Friday 12 July 2013

She's Coming!! EEK!

So earlier today this happened on Facebook:

Exhibit A

Yep, Lady Gaga has revealed the release date for new album, ARTPOP (11th of November) and its accompanying first single ( due August the 19th)! With it is going to come some kind of multimedia experience(akin to Björk's 2011's Biophilia, I'd imagine)- so get excited for the FUTURE!

Sadly with this announcement came the pretentious nonsense that we've come to expect from Gaga since the Born The Way era (see Exhibit A). But even still, I am totally excited for this return!



  1. Pretentious nonsense, though? How so?

    I mean, she hasn't even said anything, her team has done everything announcement-wise so far.

  2. yeah the whole thing was very pretentious but still OMG ! here we go, my hopes(im probably going to be torn to shreds by stans):

    .no more smoking weed crap, we get it your ratchet.

    .POP music ,catchy pure pop with some sense injected into it.

    . emotional power ballads showcasing those star spangled banner vocals.

    .collaborations, i hear lana, Beyonce collaborations rumours (oh lord jesus be true).

    .abit less political,im gay and even i was done with the lgbt stuff.

    to conclude im excited......veryveryveryveryvery excited but scared as there is alot of pressure on it to be great.

  3. LOL Pretentious nonsense indeed..that announcement.

    In the mean time I am surprised no Gaga " fan" here has posted Sting and Gaga unpleasantly shouting all the emotion straight out of King Of Pain?
    For your dubious pleasure...;-D

  4. This statement is truly pretentious. Like "a rage of electronic passion and fury" for reallll??? ROFL.

  5. lol I happen to like the overblown descriptions. I can tolerate "pretentiousness" from artists mostly, it shows that they're passionate about what they do. On the other hand , I feel like the idea can turn out either really good or really stupid. At least the image by Inez & Vinoodh is super fresh. :)

  6. ROFL indeed. It's just chock full of emptiness like that. How about "HAUS OF ... venges with forte to bring"

    If my eyes roll even harder , they are going to spin right out of their sockets.

  7. She expects to be like "WOOOOOW Gaga Da Legend is coming to break them boundaries", but tbh I was actually more excited before I read the statement when I knew the release dates only. The statement is really off-putting and just MEHHH. I laughed at the "ARTPOP could mean anything" part.

  8. From what I've seen over the last few months, this is no where near the level of "hype" that preceded 'Born This Way'. From Gaga's comments especially there was a grandiose and revolutionary theme that was clear from the start. With regards to 'Born This Way' there was an onslaught of pointless promotion( Facebook/Farmville games) in addition to an enormous gap between the lead single, video and finally album release (which I see here again -___-). The album did well however it was apparent that fans (as well as the general public) were let down somewhat by the album and felt that what she promised wasn't delivered. I'm sure the hip injury has kept her from a seemingly infinite build up to ARTPOP but I hope that she has learned from the past and decided not to over fluff this album as much as the last one! I can't wait to hear what ARTPOP has in store and I am BEYOND excited for this album.

  9. yes gaga likes to be pretentious from time to time

    but from what i learned from born this way (which was not a flop because it sold more than 7 million copies worldwide so sit down haters) - i should not get my hopes raised up and i expect nothing more than good dance music

    i really hope with all my heart she doesnt inject this album with any message - she did that way too much with BTW - we get it gaga - accept who you are and be who you wanna be - i just want the dance smashes she had to offer back during the fame and the fame monster

    Bad romance is still her best and most genius record to date and thats what she needs to return to

    that fucking GIF is perfect for everyone commenting on here

    what do you want her to be just like every brainless pop star like katy perry and britney spears?

    yes even i a gaga fan get annoyed when she gets pretentious but atleast she has a brain and has something different to offer than the run of the mill pop singer

    plus she didnt write "exhibit A"

    be thankful the hype this era was NOTHING like the flurry of attention she garnered for born this way

    that promotional campaign was like nothing this world has seen

    and gaga has learned her lesson and she stayed out of the public eyes for more than a year now

    - i just want good music and good creative performances from her
    also ive been wanting her to release more acoustic performances and that has yet to be fulfilled

  10. she cant do anything right in your eyes can she

    - shes way more talented than most of the female pop stars dominating the charts right now

    go criticize katy perry, taylor swift, selena gomez, miley cyrus, and rihanna

    they are way more deserving of your snobby critiques

    its one thing to hate gaga for trying to be a voice for the LGBT community but to deny her talent is just something else

    of course the original of king of pain is better

    but she did the song justice - even though i dont really care for the song - the police have way better songs than king of pain

  11. in your opinion she did the song justice. Not in mine.

    But hey, least I took the trouble to listen to it. I will not do so for Perry, rarely for Taylor and I'd sooner hit Rihanna on the snoot than ever listen to her work.

    In fact, I even took the trouble of posting that link when you Gaga stans didn't seem to know it existed yet, or didn't care to share.

    And Gaga did one thing right, she refused to boycot Israel in spite of pressure to do so.
    Also, like I have said many times, she can sing. She is not a great singer but she can sing. Unlike your Taylor or Rihanna

    I like Miley and so far am taking the " wait and see" approach with her because..girl has a distinctive voice and can also sing and has a very good mind.

    And I will criticize who I want to criticize dude! Not for you to direct me in that. :-)

  12. I agree with everything you said, except I gotta say, yes it was a flop. It may have sold over 7 million copies, but let's not forget that the first week sales were the biggest, and it held all the hype and pre-orders without anyone hearing the album yet. And after that first week, the 60% dip in sales and the countless bad reviews. I loved the album and I love Gaga but let's not ignore the painful truth.

  13. Oh dear god no.... as much as I love Sting I am putting him on the naughty step in the corner for this abomination against one of my favourite songs! This is a song that nobody should be allowed to cover. The only successful rendition in my book is that of Alanis who Gaga should take stock of as this made me want to shoot myself in the face, now to cleanse it out of my mind with this...

  14. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan13 July 2013 at 07:43

    Yawn... I have moved on... Unless it's gonna be really solid, I don't think I'm coming back.

  15. You know what I'm looking forward to? Gaga stans vs. Opie Ever. I better stock up on some popcorn!

  16. Haha oh yes, oh very very yes! :D

  17. My sentiments exactly, the proof will be in the pudding so I wont slam her efforts just yet ;)

  18. LOL I love that you think I'm open minded enough to actually listen to the whole album. But of course, now I have to, because other wise what are you going to do with all that popcorn?

  19. The original is imo still the best but Alanis certainly does a better job than Gaga/Sting did.
    Wouldn't go as far as to say it should never be covered though. It in fact strikes me as a song several singers could do well. For sure Kelly can, I dare say Pink can as well, AK probably could, Sarah Jarosz absolutely could.

  20. Oh I would so pay to see/hear those ladies do a cover of it! At least you know they would do the song a certain level of justice in comparison to Gaga and her squirmtastic version :/ :)

  21. So would I. I don't have that kind of thing often but I really feel each and every one of them would do pretty good and I would love to hear them sing it.

  22. you know what i accept you dont like gaga
    and i really hope no one attacks you for being so straightforward with your disdain for her because its so stupid when people start calling others names for something so trivial and so pointless

    i still think you are unnecessarily harsh on her but i cant change your mind - i mean i could but that would take waaaaaaay too much effort

    so let the arguing begin - people just better not let it get out of control because this is not the place for it

  23. personally - looking back im on the fence

    the album has some good dance tracks and compared to the bubblegum pop so many offer, she really took a risk with it and did what she wanted and didnt care if it was radio friendly because most of the album is definitely not radio friendly

    yes but the first week sales account for only a 1/7 of the 7 mil sold

    what about the six million sold

    i know thats a worldwide tally, but many artists today can only dream of selling that much worldwide

    lets also go over the singles

    born this way - debuted at number one stayed there for six consecutive weeks

    judas - (which i see as her weakest single ever not only success wise but also lyrically and thematically i got tired of the religious references) hit the top ten so that garnered her another top ten hit

    edge of glory - peaked at number 3 which is great because reaching the top 5 is already an accomplishment

    you and i - peaked at number six on the hot one hundred which is also great because its another top ten song for her

    and yes marry the night - it is my favorite song from the album especially when she sings is acoustically on the piano - but it was the only disappointment peaking at 29 on the billboard hot 100

    now yes since its gaga expectations are high and since she wasnt in every single headline or winning every single award people say she flopped

    for any other artist this would have been considered a hugely successful era especially with 4/5 songs reaching the top echelon of the charts and selling that many albums

    yes i got tired of BTW and the preachy mood of the album and i really hope she doesnt try that with the upcoming release but atleast the girl is trying to put out music with a message - arent people tired of pop songs about partying and getting drunk dominating the top of the charts?

    for gaga's standards it was a flop but based on the numbers it definitely was a success

  24. excuse me???

    i knew about this cover back when they did it live a couple months ago haaaaaaaaah you tried dont even

  25. and mariah carey destroys all of those vocalists you listed

    but does that mean kelly, florence, pink, and marina dont deserve to be complimented here???

    just because there are better singers out there doesnt mean that everything an individual artist does is horrible - of course i love kelly, she is a great vocalist but shes not the best but just because there are better singers out there than her doesnt mean i think shes trash or that i talk crap about every cover she does

    and there are pros and cons to all of those vocalists abilities
    florence has a beautiful voice - i love listening to her voice when im trying to go to sleep at night but at the same time gaga's voice is more versatile than florence's
    gaga can sing country, rock, pop, and r&b

    i know there are better singers than gaga
    but thats not a reason to crap talk every single thing she does

  26. Oh no you couldn't change my mind. Don't kid yourself. :-)
    You'd need to have facts on your side, you don't when it comes to my points of critique.

    And you are making statements out of ignorance but seem to think the opposite.
    I have already argued extensively regarding several nude emperors or rather empresses and been called plenty of names by Gaga/Beyonce stans.

    An dude, really, you are NOT a moderator on this blog. It is not your place to say what who can say, about what or when and where.

  27. Oh yeah and aside from all of the negativity - gaga looks beautiful on that picture
    really hope the album cover this time is something simple like that
    not like that hideous motorcycle shit she released last time
    in fact i hope this is the album cover

  28. i agree with your point about the pointless crap
    i just want her to release it and not build up any hype

    im going in with absolutely no expectations

    oh and thanks for being the only constructive criticism on here

  29. didn't post it. Also that video was dated July 6th. Not " several months ago"

  30. Frankly..Mariah used to but not anymore these days. These days I would rate her on par at best with Kelly and Pink. Vocally.
    Also, I doubt Mariah would do a good cover of King Of Pain. It is not her kind of song.
    Since you didn't specify vocal ability but the more general " talented", that is the point I responded to, taking into account not just vocal ability but also timbre, phrasing, originality in their work, songwriting etc.

    I criticize what I feel sucks.

    You can do the same..or not.
    You don't have to be like me, I certainly wouldn't want to be like you.

  31. The reviews for Born This Way were not bad, on Metacritic it has a 73 or 72 which indicates "generally favorable reviews."

  32. " shes way more talented than most of the female pop stars dominating the charts right now

    go criticize katy perry, taylor swift, selena gomez, miley cyrus, and rihanna"

    You forgot to add "imo".

  33. Point taken, by Gagas standards it was a flop, but you're definitely right that compared to other artists it was certainly a feat. I'm actually agreeing with everything you say. I loved the songs and the songs are definitely still on my rotation especially workouts. Bu I'm really hoping for less preaching, although the messages weren't bad at all, they were just a little overwhelming, from too much hype. But I feel like now this is a really good step because the real mainstream big hype about her has died down so she can rebuild and everything.

  34. You are 100% ON POINT here. omg I am so done with all this weed shit and the overdone politics. Like can we get some good music up in here? Praise.

  35. Yeah I do like the simplicity of the picture.

  36. Even as a fan I try to be as objective as possible. Most people that don't like Gaga realize her talent and versatility compared to other Divas, ESPECIALLY contemporary ones and are able to evaluate her music without letting other aspects that they may not like about her and have pretty much no relation to the actual music get in the way. It seems that the word of the day is "pretentious" with regards to this album description but I find it quite obvious that this is more informational and less nonsensical than some may claim. This is only the start of promo and I don't claim to now how she will continue to promote ARTPOP, but if she continues along this path I wouldn't be mad! ;D

  37. Ya failed ;-D

  38. Ricky Yong Chin Yuan14 July 2013 at 01:56

    Also, as I have said, It's gotta be more than "I support gays so support me!"

  39. Mariah > P!nk tbh. I feel like Mariah is slightly superior to Kelly but I don't pay enough attention to her to say.

  40. I forgot how unintelligent little monsters were until this post! Thank you for reminding me, Diva. I can't wait for the release of ARTPOP and then the angry squabbling amongst gaga's fans on whether or not if the album is good enough as they all righteously defend it well into her next "era".

  41. Have you heard Mariah the last two years? I remain in disagreement :-)

  42. if she pulls anything like the stupid motorcycle cover im throwing the album art out ha

  43. i was trying to be nice
    i just dont want people to start calling each other retarded or start using extensive foul language

    but obviously you found something to critique about this comment too havent you

    i just dont want people to go rabid over something so insignificant in their lives

    and yeah i know bey and gaga stans can be ALOT but so can stans from other pop artists
    ive been told to kill myself multiple times by taylor, rihanna, and kesha fans but i dont hold that against a whole fanbase because i know there are good fans and crazy stans for each pop star

  44. me too i really dont want anything about the era to be targeted to the LGBT community

    i just want fun pop songs with some sort of message (nothing preachy) on the new album

    and yeah shes stayed quiet for more than a year now nothing to big and controversial and i hope it stays that way

  45. i honestly dont want too much promo going on

    i just want her to release her shit and some nice performances

    but the BTW promo campaign was just too overwhelming and it ended up not being as effective as her team thought

    and yeah the statement above (exhibit a) is pretentious

    it is verbose and unnecessary - but im not taking it too seriously because its not the material shes releasing

    plus its pop music - it shouldnt be take TOOO seriously

    this is her way of pissing people off

    and people are falling for it

    but from now on i just want the single to come out - and i hope the album comes out earlier because thats a wide gap between the single and the album - i really hope her promo team's approach this time is more straightforward with less BS

    also for the videos i want them to be more similar to bad romance and telephone - i dont like the birthing a new race and government owned alien territory shit she was pushing - in fact those motifs were very tacky IMO
    i think she needs to revert back to the fame monster era and be artistic yet subtle without getting too wrapped into the story shes trying to bring to life

  46. again ur wrong
    sting and gaga performed that live months ago
    the HD version was posted only a few days ago

  47. and once again
    based on vocals

    mariah in her prime > kelly and pink in their primes

  48. also i cant at you liking miley cyrus

    omg a good mind?

    have u seen what shes been up to the past few months

    and that voice?

    her voice is annoying as hell ew

    and beyonce? what is your problem with her?

    shes a great singer and an amazing dancer

    can put on a better show than any of your favs

  49. whats wrong with her smoking weed??? it has nothing to do with the music

    plus a lot of performers or artists drink and smoke

    but i am in complete agreement with your opinion on the politics

    she better not spend this era rallying something like DADT or preaching to every one that they should be who they want to be cuz she did that already last era

  50. jeremiahsaint114 July 2013 at 05:51

    haha mariah = pink?
    no mariah destroys pink's technique and her range is far wider than pink

    plus comparing today's mariah to kelly and pink is unfair considering kelly and pink are still somewhat in their prime
    their voices will deteriorate as they age just like everyone else's

    and personally even though i love kelly to death i dont find her timbre distinctive - she has a crazy belt and the woman can sing a phonebook but her timbre isnt exactly distinctive

    and rihanna has a very distinctive voice - once you hear her on the radio you know its her
    doesnt mean shes a good vocalist

  51. hahah they did it almost a year ago

    this is the footage i was talking about

  52. P!nk hasn't even hit her prime yet, she's a mezzo.

    And right now P!nk has a better upper register, more connected head voice, and far stronger lower chest tones than Mariah did in her prime. Mariah had more agility in her prime, and more stamina in high belting passages though.

  53. i was really disappointed with her crappy born this way album whatsoever but im looking forward to see her. i wish that this album will not be lame and more innovative.

  54. And like I specified " Mariah these days" And "Mariah used to be awesome"

  55. No dude, I never said Mariah equals Pink. In her prime Mariah was better than Pink is now. But now Pink is better than Mariah is now.

  56. LOL You don't know my favorites, those you do know you probably never seen a show off, and I dare say you and I have very different views on what constitutes a " good show".

    Beyonce is not an amazing dancer nor imo a " great " singer.

    If you don't like Miley's voice, you don't have to listen to it. I was not making any false claims.
    I said her voice is distinctive..which clearly it is if you have such a strong reaction to it.
    I said she can sing..which is a fact as well and I said I liked her...which is absolutely true. I do like her.

    Fact that you don't, much as it will no doubt come as a surprise to influence whatsoever on my liking her. Go figure eh?

    "i just dont want people to go rabid over something so insignificant in their lives"

    "just because there are better singers out there doesnt mean that everything an individual artist does is horrible"

    " i know there are better singers than gaga
    but thats not a reason to crap talk every single thing she does"

    " i really hope no one attacks you for being so straightforward with your
    disdain for her because its so stupid when people start calling others
    names for something so trivial and so pointless"

    " let the arguing begin - people just better not let it get out of control because this is not the place for it"

    You might want to contemplate these things you posted and then read over your latest batch of comments directed at me and have a little think how you are coming across. There are words for it but I will let you figure those out for yourself. :-)

  57. I don't care what footage you were talking beside the point about. And once hearing her destroy the song is enough thanks.

  58. LOL how telling that you, it seems, do not care about the difference in quality.

    Again, I guess no Gaga stan cared enough to post this better quality video on her profile page.
    Probably because they rather keep themselves busy with stanning than listening to their favorite ;-)

  59. im not attacking you or personally attacking you or cussing you out
    im all for healthy disagreement
    and this has not gotten out of control

    im talking going rabid like telling people to kill themselves or telling others they are stupid

    and im pretty sure some of your comments your intention was to imply i am stupid so dont act like you are innocent

  60. I followed your argument on this page which engaged me to seek more such instances... and I must say, you are quite the belligerent person.
    Not everything requires an argument my friend, not everything requires an argument.

  61. what??? ive listened to this many times when it first came out A LONG time ago

    im not going to listen to it every single day considering this cover came out so long ago

  62. with opie it does

  63. I don't act innocent, I also don't go around pretending I am not doing something I like to tell others not to do.

    You are clearly out of control right now dude.
    The way you are responding to my comments. Not just the ones where I am replying to you but also ones where I am replying to someone else.

    And fyi one of your first responses in this thread called me a snob.
    Now, in spite of what you think I am implying..I didn't call you any names.
    point of fact...I never ever called anybody here " retarded" nor did I ever tell anybody on the internet, ever, to " go kill themselves"

    To quote you once again.."i just dont want people to go rabid over something so insignificant in their lives"

    Really dude, why are you attributing all this significance in your live to my opinions?
    I could tell you that as well but I think it will be more beneficial to you, if you figure out that why for yourself. :-)

  64. Not what I said dude. I said you rather argue me than to go listen to Gaga's music

  65. LOL pot kettle black

  66. stalking me now eh? Good. Now you might realize that A: you need to be coming with better arguments if you want to successfully argue me. B:You might stop making assumptions which are incorrect. :-)

    And again, I will be my own judge of what requires argument and what doesn't.
    You really seem to have a hard time grasping the concept that I am under no obligation to be like you, share your views, share your likings and make the same choices you would.Or the fact that not only am I under no such obligation, you also are in no position to put such an obligation upon me.

  67. Neither do I hold it against a whole fan base. Which is why I always make the distinction between a fan and a stan.

    IMO Jahmal would be an example of a fan, you of a stan.

  68. Stalking you for reasons you shouldn't be proud of.

    A: I did not intend to argue you. You just went on to validate my "assumption"

    B: I'll make any assumption I want to make, thank you. It also seems to be an assumption many people on this blog would agree with.

    I was sharing a thought. Whether you choose to accept the thought is no business of my own. Do you ever think you a lot too much time and too much frustration into your arguments?

    You seem like a smart person, whose too smart for his/her own good.
    Just live your life dude, but make sure you don't waste it with so much hatred.

  69. AGAIN not your place to tell me what I should feel or like or do!

    See, now there's an assumption you might stop making once you have done some more stalking.... I am not a dude, dude.
    FYI the significant word in that line was " incorrect" Again...attentive reading! Always a good idea.

    As for your question " whose too smart for his/her own good"?
    Well, I am sure we will come up with different answers to that one as well.

    And I am not wasting it with hatred, First off...I am not hating Gaga or you. Second AGAIN...matter of opinion whether hate is a waste of one's life.

  70. I could swear this was headed with Jeremiahsaint when it was posted

  71. I'm not telling you what you should, I'm telling you what you could and that it could potentially be better for you.
    I apologize. In my stalking I did not seek a gender. And FYI, I'm not a "dude" either.
    It appears to me as if you are belligerent. Therefore, imo, the assumption was not incorrect, and I will not treat it as such.
    But let's not resort to tacky comments on one's reading skills when you are in no such position to assess mine.
    I'm not talking about you hating Gaga. You shared your opinion on the subject, and while it was negative, and I wouldn't classify it as hating. When you argue though, you divulge from the crux, and come to a point where you are not even arguing about the original subject. That is when the hatred comes in to play.
    And interesting thought, do you believe that being hateful is a waste of one's life?

  72. I just apologized for mistaking you for Jeremiahsaint.

    I also admitted I failed to do what I admonished him to do. I am just wondering..does your response now not constitute arguing?

    Thanks for your needless pointing out of what my other options are. I say needless because surely in your research of me, you will stumble on others before you, giving me the same " advice" out of their incorrect assumption on my feelings during these discussions.

    I apologise for that " dude"..a result of my mistaking you for Jerimiahsaint. Dudette it shall be. :-)

    I think it depends when and what you are hateful about.

    I believe you are incorrect in it being me who diverts ( I think you might have had a little brainfart there and didn't mean to type " divulge" ?) from the crux. I think it is usually the other. Much like jeremiahsaint did when he dragged Mariah in and started on who was the better singer at their prime. For instance

  73. Admittedly, I am surprised at you apologizing, and admire the action. As to whether I am "arguing" with you or not, I would say yes. But it is a constructive one in which there is no slandering of any sort.
    So you are telling me you are not belligerent despite getting in countless arguments?
    Haha, dudette is fine.
    My bad, I meant to type "deviates". (Blasted words that begin "D") It was a brainfart in deed.
    That specific scenario was not your fault. (I didn't feel like addressing him because he seems a bit incompetent.) But in past experiences, it seems like you did.

  74. LOL Deviate! That was the one which escaped my mind temporarily as well.

    You are free to interpret previous conversations the way you see them. I can't argue how you experience something. I can only argue if you assign me sentiments or intent I do not hold.

    Yes. I view myself as argumentative. Not belligerent. Because I don't hold those emotions of hate you think I hold. Nor do I consider myself arguing out of aggression. Like I is entertainment for specific reasons for me, to argue.

  75. no there is no problem with weed its self but there is a difference between smoking weed and "look at me lol i smoke weed". this isnt some Justin bieber cut4gaga if she smokes weed thing its about the bragging getting tiresome. its a recreational drug to chill with not show off and make dresses out of. id be fine if she had a blunt in a few pics but it got abit OTT.

    cant even deal with this gif haha.

  76. LOl But now we all have to deal with it. ;-)
    Gonna say something positive...I love those shades of green so not the worst gif.

  77. Luiz Henrique Oliveira14 July 2013 at 13:16

    Who cares about these new bitches on the road? Just yesterday Mariah Carey performed her 90s track called "Looking in" for the very first time. After hearing this and feelings her pure soul anything else matters right now in this fake industry.

    Mariah performing "Looking in" at Central Park. Bow down!

  78. Mariah in the last two years? Well, that would be awfully hard to do considering how she rarely performed these two years but she's slowly gaining steam again. American Idol, July 4th, and her GMA performances were all quite good and better that I've seen to P!nk (not to knock her as a singer, but I don't think her belts have ever been something that wasn't half screaming imo). Her recent charity performance despite having a cracked rib (which makes breathing painful) was pretty good too. She's belting F5s on the regular now which is quite an accomplishment from someone who tapped out at E5 just a year ago.

    Her 2012 performances in Morocco and Monaco I felt were solid for the efforts made. Regardless, 2010 Mariah would be snatching your wig for this comment. Her touring vocals were on point and her second xmas album had vocals that were stronger than little monsters attacking kelly osbourne through twitter. I feel like her voice will get stronger again from touring, which oddly happens most of the time (see Charmbracelet's tour and Mimi, Memoirs' tour and Xmas)

  79. TBH I find the concept of prime!mariah ridiculous. If people are only referring to her live belting range, then yes, we can easily put Daydream!Mariah as prime. But her HV/Falsetto wasn't developed and was critically underused, she had to pull her larynx down for an e3, and she lacked the spark for some of her music. Not to be rude or anything but she sounded bored out of her damn mind on Music Box, imo. It's resonance went to the side of boredom and she just wasn't feeling it.

    Her voice is constantly changing and various aspects about it get better and sometimes perfect themselves before rapidly getting worse. People only seem to look at the pretty, clean sustained E5 and a touched G5 and a nice C7 and suddenly declare it a day without looking at any other facet of her voice. It's one of the reasons why Mariah's voice is so brilliant, imo. It's constantly evolving and shifting as some parts get stronger and others weaken. It's like all of her vocal attributes are playing a never ending game of risk and someone cheats every time there's an interruption of the most minute.

    With that said, I believe her voice has definitely suffered some wear and tear so I'm not going to argue that Mariah still hasn't reached her prime, but I don't think she ever hit a point where she was in a position to be called that where she mastered all facets of her voice. Butterfly is the closest, but the whistles suffered in terms of earlier comparison and her head voice was slightly clumsy. Besides, her low notes on Rainbow are much more honed ... of course, everything else suffered on Rainbow. Her transition from one singing style into another also hasn't helped with pinpointing a prime Mariah so, ugh.

    tl;dr: I don't see the hype behind prime!Mariah when she still can perform belts that aren't too far below it (mostly E5 and lower but she seems to be performing f5s more and more), her head voice and lower range were poorly utilized, she sometimes lacked passion and she can still use a similar whistle register with similar range (...kinda. it works too weirdly imo to pinpoint a sudden string of eb7s before chirping c#7s but whatever)

  80. All I have seen is that it takes three time singing to compile one decent track i.e. her performance on AI.

    Now, I understand...we all want to hear her sing as well as she did in her prime, and her avid fans especially like to pretend those performances are all that because they can detect an "F5" or a whistle note. But like I say..flashes of the old greatness.

    Consistent great live performances I have not seen from her. because muffin, if you need the combined tracks of three efforts to come to what compared to her prime is but a decent, rendition( which is still better than many other pop stars today) are not exhibiting Greatness.

    And seriously, I am not " hating" on Mariah. I thought at her prime she was better than anybody...easily. And I wish she hadn't lost it to the extent she has. I would love to see her regain that greatness.

    And I believe she can if she starts singing within her present vocal ability.

  81. A vocal prime isn't where a singer has mastered all aspects of their voice, it's usually a certain time period, for sopranos it's around the late 20s to 30s, for Mezzos around the 40s, and for contraltos the 50s.

    Also you can clearly tell the 90s were Mariah's vocal prime (1990-1996), even with an underdeveloped head voice (which is still underdeveloped to this day) and a a weaker lower chest voice (which for a soprano, was good). The fact that Mariah has to lip a vast majority of the time versus the fact that she didn't in her prime, says a lot about where her voice stands right now. When you compare performances like this to her litter of lackluster #Beautiful performances, you can tell Mariah is out of it. Struggling in the mid-range and dodging 5th octave notes.

  82. While I have my desires for Gaga and where I would like her to venture musically, I've learned not too expect too much from her, especially in wanting her to make the obvious choice and even more so when talking about "reverting" or drawing inspiration from past eras {insert Madonna jab here}. One thing I think is clear is that very rarely does she ever do that (or in her mind at least) lol. While Bad Romance and Telephone are in my top 5 of favorite videos I would be surprised if she did something similar. Not only that the general public would say she's run out of ideas/is even more un-original than some already claim she is.

    I LOVE TFM era btw but I like that each album she brings something new and completely different and I can't really predict what she's going to do next. Which for me is part of her allure

  83. I see, well that explanation definitely lets me see you in a new light. :)

  84. Jeremiahsaint, 5 G's: Good God Get a Grip Girl!

  85. I admit...ya got me stumped. No idea how to take that comment. Are you telling me to get a grip or are you telling jeremiahsaint?

  86. I love Lady Gaga and I think she has incredible talent. She has a very natural jazzy voice which I hope she shines in this next album. To be honest I think she should ditch the dance type music and go with jazz. That is her genre where she sounds best. That is my opinion of course.

  87. I don't think there's anything wrong with artists who smoke or drink or do drugs or anything, it's their life, who am I to dictate it?
    But I do think it's pretty damn annoying when all an artist can do is talk about is the all the drinking they did and Instagram all the pictures of their weed. Like the politics, it's also overdone.

    And I love an artist that advocates for good causes, it's just that Gaga did SO MUCH of it and it was so over the top, that it didn't really make a compelling impact anymore, and it took too much away from the music.

  88. I remember those days when gaga came out with "Just Dance" there was this coolness about her that I loved. Now today the whole religious symbolic gay rights movement thing has become very pretentious...... it has become very overbearing. I miss the gaga with blonde bangs :(

  89. i do agree to an extent
    i admire her philanthropic efforts but i honestly wish she would just release some catchy ass dance tunes like she used to - its pop music
    it doesnt always have to send some big message

  90. i dont think she should just ditch pop
    but she is supposed to release a jazz cover album with tony bennett

  91. incompetent?
    wow way to call opie belligerent and then slam me calling me incompetent

    jesus christ can we discuss something like pop music without getting personal with each other
    i know my arguments aren't perfect but neither are yours and dont act like you guys are perfect

  92. okay im going to start anew with you lets just forget all the comments we said to each other and just go back and forth with each other without fighting

    - yes of course mariah has lost some steam
    after almost 3 decades in the business singing her difficult songs, anyone would lose some of their voice

    the way i see it
    is mariah is technically perfect and pink is not
    but where pink beats mariah is in the way she is able to charge her songs/ performances with emotion

    that being said mariah beats pink as a "Singer" or "Vocalist"

  93. i know what you said
    and im listening to gaga right now as i argue with u
    im on the edge with you opie

  94. But but but...I AM perfect just as I am. ;-D

  95. Wel don't jump dude. BACK AWAY FROM THE EDGE!!!!!

  96. Totally agree

  97. What do people think of this?

  98. Not liking the pose tbh. Not my kind of picture. I prefer this kind of thing

  99. I am totally with you! This lady looks classy and sexy! Something Gaga would do well to emulate! However I don't see that happening any time soon. In fact I found the picture of Gaga completely distasteful...

  100. That was the word which sprang to mind but in light of Brian's recent lovely words, I decided not to offend the Gaga fans too much. ( because I am afraid they would think it would be directed at her when really, this is on the photographer's head imo)

  101. I really couldn't agree more, whilst there is no doubt in my mind Gaga wanted to do this I think the photographer has got is so wrong! But then having seen the ARTPOP trailer I am slightly skeptical about that too lol

  102. Oh yes, I am sure which pictures get used is ultimately more her's than the photographer's choice but...he/she could of course not even have made that one. But like I say, even with that trailer, too early to tell how this is all meant. The bigger picture of the promotion.

  103. Indeedy! In her favour though I like that she is keeping out of the picture more with the promo for this album, she was way too overexposed (pun intended lol) with Born This Way. But yeh the images and the video does have me slightly confused, but heck thats not difficult ha! :)

  104. I think maybe part of why that picture and that video seem somewhat distasteful is that the heavy lidded eyes give an impression of someone not quite there? Someone drugged, who might not be fully complicit.
    I am sure that is just an impression but maybe that is creating an underlying feeling of discomfort?

  105. You might be onto something there! I often think that she does tend to look a little off her rocker, but that might be down to anatomy rather than anything else (the heavy lids).

  106. Everytime I see images like these I remember this song:

  107. I personally don't care for it. My first impression was that she looks very awkward and that it seems unfinished in the sense that something is missing from her body or face (not clothes) lol . The positives that I've heard about it are that she's wearing minimal makeup, it has a very natural look the hair (etc) and "it's not the same born this way crap" to quote a few people from my facebook group

  108. I think your distaste for her has clouded your judgement, they sound lovely together on that cover.

  109. I think your like for her has clouded your judgment...they were murdering the song.