015

[Bad Times] Nobody Wants to Work With Kelly Clarkson!!!

I would have thought anyone and everyone would jump at the opportunity to collaborate with the glorious Kelly Clarkson. Well, I'm clearly some sort of fool as the Diva has revealed- in an interview with BBC Radio 1- that she's being shut down by potential collaborators when she approaches them. Say What!?

Thursday 29 January 2015

[Quiz] Which Diva "Whistled" What?

The highest part of the voice- AKA the "whistle" register- is often thought of as nothing more than a freakish extension of a person's range. So devoid of character and individuality that it adds precious little to a vocal, bar a chance for showboating. Blasphemy, I say!!

We here at DivaDevotee are a (mostly) proud bunch of flageolet lovers (hehehe), who I'm sure think can attribute a whistle tone to a particular singer with relative ease. (Me included!) But let's find out if this is true, with the 9 question quiz below!

Simply listen to each example, check the Diva's name and submit your answer to find out if you were correct or not. It would be cool if you could tot up your score and post it, along with any other whistle-related discussion, in the comments.

So watcha waiting for. Give your ears a workout.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

[Duellng Divas] "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Since it is the season, I thought this latest addition to the Duelling Divas series should be somewhat related.

We've already had a Christmas battle [See: O Holy Night], so this time I've found a winter classic that is pertinent to the coldest season of the northern hemisphere, but isn't holiday related. A bonus of this pick is that it's been covered by such a wide range of singers, over such a large period of time, that we'll get to deal with Divas who don't usually get a look in on the blog.

Before we get to the music, here's a quick blurb from Wiki on the song:

Monday 27 October 2014

Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Gets the Kelly Clarkson Treatment

Kelly Clarkson is so adorable- I could listen to her ramble all day! 

Thursday 5 December 2013

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Rocks 2013 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center kelly clarkson

Kelly Clarkson brought a change of pace to the proceedings to the 2013 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Rockefeller Center.

Wrapped up all in red, like a pregnant present, the singer gave a belting performance of Run Run Rudolph. It was an energetic rendition that was exhilarating to watch. Of course Kelly's vocals were on point, but something about this performance was even more impressive than usual- that closing riff was something! This was the best vocal of the night for me.

From Rock to Blues, Kelly was serving variety with song number two- and Elvis cover- Blue Christmas. Though changes were heard in the tempo and style, the vocal remained unflinchingly gorgeous, with both songs benefiting from her (slightly) raspy delivery.

I tell you what, Wrapped in Red's lead single Underneath The Tree didn't exactly light up my world. However, these two performances have done what that failed to do and has convinced  me to pick up Kelly's Christmas album, post haste.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

[Listen] Mary J Blige, Kelly Clarkson and Leona Lewis Get Festive With New Releases

It's November, so you know what means! I can now listen to Christmas music without looking like a total nutter! With it being so close to the festive period, it's no shocker that some of our Divas have Yuletide albums out for us to stuff the stockings with. So let's take a listen and see what's on offer!

Tuesday 28 May 2013

[Music Video] Kelly Clarkson Inspires With "People Like Us" Video

kelly clarkson music video still

Having a crappy day? Well, let Kelly Clarkson inject some colour and positivity into your gloomy disposition with the video for new single, People Like Us.

It's another rousing single from the American Idol winner, calling for all misfits to embrace their differences and unite. It's not like we haven't heard similar messages of empowerment from the Diva ( Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)/ Catch My Breath), but since it's so catchy, we'll let Kelly off for this lack of diversity in her recent output. Just give us something a little different on the next single, please.

So let's get to it, misfits! I'll meet you guys near the Tesco car park. You know the one I'm talking about- near the roundabout. And we'll get to proudly pounding the streets under our banner of unconventionality!! Viva la revolution.

Friday 12 April 2013

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Performs "People Like Us" @ American Idol And Mariah Carey Acknowledges Her Greatness!


After our Kelly Clarkson love-in during yesterday's comments [here], it looks like our devotion was seen by the Gods and was justly rewarded with this live performance of People Like us @ American Idol. Yes. It was just for us, Devotees. Others will DEAL!

Performing the new single, Kelly gave us all kinds of life with her amazingly fluorescent  rendition of the call-to-arms anthem for freaks everywhere (including me)- this is despite claiming to have been nervous performing in front of Mariah Carey.

But it was after the rocking out when the magic really happened for me. That's when the world changed forever: Mariah actually got up from her seat- something I don't think I've seen her do this series of American Idol- and embraced the Idol alumni! EEEEK! Kelly being Kelly of course kept it super together, throwing in the word "crap"; telling Mariah to "shhh" at one point so she could ask Randy a question; talking about throwing-up; and then saying to Mariah, "I'm so glad you're not mean"! But we'd expect nothing less from our down-to-earth Texan! Seriously, can she be any more adorable?!

Wednesday 20 February 2013

[Street Fight] Kelly Clarkson Versus Clive Davis

Everyone loves a scrap between celebrities! There's nothing quite like these supposedly perfect individuals putting aside their "professionalism" and taking digs at each other in a public arena. This week's beef isn't really new, but more a reopening of old wounds inflicted years back.

Enter combatants: Clive Davis and Kelly Clarkson.

Thursday 14 February 2013

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Performs "Tennessee Waltz" and "Natural Woman" At The 2013 Grammys

Is Kelly Clarkson the most underrated singer of this generation? Sure, people know she can sing, but do they really know just how talented she is? This is a singer who is up there with Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, but is never mentioned alongside them when people talk of vocal talent. I wonder why that is...maybe her name just slips their mind.

Anyhow, on to her exceptional showing at the 2013 Grammy Award Ceremony. A performance I didn't even see reported on in the media, hence me not knowing it existed until reader Opie informed me of its existence! (I don't have time for the Grammy Awards, in case you didn't know) But I'm glad she did, because not only did Kelly cover the amazingly talented Patti Page and Carol King, singing Tennessee Waltz and Natural Woman, but she delivered, without a doubt, the stand out vocal of the night.

Friday 1 February 2013

[New Music] Jewel Featuring Kelly Clarkson "Foolish Games"

Jewel's Foolish Games is one of my favourite songs by the singer-songwriter, so you can understand why I had a little "moment" (not in a good way) when I heard she was rerecording the song for her February 5th-due, greatest hits album. How was it ever going to be able to improve on the perfection the original bittersweet tale of love achieved?

Monday 21 January 2013

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson And Beyonce At 2013 Obama Inauguration

beyonce kelly clarkson

Our American Divas were out in force to celebrate the second term inauguration of President Obama in Washington, DC. Kelly Clarkson was the first to show her patriotic pride, giving a rousing rendition of My Country Tis of Thee which concluded with quite a few held notes that really let Kelly's impressive vibrato shine. Overall this was a performance that wasn't as polished as Beyonce's, but it's hard to knock the emotion it packed.

Monday 19 November 2012

[Watch] Kelly Clarkson Performs Greatest Hits Medley @ American Music Awards 2012

If there is ever a singer you can depend on to bring the vocals, it's Ms Kelly Clarkson. Promoting her greatest hits, she put on a performance at American Music Awards that cleverly told her decade long journey through the musical world via her own back catalogue.

Monday 22 October 2012

[Review] Kelly Clarkson "Catch My Breath"

Kelly Clarkson is giving me 80's goodness with her new single Catch My Breath. This is just what I needed from Ms Clarskson. After a string of high-octane, Pop-Rock tracks (Stronger, Darkside, Mr Know It All) I needed something a little more varied from the American Idol Winner to stop me getting Clarkson fatigue.

No need to worry though, it's not a total change of style for the singer. The voice is still a clear and present danger,  and the lyrics are far from generic: being a reflective take on her own musical journey so far. The singer-Songwriter explained the meaning of Catch My Breath on its release;