Wednesday 5 June 2013

[New Music] Beyonce Inspires With "Rise Up" From "Epic" Soundtrack

It looks like Beyonce isn't done with helping us become better human beings just yet! Last weekend saw the Crazy In Love singer teach us about women's rights and gender equality at the Chime For Change concert while today, with the release of new song Rise Up, the singer offers up some sage advice on building and maintaining our fragile self-esteem.

Written by Co-written with Sia, and taken from the soundtrack of animated film Epic, the track has Baddie Bey and Sasha Fierce take a back seat, leaving regular, plain ol' God-fearing Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in the front seat, driving the vocals. So be ready for a delivery that is totally sugar and spice and everything nice. It's not a song I'll be spinning again any time soon, but it's pretty, features some nice, if excessive, harmonies and I can see how it fits perfectly with the movie it's been recorded for.

Take a listen to Rise Up and let me know what y'all think below in the comments.



  1. Love it!!!! Even though I was expecting a different sound but this is great! It's a nice change from what she's been putting out lately (even though I've enjoyed that as well).

  2. I seldom like songs from Beyonce but this screams Sia... Though this is not the reason I like it. I like it for the vocal delivery and the message. Though, she sounds like Kelly Rowland here (that strange nasality, I never heard from beyonce), she still delivered. I don't like the harmonies. They are just too much and deduct from the song a bit but its fine. The little run on the chorus is kinda cute though. Decent song...
    7.9/10 in my book....

  3. Anti-climatic

  4. The song...another Meh. Probably fits the movie nicely but just as a song, I am getting a bit tired of all the simplistic messages put in the most straightforward simplistic wording.

    Now your wording DD...I enjoyed way more. An inspired bit of writing it seems to me. Can't you put your hand at some more subtle lyrics for today's popstars?
    I mean...that line " the track has Baddie the front seat" That is a beaut. :-)

  5. Yeah I agree with the harmonies. They seem a little too....heavy? Like too much for a song that should be pretty simplistic.

  6. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan6 June 2013 at 01:57

    Can't decide if I kind-of like it or hate it. Definitely not enough for me to like it on the first listen. But yes, the harmonies are too heavy.

  7. Too simple, and too much.
    Too simple lyrically, and too much harmony wise.

  8. huge bey fan here
    but again im disappointed - seriously is it me or is everything beyonce is trying to release really disappointing???
    still the best rounded performer of this generation - her mrs. carter tour looks great but i feel im just not into what she has to offer - i feel like its all the same now

    plus they the harmonies throughout the song just ruin it for me and usually beyonce has a knack for choosing where to implement harmonies

  9. I feel this track is just ok the vocals were on point as always i just didn't find much at all to be interested in, the harmonies were nice but i was expecting them to lead up to some spectacular belt's into the upper 5th octave, the song's bridge was extremely anti climatic to me,not that every single song needs to have belting,I was expecting her to really let loose and then nothing. I'm not disappointed just not enthralled or enamored by this performance hopefully her other offerings will be more to my taste. On a side note im really enjoying how her voice has deepened and matured with age, i need her to continue using the lower placement she has been accessing as of late.

  10. i cant comment on her voice as im not a huge Beyonce fan but this is so cliche , typical feel good animated film song. kids wont remember it,their parents wont care unless they love Beyonce and the whole thing will be a ploy to bring people into the cinema, how bleak.

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  13. I like that there's a cool vibe in it however it was lacking the climax we're wanting to hear. they should have turn it up in the bridge to really blow us away but meh! anyway about what you informed us about Bey
    "Crazy In Love singer teach us about women's rights and gender equality"

    i don't believe that women and men can be equal whether physically or mentally or in any aspects someone must be better at each other. what i believe is that women should get the justice and respect that they clearly deserve though there may be some of their kind holding them back (Snooki and a lot of girls in reality show) but eventually they will get that cause they are working hard for it and we all know most women are a fighter so YOU GO GIRL #POW

  14. WOW...that was a beautiful demonstration of well meaning yet very insulting patriarchal thinking Josh.
    "someone must be better than the other" LOL Ever considered " different" as an option?

  15. Thank you for stating my opinion and quite effectively at that, i salute you.

  16. Someone will always be better at some things and that's the truth. For now my thinking will always say that women and men are not equal(scientifically). i think that FOR MOST cases women are better at nurturing their child and men AT MOST cases will be better in building their house. You see when women think like a men it doesn't come off right they try so hard at becoming so much better than men and as a consequence society views them as "bitch" and i don't think it's right E.G. Anna Wintour. and i don't think that equality is the answer in most "differences of one another" i think it's justice and respect or appreciation that most women are fighting for.

  17. Yikes, Josh. That reads kinda sexist. Gender equality is about men and women being treated the same, but it also recognises that men and women are not the same.Their biology dictates the equality- for instance there's no point having parity in regards to men carrying a foetus.

    Also the line "there may be some of their kind holding them back", is to suggest that every woman should be fighting the good fight. This of course isn't true. Feminism is about women having the freedom to act as they want, and if she wants to act like a drunken nut job, it's her choice. Besides there are plenty of guys who act like she does- some present in the same show- and don't get any guff for doing so! "Boy will be boys", after all.

    I'm sure you didn't mean to come off as being sexist or mildly misogynistic, but, yeah, you did.

  18. "i was expecting them to lead up to some spectacular belt's into the upper 5th octave". Totally!

  19. ....I thought I was the only one. Actually saying that, Bow Down I want to hear the full thing.

  20. They kinda gave me a sea sickness feel the second time I listened to the song...not sure

  21. Am I being shaded again!!! LOL

  22. Totally screams Sia, yep! The vocals needed an edge to contrast the sweet backing. Would loved to have heard Sia sing this. See if it made any difference. And like everyone else is saying, done so with LESS harmonies.

  23. Hahaha...quite the opposite DD! I really enjoyed your phrasing/writing. Often do. Many lyrics of today's pop music...not so much.

  24. Repeating it doesn't really make it sound any better than the first time, I am afraid. ;-)

    I don't think you even understand what is meant with equality.
    All people are different. Many men could not build a house and would be way better at nurturing their child. They are still men and have the same rights and privileges all men have.

    Frankly, as a, I would not be fighting for men's appreciation. Or even respect. It is nice if a man expresses those though. If it comes from a less condescending place than yours seems to come that is.

    But I'm sure men also like women to appreciate and respect them.

    At least, I have heard plenty of men expressing..."worry" about feminism taking that away from them. ;-)

    Anna Wintour has been called a bitch for ...being a bitch. A man treating his staff the same way would be called an asshole.
    Anna is a bad example of what you mean. The way Streisand has been treated in the press etc would be a better example. She has been called a bitch when actually she isn't.

  25. Cheers Jashgreen. Being a woman, probably I was..... inspired by Josh's comment. ;-)

  26. LOL Total Life of Brian flashback

  27. YEAH i never wanted to come off as a sexist. anyway about what you said "Gender equality is about men and women being treated the same, but it also recognises that men and women are not the same" that really hurt my brain LOL. you're saying that we're the same but we're not you see i have a pretty shallow understanding of equality and that means 2=2 not 2=1.9. is feminism is about women being who they are and not be condemned wouldn't that be impossible? being a man there is a lot of privileged but also drawbacks and it's the same with women. cause that's the natural law men don't get too much criticism when they're drunk but women do. and when the wife just rest in the house that's fine but if that was a man that means he's a jerk. the thing is men and women are different and we'll only be the same when we think, act, embody both physically and mentally our opposite gender i think that my problem is with the word equal as i said before that i have a specific understanding of this word. We're all on the same page but i just have another meaning to the word equal

  28. "natural law" Uhmmmm no josh, what humans chose to criticize and what not is not a natural's a Man made custom.
    I think that is what you are most confused about, that there is a difference between those two.

    If I may ask, how old are you? Maybe you are just very young still? We are talking a concept here which is easier to understand as one gets older and gains a bit of life experience so as to judge the difference between the aforementioned two.
    Or maybe it's a language or culture thing? The Sensei thing and your English suggest a non western culture?

  29. i do understand the word equal that mean. ANYWAY i know now what i was trying to say and that's about absolute equality which means we are totally the same or identical just like absolute freedom which means you're free to do whatever you like without having to face the consequences. anyway if i came off like a sexist i'm really sorry i was thinking about "absolute equal" but there's no such thing and that will be impossible just like "absolute freedom". about Anna i think that if he was a guy he wouldn't really be that condemned

  30. Sorry Opie if i'm making you think really hard hahahahaha. when i said about natural law i was pointing about a man and a woman both having privileges and drawbacks. anyway i am young and i am asian BUT i do think differently cause i've been watching and reading american things ever since i was a child good lord if tv never existed i would be racist as fuck

  31. Hahaha don't worry Josh, I am always thinking hard. And this subject is not a new one for me. Nor is what you are saying anything new. Feminists have been arguing the mindset you are voicing since, well in western civilization, at least as early as the 18th century.

  32. Yes, I know you understand one of the many definitions of the word equal.

    Point is you do not understand the word equality in connection to women's rights. Clearly, as you still think it is about being the same or identical. Not even two men are the same or identical josh...not even identical twins are really identical. Point is though that if they are both men....they WILL have identical rights. Their sister , in many instances and places.....will not. And you seem to think that is just perfectly alright and " natural".

    You don't "come off" sexist. After several times responding in which you repeat in different wordings the same thinking, it is clear your thinking IS sexist.

    Which btw is totally your right Josh. :-)If that is your view really, that is your view.

    But...I do not get the impression you have all the facts, not philosophically nor linguistically.

    I would suggest maybe you do some research on the concepts of women's rights, gender equality and the history of feminism.

    If you are interested Wikipedia has some decent articles on those subjects to start you off with if you are interested to learn more. Maybe you will change your thinking after reading and thinking about those. Which as a woman I think would be awesome! :-)

    Maybe you will still have the same view. Which is okay, like I said, that is your right, but at least you will be better informed than you seem to be at present. I will add the links for your convenience and after that get off the subject before people start complaining again that we are " off topic" . :-)

  33. YES ASIANS are really racist. i don't think we have many feminist here it's sad.

  34. Asia is a continent with divers nations. And did you mean those to seem connected or were those two different and unrelated remarks?

  35. Unrelated remarks anyway the reason why i'm saying asian are really racist cause I've met a lot of other asians and boy they don't like black people, well most of them. it's a shame cause i like black :(

  36. LOL there is just no end to the basically offensive comments you are posting here Josh. It is a racist to say you hate " blacks" as it is to say you love " blacks".

    And you say you are really young? I'd imagine you didn't actually meet all that many Asians considering it's 4.3 billion population and certainly those you met were likely to be mainly from your environment.

    As for feminism in's a link to an article on the history of feminism which contains very brief over view of feminism in India, China and Japan. As you can see...pretty hard to make a generalised claim regarding feminism in Asia.

    Is it beginning to get home to you that possibly Josh, you lack even the most basic information regarding the subjects you make such claims on???

  37. well i really like black what's wrong with that? and as you can see i said MOST not all.

  38. You are diminishing a widely varied group of individuals to nothing more than a skin color and another group to the continent they were born in. You are making sweeping generalizations based on the individual's "race" .

  39. I think opie that you're not getting my point here
    "Not even two men are the same or identical" that is my point if men can not even be equal to themselves what even more between opposite gender? that is my point people can never become equal cause we are different that is the thing i'm trying to say I'm not saying anything about the 'RIGHTS" of a woman cause i think you guys are not given the proper rights yet and as you can see in my previous comments that i never used the word "rights" i was avoiding that topic cause i just have a problem with the term equal i was only talking about equality as shallow as that. i think you guys are reading between the lines when there's nothing between the line i just mean it as it is. like tuna and salmon are both fish so they are the same but they don't taste alike so they are not so that means they are not equal but they are the same. this is why i don't use the words equality and freedom cause they are confusing to me at least. i mean i live in a democratic country which means I'm free but there are rules so am i really free? right? okay now i know what to do so people won't be confused
    equal/same= we're equal but there's a limitation
    free= you can do whatever you want but there are consequences
    absolute equality= we are absolutely identical
    absolute freedom= do whatever you want.
    i wish now that you understand what i'm trying to say nevertheless i don't think i'm thinking like a sexist cause im gay and i have a lots of girl friends. this is just the way i talk im pretty specific and direct

  40. oww sorry then if i sounded like generalizing or something boy i need to be careful with my words i need to be pretty specific and detailed. i need to live abroad

  41. You started by responding to a concept DD mentioned and which is the theme of the concert reviewed. Even quoted DD. Clearly you were talking about those concepts.
    You applied an incorrect definition and declared to not agree. You backed that up with argument on why you don't agree. Arguments which are the exact same arguments used by people who aren't confused by plainly opposed to gender equality.

    You then declare to be confused regarding those concepts.

    YES! That is clear Josh. Which is why DD and I tried to clear your confusion.

    And now you take what is blindingly obviously only halve my statement and start using that as an argument for your ignorant interpretation of the word equal in connection with the concepts of gender equality and women's rights.

    Your statement at the end again....are a repeat of the same ignorant misinterpretation of the word equality in the term "gender equality".

    The fact that you are gay is totally irrelevant. So is the fact that you have female friends.

    There is no shame in being ignorant but there IS a shame in the refusal to educate yourself. Especially when it is as easy as DD and I have made it here.
    All it takes is for you to read and stop and think about what you read.

  42. Again, you didn't " sound like", you WERE generalizing.

  43. i PERFECTLY understand about the female rights even before this. and i am not ashamed of being ignorant cause i am young and if i don't want to be educated i wouldn't even read the article you suggested nor reply to you i would rather then say "bitch you ain't worth my time" what i'm trying to say that people will never be absolutely equal cause we are different. i never said that women shouldn't receive their rights. i was just saying that if a guy and girl are both 6'2 and weighs about 200 lbs who would have a better reach in their arms? i guess a man so that means they are not totally equal that's only where i'm getting. and when i quoted DD's remarks i then said "i don't believe that women and men can be equal whether physically or mentally or in any aspects someone must be better at each other" and i didn't mention anything about not giving women proper rights all im saying is you guys have 23 chromosomes and we have 22 and i think that we're disagreeing cause you guys are replying the wrong message to me. again just understand what im trying to say that's all what i want you to do thanks :}

  44. I told you..I understand what you are saying. You are saying we are not the same. And both DD and I told you that has absolutely nothing to do with the concept " being equal". Your point Josh is absolutely and totally moot.

    You might as well keep repeating elephants and fish are not the same. That is a fact just as relevant to gender equality.

    YOU keep missing the point..anybody in his right mind knows women and men are not the same in many ways. Nobody would or is arguing against that. But you think that fact has a relevance is has not.

    But the fact that you feel such a need to drag that fact into a thread on a concert for women's right is very telling of your views.

    As is the fact that you felt it necessary to claim ( falsely I might add) that " men are good at building houses, women are good at nurturing children" as if those are both "natural" talents and cannot be acquired by the other.

    You then follow that up with using " resting in the house" as a typically female habit and therefor perfectly acceptable but not typical for men and therefor, naturally, unacceptable.

    You also mention somewhere how " when women think like a men it doesn't come off right".

    You also implied one is therefor " better" than the other because someone " always has to be the better".
    iow stating that inevitably, between men and women, one of them is better than the other.(And the examples you pick as being typically male and typically female?
    Those paint a clear picture as to which of the sexes you think is the better one. )

    What you are showing Josh, is that you learned to claim you are for " women's right" but that this is a mere phrase you are able to write and speak. The thought, the understanding even of the concept, the world view which would lead to someone actually believing that when he says that...your words and arguments are completely contradicting.

    ps it would help greatly in understanding what you are trying to say if you would use at the very least a capital at the start off each sentence.

  45. okay okay since you got what i am trying to say then that's fine to me that's only what i wanted to hear. thanks but i did bookmark the articles and i read the other 1 already

  46. Anna Wintour is a legend though.

  47. While I was expecting more when I heard the preview, I've been listening to this on repeat for the past week and a half. Seems like I'm of a different impression than most here, however, considering I like all of her new releases (especially back to black and grown woman). I really wish she would release Standing on the Sun already though as it sounds amazing live! Or give us an album with songs where she actually showcases her vocal ability (much like 4)

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